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11-02 12:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Nov 2, 2013|

Tom Fitzmorris talks with WWL callers about food, recipes, restaurants, cooking and dining.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On being beaten Pete this is the biscuits butter and jam voice of -- local announcer. Tom Fitzmorris. And this is the big 870 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. And if you have a fancy radio and I do. It's WWL. FM 105 point three HD one which sounds even better than FM. And it's time now for the food show. Guess what today. We have an entire three hour program we haven't had a three hour program and a while. And it is only because LSU is taking the weekend off I think that's the reason is that. Anyways so it we have the whole three hours to waste. So between now and then it's Saturday afternoon it's a lovely day outside it was a little chilly last night. But I like it don't you when you wake up at around 4:44. In the morning which is exactly when I -- street this morning. And I realized it was a little cold in here. And my wife -- can detect -- starring from a dead sound sleep said. It's cold and and it's okay. And then got up and I turned the key to run a little. But when you wake up in the middle of the night like that and it's just a little too cold for comfort -- that's. That's a wonderful feeling. You really sleep well. So anyway it's a lovely day yesterday. Well All Saints -- today's all souls day. Is this the date that in Mexico is. I think it is. Today's the day in Mexico. That -- build -- LB didn't whip though. When -- don't -- the Day of The Dead. And I only know one thing going on about that and that is and there may be more but I don't know. Over at the -- canal street bistro. Who chef is goo Guillermo Peters who I think is the best Mexican chips in the city and has been for a long time. He moon mentioned in an emailed to me the other day that he was gonna do something with that tonight I don't know what but I can tell you that it's. It'll be the real deal this guy grew up in Mexico City he's in twisting lineage -- half Mexican half German. Which is actually really common in Mexico and throughout South America in fact. And anyway he said he was that working ups and stuff but that's -- that should be pretty. A hole and also we talked I don't know getting leftover Halloween candy you haven't -- scarf down yet. Could be. My least favorite Halloween candy I did not see once this year of course I was looking in my kids will go trick or treating anyway. You know going out drinking. Some remember that you remember that when you cross that line when all of us that years. You were twelve or when you really really primed to go trick or treating and come back with huge sex stuff because when you're twelve or thirteen specially for your guy. You have the stamina to be out there for hours just walk for miles and miles and miles piling up the candy. And then a couple years later the next junior you know -- -- you have your own car you're driving around. And the guys in the backseat -- talking about having a little southern comfort. Having a beer and stuff. All of that it legal although not by much is in those days for me. You can drink legally at eighteen. And so we -- -- a few more years ago so we were talking about it being talked none of this I think ever -- anything like it. Well anyway that's Halloween. Memories. Our number is 2601872601870. And we'd love to talk -- -- about absolutely anything on your mind about food if you need to recipe if you need to talk about rest but you wanna go to for something special or just for a great night out. Or anything else you wanna know about food called knee I'm not claiming that I know at all I really am not -- know a lot. I've you know been at this for awhile it's been writing a weekly column. -- review column for 41 years which I think it's a record I don't know anybody else who's done that law. Not that and of course you know I mean -- to right. So weigh -- so it's on my mind all the time we do that show every day that's this shipment 125 years. But again I'm not telling you know more than you know I just know different things you know things that I don't know also please call me it's only those things those restaurants you've been to that you really love. That don't get talked about enough and that's what we do Laura. Pay you wanna take a break right now on him to ease the tension let's do that will get started in just a moment but first please this being being. A hello welcome welcome welcome to the food show. On the -- 870 WWL WW 105 point three FMC's. Tom Fitzmorris. And let's get going here I believe. Who's next it's it's Jimmy I think LO Jimmie welcome. And -- -- Jimmy here. For income and allowance the word tradition bill accrue. Thursday we'll look for restaurants. And -- which on the -- sort of -- Bloomberg News grow. Yeah that's the best restaurant listen to what I'm saying I mean this sincerely. This that's the best restaurant in the history of saint Bernard parish. Doesn't look like much from the outside it's a small restaurant too but. The chef I don't I do know where he came from but it can't remember a wanna say he worked with -- for a while. But he's a young guy really on top of things -- real -- eating seafood steaks. The whole range of what they do it especially good job on oysters at the penal