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11-3 4:30pm Point After Show

Nov 3, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the Saints road loss to the New York Jets.

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On Saints radio WW RA MFM dot com where did you see for the difference -- -- for the point after the Jets 46 the Saints twenty. It's brought the buying. But was have a great time but he's on to the designated driver and Tito and made -- he became the saint followed with six again reckless six point -- -- the bigger for a. Of acted the phone lines habitat photos kind of -- -- fact -- on on the negative side note as far as the Saints I think in this Malcolm Jenkins. I think game is about -- is on the backhand. What he's been able to do if you look this season. You know not he could play this game you know he had two and a half sacks and interceptions. He's forced fumbles. -- go on and on I think Malcolm Jenkins is having his best season in a Saints uniform on I don't know how serious is he is. Hopefully he's available I'll come Sunday night when the Cowboys -- in the town you with that being said. I thought this is also very similar have a that -- think that well to win at San Francisco and Pierre Thomas got knocked out. I think now what happened today is Derek Sproles. Got knocked out or something the -- -- don't know what you do with that we've heard it could have been a concussion. Ankle and who knows that you see the rumors aren't they the first -- that no wild BO we all know that he was not available. And and how this season has progressed so far. I mean who's the better weapon is like 118 when you look like you keep it even -- balance and have a pool to be the coordinators have earned a mid night oil. Really it's been high you can stop market team. Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles. Knocked through spread that are chronic hit different receivers opportunities. But that's two on two players that opposing defenses know we -- not let Darren Sproles are Jimmy Graham at all not Jimmy Graham did get off today. I mean if you look at it as the things dealing obviously with that planet factually that really doesn't go away. Is -- the team get a shot up whatever and and you just fight through it. Annually given the morning -- came walked with nine receptions. 116 yards a thirteen yard average two touchdowns. So with that being said I think game is Darren Sproles. And how they were gonna attack the Jets. And in the third thing I can dictate the momentum -- said that an opening -- localism and they do not know nick -- was all freaked out. Because that that's what is bad with the flat out stud. With New York Jets if you look at the stadium you don't ring of honor we get ready to put a ring of honor you know in the superdome -- what Archie Manning Ricky Jackson Willie -- Well nick assumed that Al toon is on that ring of honor with the Jets after only played the last seven years. Not he was the only concussion. But a victim and you got to catch the ball but with that being said they weren't they do that right now is that he would have been even play. He would not have even being in the game. If Marcus Colston was available. Still you to buy in active street clothes again they can do not know the pressure -- and I'm going back to new yard I don't really remember the little fly. But come -- we need indicative that you had you gotta catch it and don't let about -- hand and and cause -- journal. INS and -- phone calls into it and let's go to look -- with Dave on my fourth day thank you called a point after All Saints radio WW it. They take it look I know yeah we have a lot of injuries and and some key play is obviously. I think that you know an offensive line getting a -- Paul but. But I think predictability. Is a lot to do with two that the coach. Obviously don't have confidence in in their running game and I surprised him but but you know eight weeks into the season. We should he should've been working on you know we lost key key plays in the offseason in notice that ought to know and not doing well with other teams once certain I'll put. The offensive line hasn't had many injuries and he got -- They date in her name they've made -- work they've been working on it he is can't get it done you know well I mean it -- to go to the surprise development needs all over achiever. Snapping became the -- -- that it went to Tampa Bay on that bill that's started that with the 49ers. UK may everyone. Not Jahri Evans he's he's hurt right now moving him to play great and I think he's struggling now sort of disappointing is big ground. We made big -- a lot of money for the Baltimore Ravens. He had a Pro Bowl season he's nowhere near that. The only ones play pretty good the last two games is the exact street. I'll probably get a -- on it he's gonna be on a roller coaster he's got to go to -- thrive no actual -- educate everyone that's it that's why don't seem necessarily. A light at the end of the tunnel. Because