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11-02 2:20 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Nov 2, 2013|

Tom Fitzmorris talks food, recipes, restaurants and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Included an independent of whom Obama welcome back -- the third course of the food show on thirteen fifty look now. On the big 870 WWL. And WWL -- five point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris yet passing is a cultured person or numbers 260. 2601872601870. We have a punch pick one home will be shut up and get going here. I think this is Larry Larry welcome. Is -- as. That in view for years but my question here. I love might lead we needed in client -- You're. -- from upstate new Iraq. That I have been. It's about. You. But wait -- love I love that linguine and -- Yeah -- long delay. The you you you probably do. But we do about -- good job with -- here it's. Upstate New York does with -- Pretty bad. At one restaurant I know love that he has fresh clams all the time. And and that's on trees. And if you go there. Tell him before you order. I'll tell him I I tell the waiter. Listen I wanna get spaghetti and claims. Not to -- linguine okay no problem he's got that -- You know what the difference between wink and spaghetti is almost not there. The same stuff it's the same stuff that they make all pots it's anyway. -- -- -- And and insist on talking to the sheath which is no big deal becomes dining room all the time he loves talking to people's no problem. And -- shift. I won some spaghetti and claims and here is how I want and tick off all the do you wanna cream sauce you want to be rich brings us to bake it in the air you know there's all kinds of ways yeah. And tell him exactly what you want and he will literally I'm not kidding but he will go in the kitchen and you'll make it especially for you. Trying as hard as he can to get it to the way you like it because it's. This is not finished that we know around here so that a lot of orders for it and so on now. But. He had. For the question we're shocked and not know what what they. Say it I am -- Would. -- here didn't. It. Libya Libya it would be a different issue would be good I mean you could certainly have done that way. -- -- in the longer if I did ninety. In his client what they aren't shooters you know -- -- -- Again if you go to Andre is he will be happy to do. Going to do it because. I know I love it happening on one currently ahead of ethanol a few rhetoric from scratch. I have been able. We'll tell you have to do you know we just have clamped around here's the problem. Here is Harry Harry welcome. I'm sorry that this one. Hey Harry you there. Harry. Harry are you there. I don't hear -- okay. Perry call expect Bob welcome to the food show. -- -- are going to play that haven't been through many many it is. And not the -- long break is in good shape and get it going back the mosque -- is still -- good. It's exactly the same the only thing that's changed is that the prices have gone. Or will they still require cash only. On Saturday I don't think they take reservations. But it's packed house all the time -- pretty good business. And the that and you still lose the short little list that they've always done oysters and shrimp and the Trent Moscow two different -- by a totally different and India and it did -- Yeah it's just what they have always done here is you view all the garlic that you always wanted but nobody else would give. And so yeah the chicken with the garlic and you get the they have real good Italian sausage making in house. Full. But -- just about run to the end of that and you this spaghetti and meatballs and now were really out all right but it's but. You you get big platters of everything. And remember that -- order because. And then listen to what the waitress tells you which he says that's too much food she really means. And and the start off with a crab -- that I toss with greens in Jerusalem. It's primal place just wrote a new review from -- two days ago. Been in many many years in. Now. Especially -- out very yeah well it's normal appreciate that. All right thank you see. The food show continues the we may have found Harry again will. There aren't artery you don't please it is. OK okay. -- garbage you -- restaurant had been so lottery -- lovers. -- -- Okay are you talking about sold -- -- Salute salute -- the Italian expression that moralist. Translates into Delhi beats. Not exactly but close up. Actually this is a -- hot thing for restaurants that -- these days and a lot of restaurants are doing it. I would say the two best places are bill Monaco. Once in Charles avenue and morals don't Monaco. They do all in -- every bit of that they cure their own -- they smoke it if necessary most of them are not. But. It's just great. And the other one. Is Goldman. It's in the Roosevelt hotel it's on the wrong side street side of the -- Roosevelt that's John sessions Italian restaurant. Not only do they cure. And season and new age all of those meets over there they actually raised their own eggs. Really really do yeah they race among the North Shore. -- -- that needs to be exact. And and they do you know the per shoot -- they do call quietly do it's. That's what they do have salon commitment to the and Cyprus -- -- at and all of those good news things you can make a mile but if you want but I think of the two best ones. -- Roosevelt hotel and it at a restaurant. Dominica. Itself in Italian word for Sunday there are open seven days a week they have an interesting deal in the afternoon from three to six. Half price drinks. Wine. And cocktails. And half price heats up there it's a great pizza place but the menu goes. He's very strong