for appetizers. But that is it delicious place I would get a reservation. Upgrade there good group of racial Carlo really appreciated -- -- -- -- -- gimme a call back you know -- -- -- -- -- let me know how -- Joseph joins us Joseph welcome. Hillary and I'm doing it. -- -- Want to root Crist yesterday and 221. In battery. Had a really good meal as would be expected but what -- my mind with this little -- this is sweet potatoes with some sort of crust on top you know talking about. No that's I think that's a nude issue there because I don't remember seeing that might be seasonal thing. Well let me tell you what I think it is Aminu and the the callers call in and give me an idea how to rate that. I think it -- and sort of sweet potato. It the -- in the actual bench. And they put something on top of it I don't know there putting -- in the broiler. Or put it in the or playing it right now from Broadway but it -- -- crunchy I think. It's about a pitch -- and it blew it up but on. -- and Barbara what it is. Now. -- it's an idea -- well you know what it could be your instincts might be very correct here this sounds like. Almost would start off with when you make if you were making -- -- brown sugar. Water. The concert interest in it obviously would go right there would be I don't think that use whole concert use the shop. In some sentiment may be little -- Fool around with a little bit space if you would use a lot less than you would use to make them bananas Foster. And just kind of do it in the pain and the putter over the top and then run under the broiler and I don't know whether that will be the same thing that Ruth's Chris is doing. But I will tell you that it will be good. I think that religious great Hewitt. As but the sweet but it is you would think those at a time and I think at random rule food bill that way I would have won just. It just food process you would need to do just. Wire whisk in action. News. Nobody cares what is -- it actually. Right well so if you were to put that into the boiler along. That's something like that to stay in their before. You know. -- five minutes at the full 550 degrees adult. Use anything but -- dish made for that purpose. Now sometimes. Regular plates in part made like that in restaurants -- because investments they'll take a finished plate of food. And stick it right under the broiler for a few minutes in the the plate is built the heat. The best thing of all these little rotten issues that what. Yeah more more often at the two rats but supplies to work but that but you know that we have a bunch of those years that he's. Appreciate that and and I -- you what they handle -- journalists and our guns. And I'm going to and and that is probably an initial action on trying to find. And couldn't do it -- but not in New Orleans looking for out here at the world in Metairie. In the Metairie or carry area you have any suggestions as a polite notes. It's probably our Irish. The best Chinese restaurants are in fact in. Most of them. I would say your best shot would be. On veterans very close in just merely in the battery right adored by block the it's a little tiny restaurant they've been there forever and they are good it's the guy and his wife actually is quite seems really rotten place. And but she's very nice and get on board you'll love right away but the food is very good. There or thank you so much let me know that comes out which certainly well under agreements CU it's the food show. 87 WWL WWL when -- -- -- -- numbers 260. 187. Listen to me. If you. Have ever eaten anything good in your entire life for cooked anything good especially if it's lately I mean you know twenty years ago was fine but. Right now him a place that people could go to would be even better. Call me and tell me about it. -- don't. Think you have to wait until somebody else brings up the subject before you can do it because we don't we don't play that game here we you can talk about whatever you want to with as long as you know remotely about food line. All you have to do is call and get on if you never been on the show before -- -- welcome to it. So what -- hear from 260187. The can help you with a recipe or if you want a new idea for a restaurant. Called me. That's when it's all about 260187. We it was something else and when it oh yeah. I have been getting a lot. Of email. From people. Who want to know about Thanksgiving. This is a good sign because in recent years. More and more and more people have been eating out on Thanksgiving and as a result more and more restaurants are opening on Thanksgiving. So. The they were asking me where to where to go and every year and make up a list. Of all the restaurants at the -- worthwhile on Thanksgiving Day and this weekend. One of them one of my projects is to make up that list this year it's not gonna change a whole lot from this year but he's still. At the check all of them see what's going on. And I will have that posted on my website probably by Monday but shortly thereafter and also there. Is. Good pile of recipes that we have always made and our house -- Thanksgiving is a huge deal for us. Here at the cool water ranch and so I've got a lot of rest -- to share with you. And all of that is that no menu dot com and OME and -- dot com and I don't go there now focus I don't really have it set up for the for the not for Thanksgiving -- ago they're now a -- looking for recipe or restaurant review