I don't know one thing I know. The year we won that's doable in the year when we became did -- -- -- -- in 2000 we had that disappointing. Well while the party niners can run the ball well and I talked about that -- not a -- Pierre Thomas got knocked out we look you won the Super Bowl. And the year 2011 we -- the sixth best rushing attack. Sixth best rushing attack in the bottom of fact we bought when it by Utley safe at bats. Already we threw it and yeah we got quick call today that -- about it all got it was like they call rough but the pass and drew. Pathetic you kidding me right Nathan all the whom good equipment yet know -- -- the -- won't cook it for a franchise player like Drew Brees in New York. It's bad habits that the one. We're both they hit them both at quarterback. I mean I mean he's giving the matter is wakes right I mean they're gonna call rough and no it to me that that's an old. I think they call that against the Jets flight used to put Dave on nine back DP you think you've got the point after on Saints radio that you give you. Very badly indeed. There and a somewhat limited him. And I got a couple things to go -- Appeared in all right well I got. -- thing is -- -- -- looked sloppy sloppy sloppy way the game delay delay delay you probably have -- a game. In -- time out. And ago. That the you know. Of course obviously we made as people. There and wonder. And Jim you know when that happens we do. You know -- -- commitment the commitment to. Yeah he had four catches 93 yards need to this his best game that you. So what happened man. That. -- -- too predictable. On -- -- been in which are we in the second. No major and we couldn't block long enough -- -- proud about. I must go to New York Jets 46 the things Tony is the point at fifteen -- -- in the first caught -- It's brought you by Tito's hand made -- was have a great Tampa Bay's opponent threw a designated driver let's wrap up -- it would even out east and he had one more question already -- Yup it's a lot of I hope so I agree with -- Marshall on purpose but only tried it long you can't figure out how to run a -- Bristol if you come. There's a lot bigger than me was like okay he's number one. Argued otherwise I think he's he's thinking he's due for one well I ended biggest audience like on and let's that you're an NFL -- you have to make -- look -- the Jets the count on the ball. And I and now it and it and four out of their five wins. What not part of five he's been significant in their when he got a four it was like eight game winning kick. Obviously that was in the case against the Saints but he still was four before now is twenty to your point -- for the season. And I would -- a structure that that's the way they went. -- -- -- And I'm not a particularly Robinson in the -- weekly -- what happened in your opinion -- I don't know. Well I don't know he's like Chris Ivory junior we just need to get ready Ingram. Are. Think as fans are fed up and a couple of that it that they they look at approached. Why not have Chris Ivory. And diet and Carl Robinson in his inning of that it was okay trading of somebody got a wanna you know who won Ingram. But the one I saw. -- -- -- Note though that the truth that took them to convert and that's what Iraq right now because listen it moved we can't run the ball eventually. -- what time I thought he almost got hurt. Oh Woody's shoulder. But but that that's it draws more you don't wanna throw on the ball 51 times that that that's never good is like trying to play catchup I just. -- -- -- but we all on 92 Williams thank you called the point after All Saints radio WW. And -- -- I have a question. Which is if the player with the ball goes out of bounds the clock stop until the next place starts. If the -- if I think if I can understand the rule if you going forward if he's not going backwards or lateral. Then you know continue the clock not an apartment yeah but -- the light if you -- already out of bounds to stop the clock. And that and that's what a rule change the NFL utilized so they can get everything in a three hour window the yanks want they want everything -- pop would be like noon three yeah game 30 plateau -- and you had to say I like to not put so -- won't take up and then yeah and like -- regular day not might be without him and his that the -- That's kind of the way is how they -- that rule. Okay because there was. On a second to last drive we were at the 34 yard line in over five minutes and forty seconds left and we threw it to Kenny stills. The left side and went out on the left sideline with five minutes and 33 seconds left. And the hopefully he's second and then just kept running. Well the thing is you probably was going -- by I'd have to look at it any probably was going lateral. I don't know with Heidi tonight that but I know the heading of field. They will stop the clock or who knows that the rules change. I'm have to look that up to see. What is the rule -- scores of stopping the clock and out of bounds plays. But but you