in other ways. Thank you -- This is the gates -- WWL -- -- today by Koreans support boys. It's we have Steven hang -- along that we talked this even and then I'll tell you more hands. Group. It. Number -- thirty. The parent. Pretty. I'm pretty. Then look at prevent barbecue place did you talk about all the time that -- you don't get there earlier round. Oh yeah -- walkers. Haven't seen boulevards. -- -- boulevard this is this runs along the along the lake -- It's between cry out there and read the that's why aren't. You when you want the phone number to call and make sure they still have anything left. And I am almost there and I'll. -- -- -- -- house next door in case. Zia. The food show with sponsored today. Orange. Koreans. Comes down -- The nickel rose before boy that is done in the old way. Now a lot of things done in the new way are better because we better meet system to fool with we have practices we better shifts. -- in some cases. The the original was so good. That anything you do to them at all much you wanna make it better actually winds making it worse. And in the case. Of rules before. Which really hit the -- is buying good quality meat but does have the the rich you would you be fooled to make. -- -- before boy yeah hopefully -- for example even -- Tuesday. But they use that. In -- ground. Over the years Koreans they roast it in house. Everyday. And lots. And the -- on the degree via the natural -- so that fruit juices. Come out of the beef -- And it's all home the whole thing. Or are they -- -- shocking number of restaurants. That not only to the net cook at themselves even slice it themselves becomes an already -- this is now. At Rand or what -- do with the right way the way they were doing it when or where it was invented back in the 1920s that's how they -- back then that's helped -- that. And they -- the other four boys you can imagine and really almost ridiculously. Large menu of all sorts of the stuff that you would like to have accurate and neighborhood. That's that's when. Even though it's on veterans in the strip mall in veterans the veterans twice. To be redundant. I say I don't like to be redundant -- -- -- 3939 veterans. Just -- Cleary. Open every day except Sunday for lunch and on Wednesday through Saturday squeeze you until 8 o'clock. Early. In sport. We will come back with more of the cultural moment. But first please that's do do do do do do on but he hello it's the food. On the big 870 WWL. One point three FM. That it be here with you talking about food. Where everybody go anywhere if you call right now you get right -- we talk review by whatever it is you've been eating whatever you're trying eat. Whenever you're trying to cook at home whenever 2606368. All over on says they are doing again. 2601. Eats at you know what it is capable of Reading the book right now. A ball all your brain works its lord knows they need some help with that. And it seems that if you were under any kind of stress. The things you do kind of automatically without thinking. Much about him tend to get much deteriorated. And that's where I had the worst week you don't want to know but this it mainly involves. A computer. Hardware problem. And it's. It just drove me nuts this week. So that's why I'm giving the wrong phone number 260. 187 that's the real phone number now that -- too if I may explain. Is the phone number for the show that I do the rest of the week Monday through Friday. And you're doing the same thing we do food everyday. And that number is the one night mistakenly give often presents are running on auto pilot but the auto pilot today. Would have his license revoked frankly. That way it's going to six so. And there's a bunch of people bring in but we we're gonna get one of these -- here we go we got one. Alive when it's Kaplan is that right. Yes -- -- -- walk into the food show I have -- -- -- started brightly from modern -- -- recommendation. I do that you've never been there before -- in my purse out of foliage Kindle or. All okay good she's them at least she's been there before right I don't think it's a good idea to take -- one to a restaurant unit that -- but I think we've got to. This is a restaurant that really does rewrite its entire menu every night. And they always have they were certain things that they have all the time though they have this thing called a seafood platter it's not the seafood platter you know. It's. But usually for sometimes more than that. Small. Mini creations it's almost like for appetizers and one plate all involving seafood and some of Lamar some of them won on this cold. And one of them stuck in this way and the other one's done that way nothing on it is -- And it that is it -- delicious meal night after night after night no matter -- -- yeah that in the salad horrible assume you're in business. Odds of the duck is famous the roast duck. Anything involving -- at the pollinate rabbit or they do these little money not funny but grilled. Rabbit tenderloin with -- little creole mustard. They have a unique approach to shrimp -- -- there they serve it on talk on top of guacamole. All you need is one bite of that to realize that this is something that somebody should of -- -- a long time. It's really good. And I also have a weakness. For the the -- -- of the day it's something different every day but it all -- says this sort of old fashioned quality to it that I buying interest because not many restaurants cook that kind of stuff anymore. And I always enjoy them when it right here. So this is a very good restaurant it may be the best of the little -- and restaurants around town. Well good thanks for calling and asking about it. It's the -- and and frank writes and by the way has a child it's the address distressed and here is married -- welcome to the food show. Campaign -- odds are it's unique take a look at this guy and go out there. There. I wanted to recommendations. 