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11-03 8:10 am Fans First Take

Nov 3, 2013|

WWL's Todd Menesses and former New Orleans Saints player Steve Korte talk to WWL callers and discuss today's Saints game versus the New York Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome. To offense first take here on the WWL. Along with Steve court on -- and -- 2601870. 86 exit 890 it's just sitting my watch bankers. Nature again. When I say look I needed and -- -- to argue that everyone but my wrist watch it just looked like. An hour -- -- set up. This would get to a yeah daylight saving time is officially over we've all back to normal time as -- call it of the time we should be on. All the time. Normal time no -- going to be on their recidivism don't know which on this and this is normal line because this is the way it's normal recently so he gets dark at 3 o'clock noon yeah no -- post today. Hey it's good enough for Arizona not to bother with that good enough low low point in -- -- it at all. Right Salem they leave it the way it is no they leave it on this time standard Selig and be. -- sort of organization -- this time and yeah as well you know somebody's got to control. Because without time everything just happened at once again him that. Do 601878668. And nine iron nearly a quantum physics and I thought about. Time and distance and was wondering -- there will be next. But before that we'll talk about the New Orleans Saints heading up to be without the meadowlands and calico now. He east Rutherford New -- that's Michael -- -- Rutherford New Jersey and then to play the New York Jets. And of course everyone's heard all about via the Ryan Brothers battle the Ryan probable lose so let's call him and lot of people are calling it you seed in the media. But there's a guy in that mix and I think maybe they're forgetting about his name Sean Payton. -- probably got a pretty good offensive plan for the other Ryan Rowland. You mean like. There it's like anything else I mean it's one of those things -- because they're Brothers it's some sort of family feud as the face off and they didn't talk this weekend you know. What's it going to be like during holidays. We hope he'll nothing but we hope that works. Clean through the holidays with them reported this stuff happens. I don't think that Estes out -- -- do about anything that's nothing. I Agassi and makes it more interesting that the twins. That's probably the only thing I can think that makes it more interesting and it was exactly like him it. They they really do. Between one benefit Rex is probably give them the proverbial finger over there if he's been sitting at a well of course this game. The big thing about this is the the takeover. Take away margin as we have talked about it and Saints this year of course everyone knows. The big difference that we have with our defense with the -- -- come union and revamping the defense. And that is caused the Saints weird number three now in the takeaways were plots in its last Wednesday the Jets however. The other brother will call -- the evil twin. They are mine. Well. In the take when he and that's. That's one. Well look at it that's a telltale sign him you can sort of pick up the paper tomorrow and having a look at scored and you look at the takeaways -- And very rarely does a team that. Is on the bottom sonic c'mon wouldn't it just doesn't happen. One of the main problems is thirteen interceptions obviously geno Smith. Him the rookie starting him and some people are calling him a turnover machine. Because he has thirteen interceptions and he's fumbled and a couple of times he doesn't -- Moulds and so on around it. Are those rookie mistakes or is this just the style of this guys. Well built. An immediate basis but at the same time I mean look the guy. He's gonna get a lot of stuff done you know with -- speed and and you conceded that he is going to be quarterback that it's gonna get some things done future does -- mean he's everybody's been pretty good player you know it shows flashes of right now yeah certainly he makes him some rookie mistakes in. You know and you can rest assured -- you know. Rex controllers gives -- gonna try to. You sort of get this kid's head early and see if they can get him to the ball report you know whatever so. But look each and every week to try to do that. You know respect he's a rookie in their defense according earlier every week to face him there SA goes to the rookie and -- turn the ball over to listen. I'm sure it's the same song and dance and every meeting that. Look this guy can be dangerous as well nothing else concerned about looking into this was an early on. Was this is one of those games because. We don't particularly on the ball very well I think we're about points. And I look I think we're getting better and since that's not really our fourth -- you know if you thought native is going to be it -- a tricky deal with the wind can cause a problem but it's not an issue out there right now so. You know later -- the year this could be a problem where you know when when does affect. In the passing game -- and it affects us less than that it does a lot of quarterbacks just because we have done so accurate really. I guess or the Genesis of our passing game disorders and short stuff. Really hit the edges and I've adequate quick passes so you know our -- typically -- on the ball with him field. You know wind -- stuff that I don't think it's going to be effective. As far as defense as you mentioned the Jets are third in the against the run. However. They are. Nineteenth against the pass. So. You know there you go -- good stuff and rumba -- I don't they've been they've been eaten alive by the pass. And then -- just that's the one thing we don't particularly