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Nov 3, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the Saints road loss to the New York Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the point after TV seafood in the world famous for its quota on the Kona viva -- adopt me c'mon that's delicious fried all borrowed seafood out the delicious from both. And also to specials going on -- seafood. Where we're at the point at the final score that Jets 46 the Saints. Morning opponent has also brought you by Tito's hand -- Barca and -- wasn't want to have a great time but he's bought into the designated driver Katie cannon. Disappointing loss to the black and go it's it gets team that is used to having their -- the wall. Well be and you get this kind of team you cannot lose the turn over about. That you need to be even on the plus side they've bottom line is they kicked our ass in the trenches with you on the line of scrimmage he does -- that they need than that a number of teams. But that's why you know they basically a -- of the team. You could see it time how they protect the quarterback. You know passing the ball -- that they protected you know most bit but they had eight passes. That -- of yards that you look when all's said and done. He was eight of 19115. Yards it has been eight -- repeat the argue thing no way you went -- that the league is structured to think in that being. Minus two in the game Wear plastics -- the -- that come into the game we're plus eight. Which is third best and you don't commit the policy. In all like three picks that we -- to let that happen. He was at the Jets from minus twelve in the game which was a one before lastly you could see how. Did not want to shoot themselves in the foot I thought it would come down in the fourth quarter but. The score made it would have been -- 26. In the Jets want me. But that obviously was not the case -- in this series now the -- the things that played each other twelve times. And now this year reasons deadlocked at six the six. The what with that being said. The Saints have had success in New York you know we report -- the first -- -- put them at -- speed and so we've won on the road. In New York so that was not the case that maybe the crowd everywhere intimidating was talking breakdown of the game progressed. How we utilize the timeouts and maybe he views that having to waste time out because that the linking to whatever but. But we got back in the mildly Chris Ivory -- that. And Indiana 139 yards and eighteen carries seven point seven yards. Per carry the Jets as the team. Had a heart basically thirty yards rushing -- 190 averaged five point five with 36 at Kansas think inadequate training colleges you gotta have more balance. Now I think because you can handle confident that we can run the ball is that Jets an -- -- say that and appreciate you heard me as the -- -- get the -- in an oval one. Rushing defense given up only seventy yards to -- Was poorly as we rushed the ball does that not surprise me. Only had 41 yards on now only had thirteen attempts. And that's never good when Drew Brees has to throw 51 times. Maybe you would stick against the Jets. You know having to throw 41 times. Instead of 51 and maybe instead of thirteen -- having 23. But we had to play catch up. And I thought the turning point in the game which is still discourage him. Is likeable and -- truth that you got to catch the pre -- ball. I mean it was a third and ten situation. He dropped the bomb. Not yet -- look at the scenario we were up seven to three at that time. And it would have been a 39 yard completion. It would have been and a thirteen yard line. Will we have to do more -- does an outstanding job putting the ball to a four yard line between Dallas the turning point. Were Chris Ivory pages blocked us and I don't know what happened you are trying to get to a volatile and you -- push Raphael bush. Down and it's -- about a 2530 yard gain into being up 52 yards to -- that was really. The turning point now the Jets went eleven plays 93 yards -- but don't break. -- ridiculous because now we were still up. Seven to six but it it didn't look good we were Odyssey. I knew that they keep it there back in. And rush the passer and we couldn't we can't block them the bottom line is we cannot block the Jets -- off the -- line. Is that good enough you know we're all optimistic about out defense. You know -- -- in his game. But they had one more sack than us so what that did not surprise me Heidi got after Drew Brees and and it would all said and done the bottom line educate be minus two in the turnover ratio and expect to win the game. And very very disappointing. You have to think because I thought this is the game. That we should go to when we're better than that yet but I guess that if it is and you lose. And that should be a surprise me that. Because you look at at the Jets this what they've done. This year if you look at it it's been very roll call that ties the that the them. They have not won back to