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11-03 10am Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 3, 2013|

The WWL Sports Team gets ready for the game against the New York Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And him running around a bit about a lag now down to get up but like official beer. Of the New Orleans Saints with a six and one saint today at noon kick off at the four and four at New York Jets the Jets. A surprising ballclub not mean to be -- thought they would win four games altogether for four they have not lost back to back games. This season taken on the black and go -- Bobby. A week ago this time. A few hours later coach Sean Payton came out and was not -- pleases team performance although they won 35 to seventy. Well he does those that when you gonna play a complete team and what I mean by that. With a look at the bills quarterback you're facing the practice squad guy he's just looking party niners he hogs on the road even the Cowboys begin need. The complete game. Andy just to show you before a talk about his gained officially where'd did Jets defense has been. On the Rex Ryan and about -- in the Sean Payton and his results since 2009. That so you basically talking about -- have season. Now it is unbelievable some investigative end and on the by the jets' run defense we had a six -- turnout at the -- but you look. From 2009 and out thirteen the Jets defense. Ranks first or second. In all the categories that the Saints offense. Has led the league. Since 2009. And and their team that let's think about that -- look at third down percentage as the best of it in defense. Is the Saints and Jets total yards Sainz in Jets passing yards Saints and Jets completion percentage. You know -- Drew Brees completing through 2009 -- 60%. While the Jets at number one defense against an opposing quarterback only given up 53 point 4%. So it just shows youth and the conditions going to be windy playing in New York. That the business to be opportunistic and create turnovers but he can go on today's game our New Orleans Saints traveled to northeast. To face the four of forty yard Jets and MetLife stadium in east rather for a New Jersey to close out this season's AFC east sleek. The Saints improve to 621 following a 35 to seventeen win over the Buffalo Bills less than in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And it has been a roller coaster type season so far a head coach Rex Ryan and the Jets. In which they haven't won back to back games are lost back to back games they got embarrassed we all know have a last week in Cincinnati. So bay to Tennessee. How they'll bounce back. I ending when it down got a kick them when they down. -- got embarrassed of the big and give the Saints their best shot and left to wait the other game plays out and you could feel at a point spread has been. In under touchdown they've had a couple of surprising wins beating the Falcons on the road and the Patriots and overtime a couple of weeks ago. But like I said last week that got embarrassed by the Bengals 49 to nine. Yards in the Jets have met only eleven times with the things we in this series six to five. The thing to afford to add in York Jets but this will be the first time to -- them at MetLife stadium. The last game between the two clubs with a 24 to -- on Victor on October 4 2009. I remember about that game is the Saints defense scored two touchdowns. And offense didn't score a touchdown until six minutes left in the game Dallas a one yard. Run by Pierre Thomas also of the defense and game had four takeaways. And four sacks on rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez. Now the first time they did it and that Sean Payton Aaron in this on -- -- the second time was this season on Monday Night Football. Would be -- dollars 38 this as seventeen. To show -- and pack again how much to give it makes it different. And you it was so special about that year when we got after the Jets in the superdome. L.'s all ninth season and that we had seven -- into touchdowns on the road. To the super mobile. In today's -- at the -- to be looked upon their second. Three game winning streak against the Jets overall this series has been extremely close at seven at eleven contests being decided by seven points or less. In the -- victories against the Jets to have been shut outs when yards posting thirteen thirteen shut out in their 46 year history so. -- and things Ahmadabad scoring defense. In Saints history when you look at it 46 years we've had thirteen shot out like us that two of them have come against the New York Jets and today's match them. Something has to give as the Saints have the sixth best offense. And the Jets have the -- does -- it but I will be shocked. If you all can run the ball is the number one rush defense when you are given up only 78 yards a game big -- one reason why I like this thing chances today. They are giving up only seventeen point one points per game so basically seventy points a game which is fourth best in the league. But the jet to scoring only seventeen point nine points per contest that argued that the -- -- and all that's eighteen point two units seventeen. So I'm ally got Ted just cause we're averaging 28 points which is fifth best in the NFL. Andy you look at the past five seasons the team