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11-02 1:10pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Nov 2, 2013|

Tom Fitzmorris talks with WWL callers about food, recipes, restaurants, cooking and dining.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirteen hundred no no let's start over. 870 kilo cycles medium wave fifty quadrillion -- watts of power extending its reach across North America. In all the streams. That bring down water from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic seaboard. What is this seaboard anyway it's like a surfboard. Since 1925. New Orleans for no excuse me since 1922 New Orleans first radio station WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom Morris with the second chorus of the food show. It's a program about eating. And that's about it I mean that any more icing about it -- over complicated unnecessarily. If it's something that you eat call me and tell me about it I guarantee you will be of interest. Let's see we have -- -- hanging on in for a couple minutes here more than a couple. Who is -- And John John welcome to the Fallujah. You. I want her. All that out that I get special. Well a lot of people that are really count. To it and the Bali that I don't a ball and guess that your pay can be really really all it. -- well back Alley. And that they learned a -- Yeah. You -- your opinion. And out. Yeah I think you're terrific. Yeah it's you know but it -- I've I have to warn you about a couple of things it's it's very small it's not a big restaurant at all. And they are always full so if you wanna go their I would get a reservation. And this is not a little neighborhood place this is not rocky and Carlos it's not the burden of basic neighborhood restaurant food that is dominated saint Bernard parish forever this is upscale little bit they're buying and really fine finish. Really good stakes they they do a terrific job with everything that I -- there have been about six times. Since then -- I'll get it out. That now. Oh great play -- well. It all -- and turn it could break. That. -- You via its -- show yet Arab eats old parity eats we wrote about that have gone through 23 months ago. And it's the last place -- markets in the old part of Arab be all right. It's in an old building that. Next that -- space next door it maybe this is an illusion but it will likely close place for a long time but the restaurants wide open. And it's not which call fancy restaurant by any stretch of the imagination but they really know how to cook back here in the prices are low and the people are nice. And that's interesting to hear that you can't hardly getting beer anymore. -- believe that 260. 1187. -- If you're sitting around. The house and you can't figure out what to do. You don't maybe you wanna go out there and paint your house. Of which you just don't feel like who would blame for that it's Saturday it's a lovely. Call your wife your husband or your boyfriend your girlfriend your kids or whoever. And say I have an idea. Let's get dressed up a little bit in other words. Change out of the shorts and teacher. Jeans and a culture would be all right. Although for me address even more than that but don't listen. And then go to end -- ball place. -- you kidding -- yet and that gives you go to and once. Right now. They have a twenty dollar and thirteen -- lunch specialty do this every day Monday through Saturday its three courses. -- -- choice of three things and each courts. Some of the dishes are famous and one's creations like there was is Rockefeller. Some of them -- brand new dishes that they just dreamed up than some of -- kind of in between. But whatever it is I think you'll like it. And you'll also I think like the daily cocktail special deal that they which they sell for 25 cents ago which is not that. What he can't make it today because I -- it's a turning on a dime and they do close to lose you'd have to get a move on. Pick another day and do it sometime before the holidays can really rolling -- then they start -- that house. It's like they always have -- busy busy place this senator of New Orleans dining since 1840. The oldest restaurant in America right here. 713 Saint Louis street in all the world there is only one and ones. 260187. We are told free at 866889087. And you may use either one and we'd love to hear from you but anything you have on your mind about eating that's all whereabouts please eating and drinking and restaurants and such. Yesterday. -- -- I'm on my my regular weekday show is on a new schedule we used to be on for three to six now -- on from noon to three. This has complicated my dining program a little. Which is -- tragedy. 