of plenty of those. But that's where the Thanksgiving info will be and I guarantee you more will come from that source that any where else you will find. To 60187. With this is strange how the calls they're coming in and then they they say something and what are they hang up personal what's going on here. -- well. I'm waiting on this when there's goes a little. Strange. Strange. Let's see -- do -- do -- we got some we have somebody on a whole we have somebody wringing their wringing their -- it's okay it's okay. But did you know that. My weekday show has changed times at some point during this program I guarantee you it would give you the wrong number caucus and so used to giving the other. We are now one at at exactly this time come to think of at a noon till three. Every weekday noon till three it's the food show. In its 26 year over the here with. With just lots and lots of food talked noon to three hope you can call us and talk to -- right finally somebody has made it to the neutral ground and here's Richard welcome to our food show. Hey Richard are you there. He has skin nearly yes I can Kabul and I just wanted to get -- restaurant report there of Mario mine. And I went to your superiors you know it's your. Went to redemption yesterday. And they have. Three course meal for eighteen on the current. Unity church of either -- to cajole or she's a salad. And Tom. Pork tenderloin which are NATO operation -- And of pistachio trees sticks and it was so just. -- -- -- -- Yeah well you know they've got a great chef feared Allen and -- finally he would have hit their stride I think they also have a pretty good dinner specialists like. Something insane like 25 dollars for three appetizers and a glass of -- I -- a don't hold me to that but it's something pretty close to that. Yes it is an -- -- but to recourse. There are structural floor and quite dirty -- -- dollars yeah. Overture under don't like -- a -- at night so I just go to a launch put. You know Greg used to have a great job. Yeah that's true I just like them seeing more people -- too. But as far as equality and marine environment. Near the building so beautiful -- the great. This is the place that used to be Christians folks it's right behind sheen's funeral home which is always. Part to save because. I don't think of eating and going. Although I actually I grew up I do associated going to a funeral with eating because that was the only time we ever went to restaurants was when we went to a funeral. Or when we went to the cemetery on all All Saints and then we go eat someplace else. Well whenever somebody in the family passed we would. Go across street after woods and have a cup would drinks that well aren't Christians. That. Thank you very much it's it's nice talking but -- Kia. The -- he was talking about the news redemption it's the building that used to be Christians and before that it was church going back a hundred years very unique. Please and good to analysts over here it is her. Is there a. Welcome. -- I Atlanta we want to thank mr. commander racially we will lose -- -- and they have the white room in the back you know that they. Some it's tremendous. Special are special -- and it was sure Specter of -- wine pairing with each meal with each contrary to what is spectacular. -- yeah no question about it that's really a beautiful space. And it backs up to. What is without a doubt now. The best wine cellar in the world and in fact they won the one spectator grand award which goes I think 75 restaurants in the entire world. Laws and they've they're one of amended what they have done their one analyst its release -- its. I -- table before. Obviously payers. And people -- The other stable could only do four in fact he could do less or more than four. It. Well what thank you very much that's the wine room over at commander's palace -- obviously the book in advance and we will come back with more of the food shall but now it's time to -- ourselves in a few news thing about Bob's. What is this about retiring. He says. This is the food show one. The big 870 WWL and WW when -- went three -- and let's get back which alias which shell. AJ welcome. Hot topic particular -- or the show thank you. I'm old Bangkok was being -- restaurant next -- the old rock involved Carol. You know -- it has moved to reopen veteran -- Not some mine this is little complicated so. Listen. The read the original owners -- that was the the semi -- family which. Open the very first -- history in the wallet back in the eighties. They they now own lot Thai cuisine. But they've they started the Bangkok. Cuisine back wins I was second location it. And then after the they they -- two with three other restaurants at one point and they sold that one. And the people who owned -- at the time of Katrina. I think he just gave that up by I haven't heard anything from them but it wasn't those people. Who who opened it to begin with so. If you're looking for the kind of food you remember it depends on how far accurately your thinking. But the people who run lot Thai cuisine I think that he Natalie did the first Thai restaurant and I do think that's the best congressman now. -- -- -- it's on pretend your street corner Robert. And it's seriously. Much -- was in great grandma I go to reform back. We're Bangkok would mean probably. Maybe -- -- before Katrina Alpert took a train with a sore back about where. Okay well that would be when they