that wins the turnover margin is the whole NFL. You we we uses that all the time went almost 80% of the time Houda and nation the Saints are plus eight. Third best in the league right now and that turnover ratio and the Jets are minus twelve which is one before last. -- those odds are like our chances to be 71 when all's said and done. And I think it's gonna go around -- afford water but I think the point spread has gone from five and after six and a half. Not that I think the Saints a close out the deal and cover and -- -- Lisa touchdown. As the case you can't have Bobby Hebert of the bella via open not Rolex world like judo throw makes time is one -- one outfit three minutes he can go between the Saints. And the Jets turned down the sound that -- into the New Orleans Saints radio network and welcome back New Orleans and new Yorker new -- off today as -- Jets are at home against the New Orleans Saints after the game it's a locker room so -- about a point after being seafood. And the world famous for its -- Kasey -- and now before we get to on the road in the NC south view. Yeah with a team did well they went into thin and while I don't think we can run the ball and as the Jets edges. What -- -- playing in the superdome in New York you know and it number one rushing defense given up only 78 yards gained. So I got an and an encouraging numbered and got a very discouraged in number. A right now. We've flat out not getting it done and I conquered by the yards a look at at -- rushing -- For instance so we've given up. You know four point eight yards a rush. That is dead last. Number 32 yards per attempt. So so you know -- that has been an adult and not break you look at a look at scoring defense but. Where average and only 3.4. Yards an attempt which is 28 in the league is so that's why you gotta get at least. Emitted a pact to help -- our passing game but if you look at Pierre Thomas. And know what I need -- form lately he has averaged four point six yards in each of the past two games. Now you have to attempt to run the ball just to keep them honest and that is is Jahri Evans who's an all pro guy and I just a pro bowler. And that's a Jahri Evans that is the -- game we could keep them honest when you have that -- when you can line up and run the ball those guys cages. Get their pass rush going is not a one sided deal when he windy hinges on again off on the snap count pin their rears back to our flight because even if -- not. Running the ball against the Jets that -- success you still have to have. Would also added Dunn because. He -- should be within the side line to get rested. And that we have to have even if we're not Russian -- within at least 25. To 29 attempts in a that you see them but I just don't think this NBA game. As optimistic collected a Patriots game even the bills. Rushing the football but not necessarily -- -- him by Pierre averaged four point six. Vision to -- after the Jets what Pierre averages are any in the running bank. I'd be surprised if it -- -- four yards a carry. That's again on the rest of the division it's on the road in the NFC south with Saints out a report a Christian yet we nine of the NFL season we start with the surging Carolina Panthers hosting the disappointing Atlanta Falcons in the NFC south. The Panthers are 403 if Falcons command at two and five on the season with Panthers quarterback Cam Newton says they won't pay the Falcons lightly despite their record. We came Vijay knew about you know what their record is you know especially coming off the tremendously -- -- -- they had last year you know I think defensively they're very -- you know they have very solid secondary that's so we look at as this quarterbacks and very solid you know stout defensive line. The thousands of trying to right their season coach Mike Smith says. It will be easier used a very tough Carolina front seven. Their front seven's outstanding so it's only important for us -- Can win that battle we've got to win the line of scrimmage because they're two they're three linebackers are playing at a Pro Bowl level right now so it's going to be a challenge for us. And -- Carolina kick off at noon the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in Seattle today taken all the Seahawks. Rookie quarterback Mike Glenn and says the Bucs offense has to score more points to have a chance to pull off the upset -- Seahawks. Really we just have to. To finish our drives. And that's sort of me is you know complete more balls. On. And and not missing a third down throw that keeps the drive alive if we can do there rule will be sworn touchdowns rather fuels. Tampa and Seattle kicked off at 305 this afternoon. The Saints -- New York to battle the Jets at MetLife stadium the Saints are six and one legitimate forums for Saints quarterback Drew Brees talked about the very tough Jets. You see your defense is giving a lot of pressure -- quarterback Tom they're very very good against the run and you just know they have planned for -- So you just try to think of all the eventuality is just what was the back of my career. Catch all the action between New Orleans and new York and new right here on Saints radio four on the road in the NFC south I'm Kristian -- on the New Orleans Saints radio network. I will -- Christie Garrett reports today found a Christian