41 thing -- can not really go to lunch if you're on the busy from noon to three years that but wipes out launch. But yesterday. The finished the show. And I just put all my stuff away and spud command to his follow orders maybe it's oh lead in the him. And he just took over an idea and walked three blocks away from the radio station to Luke. Or as the sun makes it look. And then K. I don't know what that's about. Luke is the that's the name of John -- -- son. And so I doubt that he is Gordon. -- home. So let's just call it -- and be done with it but anyway it's it's an interesting place because it's the little French -- else Haitian French though. How stations or a little bit like Germans they had they -- German names often times a lot of German -- qualities that their food. But don't column Germans because they're very very French and proud to be. So. Anyway. They do that they actually do have those little bit in German food on the menu it's an interesting place and I expected to walk in. And find of pretty empty dining room this place has caught fire. And literally. The place was full. At 315. In the afternoon. Well I've waited he would just a couple of minutes -- the table. The food was terrific they have a new waste judicial in the news with some top with some. Sort of -- -- like bread crumbs in the motion of herb saint had a dozen raw oysters on the national too. Oysters -- fifty cents a piece. There's all kinds of stuff going on over there that I had no idea but it'd been awhile since the last time I was there. But that's a surprisingly. Good rest. And write about them in the next week I think Sulu joins us over here on the orange phone. -- -- I must not be but I must not be pushing this hard enough let's see. -- -- I'm. Wondering what are you would you please. -- -- what what happened to. Adopt green -- I don't know. Don't know. When's the last time we were there are many years. Yeah I don't think it's been open much since the hurricane if if that'll. It moved over to it originally was on West Bank expressway -- moved over to pretty close the news. -- Palpable. And the last time might look they were not. There but I was willing to believe they were just taken -- off or use they close but I don't. Don't know honestly sure if they are open -- close let me take a look at. My dad. It was a pretty good place and it's time. One. I always thought that the food it was pretty good site. Once in TV. If you can imagine beyond the beauty. Channel 8 we used to do the ankle Friday feast where we would go to. Different restaurants and we get them to show us in their own kitchens holiday. They call -- The recipe they gave me was or guacamole which always the best right. And and it is still. And that -- Yeah why I'm glad that website -- according -- yes. It's it's to indicate that they are very much. Well one week in 19100 -- Terry boulevard that's it would be. -- -- right it's this is before you get to. 00 coming from the river. Have what we call Motley -- did you call for. -- them it's 2650658. And wolf who what's the dog's name while we're waiting for. I'd like if you can put them on the year with -- that would be great if and if there opened well that's only 12 and we can work with that too. But there workable it was always really good that was for Christmas in New -- and -- each and nobody ever seen that before. Doing. Yeah it was at -- I remember it being one of the best Mexican restaurants around. It in -- old -- yeah. Oh while the original place was. And it was. It. But in the right. The call. And then it caught. My. I I remember it being yeah exactly she -- And then and then it went. To Metallica. My buddy buddy reply. Was I go to the mall yeah it would -- a while and an -- that's where. You know that could be we're gonna find all that all of this out in a moment but according to. There website they are open. -- It's the address is 19100 Barrett Terry boulevard which according to the map here this is just one block from palpable. On merit -- but it's on the rivers. The writing on the others. Will why -- -- yet. Today. 2065. It's a private number. This -- this nobody there. Well. That doesn't help when I wanna check one more. There's. -- they use the meat and directory and a and it's usually right that says it's open to. It's very curious. Why now on. Somebody must know the answer to this will put out by now. And -- a huge -- here and it's got their phone number enormous yellow letters to 6565. -- well. Thank you. What. Will try to find out it was. At that by. 260. 636 its food show here and once gave the wrong 26018. At -- -- I'm having a great. I think -- comment on hey I'm. A gunman who called in about an hour ago about it dish. With a big bouquet don't. He -- I had just turned my radio on and I really didn't hear most of but he added. Well what he did was he went to Ruth's Chris Steak House and it was a side dish probably a seasonal. Side issue was made with sweet potatoes and it was topped. With eight crunchy mix that the only identifiable. Ingredient. For sure. Was the currency news ground up pecans. On top of it. And it was run under the broiler or into the oven and then it got a little crusty on top and he said it was just great. -- think he wanted to know what the liquid was that refused. And if you wanted to know what you know how to make that basically I've got the tellem the most important thing and that these. The the best way to find -- recipes go to the restaurant and say hey how do you make this leave enough most of whom will tell you. Yeah I think that. But I think it just can't let out my mom used as eloquent and -- did and it -- -- camera camera. Well that -- that's possible. So you know -- the batter and you know. Very everything. Along with them marshmallow on top baking baking it in the happen. Yeah so that's almost a different deal entirely. If he said it actually had a crunchy crust on top. And I don't think you get that with Karo syrup but with sugar