do very well I mean I'm it would give up a one point seven yards a rush or something crazy like that mean I'm. I'm glad we get two yards a rush that okay they're not give that up now so. Then that could pose a problem for us we have seen a little bit better though. The last game with using here Thomas is the main. Carrier he has been able to make a little bit of a dent and get a little bit more -- well. You know it's like anything else I mean it has to do -- matchups do you monitor and certainly you can. You know I look here is good enough to where you know he -- soul aren't the same time he's. You know it's kind of a slasher kind guys knocking a run away from anybody but he stays loaded ground he's always got his pads and a good spot him. Not the same time he's you know he's not turn it over so. You know I guess creating space in this situation is probably the best thing we can do I think we're going to be by the great place -- the same game we always have words. There is to have a lot of play action you know because that's typically what we do each and every play is a play action type thing. On that particular try to explore the religion and sort of get us outside and that's sort of what we do best. And on the other side of the ball law offensively. Now the Jets are ninth in rushing yards. The Saints are. Once he says well they're gonna. You know geno Smith's best friends going to be running game yeah and there are many exactly prolific a lot of either a lot of those runs a zone -- I am just by him now so my mom look keys that I at this point when he -- he's it's black and gold line and him. -- he's got to think about it taken off so that's the wanting to sort contain him. ID Steve scored a job and s.'s will take -- break when we come back dealt Cole wants to know about aid of former saint. Playing against us today. Will talk about Chris -- when we come back -- first stake here on WWL and a welcome back to 601786. Exit 89087. Or you can text does that 87870. Character questions and Tex coming in there as well the first -- get to the phones to Delco -- -- opponent what's up -- -- Really. -- Where -- -- -- next Dallas. On you. Name it. Well we're not we're not at those. -- I don't know old you are all wet so where do you know we only do that for the home game. Okay which I was going to use your legs and it's -- didn't -- Yeah and I think it's more that are ignored dormant for Belgian agree they could not agree and to go either. Of course you know just -- just won't do it. Their own -- -- -- -- I know you form and then. And it and it guys don't do we -- you don't view it would things were. Just know that come up with a hamstring and everything and he didn't get very much playing time but now he's the new York and in all I'm not -- but I think it will play out before it got hit -- politics is in the old room that they. Would -- DB you know which currently running game. Come out who could be cute guys and all and I got more problem on its own. I mean it guys playing right now all we hear the linebackers. And being jobs would be normal when he will be back position you'd be -- don't get back in oh. I guess you got off from what we're told him that he's he's going to be activated today but you know. About it -- talk about this at the break I don't. You know as well as our linebackers are playing right you know with Lofton as close as -- ought to do it I don't. I don't know people I know where you put him at this point. You know it is to put him out there and we're going to you know gives -- a positive effect on defense -- those linebackers have right now playing too well but or -- Guys I know it's an emotional thing him being -- -- jet noise and stuff but I'm not so sure that as much to do with our guys you know total -- days so as far as like. Which are talking about Chris Ivory look I you know he's you know he's a hard -- coming guys so yeah he's fun to watch play but at the same time. He sort of replicating himself. In New York as he was hearing and he can't stay healthy it's hard to indeed you know you run like damn you -- physicals that you know limit like half the time you kick in your own -- -- and put it this way Delco right now Chris Ivory is averaging three point one yards a carry with 74 carries year Thomas has 73 carries averaging three after. So I would deal either through QB -- -- -- I don't know that we want the ball a bit better now you know I would like to -- region and on the ball beautifully in the mall and Aaron Brown doesn't mean you from there. Regularly able to play and got an idea going -- Colby Michael -- RB will be the stop and especially in new that we get bored down and made it can be. I want the ball shall I take a look at green would be a great fact that for the things. They'll go here's an interesting fact for it is and you like stats and stuff. -- Robinson's at 33 carries he's averaging four point four to carry he's got one touchdown -- -- does not have a touchdowns so far this year. I. I don't I don't know -- that -- not. All players go all the way greater. I don't go to that event music's elevate 786 exit 89. 