on to a social media and Kristian -- one he's Bobby Barry and big Bellamy it is about like Danica golf but I'd official -- Saints we will continue on the New Orleans Saints radio network and welcome back. The but I can't Annika off after the game its opponent that would be cagey game by BA BA DC food in the world famous French Quarter. Well he's one of the captains at the -- defense Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton said Allen I don't think teleport Christian Gant abused take all the today's game as the Saints out of digits. Curtis when you look at his Jets offense. Always didn't want -- talent to run the football obviously. Played physical approach. I guess of this one I'm have you guys talked this week about how physical this matchup could be for us. Yeah we know. Bisping from a defense standpoint that. These guys again great offensive line and then they got two power running backs and we know that who's who's whose list of all the bus -- around the -- -- You know some be a physical game with some big game the -- -- -- to -- fourth quarter. And then just from defense therefore we have to know that you know we -- the soft as Ron you know I've -- he's -- he's a very talented physical running backs so we had a gotta make them stop the run and make them one dimensional and that is the match alive we were in the years to could afford to me had an opportunity -- some. The practice before the next few days of the Falcons. Yeah in May and I've we're we're really really your Franzen. You know it's always a friendly competition you know. He's on some room over around -- knocked his helmet off saw. You know this is some Nicklaus wants to meet in the middle of what does geno Smith do really well which you've seen halfway through pretty much his rookie season. Why I think you know with him you know he has a big strong arm and I feel like you -- are you comfortable now. Since Seymour of what office wants him to do in my he's doing a good job would do us. You know control of the game they're playing great defense got a wrong Damon. Nolan -- can just. Does manage again what does rob them like this week you know against -- potentially -- -- brother. We really Robert you know a figure that you know there be a little something different extra boost and is that would resume he's just been a Sam has been all business. You know he's not -- -- personal matter up there he's going as a brother get in there and non. You know so we can -- after that we just -- well is this like any other game this important game because next game and you know I've been in day one B seven one's self. Thursday's emotional time I appreciate -- luck -- New York Eric I appreciate. A big event that is Curtis loft yet here the Yankees. Has impressed -- from the get go investing big money in him if you look at him. The he's if he's available and has been he's gonna lead the team in tackles. You know it's almost like when all's said and done. You expecting between 12150. Total tackles right now. He's leading the team with 59 total tackles and also the necessities at 34. And both a linebacker David Hawthorne right behind him with 52. -- -- Curtis Lofton as a -- a couple of hasn't been forced fumble. So he's been doing his job and and the Jets who want that they gonna try. And do everything they can to help geno Smith so what does that mean. That means they gonna run the football and Andy -- -- if you look at. Geno Smith right now the on the 60% at the 9% completion percentage. Eight touchdowns but. More importantly on the negative side thirteen interceptions. You know quarterback rating of 71. And that's when he -- even as good as the they they only have three interceptions. Our -- should say. You know opponents have thrown fifteen touchdowns and only got and only had three picked. So of the W as Tennessee. I think their -- is to get up to Drew Brees and in. -- and see if they can force him into a turnover because realistically. As the Saints on the plus side and had an unbelievable job protection of football. This season. That has only opportunity for the Jets to win. Is of the Saints game a short field and Alou. Eternal that's the case you -- him by being there and the ability adult again at the game today it's the punt after it -- seafood in the world famous front -- This is the -- like cab down to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Let's go out to the scene of today's game. To Jon Hoke you guys OK -- our. Good morning game can you guys been back in New Orleans that we had it cold front that came through the other day apparently is passed through appeared New York it well I don't have the exact. Temperatures and wind right now but few getting off the bus here at the stadium pretty windy outside. Another in the New York City Marathon today kinda wants a little bit that this morning and they said the wind where. About eighteen miles an hour rather than north northwest -- pretty brisk wind. Outside listening you and -- talking about. The saints' inability to run in the yet ability to stop the run defensively. That at least the good news that that is is that's not what. We rely on right -- our run game I mean you you want to get out there and had the camps every ball game but it's not something that we say well. You know conditions like if we need to