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11-3 3:20pm Sean Payton

Nov 3, 2013|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton talks to the media after the Saints road loss to the New York Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Obviously its tough loss. -- first congratulate you. For -- better team today we got to do better. Start with us. As coaches in. They really got one dimensional. In part that's only. -- turnovers. Errors. With the outcome and it there were few key. Points that is we have to be able -- Do that. Our protection losers. So overall. -- like -- It's tough loss. -- -- -- it -- before it happens to other teams you've just got to be able to adjust to it than. And then make some adjustments. On sequence that you -- it and that you. You. Thought listen I. It was a short yardage call we felt pretty comfortable with that really good play on it they stayed at home. You know the first or third call we ran which I guess that timeout. Call -- run it but. So that we came back with -- play action and then that last holes so. Yeah. I was I was comfortable where we're at. Them isn't Wallace. That's the result that we really like. It. Penalties. So we're. Everything about the elements that it'll happen usually on the receivers. I don't I don't know I I would say it was probably a little less when do we expected. But overall. Played tough conditions that but -- things. All I. Number one penalties that put you in this some of those yardage situations. Go back once we get -- final numbers but it would end up. Longer. Situations and the numbers a little bit. Well it's back and forth here your. I thought you know when we -- it. Look. Thought we -- it's pretty good things we knew they were going to be good run for coming in but I thought. We did some things. That you give us some balance but overall. Like -- all the sudden you find yourself -- not a whole place alliance. Comes back. So you know going to be first and knows you know situation. That. Is it difficult court and. That's success around the sort. I think that we've got a pretty good dose of zone more zone today than it is we've seen. From the in the past they do their job. I thought their front did a good job getting up the field. I thought offensively. You know they were able to. You'll have that balance and create plays running the kicking game -- -- as well. -- Absolutely. Salt. All listened. There was accommodation with the noise. Deal with we have couple situations and then you know I gotta get quicker obviously is that something that for us than usual. The second half where we were much much it was. -- I thought there was the touchdown play where he's it would cut cut cut up underneath -- Score but that it would -- that play. Is good athlete. Good decision maker makes good decisions today. It just enough balance where you've got to audible two what receiver screen we would -- You know it they're good battles going good -- That causes problems. It. A lot -- going to be based on. Their personnel. You know they were they were -- that -- -- and they -- cynical sense so it was kind of back and forth. Just at a packed into packages with him -- felt like yeah. -- it's you know certain week -- on tape in the book on what. -- Well we just talked about that earlier I. That when it does it illuminates carefully planned. You know that he's going to be involved in some of it that was that was -- and yet so it was different with so. All that happens it happens to other teams set just before the playoffs with -- Deceptive quickly vehicles -- here's what were. You know go to get to and here's how much we like to do. With the depth that we might normally done -- there. -- Well it's -- mean. You can't see because it obviously was called subtle and so -- get here. -- -- whistle was blown you know -- plays so. I've got no idea because from -- point we're wrong. Run in the handoff and they seem to converge in your -- first down and then you get the kind of delayed. I would know. Obviously -- from the bench him -- But it was throughout.

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