0870. Yeah that is that is mentioned that Chris -- also has new TDs as well. Woods what's funny with interest thing and and it told it is early to find it here. The fantasy right now. For the Jets and for Chris Ivory of this week. Is is pretty and again I didn't write this okay I'm just reading from from the website he has yet. They say due to the nature of last week's forty point blowout loss which the Jets had. Ivory saw the field for only a dozen snaps a far cry from the 34 carry workload he had in weeks seven while allow Powell likely will take the majority of handoff from geno Smith he's their top. Rushing. Back. Ivory should see the goal line work. Assuming the Jets can actually get near the goal line unlike last Sunday well. I really -- it well and you know. Well I -- I don't think you wrote that okay. But but my point is he. Just because a team gets behind like that you know obviously the guys Russia's numbers arrest as a matter who he is good and Adrian Peterson back there. Okay it's. -- Utah simply catch a football team and you don't wanna keep on the ground and okay in the system -- systems are obvious reader you know checkoff or something and so. Look they're trying to get back in the game is as quickly as possible on the way to do that is go over also. Yeah you get a team it's behind in his god damn quick. You you'll see the rushing attempts -- You know Pena. Sort of to drain which is what we saw last seen -- Orleans absolutely you know and and look. You know you get one dimensional like -- you know either way in your -- please -- it jams so. Geno Smith is a key today I mean he is he's the guy you know on that -- on the Jets offensive. You know he can hurt you you know with the same time we contain him at all. He's gonna put on the corporate zealots to a -- to a zone -- that's the one we have to contain. Do you think the error of the or the of that and and I guess we keep saying this and we go to Newser remember the experiment of their of scrambling rushing quarterback. Is anyone ever gonna figure that out because now we are yet to see it work it. Well and that's because I think they've had -- to figured out -- -- -- there's just not too many times and you look at Robert Griffin or something that was. Unbelievable his rookie year. Yeah -- -- it's gotten this year but I mean he is he's aged about ten years in about an eighteen month period and Michael vick's always hurt because yeah it's the same type thing you know and and obviously you. You wanna transitions I look I don't think you have shot in the NFL of making it for a long period of time or even becoming a Super Bowl. Type of quarterback with that -- office I think you can have pieces and parts of that. You -- can be very effective as far as having a quarterback week in week out. That is a guy that does that. Predominantly. No way you gonna see flashes of great games but it's I mean you'll see it from time to time when it works really well you know and catches a defense on their heels or whatever but. As far as having a guy that's gonna run the football for normally it's going to be sort of his read thing. Guess not eighteen years old anymore you know this can be hard times to sort of stay healthy this week when you get. You know through pound linebackers that are you know I'll drive you interpret the player at Duke it's a ball that's tough. Yeah trust me. I I can imagine he says the court -- tough but this is it's let's first take. 26018786. Exit 89087 era in Texas birdied 787 will turn it over to donning. In our WWL new studio for news headlines and back for more on WWL. And a welcome back defense first -- here on WWI don't forget coming up after us at the 10 o'clock it is the but like countdown to kickoff with. The cajun cannon Bobby -- and the big TT ability they'll take you all the way up to just before game time and and will send it up. To knew -- easy in the meadowlands. Where the Jimmy Anderson. -- hokey guy John and Kristian -- with the call of the game and kickoff is set for at noon and then after that it is the point after with Bobby and the I've from a detainees down. And in the French court on placed on Taylor yeah meadowlands where we used to -- and have fun place to play. -- yeah I still love it side of the Super Bowl this year he has that's going to be -- I. That is set up for disaster with a better hope and pray for one of those. It's what chamber of commerce business days I mean it looked assess that for like a twenty below chill factor giant TARP over the yeah. You mentioned the millions of people they're going to be there and -- cram packed in the New York City. How well I got into the game it's. Unlike here where everything has closed -- a little -- Girardi said that everything is going to be incredibly spread out of that super I'll bet. You know traveling from New York to New Jersey back and forth part of Vermont. Even even even Miami has gotten where you stay in New Hampshire area Miami has gotten to be. Pretty spread out from what they tell me too because of the stadium words now built -- absolutely and citrus orchard Warner now and so they had to travel the guys -- -- the same expletive it the travel all over the place. To get certain things and different events unlike a year reading was held down the street monologue I don't know I don't have about. Three or four venues they're really. In. That really sort of -- the rest of as far as they're they're so it all purpose of the city and you know kind of where it's located and sort of the hospitality part of it I mean there's some places it really fits in some places they'll. And I can tell you right now -- New York City is not a place that does to some purple fits I'm just. -- just have a pretty collusion is. Are there some owners that wanna keep it. I'm certain rotations -- certain statement that they do this and that Tom Benson one on the jury is at an and then again at Miami but. Lot of them are you know they're now to this well if you build the stadium grew report to the Super Bowl type thing. -- -- And the commitment -- you build -- the Super Bowl will come. Get a tax rate 7870. From rob Russell at Chicago yet Russell says Peter Thomas has receiving touchdowns not rushing yeah we were talking about rushing touchdowns. And that's what was interest in the -- Robinson as a rushing touchdown appear Thomas does not yet he's been carrying. The majority of the load so