4 restaurants owns Sunday evening. Okay. What part of -- you want to be and and what you have in mind. Consider me. Mueller literally any extension look at look at for victory at home and get atmosphere okay. That's a given but they give me give me some kind of indication of what you're looking -- -- you know what I'm what what kind of food you want what price you were looking for what neighborhood you'd like how casual you wanna be. -- It it doesn't see real casual but not not real -- And the scores. -- -- In doing -- to say about. Did you know that the. A home. Okay. To give me just any kind of feeling for what kind of food you're thinking. So. Well our commander talents as you can. That's that's good that's that's that's a good lead Sunday night you know -- I think I would go is. I would go to mister b.'s. It's easy to get to it's on the corner of -- -- -- and royal in the French Quarter but they have a free parking well it's not free anymore it used to be. For you now it's I think three dollars. It's right around back at the restaurant in effect you don't even have to go -- on the street if you don't want to you can visit the passageway at least right from the parking garage directly into the -- And this place does the best in town of a whole bunch of good New Orleans issues grilled fish over what -- -- fire by the way. Which is not common. Their crab cakes I think of the best in town they're chicken and do we gumbo is the best in talent. The barbecue shrimp for the best and and it's a fun place it's easy going they have a piano player most of the time. Great drinks doubles usually almost always in fact. That's where -- As I say the you can -- right into the parking garage directly behind the restaurant and walked directly from the parking garage into the rest. It's on -- on the brutal street side. He's you know the fine. All right thank you see it's the food show on the boards. And here. Is -- Very well. How I think there -- -- thank you. But yeah I don't think Jack and port. At ground. Mid range on them Monday night she. Okay. What I tell you what you mean by mid range this that's different things. Hi all. I needed better or are. And 10. Or not and she. Went. OK a gimme a dollar figure you think would be right. -- -- -- Not dollars nine not fifty. Now. No. A little outlet but not what -- -- OK. I think if it were me. I think I'd go to. The flaming torch. They're definitely open. Yet it's on magazine street. Corner of Octavia which is a block away from Jefferson -- tonight it's a nice little area there of apology shops and coffee houses in the -- a block away from the whole food. And I -- Its French but with a New Orleans touch to it. And it's a charming little restaurant not a big restaurant it's news nice little place. Good -- better service and better food that you and then you can expect. Given what looks like from the outside which is not bad it's just looks. Accuser actually arrest and in there oh my god there is hit. It. It's like as sneaky it's it's off the side street just a little it's not not strange about it them. But yeah. It's it's quite good they have. My favorite -- -- is is caught of that which is classical French dish it's basically have to chip in -- down in -- -- the peak in -- and some onions and stuff. Just of one dish of a lot of good seafood they do good stakes that he have you could make a meal of appetizers -- your very own -- So. Let's that was that's the first place comes in my mind. An opponent that's -- -- And I thank you very much get some girlfriends with more money next year. Now one and seen that girl you know you you went there like that all the time you know this but. It's. All on the other hand it's the only thing those guys -- have food to work with because men don't think for a nut and a half a second about spending 75 dollars and. Your high era. -- right now. Thank you so yeah. 260. 63680. -- I did it again to a 60187. No wonder nobody says here. That given the wrong number 2601870. We would love to talk to you about where you've been eating and what you wouldn't cook at home or anything like that. And if you call right now you get right in and we don't have news this time around do we know we don't. Nazis -- into voodoo festival is going on this weekend I don't know what the food is like there never gone that that that's. Not my style of music particularly. As in tunis on don't know bullet. If you've been to that ever tell me about. The Buffalo Bills aren't -- are not performing. Who are the Buffalo Bills. All -- hole yet the barbershop. Yeah yet thank you yet I'm a little slow today it's been a stressful week. One yeah. 260. Barbershop quartet music. The limit on that is -- I can -- For her. Our listeners who actually seeing barber -- music themselves. They will sit and listen to about fifty songs or more. To someone who does not sing barber -- limit -- who. One to an -- if you don't believe me ask the wife. Of anybody you know. Who is in a barbershop chorus. And they will tell you how true that is. My wife can do fifteen minutes it's let's see. Donna is here hello Donna welcome. My term I've been -- in his shadow. Of the -- and her as one general comment about -- Yet. Upright on the trip or gun. Roughly thirty. And deliver it to the table. You get wild sure authority. Now. What you thought was a little don't see a little. It's always been a little higher than you think it's definitely. And then consider. Letting them play with envoy and the outlook married appointment. I will -- not like feel. A little different. -- -- -- -- and