control the ball keep it on the ground. Because that's just not the way that this team is built and certainly not the way they play. So far this season so. In that regard I would say that. It kind of plays in this -- hands that did that yet you have such a strong defense it. Run support gave it. You know they are number one in the league in your face in one of the worst run teams in the -- so. You know that they hit his keep on throwing the football always think to be an opponent is doing it through their first. Eight ball games so. I I look at it right now that. Are so involved in that it today but you know I look at right now that it. When Christian gets down there on the field I think he might be able to keep -- better indication of just what we did do and look at the flag don't go both. It's a family and they let happen and I got to look at their the next minute Annika flapping around a little bit I don't know if we get in here and world group that comes from one direction. But that could hurt the Saints. Long passing game if it would come down to that but. -- other anatomy I think you know listen in New York media around here. In the data that we've been here they kind of things that make or break game for that yet and you figured you know here at the halfway point -- forward for. You you would think that looked just a lot of football to be play we only got half season under our belt but they feel like if there is that yet can't put up some kind of a fight. Against the Saints today that their season basically over so. I mean for him. The course we all know that they wanna go out did in winning the ballgame that they can't. Whether it is home road and you like that but it did this. -- players to look at that this is aren't make or break season right here and my ball game of the season for them then you know I think it there about -- to give up if he would do it. It was all the talk it about there. Brian Rose to one against one another -- note that Rob Ryan down there with the Saints I mean as positive as he is in the way that I. Here that the players on him if his brother Rex or anything like that here in New York that I'll see those guys. Given up opening game thankfully. Now locate very Whitney. Because -- and actually a trivia question but if you look at the Saints in Jets. Meetings they've only met eleven gains in the history of both franchise only play eleven times the show you I'll have been kind of -- -- -- Not struggle but you know when you look at scores the scoring games have been down neither team has ever that they've never had a 300 yard passer. Now that -- trivia question now now one. Player that was able to rush against the Jets defense and it has the most rushing yards 100 plus yard gain against the Jets and quote you know that is. If I was league yes that they beat -- to know it was new. It was -- OK yes. Listed at night and I'm hoping that you did by media Gavin -- happy yeah he would come out the bathroom and knowing of the Hulk Hogan in 1983 November 21 1983. You got eleven carries -- hard to thirteen yards at the superdome. That that's the most yards ever against the Jets eleven games chuck -- in 1977. At a 107 yards on twenty carries. So when you look at a the last time Harvard Yard rusher in this thing yet theories. It was by hope he -- Duncan had done so I'm open to any -- our running back a lot of we get close to that. Can imagine -- somebody out and about eleven Garrett -- thirteen yards I guarantee you'll win against the Jets. That I mean that had to be -- have rushing at camp I know well. Yeah I mean Hamels certain -- that would have been the only hundred yard game ever had but. I had eleven carries and get meg game that could be -- season her -- a career high for me. In the -- of our -- thanks for looking at a couple topics you got -- done -- bit. Not yet that was a who's the best running back in the midget the Saints -- theory that's that is -- -- got it done. And I'll get -- -- what I've seen at a I got to bring that out and I hope you look at another number. It's going to be interest in the seat is. What's gonna happen who's gonna protect their quarterbacks that are that's one thing we're all excited about the Saints defense. And after opposing quarterback we have to warning or sacks which is ranked April guess what the Jets the Jets have. 25 sacks which is. They advance now you once they got teams I've been able to -- geno Smith he's been sacked 29 time. Drew Brees eighteen times and I thirtieth. So be it has -- the -- I think we've been out there is that we can't get -- that geno Smith not only sacked him -- force turnovers. Absolutely I think you -- that thing that it that is so misleading in the incidence of foreign -- ballclub is minus twelve. In the turnover rate and B you would they get minus twelve that you know -- this team would be. Maybe to win EL one of them aren't in the media seems to me like. Their front seven is what -- -- him in about that -- think -- secondary is solid good would certainly bode well for the Saints offense. Because idea you know Lakers gonna sit in he's -- in particular look at guys that pick on. In the passing game in you know I think right now we look at the way that he steals of guard play right now. Jimmy Graham I don't know he's hobbled a little bit with an ankle