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Nov 1, 2013|

If you’re fascinated with celebrity weddings…like Angela…listen to Angela chat with Harvey Solomon, author of Weddings/365. You won’t believe what you’re hearing about celebrities past & present.

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And we are still loving every minute of this Friday. We live in the age of celebrity. Fed by an insatiable curiosity of how stars live and love and sometimes crash and burn. But we also love to hear about their very special moments -- wedding day. Not all multimillion dollar affairs with glittering gowns and flowing champagne. Sometimes a romantic commitment. Anyway. Who better to write a book that captures a celebrity wedding every day of the year. Then Harvey Solomon who has covered pop culture for the last quarter century. He has written four books about movies television music and fashion from the 1960s. To the 1990s. He has been both the screenwriter and journalist in LA. His new book weddings 365. Has been I gotta tell you such a treat in my office for the last week. I -- opening it I read one page after the other and it's like truly getting the scoop on. Who married home and how and where and I just have to say Harvey I love your books are really not your book thank you. First I want to just tell me. What inspired you to put something like this together because it literally is 365. Great stories. Thank you basically believe it or not the -- I got the idea that while waiting in line at the supermarket. If you're like me you always pick the line that you think will be the fastest line and it turns out to be that some blues -- And that's what happened to be one day I'm in the market waiting and waiting and it happened the clips over. Look at all the celebrity magazines and tabloids that got right up front by the register a point of purchase and everyone of them at a wedding on the cover and I thought. Only -- miss an opportunity here to go beyond the wedding of the moment. To compile a guide to celebrity weddings through the years one indeed for every day of the year. That got the idea percolating in the Bakalar moderated and I checked it out and saw that no one else that does it ever done it so I wrote that. And you did a wonderful job I have a million questions for you but the first one is. What was the most surprising to you. The most surprising -- I would have to say it was one that I had never even heard of before it started. Now researching the book and I called the Titanic wedding had -- I think it's a great story. Are the Titanic -- probably -- think on April 15 to 1912. There was nonstop coverage of that tragedy has dominated the world news worldwide for for the next few weeks. And it was all stories of sadness and tragedy but you know one week after. I'm very rare happy story emerged on these survivor from the Titanic nameless Daryl Roth. Married her fiance at saint Vincent's hospital in New York. How many survivors of that crash indeed some of them still in wheelchairs. I attended the the wedding. There was a seamstress she'd been traveling at third class she obviously lost everything on the ship including the handmade dress that she had put together in the world. So relief committee border in new outfit a blue silk gown with a straw hat trimmed with blue velvet. I like to think it's a better love story than Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic because this was true. This one is a beautiful want we can go from bad to I was fascinated with is that I always love -- in share. Didn't know exactly where they got married. Right well sunny and share that that's another just England they -- -- kind of spun a -- around -- state. The day that I put it there wouldn't be quote a wedding you probably have to putting quotation marks because what it consisted of was them. -- and a couple of cheap ratings in Hollywood which is where they lived and going back to sell these apartment and the literally. Giving their vows to each other in the bathroom of the apartment and laughing all the way. And then later on they floated the song by those stories that they had gone that the Q1 and got married but. That was that day was -- wedding and then a few years later just before they had their first child that he actually got legally married but. I think the stories upon. It's a great one. You you ask a question I really wanna know the answer what's sexy couple took out a newspaper ad proclaiming their love and heterosexuality. Before divorcing six months later. OK that was -- Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford of whom many many. On the rumors had this been swirling. So they decided to take -- this bad doing exactly what you said proclaiming that that they were heterosexual and very much in love. And then it was not quite six months later that the word came out. That their marriage was that the on the other side of that one that I didn't get -- the book but I know what I always loved his. Paul Newman and JoAnne Woodward who were a famous couple married for half a century they did it actually a little in reverse the -- In one of the gossip columnists and Hollywood back and I think the sixties floated an item about the marriage was on the rocks and the fact is the marriage wasn't on the trucks. And so Paul and -- took out an ad in the paper basically saying that's saying. You know things are going great but you know we did if you want told they tell the world that things aren't going great wealth you have every right but our marriages is happy and indeed. It lasted for half a century. It absolutely did did a real enduring love and respect for each other. I also love the one I have to say this. Betty Davis would never have thought that she was in fact a virgin when she got married. Yes it is it's we're talking an earlier time in Hollywood but she was dealt a big star at the time getting getting bigger. But does she was indeed a virgin