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11-03 11am Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 3, 2013|

The WWL Sports Team gets ready for the game against the New York Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but I'd official -- of the New Orleans Saints -- an -- the black and -- six of one black and go take on before and fourth. New York Jets down out -- take a look at today's pregame injury report if we go back to the press box and John -- foreigners. -- guys I hope. I think banking and the saint pregame and reported brought you back nine instituted sports medicine for the athlete in all of us now you're an active for the New York yet today will be David Gerrard Santonio Holmes. Alex green will Campbell be an -- on the whole day of -- and Jeff Cumberland. The inactive was saying today will be Ryan -- Marcus -- and Malcolm deacons Kerry Robinson. Roman Harper -- armed kid and power and walker for that means that. Decides to safety to be out there and that Marky Ramone. Finally -- -- to get back -- your -- and also Jonathan Vilma will be up for the game today he has been and on to the saint. Roster and -- to think pregame injury report brought you back to playing institute of sports medicine but it athletes in all of us okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what was a hell of a run just a moment ago looking over across a field in the entire Ryan family. Rob Rex and of course their father Buddy Ryan over there taken. Photos and in needless to say all members of the media was there with cameras. Did you people with their cell phones out wanting on the cannons -- need to see the coaching tree right there in courts and here that we wives and maybe Brothers or sisters who ever. But that would really kind of neat to see that that coaching tree over there in the unit successfully involved. The Ryan family right in tonight -- tribute to him you know problem reporters together around it. -- let him -- stay -- photographed her for a little while. Yeah -- you know when you look at families and their influence on the NFL out of nova gets any bigger. When you look at the offensive system since teams who -- trend setter you look at Buddy Ryan. Amongst the best in the NFL than having two sons at that level. You know you can bring of Jim and John Harbaugh but is that bad was that there and that was never involved in the NFL. That's why I think even put the ride family at a different level because when you look at their father what he's done in the NFL. Absolutely embodies in both of them that well three element into football yet again and they have all got to see him Super Bowl makes note. You know I mean I think it speaks for itself that those guys without question quality pro coaches from the dead on down. Now okay you know and I thought I -- why bowels Friday night I was at the -- was a canal place and -- -- watch a twelve Beers a slave in a cement that looks like Malcolm Jenkins. And I'm thinking well you know -- probably leave it to Marta go to New York with I kind of -- foolish and Malcolm be watching film and I'll go well things. Probably familiar with the defense but you know I'm at the -- yes and it's on the again. You know he missed practice all week I was timing so the likelihood of him playing that that surprised me photo -- I was excited that he's able to play. Because this is scary skinny but Carroll was doing what with a concussion is back injury but we didn't need his leadership even though he has a rookie. -- a lot of pressure. And look for the Jets offense. You know and how they've played and they've contributed to look for the Jets need to go out there Raphael bush -- -- -- arcade youth. But within their the safety position. Rob -- -- -- I mean I really think that you know any thing goes you know we these. We didn't -- the Bryan Brothers and come back and Tommy John paid what he does offensively you know he's always gonna try and attack is the weakest link to whatever else but. You know whatever little tricks that. -- Rex Ryan has got up his sleeve to help geno Smith out. You know to be perfectly obvious thing Malcolm had a pretty good year but Roman Harper's been out for -- -- -- now I think that Raphael -- played pretty good at. In his actions so. You know I I don't know I'd look for -- -- KD fifteen in fact deal is that gathered in. Start in place of of Malcolm Jenkins but I mean -- it it might be rough Raphael bush going to be there they might move you keep a Cairo it's. You got the -- where he's lined up all over the place. But -- -- -- what you watch and keep the RO is kind of move around out there you know I don't know that that he really feeling anything right now. Watch him marquis rumors have returned a few kicks down there any kind of bobbled couples so you kind of anxious to see how early and often he gets involved in this thing so. You know you got some some players out there that even though they're up and active for the game kind of question because they hadn't played in a while one of those guys being Jonathan Vilma. All right it's Saints that I and it's hockey guys now with the pregame report. Well our very own Christie Garrett Saints -- said now would defensive -- cam don't -- take on today's matchup against the New York two. Hi Kim. -- real serious question the start time. Never did really serious question. What does the fox said. I'm fox I'm trying to figure out men miss some things that some themselves that they could say now that's. Arm back -- lesson for me and the -- this does some Silas on figured a man of an answer for me I had I think that's. Dan Lewis with