injury but he certainly didn't feel any ill effects last week. So I mean you start to get a few more weapons were. For drew out there that it started kind of come in their own so. You know look for drew to become a secondary pretty good and I again -- to -- out of the windy conditions out there because. I'll get to go down the field. You know off the team bus -- back them up in the press box -- Appear work on my. Block from the wind. Is the way it is then you feel maybe Kristi can get more than that but. You know I like his matchup you look for the ninety -- he -- -- duplicated. -- -- -- I again kind of linebacker Bryan Brothers I think that that's their philosophy all always right and on down -- let's get after the quarterback. And you know like if we gave an up and we'll fourth in the end of the mistakes that we have to take advantage of -- play. No they don't they I am -- about because he's TV that's a fact of when you look at ten and you know -- you know we talk about this though would LSU. Would -- back in junior Jarvis Landry made it as -- receivers. In college football when I look at that as the tackles in the NFL and I is going about their production their numbers. You know how we had a hard time against Kyle Williams last week in the bills in the middle that think -- element of line. Will you watch this Mohamed will visit Sheldon ridges and they went all the time. That that's one reason why they've also had you know four win. -- will within a team leading seven sacks eight tackles for loss one quarterback hurry. Did you look at the rookie shelled and -- from University of Missouri yes fifteen quarterback Curry's to have sacked six tackles while laws. That they've flat out win all the time that's what I'm concerned with. Bryant Gallup went Dave -- grow and -- even Jahri 78 dollars and oh yeah about as good as it gets in the middle so when it of their defense. Well above I don't mean them and sarcastic but do you think the offensive line made a lot of guys that -- It went bananas don't worry you at a competitive when you are played against really good complicated. Maybe it'll be one of those things that. The Saints up at the line you know the Petaluma. He'll get together meet -- and fortunately it it doesn't mean we made it pretty ordinary players looked pretty darned good this year we're going up against them -- enough movement and right. We've got pulled you know I mean you look at that. -- what's that street. Did last week because there -- he gave up the ones that but really played a very solid game again I -- and that. I don't know what day it does that rub off on -- it is it something that the players would talk about I mean surely they can't sit there in those. Individual meetings and it's an offensive line unit after a ball -- -- -- you know. We've played pretty darn good I just don't think that at that much been reluctant to open here and -- that they're playing good football. And maybe this is the kind of thing to bring out the best in me and I mean that's how we need -- for him just to have one good game. And you know maybe that'll lead to moved up -- -- But up to this point at least in my opinion this thing topic and I'm not played well I don't look that -- changed today. That is. Saints -- Ryan is okay guys now so please call -- allow -- Bobby -- and he delegated the by my -- amateur golf on the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back to the bottom I can't Danica golf. Along the Kasey Kahne Bobby band I'm the ability and -- go down -- a view from what it's like on the playing field and Saints before it. This vote this week is over time in this look at them -- report in the NFL now Kristin again Juan is down on the field and at MetLife stadium that morning eight. It preachy than anybody look at very loud as you can probably hear down here. MetLife stadium and watch some of the players go to their pregame warmup -- -- and pretty smooth out there with like need to be addressed for today's action. It's the Jets. Were they active in the yesterday. Reserve injured list the with the opportunity to recall in the short term IR they thought but they like the conditions are a little bit. Difficult at least the most difficult thing to have faced so far this year. A little windy down here on the field overcast. It was drizzling a few moments ago that's it stopped. So Krstic. When you look at all hands on day came. And you need have -- injuries have been to Tennessee would come out injury report who's active who's been active. We've really that that there's no excuses and it because if you look across the league. At all the injuries is truly is the next man up and you can look. How do you think they'll put Jonathan -- in the rotation. They've released Chris -- to make room for him but -- what is your take. And how they utilize -- I'm gonna slowly he's an enemy last year in similar situations. He played in this certain personnel back to what the nickel. On third down but David Hawthorne. Played really well but we did help get him off the field -- mean he really wanted to give a thoughtful offer you the times I'm sure they'll find ways to have hawk or. Lofton in -- on the all of it would save time and they'll they'll pick their spots. And play you know fifty snaps sixty snaps -- and you know a handful of packages out of -- statement today. Now Kristin as the game progresses and hopefully we can mix it up and run the ball. You know the Jets have the number one run defense only given up seventy yards a game. Well above but I can tell tell you one player who's had success throwing against the Jets -- -- there. Very don't think they'll land -- hope you guys know that you know that as they did Jets have only played eleven times. But hokey is the leading rusher in this series he had eleven carries 413 yards. In 1983. And out of the last time the Saints had a hundred yard rusher against. Did you. And much of that level you know I'm a in the stadium record -- it be nice for -- back to go above that today that would go along way. They get the victory over the Jets the -- that good against the run really good against the run and talked to a lot of the offensive player this week it's not so much. -- -- -- -- How much success they're having terms of you know they -- for fifty yards seventy yards and 100 yards it's really about staying patient. And early on not getting away from it and I look. And you know graduate I'm hoping it does not happen. Because I think. The game -- to be well in hand considering their kicker. -- bowl and how accurate is if you look at it open it's not an opportunity you'd think it's been an overtime win the game you look at big bowl. He's the perfect nineteen for nineteen of -- look at. And doubles success they see it successfully they have a lot of minutes this season. And three of the four Jets of this season -- guess what you provided any game heroics. Well though when he beat Tampa Bay and at first game. It Monday night being about that and obviously at 42 yard they get overtime birds the Patriots so hopefully they gave well in hand. Because big bolt is used in those conditions in New York. And -- hopefully -- the gun on that is that the Jets could steal a victory. That. And beyond that it vice Versa Bobby. Have done the same field goal Garrett Hartley having a rough week last week. So he's out here right now look at Adam warmup with Greg man in the long snapper Justin record holder. We've looked down -- he could go over the pretty good here. At least their pregame warm up to but the -- will be about a 52 yarder right now -- yeah on 52 yarder right now. And if the wind conditions. Are not steady down here but they're they're gusty and breezy at times so. Did that come back well in the kicking game and the passing. -- Christie Garrett won on Twitter follow -- -- throughout today's game Christian thank you very much. Our guys around -- caught up with saint signing in the bin Watson it is belt on today's matchup against the Jets. -- you just talk about his front. For Jackson didn't have difficulty proved to be our had been I don't know football against the. You feel look you just exposing them the best defense in for par -- goalie in the league in run defense so. Found the front the big strong powerful guys that they get a feel -- passes that. There's there's style on the inside him and make it tough to run the ball again so we've got to be off on my game meant and -- -- -- -- -- to -- in order. Another game you you're familiar with in terms of the rivalry going back to your days are doing or archery do you look forward makes an -- Rex fan that defense. -- -- the day games are always tough physical games. And going over due to New York you you can expect you expect a team that's not gonna -- -- inspector team this scrappy. Come -- tough physical team. They pride themselves on playing the kind of football thus -- there's -- place over against the run so. We always knew prominence -- just -- it was going to be a tough game is going to be a close game so it doesn't respect ended -- on Sunday. Thanks for sure I can look commenting yeah. Again with things that came -- Watson Bobby talk about a guy like Watson is. Mean the physique -- he's built like one of the best. Finally tuned machine the National Football League but it's it's all the intangibles all the extras a guy like Watson right. He's football now it is Smart Smart well vote his way he acts. On ought to feel a huge -- companies that. With that you believe we talked to him in training camp. I remember in how many players do this. Okay I could play major college football when I'm going to do not basketball football. The unit did do -- Avery transfer from the did you know that that the White -- could make facility -- -- he had no because here he's taken and Eagles. No I think have featured in a while ago or more a winning program. So he transferred like you said from -- to Georgia. -- did just to show you -- the first things first he was thinking and I'm going to do because. Of the education but he's so excited to be a part of this let's think she'd had a -- receiving corps are drew spreads in a row. You know -- -- receivers caught a ball last week right now. Ben Watson has eleven receptions. That is a good averaged fourteen point one I had a long of 32 and he also has a touchdown so. It -- even look at. And then he's starting to get into dimension obviously with the Jimmy -- the Ben Watson with Josh hill. You know -- Idaho State if you look at now he has two receptions. Of the seventeen yards and so maybe look of him at times though it when he he's active or inactive because of he's