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Nov 2, 2013|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with his exceptional expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's great to talk and -- as mr. -- last Saturday. Little -- -- of others well. Hope a year in in this Saturday and now we're talking guarding for the next hour certain. I'm here to make sure you get information. That you need to get them all on -- claimed he got a question about help wit. Maybe trust problem like insects diseases are we see where this cooling. Now we have here is huge -- all but so little needing help -- brown patch Tuesday is pretty -- out there. Object -- and then August came along a brown actual also attacked a bit odd too long -- like. Sure in the seven Beers in the lower eighties and -- -- down and that sixties in the fifties and even -- them a little bit -- a cool my outlook combined with. The rain we've had the last few days that came through a couple of days ago and even before that we had. Our front moved through the brink of some some eyesore and all the readiness certainly welcome but again if you see here is -- your -- that were. A green -- began to return -- You know she's sort of rapidly in large area. About it you know this is probably going to be you know our allies and in the Asia -- from dated date units have been -- larger and larger. And interestingly what that the fungus is most active wants them the middle of that spot kind of dies out. The fungus has moved on -- that -- fungus is really no longer active player in the middle of the spot that's a done deal but around the edges for the fungus can be most active. And will be images of those areas. In the new areas and that looking grass and -- kind of an orange yellow and took the dying grass and that's. An indication club brown patched as. It certainly is well action and launchers that that is also armed attacks the -- -- The -- the rise -- in growing points still alive and so all the the grass area may look like it's there. -- good channel should shall -- some recovery. Obsolete he almost ring like effect as the strongest -- moved out in -- the areas in large. The -- and that will begin to sort of recovering. To greening up -- grass and the economy. Our Marines venture without -- Browner ring around it that kind of a doughnut or looking after here and so. That that's also an indication that you looking at brown -- shall -- -- -- talk -- -- -- is -- in -- -- the natural. Common with prompt action doesn't. Have to be you know perfectly round cubic aren't your regular depending on how the fungus -- attached spreading out brown patched it likes more this year. And so you know after reading that situation he's putts that stopped -- large and begin to march again. You may seem to spot showing proper spot shouldn't Apple's war. In your long showing up for kinda rate that we had. A couple days ago so I keep in mind if the water color drains and an oddly your -- on. Eyeing -- theories that means stay whetted your regular shape may create some of those irregularities and that. Borland circular extinction assault and times she's so -- pieces are slowing down at this point local spot diseases. -- not as much an issue and are -- cool season vegetable gardens. Or not seem the kind of to ease pressure on the -- a wonderful vegetables -- -- garden -- back on the weather was warmer and more humid. But there are few things going on prompt that you want to circle that also. Speaking at least spot start to get it to keep essential is trees landscapes. A that is -- there is a lot of this is true if you those plants that are going to be dropping their believes in and being were you know more beer beer. -- the winner fees and certainly beginning to dive the appliance is coming awful water in minerals to those leaves. And slowly beginning to die off at this point because they thought they weaken due in this seat brown -- changes leaf spot all the within the -- and start looking content strictly or Utley made me. Apparently is looking. I'm ecology is some concern but the spot a spot peaceful and squats and showing up. Albany they're buying anyway and in the nation from the tree anywhere -- not something you need to be concerned about so that took the -- triggered a sharp. I've gotten some emails on the Japanese or able magnolia and you can easily start looking troubled by August -- -- -- if you can't hold. Quality of their alleged that will want you late summer -- scorched edges and on looking spot a little. And then looking really terrible right now Japanese mango I gently Naples may be looking at looks fortune and could the light now to begin. It should mysteries of -- -- the centrist plan will be looking a terrible disease like you're doing worse and worse actually typical of this crime the year. That's not something that you need to be overly concerned about at this point. So it would be talking artist or if you question the ballclub on your -- Should should stranger why there should be in Iraq and their route -- insurgency issue into questionable kind of flowers you complain at this time in the year. A what you need to be doing these trees are. You're vegetable garden with your simple question Gerald Green and -- and I'm sure you get information you need. To make those plants grow -- you want them to that are close to six so. 187. Out on the local New Orleans calling here. You can call -- all free at 86688908. To seventy or take a quick. We bet -- without our callers are other invention marketing century for joining me regardless of the score but we are talking gardening. And if you protocol and he got regarding question to -- so. 187 the Internet a call had to. That colorful -- technical support and I did not do I am great -- great euphoria. -- -- in my back he had visited two than my child you know