you would. -- happen not right yeah. Right and the mixture of maybe -- -- And yeah well it's a good idea anyway. But I just went to (%expletive) -- terrorists there. Well thank you at. You it is. GO GO while. -- There you go to -- Hagel with the with a burnt orange phone yes. A year and beyond that and it over here it's sort of -- real quick quick question I'm about it. In a recommendation. Walking distance from the law can. The east north and old York. All I -- you're not eating at the -- you're no longer. Ago. Don't. I mean hotels and its -- -- terrible but it's. You're around the corner from -- on August oh. How -- you -- witnessed. We're gonna go medium -- -- Iranian in the market this Robert -- a look at it it's restaurant that would give me a free birthday dinner. And get. I don't think you'll find that. You you actually -- have to such restaurants within a block of one another. What rest restaurant August is one of them. That is a five story at least with me it is. And then a block away on the corner of -- -- in common which is to literally across the street from share. -- -- foray which I think it's just great. It's but four years old nut well known. It seemed news. It is everybody but the people who fill it up every night certainly know about it. And just great great food there and what about tomorrow. Sunday brunch if it were me and I went there I would walk or knows is I think -- knows that that's brunch in the city. It's really nice but is on the places. OK let's do what thinking cap peer you were -- -- Cowboy at all. Way to take a break I was informed by our audit and lord and will look for the thinking cap that's the one that shaped like a funnel -- business. -- Tom terrific used to use will come back with more of the -- -- the first -- this. Obama Bubba Bubba hello it's the food show thirteen fifty. WW. Oh I'm sorry the big 878 OWL but at this rate one of these days. Maybe where are we. Yeah okay you know -- Joseph welcome to the food show. My screen seems to have frozen up. Youth from up there performing which. Yes I'm here. On the. I am. Blessed real quick twenty biographer in North Shore and dancing paying. At the -- Any suggestions for them legally somewhere and. Hyatt downtown. -- how how old of these ladies. For thirteen fourteen -- being. All eat some different will. Shorts. -- What the squad in the hotel. As bad. Guy at the Hyatt regency of them by the superdome right. It's called it's a -- trust and it's called. Born likely born deal or grading. And it it's very casual but a very cool looking place and they have a menu and it runs all over the place I'm sure you can get Amber's here. I'm sure you can get of seafood platter there it is the seafood is the mainstay. And pretty accessible menu but then just outside. Of this place called Y 15 I think is that we know. Eight block. Eight block that's the name of the restaurant because it's eight blocks from the in the French Quarter. Community. You really do they have. Great -- -- And our partners that whole scene. And it's you know it's kind of got a feeling to it's a -- as long you're in the building. There you war and if you want to get out of the building and head over to something a little more straightforward. -- diagonally across the street. Is a place called walk Oakland's it's a sports bar. For the most part but it's it's family friendly. They have a very easy going and I wouldn't say it's a Greek restaurant but it's not horrible -- my wife and my daughter my daughter's 21. They both love. So. There you go in this bunch. Real quick -- Why is feeling better and wanted to date we're gonna force you to get to a -- game. -- at that. I thank you. The it's the food show Damon's ultimately block W whose whose. Michael Michael welcome to. -- -- -- on the same old -- I'd never get tired. Of them I had twelve. But my. It is our policy and you know me and all that you know -- well -- the rock Croatia much good. Well it brought to issue a recommendation. On that just hours BN deal in this area that are real are. Hero my hero my candidates I don't know -- that's a hard thing to decide because if you get. A dozen different orders of -- is Rockefeller you can have twelve different things because there's no official recipe for that you know. But the ones that I find really great consistently all the time. Minnelli east pass Gelman alleys restaurants. -- you have to reach at least -- right. This image views outboard. No it's it's three Brothers it's Bob the police sandy di Felice what did you think in the stands in. -- police and mark the police it's three Brothers and on and their sister too but anyway Minnelli you know where now eases him. There. -- a hundred years old this year literally and Burnett and alleys and ones are knows. And and when they make them which is not often enough commander's palace. -- not -- to that well praise. Louisiana purchase -- -- guide to -- -- actually own but he now. -- -- or more on our way. -- old girl that we do. Are close to that I'll but it just not to be. -- The debuted -- -- here it marks. Chips in them they. Not exactly as they went there are a bunch of times and I never thought that was especially good but I don't think buffets and a week ago. It's. Doctor and -- to call Mary artist boot. Did you ever amber has been a good thing. No. Because