and -- gentleman that she married it was a band leader. On the would not have a -- done anything to change that until after their wedding night so. -- a long time and to. That's -- that's how it happened for. And I love she had a quote you know I wish my mother has let me have an affair -- Took a look at the bright and very honest about this big. Exactly but obviously mother mother played a big part in the and -- Davis -- like a lot of the early movie stars to do it's not like -- the Hollywood of today. There were there were a lot of times where where parents had been this stage moms is the district called had a had a big influence -- career. I have waited all week to talk to dismantle -- Solomon is our very special guest for the hour he's written a great book it's just a fun wonderful interesting. Look at very famous people and their weddings and it's called weddings 365. And there are 365. Of them all very famous people whether their Hollywood door politician types that. It's just interesting and it's an easy read and it just a smile every time I read one. -- wanna go before. We go back to some of the weddings you have spent the last quarter century. Talking and working with celebrities and you've certainly seen changes. In Hollywood what what would you say are the biggest. I think the biggest change that we're really into it is that technology the fact that when I started covering Hollywood. We you -- good talk to people on the phone and you wrote a story for a newspaper or magazine. No it it's all the media it's all. -- the moment with the Internet without a click. There's just so much more we're inundated by it now as opposed to before we thought we're inundated them but. I'd -- that that was supposed to drop in the in the pocket before but between the way it is dependent. When I was growing up my sister and I collected movie magazines. Do you remember those I really wish I'd save some lives I think have probably have some value. And that does have the predecessor to the inquirer in various things like that. Do you think at times so it goes too far. Well the big yes I think though that basically I believe through. So much of time that there's always been an insatiable appetite on the part of people for its famous people celebrities. What they're wearing what are they doing where are they going but again now because of the -- -- video of the mass media. Everything gets covered to. Such just following degree. It doesn't seem to me that this all that much privacy left. That's the word. Lack government probably at this point say I knew I knew about it -- I got into this world. But sometimes you feel sorry for them because they can't breathe without you know paparazzi being there. Exactly system that the cameras are and everywhere you looked and then -- before you know that there are there web sites that they don't send us that information and put it out so. It's it's -- the -- you go back into -- because this is the way it's going to be going forward. You know there's one great story here and I want you to tell only because I've got to meet this man and done. And he told me a little sidebar but it's only Cassini who was a famous fashion designer. -- Gene Tierney. And I think. Yet -- he's kind of a -- that that's forgotten today but she was a very successful. And little little movie star back in her day. And Oleg Cassini it was a just would put it is they himself like he was. He was a designer that everybody knew about so. That was emptied its big wedding at the time there's a -- not the not too much today but. The book what I tried to do was to mix of the kind of classic Hollywood -- -- -- weddings and on some of the more -- familiar ones of today as well and they were married this studio said that. They shouldn't get married she was single he wanted to keep it that way but. They spoke out to Las Vegas and tied the -- They did and he told me a wonderful story. That he was dating her. And one nights or maybe they were already married but one night she didn't come home in an early morning hours he heard her drive up to the garage and she gets out of the car and it was Howard Hughes. And he said I went to the garage and cold -- him. Just punched him and those which was really pretty gutsy for Marcus Howard Hughes had tremendous power that but he was just saying you know guide to guide this isn't gonna happen. Yup yup well Howard I got coaches and they're in -- -- his marriage to good G Peters Howard -- was obviously a very famous recluse he gave. Virtually no press and -- he married this. What they call the great -- starlet in the in the Hollywood and Elliott did -- unlike today. I mean they got there yet it was a couple months later before the -- repeatedly that -- they got married. He was a brilliant but strange -- But also but in the back to only Cassini he went with Grace Kelly for a long time I think he was very much in love with her. This is after he into his wife divorced. And of course it then became known that she was gonna -- the prince of Monaco. Right and that hadn't been tough on him because I just got a sense in looking in his face of and tremendous affection but you also have the story of grace Kelly's elegant. Royal wedding. -- I don't think you can do a -- book without including what was known as the wedding of the century. A storybook tail falling in love with with a genuine prince and leaving behind career where she was so beloved and at the top of her game walking away from all that good to get married and then live the balance of pro life. Well in Europe. Credible story. Beautiful story. Sort of our own. Our own kind of rock and roll royalty would be Paul McCartney. And the Heather Mills and this one didn't and right but I'm. Initially went -- she loved his first wife so much who died of cancer. And and just they had a wonderful life Tennessee has said many times and never spent a night apartment -- Just sort of joined at the hip and she tragically dies