they all right along and do a little Britain. So. -- week. I think -- I -- -- -- that are saying he. That yeah. Not much at the integrity. Of the well at all all you want -- All I have to go on what happened to me when I went so yeah of course you know. They had no idea they had no -- you. No absolutely. Well we don't have time and -- that it election. I thought it was very -- he pricey for a well. Never been cheap again I tell you what it's -- and bill comes out it's always more than you thought it was going to be because. Think of the first impression you get when you pull up that set your standards -- crisis in Iraq really -- it's it's -- in the middle of nowhere in this makes you think oh gosh everything in here is going to be twelve dollars or less. I'm like that is sure it. You know you can't let that aren't they sure -- -- I don't know why -- pain kidney or Obama and I could name you'll bunch harassment that would be the same thing you wouldn't think twice about it. Yeah well I have a recipe for a short cut so we'll make it yourself that's all right I will help you know as Thailand. I -- diets and food show. Top that warrants let's see who's next nothing's blinking. Now here we go it's. Alan Alan welcome. Thank you. Sure that -- general comment -- general comment on the ground there can't read about right now is -- It's such a good. -- pleasant day. When he spotted our nose in next door and you'll Swedish spirit. Yeah it is that rational on the corner. -- -- -- And you -- with a new and so in the conflict on the lake front next Landers XP well to get -- -- video and the I think machine is pretty rotten pretty big. It certainly is -- we've been waiting for this for a long time those two restaurants a bleacher drug -- -- the blue crab well they are. Packing them in and night after night at the night in fact. I heard that the blue crab the the first week it was open they got slammed by so much business on the first day. That they have the clothes for the next four days just to restock and -- staff. Out. It was way out of proportion to what they were expecting by you know that's. That's what we need. What world number of west and back again so it's got to be somewhere else out there but it does have that be here. You almost whose spirit it's completely redone itself outside the Irish people out there and who are incompetent literally they redid it we're -- I should. I I think. That's why I've always thought that's a very good restaurant doesn't get talked about enough I think it's because their their names to generic. Yeah yeah yeah yeah number. There Jack -- is wonderful. Up. Pope why's this so all the stuff that I mean to implement 3040 short on short pool boy in bandage -- it's a wonderful strong and I'm not. W is the rest of all of this is good and which is great but he's -- into an Egyptian lifestyle media to be out. Couldn't be better. Thank you thanks for covering and all that up it's the food show up 2063. Note almost that again 260. 187 -- and if I look if it seems like I'm having trouble putting people in the it does that might might cursor on memo says the generated into -- -- -- this Tom might think Tom welcome. -- And I had one comment about mosque is. However there years ago. With three other people only one person knew that they only took cash and he didn't count. So when the -- game that was you know well over a hundred dollars and we were lucky we just barely had enough cash between dissipate. -- -- not taking credit cards in these days is so ridiculous that it. It's I think it's a slap at restaurants that. At the customers really. And you know when you drive up to it looks like some kind of an old -- and yeah yeah yeah and date -- -- comment on the the chicken and dumplings my grandmother years ago -- -- Roll her dough for dumplings and she would they come in the oven. Golden brown and I used to steal as many as I could eat before they ever get the chicken and dumplings. But that was the best chicken and goblins and packet remember. I went to a restaurant about five or six years ago. Chicken in -- in the dumplings were just balls and -- I just. Well -- suspect usually how it goes in one thing I know about chicken and appliances that. Yeah -- you better and check your expectations -- the door because there are no two degree even remotely like you'll have that you just named three of four different. Ways of doing it. You really don't know what you're gonna get I don't like the dish to begin with so I'm safe and. We're well most of us and never make it. Most of the people have heard that make it have never staked accomplice in actual programme of institution was back in the day which you made biscuits -- every morning. If you had -- starter roll -- and -- latter day. -- have a couple of questions. Sure. For lunch -- on Monday. -- at -- -- have lunch on Monday. No they are closed on Monday Tuesday leave for lunch and dinner and made just do dinner on Wednesday. Can't think charmed as -- for lunches and all they have their chances open all. I was thinking that because it would it go outside we're not so noisy and sit up on this. On one of the decks. -- -- thorough my wife does that everytime we go which is more often -- I wish we did. Yeah. Like atmosphere of the -- not the greatest in the world that can noisy inside and talk. I'd mention please -- wasn't about anecdote but they're facing to him that was -- dressing and I know. It's not it really -- hey listen thanks for calling we will come back but more the food show after first please this. But I Obama Obama well well it's certainly been a busy show today let's see where are we going next night thinking it is. Chrissie Chrissie welcome to the food show. -- -- I'm there