actually did -- It. I have had -- in that it was left to -- is a good crop. But senate and that he would days. Was pretty -- tree and dropping. Deep -- Did club has been completely non. -- you know fruit splitting is really disappointing because -- from split its ruling popular like improperly. You not to be able salvage sort out something that. It's like a minor issue reference split it's a major loss because it takes away from. -- that's great is that in most instances truthful. Well at a proportion of their fruit and most cheers it's so small. Proportion of the majority of the firm actually really rare maple. For an entire crop to split. -- do not know what you experienced its ilk really heartbreaking. Relatively rare that actually exception rather in the rule. Alfred exploiting occur from the tree of water at the the -- with the structural -- oil. The water into the tree and that tree in these fluids and walkers and at their true rapidly. When the fruits swelled faster than the skin can accommodate it. And split. Now the thing that no control over this maple. This is something the tree is doing -- -- -- to -- absorb water district decides how that's gonna move that walker in the group. Weather conditions and sometimes play a role punitive drier weather followed by heavy rains to treatment mobile on water after heavy rains and then you get there from splitting occurring. Fortunately no control over this and that's why it's so disappointing because as well like I can tell you -- achieved in this in this next year. You can either eliminated or even reduce it but in this instance this is not some. Do we have any influence over and it's heartbreaking for you this year -- -- accountable propped. -- -- On pick and another question. And hasn't seen me has been. Decade more. -- that our values and. In -- little while -- weather conditions in that. -- -- -- -- I have gotten a whole lot of questions about -- -- split which is very common and centrists so it it's not like -- experiencing at the article it's how much you experienced what your tree so I think getting pretty splitting questions all the banks and August. This year. And it can it's not uncommon that unfortunately. Most people just few percentage and prove that it -- whole crop like you do Mabel I am so sorry but that was as he could do. The loopy loopy desperate. And contact and I am and you can do other things to take care of your tree you know for life recently January February and it was referenced activities but not that it ended with a -- splitting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to recognize there are okay well I'll. And stop it local are sure that senator. And pick up the citrus fertilizer and -- worked out really well just for its registry and they are fertilized on the market of -- citrus trees. And just -- label directions. Okay thank you all righty -- thank you so much all the -- you -- out gave a -- -- -- idea. Up next we've got the job only imprimatur John -- More than -- broken apart. -- handsome landscaping and that and our backyard and we are done about a year ago -- -- -- Lou. Donate to a country that we can trees and accused maltreatment or I act like they're there not for trees that from our local short. Periodically we get this like. Blacks a a black mole on the leaves and the trees and that's basically gotten. All over the Stucco on the back. Of the house that's got on the air condition units. I've been told by. Different nurseries it's that it's a it's a microscopic -- that creates that. Blacks have a black mold. Any suggestion that the -- it's what John it is insect related on the blacks structures seeing. It's actually an old growth COLT should animal it's a -- complex on the comes in grows on the server so the leaves them -- city -- -- Actually attacking the trees or living all the trees. What happened is that the stranger faster with sucking insects are actually microscopic. Are you it's going to be stimulants that are -- point 68 and ending sucking insects on the sugary. The trees as an element they excrete some of the sugar. And a little tiny drop that to the liquid called honey do it's hot in the shirt green -- do particularly on the -- Believe the circus that the stock of the surface to air conditioning units as it drops down and in the fungus was available on the company grows on the sure grip or rich source. That the youngest takes advantage and that's what. The focus on the an inanimate was it not because of history living operable living trees it was -- -- honey do deposits if you look over the trees very chirpy. Should be able -- BM church fail. Are troubled they don't move around that look what little bumps and may be quite sponsor brown -- on the accurately as possible along the stadiums and that they -- Like -- at all but both scale and -- favorably or cause a problem. -- -- -- his way to deal with this -- the -- is a systemic insecticide. Call in medical trip. And that's -- I am. DG AC. And OO. PR RD. Amid the culprit of this. The big thing about using them that culprit is applied they trench to the base of the trumped the troops for the insecticide with a -- to give the defense. Puppetry effect -- insecticides become as insects. And they feed on it chill and so it's gonna -- off the insect infestation opposite mole. Is it does appear immediately as soon as the probably do is produced more gonna pursuit. This can stay on the -- -- it on the sparkle. But likely it entry with the medical -- now and -- -- treat -- differently stringer or next summer of next year now keep the trees protected. If the tree in our troop interest rates you can also sprayed trees with the oil pipe insecticides. Like -- oil well for your ground spraying oil or coal and oil. Envy or it will also do a good job open a controlled the sort of effect. But you'll also -- to dislodge that