and then he meets Heather Mills. Yup but they indeed you're exactly correct in Linda Eastman were married for 29 years before she passed the way she was. Our photographer and she was buried at the beginning of beatle mania he was well the last of The Beatles to actually executed part of John -- buried with the first but Omar -- was the last to actually tie the -- broke a lot of hearts. But whether there. Kind of a different situation this story that I that I tell in the book which is so still one that raises some eyebrows is. Thought they were out the most for the wedding they were and you know very very posh hotel Bellman in Florida resort and there wedding ring went flying out the window and the tabloids reported that it was -- back and the couple reported it was just a friendly game of -- costs but innocent. The race was lost and it was lost for many days until. A security guard well that night with a flashlight and flash polite around and indeed the ring reflected. Founded returned it to the McCartney's for an unnamed reward. The wedding went on the next month but that ticket last six years. Absolutely and has precious little girl. And there wedding according to your book cost three million dollars. Yeah well that there's no question that a lot of celebrity weddings are that the of the price tags do go up considerably but. Are on the other side of that there are a lot of celebrities who earned. Quite a bit of money for the exclusive rights to those wedding photos so if you don't mind. I'd like to turn the tables on you and asking questions give you a little trivia question -- from the book. Which one of these couples -- the most money for their wedding photos wasn't. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The infamous Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries or Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. I don't -- that's a tough one. I would have to say -- dashing in. I know actually they that they would they've earned one point five million doubling that at three million dollars for their winning photos were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Isn't that something he'll learn something every day. Well that's what I tried to do it in the everyone I'm storytellers or every one of the stories. Everyone -- the -- I'm trying to give -- something that may -- you forgot or weren't quite familiar with. I'm just trying to. Do that's for as you mentioned 365 actually 369. Weddings because they include leap here. And -- three days when I found two weddings on the exact same day. That I couldn't resist doing both of them telling -- here and got married and Will Smith got married both on December 31 different continents different partners but. Same exact date so I got some duplicates and. Everybody loves love and frankly I love a good wedding I I would go to was stranger's wedding I just like. That the ceremony I like the feeling of it. And I really liked the book not just -- which is weddings 365. By Harvey Solomon who has. Worked in the celebrity industry for a very long time. And it's put together just this wonderful little book that is three hundreds and it's obviously 365 to correct me it's 369. Famous people's weddings and -- I have to ask you because. I actually went to high school with Farrah Fawcett she was two years ahead -- -- she graduated with my sister at -- high school in Corpus Christi, Texas. And her wedding to Lee Majors. Well if you went to preschool was there. And you were depressed every time he passed through the hall. -- it was a no win situation. I would believe that well. It's funny we look back out and now we we think Paris being such a big star but indeed when she got buried it was Lee Majors her husband missing Six Million Dollar Man. Who was the bigger star at that time in Hollywood but that they -- and they had a deep end one year after their first state. Well accompanied by a dozen yellow roses indeed from the home state -- they got there. -- I remember that well I mean she really wasn't. Huge hit in Corpus Christi much us that you went to the University of Texas and was you know one of the ten most beautiful but just an -- stunning person and a very nice person. Yes I was fortunate enough to interview -- back when I lived in LA in the eighties for a piece I was writing for the Los Angeles Times. And then she was absolutely as you said she was stunning there was a photo shoot that they wish as the writer usually don't like to schedule let's say -- but. That's the way it worked and they did the photo shoot first so by the time I saw her she had gone through hair and makeup and she was just breathtakingly beautiful and delightful to talk to she was so genuine and so wonderful. And I don't think everybody knew that she also was a very fine sculpture is beautiful artist. Yes she hits over works out at the University of Texas but I think she continued did not is much that. Just a very level person anyway -- -- somebody else I've always loved is Barbara Streisand's an iron hammer when she married Elliott Gould. -- absolutely Barbara Streisand it was in 1963. Just so -- -- -- would've been the fiftieth anniversary of that wedding which obviously did not last about mark. But yes she has just -- spark had just started to rise she was -- out in Las Vegas. Opening for Liberace which in those days was probably one of the biggest -- she could get so you can imagine Barbara Streisand openings for Liberace but. That's good she was doing at CC and really cool river often and got married in Carson City. They went from there to our honeymoon in Los Angeles. Where she appeared on the Judy Garland show and they -- -- -- with Judy Garland that are. You can find them on YouTube there -- link to this day it's the only time I believe that there was a recording of our -- star in the making and a star who was a legend that the time but to me the most interesting thing you've harnessed just this a little dead but. Barbara