the Cutler fox they mean being Jamaican. More serious note for real this time on New York Jets -- when you look at. You didn't geno Smith who what is it about him that that impression. This. You know this unless you're watching them ball out of college -- meaning to examine some touchdowns -- one time he I mean you know he's got a very accurate arm. I got a big arm he's -- he's talented I mean. As something. That you have to watch out for and he's he's definitely mobile you anxious to get the chance and tackle Chris I rim a few cracks I guess it quite a bit the midseason this week. I mean yeah I mean. We are we're all aware of how hard that Chris runs in an assumption that we have to just focus on India population too because. You know he definitely is one -- harder runners really. He does -- as women can turn a ball over quite a bit this year is that something that. When you when you look at Omiyale who have our opportunities in this game unless something that you definitely -- -- you can hope that you can capitalize on those opportunities so. I'm who won this game just like any other game in trying -- -- should thank you no doubt doubt the. Am having days cam Jauron whose once -- out to a good thought -- quality guy cam -- well you know it's frustrating to me because because I think. He is amongst investment. He won't necessarily. Have the numbers may be -- to be a Pro Bowl players you look right now he has six sacks -- -- -- You know double digit sacks you know 1112 sacks whatever but. When you look across the league yet they get them maybe 456 guys ahead of him that he's competing again with succeeding at the probable -- accommodation. Of him Hammond junior gallant derided tenth act you know combined. That they'll continue to have success in and we need him. That to be dominant. Would you -- Cameron Jordan is forced two fumbles he's also recovered a couple of them. And -- look junior bill that also forced a fumble and two full recoveries. Solo debut lived up to expectations. The junior -- taken advantage of his opportunity. And obviously Cameron Jordan has not disappointed. He's gotten better better every season since he's been in -- one draft. That the Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- it's about like I advocate golf on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Today's game is Bader live about the satellites and the official -- of a -- to the New Orleans Saints radio network called a satellite senate today. It's 504466. Days to broadcast your sports network eat is the -- like countdown to take off and coming out today around the National Football League some big matches Monday Night Football when it closes it down the Chicago Bears at the Green Bay Packers to a red hot and Bobby. At the Green Bay Packers could actually win eight of them as that not all now when you look at what they have. And they are playing extremely well right now teams talk about me NFC because of the status of the wins the saint talked to a hot start. The down the pack of the kind of forgotten but they all -- Well and you look at the bears' injury situation. The Vikings they came obviously came back down to earth that it was a mirage of them. You know winning ten games last season but the Lions but what can you say the -- -- B yeah again being Green Bay so what bearing that out yet and yet so I look at the Packers bottom line is and becoming whenever we have Aaron Rodgers. And now they've -- results over but you have air Roger so that's why you always have a great chance and even though lot. I think Aaron Rodgers has success the matter wary that. That I know you and wanna have to go play come playoff time in Green Bay. You know until we got to get him down the film I think -- -- have success wherever he's at the -- truly that. Special like what Drew Brees means that is things but we have the Packers. But the they gonna be in the thick of things and we've talked about this early -- in the -- You know after his game against the Jets -- as things stand -- with the Cowboys come to town the forty -- -- but I look at. He middle of the Saints. If you look -- I challenge skip Bayless does he said. That the Jets were gonna say the Saints skip Bayless when he has paean. And the Jets we're -- said this think that it might happen music is that not very good in the role. Wrote in us that you got to look at the facts the facts the last four and a half season this may have been the number one road team. -- -- -- on putting the Sean Payton Naira they've been only -- behind the -- now what people remember. Is that they lost that never sisco. The loss at Seattle in the playoffs yet in the regular season though right the Saints have been a dominant road team when you look at the whole NFL. But going back that a scenario. You got the Cowboys and -- organizing got to like Seattle no I truly believe this. That come playoff time what is the 49ers Seahawks. All are the Packers we get him in the superdome. We have ago a great chance to get to New Yorkers who bull. In the AFC east and having them -- just to the two game cushion at six into a couple of teams at four and four. And in the three and five bills Saints defeated last week 35 to. Seventeen today we faced the four for New York Jets and it was talk about today's opponent -- laying editor of New York Jets. Dot com and Randy a lot of people didn't think that the Jets would win this -- games in this -- -- -- some of the things that I talk about the Jets this week I'll watch the Jets game plan. This seems to be a field it. This mall waiting for OK is this the end of the season and his team is gonna hang