back games but they haven't lost back to back games that they got embarrassed. I think I crushed by the Eagles. So the way it's been going this season that the that them not -- night -- and they went want to lose moment -- -- want to lose one they went one they lost the bagels. It now you know they beat the -- That's solidly along with them. The guy is going to be interested to see. What's gonna come -- the problems and they -- at Donaldson the night. The Cowboys policies scores score would like thirteen seconds left. To beat the Vikings they weren't a dog fight. I think the things got humbled by the Jets I think we can roll against the Cowboys and we need to. To be optimistic. This game if you gonna lose the game is the -- to lose. With the -- we need to win the Al coming out. As fourth in NCA tie breakers and then how that felt about. You got the Cowboys rolling into town you got a point nine originally at the top -- we at home. We -- win those games in the -- have enough settlement and I football against Seattle but that is gonna dictate. But your position when you going to the playoffs and I'm optimistic. Who's basically where we had musical 500 to get to at least ten wins we need -- feel. Advantage and so you can lose the game AFC would not have to plausible it's easy opponent. But it's starting to get into things come next on the night as the Cowboys -- in the town but. Very disappointing loss what to think that wanting simply because I think. We're better. Indigent we have greens they have geno Smith. But how they manage the game Dallas board team effort you -- that was in -- win that game farm. Like I said that you think is being 88 in 19115. Yards and he win. But kudos doctor Chris Ivory. -- and I love players that have had success of the things the club where you know go on to have success of Chris Ivory then worked hard. He earned this and become like we've got beat you know that with the brown with the Browns had an outstanding -- at the things that that you see. Chris Ivory doing and do you question wind helped Mark Ingram on the team it instead of Chris Ivory. When you look at the politics and and who you pay anywhere you trapped Adam c'mon. And Mark Ingram. If you think oh they don't block harmless and our time that it blocked a Chris Ivory. Because breaks tackles Mark Ingram had a nice run today and I had four carries nineteen yards. Who would you would you would you look Mark Ingram and -- he came hole wouldn't it done in the NFL I don't care who won the Heisman he Campbell Chris -- job. -- -- -- -- -- Those little bring that up like old and I blocked it well marking -- while archives and a blocked a Chris Ivory. But things like he's always been able to get the yardage somehow and always have that average where its always around five yards and they get -- think it was seven point seven. As though the Jets are new people we recap on. -- getting behind scores we're in trouble. That we need to get within one score and Indy went in -- fault that this the last an -- to break. C'mon I knew Nick Folk who's gonna kick of bugle for them he wasn't tested -- -- with it isn't certain that's been. Not Garrett Hartley redeemed himself -- hit three straight misses and he came out went along with kidnapping of it is we're 55 yards. Nick -- now 183. Of point three on the season as he was four before. And obviously with the different and that's how the Jets win and the Saint Louis does what he thinks that point eight practice I thought it via flipped around when you look at the point spread. I thought it was about a personal type game and -- -- -- favorites. All right -- all the calls point six points that's Boston's second with face identification -- the New Orleans Saints radio network. It's the final score the -- only six the Saints -- it's a point after on the New Orleans Saints radio network. I don't Scola the Jets Tony six the Saints forty supply had a TDs seafood and a world famous French Quarter they -- about a quality he has. A holiday it together and at the knees take care of you that year and it their -- them location where it. In the quarter on a Kona -- -- don't think it's also brought to bite to eat -- -- back and Budweiser have -- that would be Smart. Into the designated practice won't take on the on the weekend -- -- -- Tony -- beat the dollars for every turnover created. To the LAQ -- industry and they. Who in a -- goodnight Brett Boone Agusta no money that the government's use whom industry know it was really. -- not that let you know if we throw the ball he would have it over. But how -- they managed their passing game even the -- at the beginning an -- game night -- -- you remember him you know Cleveland Browns a great return and don't know history he led the Raiders have played against the Saints in the pre season the -- cut him reported scene and started. And the Jets picked them out. So it did that wildcat and he had nice throw and actually with along with all alone as they maybe in the first half a matter of 25 yards. But but -- got to -- disillusion how bad it is in the -- at the line and that's why I don't know. I guess you got to proven differently to me I don't know realistic that you ever. Gonna be a champion -- BB -- do this and and I guess you can it has been neat with the rules are now. Every once pass happy but if you got third and inches. And you gotta be kidding me. I don't care how good the Jets team at the line is at the end I know they were number one I harp on that I think we've been able to run the ball against them. As I said before the only given of seventy yards -- you can't get it just not a happy -- not a put. Inches and that we feel like we have to pass the ball. I mean I checked out when you got to catch the ball. You know -- film that I'm usually the -- -- -- but he dropped the first down. And out like give credit to Rex Ryan. As we made the first down and hand off the -- Collins in. And and end it was legit I heard the whistle -- fortunes that that. And the Jets had called time out so now we decided we -- -- throw on third and inches Gerry Collins drops that okay fourth and inches and meet you still. Should go to get fourth and it is not a camera to quarterback sneak are what they'll markings on the team or -- no faith in him. You can't get forward that that is third -- -- And because -- the -- that trophy winner. I mean I NCA average when you know you can't sugarcoat that. Right now and it and -- and it Pierre would hurt yeah Pierre was hurt so he couldn't be in the game at that time. Well no faith in Ingram well we're gonna try a reverse that Josh hill. Let me tell you probably happened on that play. Who's coached may include all they still Smart analysis eight yard loss. I guarantee you that Jets team with a man I have to look back on the film. But I guarantee is some time during the season he did do it this time. He didn't stay home with over overly aggressive that he probably got burned on that probably are -- competing contained what they where he stayed at home. That law that's why it was a yard loss to reverse that Josh -- That fourth inning it just need Oakland and I think they think in no way to run this publicly give it to Josh Fields around it but you gotta get the Jets credit their units have been. That he skated home with the and eight yard loss but the bottom line is. Thirty inches fourth and inches whatever it is I don't care we got the bad is the -- in the land. Forever you should be able to get some kind of push whether it be a quarterbacks -- them. And and are any running back and be able to get that I'm a first down and I can't penetrate -- in the back field. Right times we've seen that third chart yardage. I was like 31 all of guess what happened mine is too and I and another ethical thing to -- we feel like we -- trick people. -- we gotta trick defense does -- the talking about the best of the best. A number of NFL even the blind you feel like. If it is hard yards and he can anticipate that we get around that we're not gonna run because they didn't get the betterment of with a like that to trip them. Which is not good oval which is -- To me when it's gonna come a case that point so what do you know running yet developed -- run and obviously. Dallas the back breaker because that the game was still within reach. At that time that we think give up with 26 to seventeen. Then they ended -- of the force took three and -- you're talking about conservative. They were gonna do but try to keep the clock movement and they keep that lead. But the doubt impressed with a lot of not easy -- working miracles and Dallas not the case on that last drive. Okay if committed 58 basically. I mean -- incomplete. That you look a complete aren't completely want to do to guess what. Holden galloped twenty out of a bright yellow which he's probably still humbled right now along with being Grubbs. What's happened the last two weeks in the AFC east. Between Kyle Williams LSU's all Collins in the Buffalo Bills in the area right at the and you look at Richardson Mohammed. It will -- and I'll come in Richardson up the middle. But no -- that -- their common it has to be shot now. I got to look at what the copilot to bring it to the table right now the big guy like strike two on them. As far as doing anything as far as positive in the middle of all that the line. Bobby have put together a piece -- site that we do yoga Communist power running on you. This is the official halfway point throughout the -- 88 weeks into the season with six into clean this thing -- in the thick of things even though it's been too disappointing losses want to new England and -- -- -- the caveat that they look good sound like you said they would AFC teams. He's got everything at front yummy that you think right now to date a seventeen and a -- on the dog would be up 38 I have to nothing. That's what's happened right now Tampa Bay -- Seattle 41 and nothing. We had to I mean does it left in the first hand that excellence that the parity in the league as soon you can they were clearly -- in the home alone. That parity but amicable may have overlooked Tampa Bay and but the eating I think we were at the point. I don't know I think that and have better -- -- the -- room look at all out out of some talk about but I'm dictates sometimes how you can't do that. Now we got that the Cowboys 49ers Seahawks all that Atlanta -- -- to beat you it's the you -- look we went we took him. Sarah go look at -- golf game because people would take the ball they cute and don't let Chris -- -- -- -- like that you don't read them you know switch to because that promote Jimmy Graham peaceful when he was captain of all. It's it's like the game was on hand. I don't know right now the way we've played in the trenches against the bills. And yet I just think. Right now on -- -- four games. I think will win one hope we went to. And I don't have taken -- run and only be gone today are average rushing yards a game looks fault Bennett and really when you break it down the Saints are wonderful look at the National Football League it will follow because they only got 41 yards on 31 -- that seems. And an average 85 point three let me just read this all to compete the full effect just throwing out numbers. On the season we have rushed the ball 191 times this wonderful -- attempts -- game and averaged eighty yards OK but let me tell you would have really -- In the first game the -- you got 78 yards -- The second game seven in fact you got 104 against Arizona. But we had only 60 and it was minus six at halftime of that ball game one -- was 11 team in the second half. Which we came out a lot better only 68 against Miami six to -- in Chicago the biggest rushing total was -- between 131. In 77 and 41. Six of our eight games this season we've Russell on -- eighty yards only twice. We've rushed only overlooked 100 yards and the on balance is not a ballots -- this team talk about go on in the season. Right now you're passing the ball on averaged sixteen and I have more time looking. He knew all rushing it to date yet thirteen rush attempts to 51 pass attempts and really there was no balance at all to today's game. I mean we only help not only had six Russians at the hands begin at thirteen total and having that sort of ball 51 times I'm telling you. Sooner or later. You know you gotta go to run the ball off from the get go and just to show you an. That I mean why shouldn't surprise you. We've been a very opportunistic defense that when you look realistically. The you get the -- we -- stop the run no we -- -- let me tell you why. Because gonna get his game we went dead last in the NFL. In average per attempt. We were given a four point eight yards a rush. Part camp which is dead last today. We gave up five point five but that doesn't surprise me when you look with the car. And it should surprise you either as far as -- rushing the football. 128. At 3.4. Today we had 3.2. So when you break down I gave him look at it you can have smoke and mirrors I'm telling you we're exit -- who we're not a strong 62. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors that's why I'm telling you right now you gotta show me with the Cowboys. -- and should go to the daycare business in the far not the coming to town. While it to the Cowboys 49ers. And you sort of felt like nothing more to this ball. Our season considering we get that to them last year when they were eight and oh and then that the Panthers -- -- it. Now that it wouldn't have to watch -- having to play -- wise I think we're -- of splitting. Within the final flying at him or third and I -- you got Monday night at Seattle. The -- hold the next four games we can go to a two and right now kind of thinking one at street but he show me differently and you still a playoff team. You know -- we got to do we gotta be some inevitable for when a game what we got we got eight games left yeah. Yeah we got eight teams left you can't tell me considering whether -- situation is. With their quarterback and I felt like -- at me I just -- -- we don't deserve to be in the playoffs. It we can't finish 44. I like I -- -- I agree but inning as that would mean you can -- for some -- we're we're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Venus -- to see if we are heading in the right direction. You've got to take care of Cowboys have 49ers that'll come back to the point at the -- fouls point six points of it yet it's the saints' radio network. Well Nick Folk remain perfect this season by kicking four field goals and Rex Ryan's defense outperformed his twin -- unit. As the New York Jets upset the Saints 26 which one week. Interceptions by the Mario Davis and Antonio Cromartie highlighted New York's solid defensive performance against Drew Brees. And former Saints running back Chris Ivory. Rushed for a 139. Yards and a touchdown -- Missed handoff running right Chris Ivory is going to be -- not looking for a touchdown and hold the ball well against the. Video wall that has the feel good -- Chris Ivory. The Saints fall to six and two on the