ice I know better than to open a restaurant. It's really that's a big step that is real work running a restaurant that's real work. Hey listen nice talking view who's whose next year and I'm still working on getting miscues -- were. Who's Carla Carla welcome. -- -- We did a wonderful. Grown and -- Are. Very lovely. -- -- -- -- In recent column color and BP. And an. Apparent that the -- and now. -- -- -- -- Might thinking news that it will come back because those people. Are really. Is a jewel it's hard working people when they first started. They were running that place on a closet or that's what looked like anyway. And they have expanded an expanded and I have what little I've heard I haven't talked to them have been able to get a hold of anybody. But the word I hear is that they definitely organ reopen at some point but I don't know win. In the meantime he -- sure -- all other Thai restaurants to go to. Yeah it won't get into a little. Bit and say -- -- -- people don't want late. And put it up a little bit of content on the you know. Oh well. I would suspect that I didn't and. I suspect that he'll be back. Bearing Marc-Andre thank you do. Yeah very much you to see. The big 87 WWL. And whose next year Dave. Oh it is okay this -- it's time to take -- break. We'll take a break and come back with more of the food show in a moment remember if you call right now he'll be the first one when we return. At thirteen that no no at the big 870 WWL. 2601. Meets symphony but now please. -- hello hello it's the food show. On the B 870 WWL and let's reach over and numbering Wayne and hello Wayne welcome. -- just call the uncle now. Just call me Tom. That what other turned sixty on Tuesday -- -- particularly Charlie speak out. Apparently you know about it. Owed 2.0 sure. Over it and here's an interesting fact about shortly steakhouse. -- -- You know it's not much on books. And the old place they they renovated it shortly after the hurricane is really needed it then and they have some flood damage to. And that of very good job but it looks basically the same as it did before which is home and not very straightforward guy kind of place. -- after the hurricane of all the restaurants that people kept asking me about the fate of I heard by more questions about that when than any of the rest on -- More than commanders in all these other -- were taking a long time to get back open so people really love it. It's a straightforward thing everybody gets the same. Ordered. You can get other things if you want which -- start off with a huge pile the onion rings. Thin slice real good he can't stop beating them and get wedge salad with the blue cheese dressing like. And the only to get there really is that Tebow. -- T bone there's its just that's the state that they. Became famous for they do hopefully some strips and revise but I think the Tebow. And -- and you know some potatoes and rotten and their yards and you'll eat too much and we go way over Europe fat intake for that day but that's a once. -- I don't think they take them you can try not sure if they do -- for a birthday how many people. Three. Three okay. Three people I've Dave just call me that they don't take Celtic. Reservations were just regular parties but he should be getting these. -- -- They're going to. Tuesday night that's perfect that you'll get right. Q all right enjoy. The food show where we hear him voters. This thing keeps -- what I have no idea where to go next this is bill bill welcome to the Puccio. I -- very heart -- the question. A big question -- -- and make these roles that are bracelet like you can -- to -- lady roles at the polls now. And has now apparently they're all on one for Thanksgiving general. But I wanna try to become the night before too much for -- Turkey in particular going to help want to make a mark for -- large spots. Why one thought process can take on WW rushed to a lot of marked the first time -- -- -- help -- the global. What do you -- them more. Yeah that the along with the way I would do it is I would do the first rise. Overnight. In the refrigerator. Could settled just in the it'll keep on rising you'll just do so more slowly. And then the next morning just you know ball of mud and as you know the second rise happens pretty fast. Although you I would take him out first thing in the morning to you to do that. And then you shoveled in the -- another alternative is under -- -- just good to the whole thing but under the -- of a little bits of their. Just starting to get brown on the outside. And just certainly no. Put a loose fitting rap on top of it you do one a little bit here to get in and out but not a lot. And then when it's time to serve just pop them in the oven for five minutes and and and LB like right out of the -- It's part of the way I wouldn't -- more. Yeah well we all need that leave me and we. We have had some Thanksgiving where we get fifty people here scroll or realize so I know what you mean and that's that's the way I would do that. I don't -- Haven't heard yet she thought it was what started child. I can't give -- and no -- not giving -- numbers on. On it's the Saturday show because it's a different station and not only that but it don't have the Joan of -- fired up right. Only during the week out and -- it yeah all right thank you. That shall