around at a division the rest of the year. You know the the obviously the outside the prognosis for this team was not very good I think he has hearing came on board saying. We were the 32 ranked team in their pre season rankings and nobody -- the team never believed that Rex Ryan certainly didn't and you know he he has a way of getting that point across those players they love playing more minutes they have responded to a certain degree I mean. It seems like every odd number game and the Jets -- geno Smith and the defense are on target and every even number we've kind of struggled this is an odd number of weeks ago. We're all hoping for the best against the Saints today. Now -- Randy -- is gonna come out there with the Jets have a chance it in the saint turn over the ball. Now if you look that's one -- high risk high reward Saints offense they've been unbelievable. Protecting the football plus seeing him on the margins we'll look at Jackson minus twelve in and you have. The Eagles made -- with a thirteen interceptions. That -- do you think that fifth in the Jets still in the journal about that is that I haven't had the -- aren't they got but the good thing. That's tough time as you know in in. For any team in the NFL about an 80%. We ratio when you have a plus. Turnover margin and obviously that goes up the more you have. Takeaways over giveaways. The Jets have won. While giving up the ball but not very frequently. And the one big battle so hard for geno Smith has been. Each week is let's cut back on these terms let's not throw those out round that you know a little too late -- the quarterbacks -- jumping on. And run and the other way you know the opponents now have three interception return touchdowns in last two games. And that's that's something that's not going to. I help the -- out today so we're we're looking obviously for -- to. To cut back on the takeaways that he's giving the other team he's done it before. He's got to manage it better today if the Jets have a chance. Now Randy. Against Jets fans truly appreciate that you think they're getting enough club around the NFL I think he would have been duo. Of course in the trenches in the middle of that being -- will finish -- Sheldon Richardson I think you have got to do it again. When you look at that and yeah that's been one of the strengths of our teams from the beginning was and Rex of course defense coach and Karl Dunbar the defensive line coach very. Well respected from Minnesota came over few years ago. And they've done wonders and the players have done wonders on the -- person as a legitimate Pro Bowl candidate this year I believe that. And every game he's doing something to disrupt the opponent's offense whether it's a sack a forced fumble easy to block a picture -- here -- there. So he's definitely a big. Part of the reason we're the enthusiasm that the Jets fans happen. And some of that enthusiasm around the country in that Sheldon Richardson has come in and has done a remarkable job as a first round rookie out of Missouri these. He's creating Havoc he's got -- Harrison got the linebackers the the -- Davis David Harris were all over. It's it's a really good front seven that's going to be if he's anything -- you -- this season as far as I'm coming back and and pulling out wins against tough teams like to think. Now out. Raphael look at him a strategy. There's wrecked maybe take this approach we could just hang in there tough and may become down the game winning field goal or even if you look at that in overtime I'll look at where three of the four Jets win. And they pulled at night even night you know few bullet -- That's the most accessible at the bottom of this season and knowledge of Reading where you looked the start of the season beating Tampa Bay vacate. Beating the Falcons. You know then also an overtime beating the Patriots know they got that that they felt I felt like they -- about the game winning hit. They like the Jets have a lot of -- and he should in the -- They do and. Nick. Rex Ryan has had a conference in nickel long but the one thing they have done. Is they -- -- quality competition for him during training camp the last several years and he's beaten them now. And then he's going on but I think he probably got maybe a little overworked during the course of the season this year they're not overworking him. I think probably is the special teams coordinator replacing Mike went off. I don't know that change you know -- what's up with the legend around the league but. For whatever reason folks like his -- earlier this year he's on target I don't think Rex wants it to come down to that last second game winning field off. But if it does we have every confidence -- that he's gonna come through he's only four short. The franchise record for consecutive field goals that was. 24. If -- where to go fire for five today that's a lot. He would tie the Jets franchise record. Now Randy would get that faith and respect him because he ran -- -- -- the -- beast mode. That being Chris Ivory. What what does that make an up and down we Griffin only got starting to -- in that rotation. Had a big game against the Patriots. What is their -- like its time. I think what Chris did two weeks that you lose against New England was phenomenal it was one of those. You know Rex Ryan is on the ground and pound which we've gotten away from with the interaction morning morning -- in his offense West Coast offense. But Chris Ivory grounded in pounded the ball against the Patriots 34 carries -- 104 yards I believe. And was very effective that was his first really big introduction to experience. He