city mold and make it come off the trees faster and improve their appearance -- -- -- -- a Japanese blueberry trees being popularly planted now and they're really susceptible threatened checks and a lot of Soviet -- A suppression against but it can't retreat in our jobs in this instance -- follow the recommendations for control and as -- and checks in your trees will potentially get into better shape you'll have all -- -- -- all of -- Lanier and dished it. You know that just got treatment -- -- on something else that doesn't mean. It doesn't work cup leader petitioning. The money and the power and you kinda in the trees and that it looking good in like that otherwise then they were fighting for entrench -- -- -- medical print. -- it -- here in this current economy tree issue. What you were doing that keep trees in good shape. Pray that today corporation to buy are jumping -- call appreciate that people look up movie model that Jimmy calling from help or exchange -- -- and. -- I got it. I'll probably end -- playing it. And Margaret's got and it looks like it individual growing leaps it reflects its state. Cents a opened -- last week a couple of weeks ago he says he is called losing. It needed culture. And any sent -- last week. A couple weeks ago you couldn't back mr. Patrick you picture attribute. And hatred without tripping with the last ten days or so. OK remember people -- killers you can take up to two weeks to begin to work. Well of course all cool your jets -- it will -- -- population before you get up and then secondly. If you. The doctor told to put -- on it. And you put it on there -- that and that experience wasn't on you probably political opera until the battle all mature argument just didn't work mr. And elections still care -- remember Google or apple is herbicides. Are trying to control -- weeks to application that would be all effect of them just want. So -- The name of that we identified that my determined that actually it was going to be your best or beside you on man and ask that your best for trying to control back. We didn't your long and again the -- -- at all -- is that we it is ultimately -- control. -- week is not enough time to give -- purpose by the chance to see how well going to do two weeks. What we normally recommend and then about two and a three week should negotiation yellowing immediately called it shouldn't but -- It's still wrong if you see that picture is going to give that check out our treatment -- Jimmie and sometimes that -- -- Portugal the -- and Gujarat for. Okay I'll give them time and they did they would to weed out -- to get that once you toll could -- picture of one but. Explaining that it looks like a stay on the advocate -- not gonna pick up that name from the description here. Is that pictures of concern mentioned some pictures. Make sure the pictures are clear may try to -- -- the week where others focused and they're taking. After the week where you're just standing up and take a long distance shot -- -- shortly screwed. Also popular in that oppose -- shape and I'll be happy to take a look at our ration it in Japan on the okay I'll -- them are right are currently here Jimmy OK okay okay look at a couple of the clock and we got -- great amateur. Thanks for your patients particularly with the news that already looked like a gorgeous weekend regarding we have some wonderful weather. And -- keep things option try and just beautiful beautiful cool nights and milder days or business cup could be. Our favorite time of the year October going in November. And a late march going into April 2 of the most beautiful times a year year. And the Gulf Coast solved and not just what this gorgeous weather if you got a -- question this morning -- -- make sure you're a good that -- looking for children to call on him. Number call is 260. 187. Being and it got on the local New Orleans calling your you can call went full free and that's all -- -- number is 866. 9087. B but said the -- it from Michael hey Michael good morning. -- -- -- About oh -- already. You know -- part of trees which -- -- -- -- -- out loans. Sold to move. And well -- some -- and in what type were little. Inoperable and -- we you know -- the get important. Belt Michael and you -- you rate them. Are these trees planted in the ground are being containers there and -- -- right. Then he shouldn't be all right so in containers I think easiest thing -- will be useful for lies. On the kind of mature that we use coupons for more plant and popped up and Armstrong and it'll other nutrients and -- hold on the -- control because -- beatle fans straining. Provide the right kind of armor for the roots and containers situation. So far is that releases a little bit of nutrients over time. It's a way to fertilize plant containers have a duplicate some -- when the liens were down. On the force or were actually -- nutrients and into the trees out when they're growing in the forest one more commonly available slow release fertilizers or control lead short -- It's called a -- and there are a couple of different formulations just about any of those. A -- lies in your container plants so I commit a a slow or controlled release fertilizer all my coat with a common range you may see other residual -- should note could be used as well. Speaking -- in the extra nutrients primarily. When their. Active growth they -- the most active growth in the spring and earlier in the year so that you. I do -- -- put that to a slow and our allies are almost containers in all directions to say much to put based on the size of the container. And I'll do better about February early march is the trees in the wake up and don't fertilize those trees releasing nutrients for months and months all this summer than. And then hit the -- mechanical element in the all predictions begin to run out and matches and she's