year and host the Cowboys on Sunday night next week. Speaking of Dallas Tony Romo threw for 337. Yards and two scores including the go ahead touchdown to Dwayne Harris with 35 seconds left. And the Cowboys beat the Minnesota Vikings 27 to 23. Cowboys improved to five and four while dropping the Vikings to one and saddened. Cam Newton overcame a shaky start to lead the Panthers to 834 to ten victory over the Falcons. I can't move -- filled in New York. -- makes into the line rolls out to the right he -- the -- It. Newton threw for 249. Yards including that fourteen yard touchdown to tight end Greg Olsen. And -- also ran for a score Carolina has now won four straight or five in three walking in the Atlanta their fifth loss in six games. Beat Kansas City Chiefs defense helped extend their perfect start the ninth straight games. With 823 to thirteen win over the Buffalo Bills to. -- holly put the Chiefs ahead for good by scoring on an eleven yard fumble return with 1247 remaining in the game. Kansas city's -- to miss the defense made up for its own deficiencies. As Alex Smith let all fans just managed 210. Yards. Running back Chris Johnson woke up and ran for a 150 yards and two touchdowns. And the Tennessee Titans beat former coach Jeff Fisher in the St. Louis Rams 2821. The Titans snapped a three game losing streak and are now 44. And Darrel young scored and a four yard run overtime the third touchdown of the game for the little use fullback. Giving the Washington Redskins 83024. Win over the San Diego Chargers in overtime. Games that are currently in action all in the second quarter Philadelphia over the Oakland Raiders 28 to ten. Nick -- has four touchdown passes in the game Tampa Bay out to a surprising 21 to seven lead over the Seattle Seahawks. The Cleveland Browns lead the Baltimore Ravens fourteen the three. And New England beat it's the Pittsburgh Steelers fourteen zip. Tom Brady has two touchdown passes on the today. That you look at the NFL scoreboard -- Steve Geller on the saints' radio network. -- the great work is always. Given us saw NFL scoreboard let's get some calls -- that's Kodak easy Houston on I want easy thank you the call to the point after on -- -- radio network. -- -- -- and make what is I think he's the best team is. In -- -- line and we now that the line go on out. Get right -- comes -- that's a good -- easy that's a good point because I tell you what. He'll wind just didn't see we've still got to play Carolina twice and how the general you but the bottom front seven. The Carolina Panthers -- he visits seven is the same version of the Jets in NC. He's -- me tell you what Carolina did today. And now I have a three. Then next two games we're not only -- -- -- as bumpy as solid as the season but a player needs to be against San Francisco and doing in the mix that we could they split with those two all they -- they win all of them. But in the end the and they -- they are more than career. And you know easy got the city for real because -- canyons at times I think if you -- just manage the game. Don't put it now all on his shoulders and made DeAngelo Williams and Stewart coming back last year that you are right and the ball mark why they wanted running. So can you in. Don't make mistakes though Carolina could be tough to be -- right now. Who -- No debate about on arms then I want to have -- ankle but he made. -- -- would be. Oh in. -- -- In the -- although it is. Never been right in the cause you have are what counts you know -- -- could just go to change in the wanna. Go right. I think with Blanco one -- -- -- -- -- is too long ago did a good. I waited late in England. And it -- yeah. You bet. In that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A variety the yellow and -- it was never broken tackles. I mean yet to say right now the best running back a lot of Alabama's Eddie lacy. The -- the Packers. Putting -- has never broke its not easy when the offensive line blocked. At the point -- seen our group before -- hit the back -- somehow still fall or the three or four yards you don't see that would Ingram and night and it's frustrating now. As far as movement -- the guard. I think his head is swimming -- overwhelmed. You try to learn to tackle position. I think now even hope he said this. That Charles Brown at times I mean he's been up and down is Armstead that far back and I think it's mentally a governor from Pine -- Not to the NFL why he has that attitude at the plate. But being Grubbs he's not playing there like he did with the Ravens Gallup went take what he's an over achiever you know we getting look in the middle and that does not. Surprised me looking at the last. Alright plus faces on the saints' radio network and I we think he threw them on I've for the Saints coaches over Thomas is in the big east stick around for more of -- point -- Final score the New York Jets 26 at New Orleans Saints Tony for -- can beat Bolivia visited New Orleans Saints radio network.

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