were doing it at the beginning of that period anyway I do know that they -- off at some point but the idea. -- Felt like I was he also quick -- up. What was the rush on its saint Bernard parish you just a bit of a gentleman. Mean EU's. Real. And he and ET. It's on judge for -- at the corner of Rio's street TOR Ohio. It's a little hard to find although the -- -- sign is plenty big enough that if especially the two people in the -- one of you can watch for it means that drunk driver that's what you. I -- I would because it's a small last month and the word is out on that it's really good this Nokia and I think it's the best placement in the history of Saint Bernard. I would try and I'm I'm definitely gonna try to -- it -- equity thank you so much. -- Thank you for calling it here is Gerry Gerry welcome to. The big 87. Down. Just as -- first question. My sort of glow -- and we call as we approach. And -- don't have to -- but we're pillow and debate all her goal. There's. -- the best thing you know you can make it can't sleep. Knowing that brush. Up from a common. And so we will break. I think him down and wrote those players was all. But what happened. Are you -- six. I mean as you know. Until people out it's kind of focus or white or short straight right. -- -- -- -- -- every. Little bit or things are aren't at all the good. We're going to Iraq. Off this little one. There's only one problem with that place and that's getting -- who's a -- are really. Badly. Recorded for. Structural. Six -- boy shorts. Seller can't go or like oh well. There are better. -- -- do really well over the that you would never expect. -- the turtles. Turtle soup is really great and it's -- style of version and now they tell me it's all there will -- which these. -- -- -- -- -- Which students are oral. Just. Or the -- streaks or. Archer described urged as well you want. It got as good or problem as. Part of sports -- -- Ulster. -- all full power. And that that's true in the evening to -- -- He seemed to be. You got to double our. Directors desk spot. Though what you are. Oh god or air. -- -- -- apparel. Probably go. Follow ups. Or work or. -- -- very much for sharing that are. That use. -- restaurant with a unique name its real name is -- 615. Home of the -- that is part of their name that whole thing there. But everybody just calls adult -- because that's what it's been in since 1947. And it's not the rabbit. Pronounced in in the world and weigh in actually use DA WA BB IT. Where. Let's see. Chloe. We I don't believe in 26 years doing this program. We have ever had anyone on the show with that name but I but it's a lovely name. That I -- you are you there. -- After all of that. Oh well 260 who's next it's this one appearance -- Tim Tim welcome to the food show. -- It will audio -- that. Your. I would spend about it. -- a couple of it. The only group Lotto. And well you can really go day. -- will it go airing. Brilliant or. Well how do you want it cooked and how do you enjoy it. OK well -- Worker and he called Pittsburgh where are the other spam and don't do. All you have to do is ask that everybody in the state this misunderstand with that. Well -- -- the -- ago lot of elbow a couple of -- derelict what does that. Don't. Get it going through an eight. But it still wouldn't -- Do you have an. What what what place would this have been. Problem right here this problem yet that Al. -- -- -- -- Good the -- -- not much. This one really really good steak house in slightly and that's young's. It worked in the young's and you slight. -- right that's a good excuse. Young's views on Robert boulevard. About a mile and a half but it's actually more than. -- about a mile and a half. From Glaus. -- you have to really be looking for it because they don't really hapless line. It's it's hard to find but it is worth looking for they don't take reservations to show and waited out it's very popular and -- -- -- -- -- if -- all -- driving the little ways. Are the guys in the young -- It's on all of his own restaurant but that'll gotcha moment and yours. And it's in Madison ill it is worth the -- it's called -- young's. Appearance. It's a much nicer looking rest of the young slight -- to me. That guy knows the stakes to fare -- well and the rest of his menus really good. -- absolutely. Need to reservation go to -- Adams. A group targeted at a I -- you get cool. Well there's a song. And he goes like this old it lays them written please note the authorities -- lawsuit. Lol. Yeah and that's where it came from what you ask me and I talked. And that's the truth I'm not lion. And here is Harold. And that's the guy who wrote it actually did sing like that I did an imitation of its. Bob Nolan. -- welcome to morning. Harold. -- First call oh well no wonder you hesitated for a minute you know did the -- -- yet but you'll pick it up with in the next there. Why not get around government truck. Yeah commute tomorrow -- losses slot built. What I have a question. I remember my mother -- Grandma used to make -- Chicken and compliments. And -- and see what consistency. That the pattern. That they do it. I mean I make it takes to make -- cattle like you know fluffy. But I remember mother and it would take Micah. The cable school -- strong but the pattern and -- -- into the -- don't worry be extra. And it would. -- -- and then it would be done in a very light. So the -- anybody. I enjoy it. To -- actually witnessed