number is that's a long story of Louis welcome to the food show. Good afternoon. There -- take America off I'm going to restaurant -- tonight. I was there yesterday. All they recommendations from the first time. It's a huge menu I would start off with -- oysters one way or the other oysters draw on the half shell or they -- new dish. Can remember what they call it but it's it involves making them on the show with some bread crumbs and butter in a little bit of herb saint. And a half a dozen of them less than 24 hours ago and they were fabulous that he Horry. They also do a board of various kinda cold slice putts Hayes and and cured meats and that's that's an interest in. Our seafood they have up. That was especially. Red fish -- on that -- was very. -- -- -- only one issue I've found there that sounds a lot better than it is in its what they called the station platter or something like that. It's three different kinds of sausages on top of club. On top of Lyonnais potatoes but I don't think it's I don't pick the sausages a roller derby -- Fellows they say that they make of themselves and they probably do but just because you make it yourself doesn't make it. -- where it sure sounds great. -- a lot of good food there. Huge -- really huge lot of good daily specials and ultimately a bargain in terms of price. Right okay well thanks very much appreciate it. On place our resume in just the moment after first please that's. There's -- hello hello hello it's the food show. On the big 870 WWL. And Lucy who's -- -- over here it's Tim might think Tim welcome. Thank you. There -- with a group on. The group. The ultimate stricken government for a should be all -- story okay. First of all. Boyle. A chicken either. Drumstick or whatever you wish I use it's partially but some people technical chipped it. Secondly -- you're blowing it you can make a beard though. The -- should be -- white -- or some people use wheat flour made from looked like slug but otherwise okay. Then you put Michael -- the and it's similar to apply. He'd prefer olive oil but he any light oil won't do. Then you may -- may not have an excuse not to and then you gradually -- go from that ball. Into a ball. And go ahead and rolling out people and so it for a while it really doesn't matter roll out on it very very equally in. Oh smooth surface such four Mike go for example. Our slate. After you've got to ruled out completely. Server should be flower of course then put it into strips. Southerners generally don't. Make -- force in my experience Alabama Mississippi Malaysia. Don't make that the bill balls there -- if human human smugglers he'd roll and get away. So I if you release. Come back to Europe and two years. Our way -- but before you before you go any farther here. These dumplings you're making out of flour and water. Flour and water and tolerable. I'll look how much of. About. To trigger. A church records. OK so a how much how much show flower you starting with. I'm I just start and it's been on the mound. Dumplings -- make. Usually in her -- are trying to relate -- one of these. About one cup of flour right to Jeter goes slow oil well oil witches for and it's like 03 ounces which is. Almost. Half cup. -- -- -- Not quite knowing you know you can judge you and me most of this is my bald nobody use some measurement really truly get abusive. You can always ever should track very tolerable all the flower just get your -- into you know relatively tight ball and enrollment now. You can let its it's preferable to letting its April on this moves surface. Okay -- we got all that so you have the hot pot of all the boiling liquid. Right you remove the chicken I do at least I -- and and I cut my dumplings. Usually with a plastic knife or something like that could go in and placed them on top of this -- -- they will -- I cross -- -- it just makes me and makes it easier to deal with. -- until you fill up your you know you're desired number. And -- -- -- -- put -- -- and I'm like all right -- look at it let it go about 22 involvement. After that. No he's still rolling boil no known I don't know out reasonably well at all after you put them and you put some. Simmer okay summer. After that you let them cook. Meanwhile you Gloria I do some people don't and I own the chicken. Okay and then what I'm I'm running law. And I and I go and and all of the -- to the dumplings. And it's important just to serve them. The first day maybe the second day they're not very good effort to rated. If you know anything like that. Okay and it hit the chip OK okay well. Yes I was gonna say thank you very much well thank you medical remember issue and not formally. Who'll Nichols. Nichols remembers me and -- finally have no idea what that means. No idea what that means. Well. And -- just hung up that was strange. You know basically what he was making -- was passed. But we have no idea but the proportions of anything so. As useful as I would hope for. Anyway. State -- and we have more of the food show coming up. After we checked some news in some sports it's -- -- things right here -- one FM. On HD one to be exact. On sky -- an online. It's WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM 105 point three. -- -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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