a Mormon and only need those action actions over the where. -- network is we don't wanna put the tree in the ground to permanent. And spot. We -- -- put tree program they have access to all the nutrients that are that are in this oil. So the treatment for being here is the trees being here is dependent on fertilizer as they are when they're in their containers however fertilizing young trees the first 57 figures even at their planted. -- really hoping urged that -- rate of -- to be as fast as possible. And and you can use at the heart negotiate nutrients available in Purcell. Which it is a 111 ratio like eating Gator searching searching searching. Fortunes for its market street wants to Wilfork -- -- you fertilizer. A ratio that would be some 15510. Or 1648. Or any kind of has about higher first number. A lower little number in the third number kind of in between the other two. Either one to one ratio or -- wanted -- ratio these -- original purpose ratios and again the economic kind of levels so oil. I you can do to fight between in the sense I don't know exactly what they're yours well I can only -- Japan of those that it would be like soul. Well that is probably fairly low and phosphorous so 111 ratio would be fine. Opened with a -- them appreciate already buckled and so called reshape that. Are -- -- on the dot now calling from Covington out of Portland Oregon Soria. Orders sir Paul and trying to figure out how to -- propagate a personal injury. You have like in native person at all or a Japanese percent man. Art Japanese are they apples are right to gently corrected now you'd have to find a native person that spot that you -- to find some young. Native person entries that is the -- spot as commonly used. And they have to get on the Internet and researching -- underground resentments. You'd wanna learn the techniques involved in the crafting of resentment and are doing some practice to -- the techniques Beijing where industry forward. It's a matter wounding the -- stock that -- the young. -- -- -- And then inserting a piece of the Japanese or cement into the world. I think several tractor scrapped as the art as much as the science and it's hard to get a -- to take for a modest Jeanette. Images and practice try to get a crack. Actors going -- -- -- or I'll grant to start taking. So basically the propagation of a Japanese percent that is not an easy straightforward thing it's not -- is like taking a cutting and cutting. Grass trees rather technical waited to propagate them. And so if you have a specific amount percentage -- like to try to propagate for say a sentimental reasons it was a grandfathers are fathers or -- street. And I were going to the trouble trying to race and she -- a person mentioned scene or try to ward them off the Internet. I and then get the assignment wouldn't learn those grafting -- otherwise. If you just moderately good Japanese percent and directly to corrupt local -- -- for the Barbie doll for you. -- degree of high quality for shipments that we as well. Already there are you okay I'll put so much for call appreciate that call -- such a -- And will be back with political partnership be calling -- -- part question line couple. So when he Germany is number call good morning thanks Oprah so much for -- -- comic art sporting. We're talking while all caught on in here all by your launcher tree structure our art junior guard. All danger regarding questions if you got something going on it'll help. Want to get the call 60187. And -- struggle local New Orleans calling here at 86688908. Seven the beautiful beautiful weather this week about stock McMichael of the time of the -- now as you try manager Mike -- a couple things. It'll be light earlier tomorrow which is about giving up we're going to be dark electric power's still. So we have to get a a tomorrow and you know that some of the party keep up over the rise and and brightening up -- windows that by the time we have to give up. I think the chapter lives however it didn't mean -- get dark much sooner law enforcement or get Parker -- and so the trick or that our own works sometimes. We'd like to slip in their week -- work at the frustrating things can be has over the years. Just want to be perfect for gardening outside -- all work a party getting dark and it's party after getting anything done. Election on the weekend you gonna be charting limited. Be limited by yacht which it now on the we can so keep that in. Line a putting things all totally thought that electrical work on Wednesday in the Arctic your home work and tools pumping out the -- or -- -- darkness is gonna keep from doing -- -- focus on the weekend from Iran out. I think she's trying to get those guarding fortune on. As much as possible we cannot speak -- -- I don't forget about it. Garten our area right now model should we have a lot of great vegetables are heartened that we were. Were planting back in October -- and back pocket since September. Uncle warm -- -- like all tomatoes cucumbers Matt being out washed at these should all be deeper producing force right now snap beans in the fall. That means we can get up which also B equals C and -- all the greens are some literature goodness sakes. It couldn't have been more malicious than fresh sweet choose you let it harvested from. From your garden moments before you -- it and put on the table. Our our security anything that's that's sitting around for days shipping so. Bill up for its key congressional Barton's productive and wonderful this time of the year. -- etc. followed and talk to Amanda -- from a -- AM in the morning on the -- Show. And I'm great things were great euphoria. Side. My question is -- -- He had to agree. Currently around. And attempt. That -- fiction and at the -- okay. And an. -- -- should do beautifully in -- we were in the I hear that -- -- currently in