had been injured for a good part of the pre season hamstring problems and allow Powell took that job and had been -- and featured tailback. Like I think the Jets are now the point where they're going to play the guy who they field gives them the matchup. That they desire against the particular -- defense they're gone against. And they're gonna also mix and match and during the course of the game itself -- allow starts which I would expect. I would still think that it's -- the heavy dose of Chris Ivory and I think he -- probably be pretty fired up to run against the Saints today. Mean you -- -- and -- -- -- into -- I mean thankfully my -- the game today. -- -- -- -- Right it's about like cab down to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio and and welcome back. It is about like countdown to kick off red analogies pizzeria pizza cows on salads pastas. Thomas subs you name it they have it before during and after the game make the call to -- and Anthony's pizzeria Metairie chair -- view on barges and uptown that's -- -- them. Welcome back to the but I can't them get off after the game it's the point after the eighty seafood in the French Quarter with a cajun cannon Bobby a bear Bobby. The New York -- second day it was posted as yeah by the Cincinnati Bengals they've struggled. One thing I've been here a lot talked about it was a Wall Street Journal this week with watching Jets game plan it in New York there like thirty minute pregame. What they're doing a preview throughout the week and they were talking about assists and hatton fans are not cautious guys in this I talk about the way. Defense debate -- the -- -- he's been looking. At quarterback or person looking at the receiver and -- that's what they caused them a lot of his problem is you know it. And it's not very big guy he's been a bus where he was drafted now now come UK -- amount to one season no big he's been benched twice. Missed any data look at an NFL passing attacks now this year you see top SEC passing attacks with. And hit in his -- tenure at Alabama. No you maybe by my belt to -- now the and you get an NFL you gonna get burnt. If united discipline and -- you look also another one Antonio Cromartie. That you know here's a guy they need to play at a Pro Bowl level cousy is approval and he's playing at his best. But -- yielded 253 yard receptions AJ green when they played the Bengals and now for you look at it. The end they -- have this that would be like either Jabari Greer are keen and Louis given out this he's now allowed five catches. Of at least 46 yards this season and and and did he gave up four catches last week 408 yards. So obviously gonna collapse them -- when he's in the game and especially he's -- man to man coverage to -- gonna win overall. Because they can't get after the quarterback. The Jets are in the that sort of -- there have been fifteen. You know passing defense. They have the sixth overall defense. But the reason -- and have success. I think 'cause digging get at that opposing quarterbacks so. That's when you might current appeared at the same to win and all the wind conditions the yards after the catch. Like the longest in the handoff the short passing game. If you can't run an attack maybe the Jets that way but when you look at who we investing money -- and draft picks. But he is not even close c'mon bang for your buck. Who we got a dominant player and Kenny but Carroll. Compared to their rookie -- Miller in the secondary. Well Bob were you look across the National Football League today -- on the standings -- to today's game is one division in football today they can have all the teams that 500 or better on his season at this point -- I don't think many would have thought that. But the Oakland Raiders aren't a favorite today over the Philadelphia Eagles. Kansas city's at eight know there at Buffalo -- off at seven and one San Diego plays and washing their four and three so they'll at least be 500. In -- that they went today Bobby everybody in the west in eight games and nine for some will be 500 of them yeah I begin I don't think the Raiders are. Or are very good so what is that saying about the Eagles was anything about the steam yet and -- way he'd admit they have bad Pittsburgh's. Late. They couldn't beat Oakland. -- him 11 down and the entire second half thinking like you can't give them though 94 wood 9394 yard touchdown run but to grow prior again I don't know not a normal quarterback running McMullen. You -- can give them a -- and peca that that's one of -- the midway point. You know he -- -- ours is not like the charges. I don't know I think it charges eating and have a chance to be a walk or when all said and done RD and influence. Obviously in a playoff picture would be -- wrote that a Redskins. And Uga got a point school and then you look what they did when they went to Philadelphia. You know -- we were to win so yeah I mean. I'm being right now because that are competent to whether Iraq. I think these charges are going to be the Redskins in the rule now. -- you with the positive and negatives. And to probably be the biggest surprises you know this -- is what they've done in the past. Is that -- the Falcons Iraq ended Texans becoming almost everyone. I'm not saying -- who will win this doable and everyone think game. That that Texans and the fellas were going to be in the playoffs right similar because that are track record and especially the Texans. You know looking at their whole team. And the supporting cast now well I think -- at Texas playing -- the -- system -- so that's kind of that do or die with their season. The