Streisand was getting so big at that time she had been inflated to the White House to perform around christmastime toward John F. Kennedy and Jackie yen attending White House. But of course he was assassinated in November so she never got to perform. My gosh party Solomon is our guest he's the author of the book 365. Weddings and he's just giving us a great glimpse into. The life of their very glamorous and the people the world sort of looking at. I was fascinated Harvey by -- beyoncé. And JC wedding. -- -- would beyoncé and Chinese see that that number to remember is for. That she was they were married on April 4 which is 44. They have matching. ITV Roman numeral tattoos on their ring fingers he was born on December 4 she was born on September 4. So a lot of force involved but what I find most interesting about the wedding is that. As we mentioned earlier this kind of intense media spotlight these days on on the celebrities but. They were able to pull it off and when they got married on April 4 indeed. Several days after the wedding the wire stories we're writing it appears that GZ and beyoncé have finally tied the knot so they were able to. Keep a little. Secret but it was quite the wedding in terms of the justification of they had 70000. All orchids flown in from Thailand and reconstructed out. Wait -- to the top is thirteen 1500. Square foot penthouse in. Our New York City in his apartment building in TriBeCa. But they were able to keep this secret from from the wires which is simply the most celebs these days can't manage to do. Absolutely I I'm trying to envision 70000. Orchids first of all but also to have an over thirteen thousand square foot. Penthouse in New York City. I -- the only sport that involves split bedie -- square footage group question. That is Manger square footage I have to talk because I was among the millions who and set the alarm to watch at Prince Charles married lady Diana. But also. And that was magnificent in history to watch. But I'm I'm also interested in his wedding to Camilla Parker bowls because both of them came to New Orleans after Katrina. And sort of took a tour of of the disaster that it was and then we're very generous. So I think there's a real affection and there were both very sincere but talk a little bit about their wedding. Well again that was the one that obviously does not quite get as much attention as it is other one did. On the spectacle of that first wedding it would be pretty hard to top that one but. Aren't they opted for a very small civil service in front of thirty guessed that a little town hall. Our own end they had this summer of a -- royal attendance. The queen was there and honor and Prince -- her husband. Prime minister Tony Blair still columns like it'll pop culture index Joan Rivers to I don't quite know why but she had some connection with the aren't they used. A sword belonging to King George The Fifth to slice -- of fruit -- he was the great grandfather Prince Charles and then. Off to a honeymoon in the Scottish castle. Let me just still very romantic in it's own way. Now and didn't you love. Kate Middleton and done and that the -- Right well that one -- that that's kind of the gold standard now for weddings I mean you can't. On now with the baby as well but. Other coverage of that even more intense given the day and age then then that Diana and Charles back in 81 when they were married. But I mean the one was gave Kate and William I -- I think it wasn't 48 hours after that letting them and knock off of her -- set appeared on -- -- in my mind out of the bigger celebrity weddings they don't little leaks are reflected the society the times but they can affect them as well. A couple of questions. What future president walk down the aisle with a pregnant bride -- I really wanna know. Okay well Octavia public and multiple choice I'll give you -- give you -- pop split presidency if you can get who it is. It would be either that John F. Kennedy. Ronald Reagan. Richard Nixon or Lyndon Johnson. Are they walking their daughters -- on the aisle or they marrying the bride. They note -- of propriety is pregnant. But the beast are no one knows that. She's not pregnant and often show but she is pregnant at the time they are getting there. And then just -- seven money later Lyndon Johnson. No it's Ronald ready. For. Right Nancy was several months pregnant at the time of course that's story did not get out of the time when they married in 1952. But this scandals part that did get out was that he was divorced he had divorced Jane Wyman an actress had several children. And in those days in the early fifties divorce was considered scandalous but can you imagine if people had known then Nancy was pregnant at the time as well. -- that would have been headline for a -- chart -- absolutely we have been spending a wonderful hour with Harvey yup Solomon who is written just a fun and great book weddings 365. If you like this kinda stuff it is the book to read. For sure Harvey wanna ask where can people get it. They confided that Amazon.com. That's only need again it's weddings 365. Again you've spent a quarter of the century. In the celebrity world. What do you think. Is sort of the origin of our fascination. With other people's lives. Well I think I think the assassination -- goes far beyond the hard times I think that people have always been fascinated by. -- famous people wanted to. A little bit may be live vicariously find out about their lives and what they're wearing when they're going who they're dating of course. We -- marrying and Imus storyteller I just try and tell. Little story every day of the year. I tried to make winning -- 65 very accessible to people. It's basically you can look up the specific debate like say the date married or perhaps the days you're married or your parents' anniversary your birth. -- you are yet and you are a wonderful guide to spend a whole hour with this thank you and good luck weddings 365.