active. You'll get in the game and don't be surprised if you don't have -- one or two catches the -- will find that the single guy and get an opportunity. At the K game and Bobby and he delegates about like -- -- -- on the New Orleans Adrian. Really am right now I am Mike it's nearly eight NFL analyst in my Didier onto -- -- -- he would act now Mike -- and I division today and corporately close it is the home the Saints and the Jets. Interesting want Carolina's a seven and a half point favorite over the end and without. The bit could be right there to -- ticket for the Falcons today if you if Carolina but the local news which -- suspect it real. That would put Atlanta now would sit Walters for the season. And there's no -- you come back and you you're not making any kind of playoff run and so. Then it's a big game for Carolina but as we talked about this sport of football team that never really not that hot sport. In the last it to seven years they could make it five and three day. You know what. In this team that you've gotten your your view your wallets it's Carolina because they can play great defense they get the second best young quarterback and pro football right now and can't do. I think they do rhetorical and Atlanta and. Might give you look. I mean I don't know there's a better -- when -- the researchers a better demented tackles you look in the middle. That being shelves and ridges in the rookie out of Missouri and obviously Mohamed will -- When I'll look into this the jets' run defense. They've allowed only 78 yards a game which is the best in the NFL and then you'll -- also league that lead the league in opponent's rushing marriage. Only given up three point one yard average per run and right now the Saints arrived at 3.4 which is a 28. Daniel look this is what's impressive you know -- go home run runs are big time run. That right now of the fewest runs of ten plus yards allowed their first also in that category so that nobody is really busted a long run against them. About this lately right today after the run the football well anyway -- So right that -- and I mean that to be honest with you can use the short pass like a run that football team isn't gonna get that they've run the football because. We've got more common Wilkinson -- -- eaten up front. -- those two guys can play some big time football and you think about that. 2011 draft. In which this thank you got cam Jordan at twenty boardwalk and had thirty. In it saying here on mil more settled there all of Bonser did JJ watt Robert Quinn raw and target they rarely. Helped him out one. And you won the jackpot with what thing with the Jets opted not play good chance he gets. And that plays right hands that would that football team does well. They have been very inconsistent coverage down Q -- given up a lot of big plays. And you know what you what you thought of football team and this football team being inducted with the best doubled and they play a team that does not. You look good job in that category. That thing to -- is their pass protection part of the game as -- -- -- human 29 quarterback sacks this year the electorate when he walked quarterback sacks and -- -- on the possibly get into the mid forties. Against that football team does not protect geno Smith well. That that not a good invitation at all and so you can look at that and applaud. Where the Jets to a nice job really pretty good job stopping the run. Well report about it is they don't pass protect real well all. And you played against the Saints defense that really can get after the quarterback you've got a rookie quarterback on up against one of the elite players in the game Drew Brees. -- I think Jahri Evans that it as the even of the getting stuff they they still have to have the camps in only one thing called a vital. Do in the point after last week. It was a female who dat nation members of while Drew Brees is throw the ball every week run at us in the UK do this and the reason why bring that up. That even if we are getting stuff that you have that make them at least on the run and the reason why -- say that. Because we had -- -- force actually -- what the Jets have 25 sacks. -- like in not a big if if they'd just pin their rears back note especially getting a push up the middle. That you -- that you got to protect Drew -- that's why even have been out running the at least attempt to. That's why extended handle. That the short cab ride it out and yeah and basically acting kind of puts it a little bit better perspective and you that short pass like -- extend and all. And you keep that pressure off I think Juliet. The Jets have been a little bit of -- possible sporting football team and if you don't get points on the board against you want quick what they do is they shut down your running game. -- -- If it was saint gentle worn out Eagles met the -- the quarterback to make every play in the book right now jingles it's not good enough. They do that on a consistent basis that put up 25 or more points in the game and that's what -- -- -- be -- -- -- to give us a prediction. 3017 saying that doctors think that they'll keep it came close -- -- was recognized Lleyton. Third world war. And my detail on to a MI to Tejeda -- inside and around the league with my team.

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