each hand already locked in your pebble of course beach and that has nothing that the regime is going to be able appeals oil. Brought down by the Mississippi deposited our -- we call them fans like. Our -- scandal or pumps and no place to actually try to stay away from because that's more like they have we've achieved in Reid's senate. But the French -- Jerry finds saint DelHomme so well they're rich in nutrients nitrogen phosphorus potassium and calcium -- -- organic. Pattern much treatment they were brought down by the water but rather that -- likely won't. Very very good base for growing along with is that kind of the standard fiddle and you can lay your spotlight on top of that. I'm out fertilizing is something we don't do this time you're absolutely yours are fairly late at this point should still be time. For the settlement makes the group -- before winter but you'll get thinking about fighting. In the end of October is really. Late Charlton mid October as we -- to start cutting at all so are going to get that down as soon as possible -- -- -- the water -- so what are the same -- as watered everyday for about fifteen minutes first seven of the ten day as you lay it. And then water every other day for about twenty and thirty minutes up for the next seven to ten days and then stopped -- so frequently. But water more deeply and surely and the only occasionally and also don't forget -- bring all and that everyday for about seven -- ten days every other paper about them that ten days. And then stop water so frequently water deeply as needed after that. Okay thank you so much in appreciated Amanda thank you so much for the call are -- -- gonna take a little break chair would go back when your gardening calls as soon as we get good morning at the following Debra calling for a -- some. Bureau populated -- and Debra. Good morning thank you for taking my call -- We that it -- from Louisiana we bought the home last December. Go be a year this December and we noted early all that we were getting. Dark spot in our yard. All front and back yard side yard bomb and then they would slowly turning into. Brown spots like circles. Well -- -- harder for about a week ago two weeks ago three weeks ago on its started. And. In. Early. -- and Al oh Lorraine and and it of this is old damaged in that occurred back in the spring well you know Deborah. Once along dies in an area is bad. So if it's something that -- long Lance boring and killed areas so that it's not coming back. So you. Been looking at -- -- all through the summer maybe thinking what went wrong whats going wrong we have these dead areas but if they occurred in the boring. And stopped growing MLB history stopped girl you would help me on laughed at this point. And that's something happened back whispering campaign. In diagnosing long problems. We've got to look at all but we've got people feel what it is as such actually happening. Well you got a local extension office there in. Think -- peers it's incumbent in your horticulture is how will -- in the could help you out with this from may be. Asking some questions about you know -- but if you're dead. It's dead -- at their WellPoint the matter preparing. Rather than -- doing something about it only increasing Indian which occur now has spurning only pitching game which occurred now which we will be. You're looking at something now. But the office -- what you wanted to get the phone number for the -- -- extension office in common and see LSU action in her extension office in common term. -- end -- -- -- local here for a coal trust there are the only -- and its samples global on the CEO. If there's something even may be still at. Active now ladies and at some sample something -- right now that they look at. But again it went something like that happened in the spring which is not much and it goes look averages up. And gone by now. Now it's still on our men and you know first time caller may have. You know not explained it correctly we're still having problems we have public day I believe -- your show at one point it Grammy. Japan asking Vietnam aren't connecting problem which opened last week or -- Eight yeah we -- yet I'm not exactly an opt out seeing as India's symptoms shelling out and that suggests that you tried to do something to try to do. Well I believe I heard on your show about brown -- you know several months ago and I'm way purchased with Specter that I. In the now. -- -- And we got that white and we're still getting the spot that are out it's like a dark creepy looking dark spot and then died off. So we're getting we have spots. And so called the dark greasy spot okay. -- just basic growth outlook brown I'm not sure what it called the dark green she's spot Debra. So let's send Spencer Levin and that you mentioned to contacting. Your local horticulture is because you -- -- opposite that some samples are -- -- brings some examples in his office he consider at some examples are or. Does he -- -- -- clinic. I take a look at those and and she won't be going on the fusion of fungicide Albert. Arm and there are new spot showing up in the area that was green and healthy when he applied the front and side lights. Has now gotten spot and -- that into the underside has that worked in that McCarron has probably not fumble problem. Because -- special -- like to console trick here most in the fungal diseases other -- tackle along so that spears -- look into -- I -- you can detect it right now goalie didn't give that offers a Calder -- -- and that Japan on the road which can -- that. They keep her party that they can't come back again sometimes in the future and it hit it lower oil well. Quote -- -- or partnership coming whale pulled out there our guard show was coming up so he can Beijing and questions ready yet to help with vote. Take a -- what is its orbit back after that.