far this. Well I don't care unit in there is getting it in there. -- -- you know we gotta do but soreness. -- to really get it -- and so -- -- sit there and pick and choose and then missed -- ones about factory Rusch that's -- Another Ted knives pointing that out that's all they know the stat things with dale and -- that I'm I'm really I'm really not a stat nerd. But for some reason they're always in front of me here. Somewhat taxing it hates him meets -- says playing Vilma as we've mentioned he is on the active roster right off the -- Playing -- would be more of a threat to the Saints and ivory would be Vilma is rusty playing. Should be played goes Saints and Jalen and in them. You know what about a situation that they're my. -- some. Situation where he -- he could be exploited for being quote unquote rusty but I. And the guys -- ten year veteran style he hasn't seen games in and they certainly to -- right now if if you're active on this roster. And his chances you're you're you're going to be put in there and play isn't -- and activate players if and I read ago. So they've seen what they need to see it you know obviously practiced now look I'm not around Dayton and Brett Helms said David drive. They're not out really at Saints camp anymore I can't I can't sit and watch him same and a great practice -- came -- out of his cuts graves you know. -- -- -- -- back -- news linebacker you know mode. I can't see that stuff so I don't know but I can tell you that there's no way they're doing this is to sort of a chemical -- jets' Mr. Big homecoming in the you know. Florida. Which in the air now now does that -- -- I do you know. -- Mary Joseph -- pregame speeches where everybody's. He you know this is great and so fired up you know love you -- -- -- know zone those deals the sort of and a whole mentality is different you know it's -- look at that you sign a contract maybe let's get ready and has your plays this is what you gotta do -- -- do you know -- Perot. I think what honestly Jonathan Vilma wouldn't wanna go in a situation where he knows he's not. If he's thinks he's not ready that's gonna hurt the team that. I'll look at it there's no way you got to go out there is you know for. So prosperity -- you know you know I am going that can't run you know what I'm going out there in spirit. Now I don't think you do that the huge basically say that. Look I'm not ready to go Orioles thought I was ready goes -- Keyshawn you know I'd sort of article full go here in warm ups and a and it's not working right now we don't win one for the gipper multnomah you know givers. Someone else asking. Well we have to find his old someone texas' til Steve level cooking some -- Wanted to make someone -- volunteering with like thank you very much. What about Kenny were -- he played today we don't have the the final injury report more about it -- right before. I think he did practice a little bit was limited him. Gotten on one of the days the last stay that he was able to -- I don't know if he's gonna he's gonna play today how much of a of the loss is it if the car does not play today since Rob Ryan does so much with him on the defense. The you know. Go through half the season that we've gone through this point. You know like I can say that as far as the safety position you know in this league. He's as good as any rookie ever seen. Play that position and he's just getting better all the time but. Where you could tell right from the get go when he got here that you had a a single mindset. I know he's -- guys in practice. But I think a lot of the veterans who were trying to get inside and Taylor -- you know to be doing that to your own players I don't think he cared. You know I think it. You know you sort of take spearhead of a guy like that coming in and that's his style player and that's what you're drafted him. I don't think he harness that I don't think you sort -- rein him back on that I think you sort of similar you know on. You know good do your thing him and don't you know destroy Jimmy Graham in practice or something like dampened. You know it's the same time need to be careful to me you know to come out of this. Stuff at the NFL's trying to you know. Do now with -- post -- stuff fortune is what you get into a long time about that time I tell you it. My feelings about that in now and it's ridiculous. And payment -- really wanna stop it. They could stop it but they really don't wanna stop the game because we all know that. What makes the game in the insight -- an -- man now like is it hit some. And yes there and we can go for a long time missile topic but you know get into instantly soapbox about -- -- Put it this way you either have. A regular. Season. NFL game or you have which you had in the Pro Bowl. And it. That's pretty good now that's basically what would it is if you -- it safe and nice and no one hurts then we have the Pro Bowl every week. Mean it's gonna hardy -- -- it's. I'm gonna know -- round -- and I really don't wanna article and I always just amazes it's all about. It's all about money and about safety it is about safety that could change they really wanted to change advocate change. -- and how you do that you'll find a player. Who has exposed to play. Define him. Now think about it it's about money and on about it -- part of this thing was it's -- lawsuit -- the NFL -- the owners will exactly about -- themselves. While. They want to stop -- if if if if Goodell was really truly looking out for the quote unquote safety of the players. He finding owners -- wouldn't be there wouldn't continue to take the money from the planner. Mean why would they do that -- it's about money but part of this lawsuit in pulled the whole thing about. Take the NFL knew exactly what the data was on this stuff