ego because you look at AFC south I mean that Texans all of us and they can win this game if not. That their season might be almost over forty you know -- start in the bank. Noon game today and as a football league Kansas city of Buffalo Minnesota is -- Dallas Tennessee at Saint Louis -- match today as the did entertain -- Saints. San Diego Washington Atlanta and Carolina in the evening games. As Philadelphia Oakland Tampa Bay at Seattle Baltimore and Cleveland at Pittsburgh at New England Sunday Night Football Indianapolis and Houston. And Monday Night Football Chicago at Green Bay the Thursday night game had Miami stopping a four game skid they knock off Cincinnati 22 to twenty in. All the time and indeed that's why right now. That wasn't right a great statement that it takes in the cold it. When you look at this they got hold the Falcons beat Carolina. Will will we need to have Falcons that come away with a win and and and beat Carolina to kind of not been bag down there because -- their role as of late. It is the but like I Danica golf on the New Orleans saint radio network. Coach always -- to win on the road in New York teams forceful on the season they -- above expectation many thought they would struggle but they -- in the thick of things in the AFC east right now. Well there are you know I I think. This is a team in him when they played well you've seen their running game you've seen a real strong defense -- from -- the top. Defense in regards to stuff in the room. So when you when you look at. Somebody that that has success stopping the run and they've got the ability to run the football -- That's pretty good formula the young quarterback has played well when they've come from behind he's been very. I would say showed a lot of poise in the two minute situations. And I think -- team especially at home. With just the elements the crowd noise coming off of a tough loss to Cincinnati you know we've got our hands full in this game and work we're gonna have to play well but when -- this team. In a coach you look across the league regardless of what some teams style is offense defense special teams if you protect the ball well. You gonna win a lot of ball games in when they have protected the ball well on all things they don't they wanna do they've won the majority again absolutely. We've we've talked about this. With our team here earlier today that this is a defense that. Hasn't -- necessarily the numbers you'd want from a takeaways standpoint but as far as cause fumbles that just haven't gone their way in regards to recovering from but. That they've got a great job of separate the quarterback from the football running back wide receiver tight end from the football. And you could see that that's something that's been coached that play with a lot of confidence. It's a team that's out success over the years and I think starting with their head coach Rex does a great job of bringing their confidence to the locker room in the way they play. So again I think that. The turnovers that you mention it the very beginning of the question is or are gonna be huge in this game. Coach our defense against an offense to talk about what you can do it. But offense against their defense when you look at their front seven is that is at a point and -- trying to get this ball going on the road on the ground road. Well I think it's I think it's a great match up there they're very challenging they're they're heavy heavy handed their strong inside. They've been problematic relief for everyone regards to running the football and yet. You know we've talked about that need for balance and and not being in one dimensional game with crowd noise on the road so. That's a big challenge for offensive line. Coach -- -- look he's New York thanks to. But -- what is it grind to take to make it I hot day for the Saints I hop over the top beyond delicious pop out but that was that would red zone -- -- -- -- -- in four. It's on offense and we have not been. Yeah as consistent as we have been in the -- in -- blogdigger if you look at -- -- said this in the opening -- just -- agency's office and scoring -- -- we didn't score a touchdown in though. Appear Thomas had a one -- -- dealt with six minutes left in the game at two units of touched -- it. Those and -- that he would even get to score that you should win. You know double teamed with me you know at the time going back to a possible run 2009. Of the Saints -- better things -- dead in the Jets right now I think our. A touchdown better and adding that's what's gonna occur I think can angle into the fourth quarter but all away game I guess this is the bills. If we lose the turnover battle. That's -- the winning formula for the Jets you know there minus twelve right now that's one before last they'd turn over the ball well we're plus eight which is there advance. And the -- preaches. Just hang in there don't get the short field that the Jets have now outscored you know we've been outstanding. You know scoring defense with Ford has given up seventeen points well the Jets are going. Getting seventeen point nine. So we -- a twenty point. Even inter racial would be even. I it's like the -- and seventeen points. With the Saints haven't like 27 to -- Saints 27 budgets and. I'll mix it is new York and new -- -- -- Robert -- making sure everything gets back to you like exposed to on the airwaves Christie Garrett on the sidelines and Christie Garrett won on Twitter at. Former site in saint comment as -- guys on and the boys of your New Orleans Saints Jim Henderson. Turned down the sound on that said antenna to New Orleans Saints radio.