and you have a recommendation or any night -- -- a group that. All. -- round Christmas. And not on Christmas itself. I would do the varies. A pencil by any chance. Okay write this down. REV. ER IL. LO. NN. REV. EI LL oh and ready meal. It and do a search on the web for that just put that up in your you know when your Google or whatever use and what it would take you to immediately it is the little -- on who is the French market that's the French Quarter festivals. Christmas. -- which news last the entire month. There are fifty something restaurants. Oh boom a lot of -- -- downtown but really they're scattered all over the city. And that are doing special Christmas new news. These are largely restaurants that you might not think about going to although a lot of them are very famous to commanders -- in most of the major restaurant to. I think these are just terrific because first -- -- The price is pretty good it's not you know it's not a cheap beat particularly but it's not super expensive either. And restaurants do special -- use with a quality the and it's hard to -- Who goes I'll bet -- you'll see two with three of four that you really light and that you have a good time. Yeah I I go to like six or seven of them every year I love those road beyond just marvelous. All right thank you and I know that they have all those menus up already has been looking people have been asking me about it so there you go. Thank you to a 60. 187. And who's next. It is right. Might -- -- here. Mike welcome to the food show. A lot of Hamlet of earth hour call wasn't cute column I didn't really go out wondered if you remember you. Pretty grow on drank on that and who -- -- grow. -- -- -- -- They don't have after Katrina I ran into the people that owned it for most of its history if not all of it. And they told me we thought -- that they thought about reopening but decided that this was the perfect time to move one of the. I actually took spoke with a belt and -- for the -- -- over -- -- to do you know because I would make the trek from -- the Franklin avenue. Just a couple on the road speeds and a great. It was pretty good I wouldn't it personally say and I used to eat there all the time when I was student that you know. I would personally say it was the very best I've ever had but it wants could very consistently good. And. Bryant is similar or could better. Well you know we gonna go in suspicious to begin it. You just because it's not charities. And so who knows I think it's a first class. Outfit some of the other ones I like a lot our Beers which analysts who locations in -- ones on Metairie road what right where the causeway boulevard overpass passes over Metairie road they also another -- in that city. That's a really good went on this a little place on veterans highways sort of semi across the highway from door index called. CME's. That I think puts on a -- it was before board but there. There are more good -- before voice to be had New Orleans now than at any time in the history of this. They're everywhere I go like playing great. Okay well I'm live on the welcome current -- Obama tries. -- -- -- -- but again you know we'll see you gonna go in there as saying OK let's see how they compare well they're gonna lose that right off the bat so forget. Where attendees or whatever it would be. All right thank you see it will come back -- more in a moment but first please this. Hello it's the food show. Gosh we're pulling into the station that soccer. Policy. Ronnie was welcome to the coach money. I'd say it's that is acquitee. I had -- trip. That the vehicle output of the day that the water is frozen. About a five month to month baby -- about thought about -- and I've noticed the water was black. Although a trip it is male. And then no problem or -- -- if you're gonna cook a -- that Nazis. -- it's Shia and that the requested them but to. I bought for this trip to itself but it is the issue -- put some but. But you can't the gumbo indication that cookbook triple swap for the live in the pot or. -- know what would you ought to do is at. I assume you have -- by that guy at your. -- when you're when you're -- always. Ready to go. Take the shrimp and just thrown into the pot. And just let it -- for you know 1015 minutes at the absolute outside -- cook real fan out and and if you keep it from getting all mushy -- that's actually the best way to do. Gumbo I think he's. Yeah and I wish more restaurants would do this is that. They add the shrimp and the oysters who have their putting those in at the last. That's the -- ago. 21 vote to located -- in my -- -- -- have looked. If that -- -- put back up. Not to my knowledge although they do have a restaurant on on the North Shore in Covington. Okay another another question of electability do agree you always do agree it's you get shout them. I don't have a reach -- numbers to. Call me calling or Newsweek colleague during the week I'm I'm running out of time here. In -- you know I have thirty seconds. Margaret can we do anything with thirty seconds. There are reported here. Are -- -- is close. It is in England. Now. You know when did it bodes -- into the clubs. -- October 31 Halloween night yeah yeah and I just happened. -- okay yeah. Well I don't the web site everything else says it's still open so maybe you know it might not be a permanent thing -- maybe it's a -- they need to do. Our show is sponsored by parents or voice and you can go there right now and get a great rose before or you can get a seafood muffle -- Or just about anything else 3939 veterans in Metairie WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM can -- New Orleans. Where the news is next from CBS.

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