on those concussions and the part of the lawsuits as. Okay for us to like have the settlement we can't be faulted anytime we have no culpability whatsoever in this whole lawsuit and they agreed that. Admitted they knew about me -- thing about it. Because it would hurt the integrity of the game you know what -- it's the. That's not the point well the integrity of the game is this the -- or get a of that of that else's that's the money they. -- take a break here -- and with Jonathan Vilma active someone's asking. They have waived cornerback Chris Carr. Again so put him back on waves and defensive end Tyrone walker will miss Sunday's game. So that's all we have right now as far as the -- look RO will find out we'll take a break and be right backs. Band's first stake here on WWL and welcome back defense first take 260187866. And 89087. Week in Texas and 87 -- -- along with former Saints offensive lineman Steve court. I'm -- -- are pretty jaguar opinion poll do you think the Saints at Jets team will be easy win or -- nail biter. You can log on -- WW dot com and cast your vote. I think it's going to be in no such -- -- as the reasons there's no easy yeah we were talking about this. During the during the break here. Adam. It's gonna kind of be like last week with the bills at tomorrow's start off a little closed and -- -- -- So look I can just tell you defensively they're. This defense will put him on idea yeah I mean they have got some some top notch their front seven. Their defense is just good timing you know they really -- and and now they know what they're not. They're not great as far as stopping the pass but as far as stopping the run and everything else. -- in their right there I mean they're number one that so. And this is going to be him. You have to a painkiller and a couple Beers on the way home most of them -- the fifth pick it. It's going to be along no lawyer drug Marino once -- line once you -- to fly balls flying them market when it come back so yeah. But. Looked as this team is it's like anything else I think it's going to be one of those room. And let's say turn the ball over a bunch of times early I think it's going to be close and until we probably break it you know in the end little bit it probably. Scored -- little lopsided something that. And I expect that first have to be and to be pertinent to you know you don't look at. The Jets. Being the Jets we saw. The week before. The bank -- looked back -- happen any team in the turn the football over. You know another team and to do you know the second quarterback to play two times like Cincinnati did. -- can get ugly quick bit you know I don't. No it certainly could happen I don't I don't foresee it happening like yeah I mean I think the jets' offensive line is it's pretty good mr. The B you know banged up from time to time and you know but hey everybody else's too -- illnesses is the middle of the season this -- the point where. -- you know you're gonna have these injuries until February now you know going on and and his build -- -- each week. So. But hey that's everybody's so you know that the playing field as well. What are they going to get into the -- this week in and -- potter brought about him remembers. Watching that this week in and everything develop. The Dallas Detroit game and -- happy Detroit came back in the last moment ones you know I'd feel about -- But a lot of was being made about Dez Bryant on the sidelines. Immediately after the game especially on the NFL. On network. You know. The guys who are known for talked in the of the Michael Irvin and and the Deion Sanders is saying he's only tell -- gimme the ball -- the ball with the ball debatable given bulbs as Woody he needs to do. When in reality a lot of players started a lot of media guys dirt piled it on and say -- that when in reality he was Mike dove for the game that you played back and that's not what he was saying Brian he was encouraging to make -- got to go we got -- you know and and trying to rally the team. Will be a classic case of ready fire game yeah you know not really -- and a whole story before you can achieve your mouth on some. You know. You know first of form I think disguises he's a superstar player -- in -- and I do now. Not that there's a lot of times you know these wide outs are sort of got his diva like attitude and yeah I understand that in. You know it's the guys sort of allowed -- kind of guy and but it but he's extremely talented is probably their best offensive player -- and I understand his passion about really wanting to win the game and how close it was and he was the -- was sort of release where. You kind of get his team is completely jacked -- let's let's let's finish this thing off let's win -- needed to -- the other. But there's a right way to do it the wrong way to do it and I think. You know the fact he went on and on and on -- it when basically got to be a distraction. Rather than okay yes we got you know appreciated you know -- That you get emotional silent question been all kind of screaming matches and fight in that -- It'll last longer than a couple of minutes and -- ago or otherwise you know the focus is now on what's happened on the sideline and all that. Rather than really gonna get back into your head together and get on the field and try to win football. -- -- Steve -- dominance is we'll take a break be right back WWL RI wanna go back next hour will have a look back since were halfway into the season and have a little fun. I call a dark NFL. Fun volleys. Just what's the -- the national guys had to say at the beginning of the season it's all about the NFC south. So when tiger drawing went on loser you got to credit and you're gonna laugh at some of the things they say it will be right back to -- WL.