at chicken and opens it to make it like that -- have a nineteen year. No here's and here's why I might give myself an excuse here. I grew up here in new ones. And it's chicken in -- is not a new worlds that shoots the southern dish and southern cooking in New Orleans coconut two completely different things. And for that reason. Really you. I don't think there are three restaurants in this whole city that even served. Chicken and dumplings it's just dotted the issues seem very often ancillary no tradition of it and I frankly don't like the -- myself at least the ones and iPad. So I'm without a clue but. Here's what we're gonna do. If you can keep listening for awhile will have some people call in and talk about chicken and dumplings and by the -- two completely different styles one of them. You have what amounts to pasta in there. And the all right you have basically kind of like a biscuit that didn't rise to much. Real. The real shame of this and a -- John Rupp who you anything. That at this gives me an opportunity to bring this up. If your mother or grandmother or your -- your uncle some you know makes any dish that you think is really great. Right now call him on the phone and say -- on. How wanna know how you make -- in the Dublin's. They'll run you need to make that I'll stop at the story now by at all. And then I want to -- there -- wanna watch you do it and a one and see the measure every quantity of everything that goes in. And said I'll have some coffee and will talk and I've been -- that you went along time anyway. You go do that. You measure everything is she's gonna want to grab him grab and throw you know grab and throw that's how my mother -- that's probably your mother -- that's how people. -- if you measure it and then you get it all down and UC ha how hot the stove top is and what kind of pot they're using all of these things related to -- And then when you're done you have two things you have the dish that you love and secondly you have captured it for ever on paper if you don't do that. It's gone. It's gone probably forever. So -- let's keep listening we'll see if we can get somebody good to give us some chicken and dumplings guidance. We we will come back with more on the food show after first please this. -- -- Yeah Arafat to questions about two restaurants one local. O'Brien on the West Bank which your opinion in that position there. I think it's terrific it's a steak house primarily but it's all prime beef every bit of even the Feliz the -- real nice job of -- might think. They also had two you know lamb chops they have if I remember right I think they have -- -- finish. That was interesting and this is certain -- seafood but it's mostly for stakes in the seafood comes in they have -- at the beginning they have a great appetizer. Of sea scallops. Interspersed with little ravioli filled with roasted vegetables I think that's -- issue it's also big enough that split maybe even salads a real nice. The outside of it looks like. The most plane building you can imagine looks like a storage facility. But in fact inside it's beautiful it has kind of a a romantic sort of New York speak easy kind of equality to I think it's one of the best restaurants on the on the west bank for sure. I -- graves about the barbecued shrimp just for them going or. Well I haven't had that. So I don't know what -- get it is an appetizer or that the do they just who has -- -- Nurse an appetizer but government and contrary. And what -- outfielders. In new York and you've been to that and then about pretty weak. Yeah that's where everybody goes bring cash. -- it's only take very it's dry aged beef. Porter house's or -- means he owns. It's tough -- And it's one of those investments. That I've never been too because adjustments. What we're eager and up has been written about it. It must learn to -- -- from Indian American now. No I think -- around. Long time before me in the news. -- all the old restaurant okay thank you -- -- the food show and we'll come back with more -- in -- moment but first please this. Hutton and they've been keeping did you think believing believing. Oh it's the Puccio. The big 870 WWL. And -- let's see who was next they'll be here. Sandy sandy welcome to the Fallujah. I -- I didn't. -- all the talk about chicken and -- went. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We and so I'd say to her with a caretaker. Making them. The that would make it different now they are. Now on that Egypt and get and it excellent videos really neat pictures Brittany. Make that it is it is the best Courtney and -- Yeah yeah and in Europe very very Smart to get all of that down some kind of way I'd never thought about doing a video of it. But anybody can do that these days all you got to do is flip your phone out and you. And in -- edit it but why do you actually and I mean Edberg at number twelve bit. It could be bundle package everybody. Thank you think you very much for sharing that this. -- I think we're on degenerate in an effort problem. And nightly in the yellow gold -- the best ride cross is it never let. Let me know about it next time you caucus I haven't been there in ages that's a long time ago the yellow bowl. On FM on HD. On sky -- and on line this is WWL radio in New Orleans and WWL FM kind of New Orleans where the -- next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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