know. But when you look at it does that not surprise me we -- so -- because this year. -- things that haven't been able to get after opposing quarterback you know we hit point four sacks. Coming into the game which is eighth best in the NFL. Well guess what that Jets at point five sacks -- -- you -- and a ball 51 times that's -- good that the Jets are gonna get after Drew Brees. And he he's gonna get hit. Now. Now one thing. You look at they were at night you know that is having the Eagles bit. He was actually nine times. That's at the bottom of the number thirty and -- this year. You know he's rankings where when all's said and done. After sixteen games he's been sacked like wanna see in the teens are right now you know he's been sacked over twenty times and you know we had to have. We point all right back to the phone to go. Let's go to check there in Houston on line seven have to thank you because of the point after All Saints radio that -- up. A guy that just make this quick look like post and -- was close and so -- on -- and make a couple of comments in the -- -- not. All -- -- -- the offensive line more you know after Vietnam. Could get polished more but it is anybody's. Paul depth wise that we can that this continues. And might get like they can replace grow with the appointed. And second. On me get back up but it hit him lead -- -- them Grand Valley State I mean I think he's another over QB not paying him any thing. He's kind of like a bright eloquently at the guard position. The what was the -- that he started. It was in the home. That was that the Dolphins you know dog and I don't know yeah I think obviously you. I don't know what I have to look it up but is he did all the the Cardinals Jahri Evans was hurt and -- Jahri -- has -- mr. reliable. You know. A number of starts consecutive starts among the best in the NFL with a top five that he's been in the league. But they don't have nobody. I mean look what and then I'll look Armstead you know sides agree that. I mean I'm not saying he's overwhelmed but he still learning. You know to maybe play tackle in the league game and not yet where are all round. Well I mean I don't know -- -- you promised then. Where we're at right now at the table we need to do. And I think we still need to have what else they haven't done. Even if we not have a success running we don't ever need to play catch up because then you may run the ball even if we getting stuff. Like Mike Brett that's when you look at the game when all's said and done and we just had thirteen rushing attempts. If nick can kick the ball we keep -- delete. But once school or whatever I think when all's said and done we had about 23 rushing attempts. Instead of throwing it 51 times you -- only 41. So even though you like getting it done and leaves you having. Rushing attempts but to say. We can have success bill and I look at how -- it. We gotta be opportunistic. We have to create turnovers. What you call a bend but don't break I -- you look at his game. I mean it was kind of like. You know it's not surprising to meet at the Jets stop the Saints. We got to -- -- offense what they -- the sixth best defense and number one rush defense so. That was that surprising how they -- able to dictate it but -- bit of late you can't give up those long runs. That Chris Ivory had. You don't average look part camp that's what's been happening the whole season but what we've been able to do get journal what do we do today no turnovers. When you break down game film that you could see why that's lassie at times. We're six -- -- but it's kind of a smoking mirrors is not a dominant 62. No it's like almost like a lucky. 62 considering. C'mon how we beat the Falcons right the last drive how to beat Tampa Bay when you look at that. I mean I'm not saying. It Obama -- all of the popular to be by Eric every team and me doing what got it down in the city that we I've gone out there and Kapono out 75% in eight games that -- -- -- -- Like India and I can't now with third are you related to number one seed yes every game they want about what my point yet winning -- -- -- just goes to show you'd. How close the talent is everybody this evening I was single you don't wanna play the chronicles now all of a sudden they had -- -- outing. Against the Cowboys with their defense they do that with that arena football game. Only with a 5148. -- on that at bat flyers failed to meet up that there's nobody out there that's not beatable. I mean you could beat it's not a night game. But but if you have a dominate the pins that you struggled all -- -- like that yet but you -- -- like it -- the fifth. And Peyton Manning in their problems up -- at -- -- realistically you never have that you think everyone's ability and that's that you see that teams. But by far better and better and everyone else we -- it is Jack's team that they are not intimidated but I think that the racquet. It was not intimidating at the Patriots know AFC east look at the edges beaten us. And it and they what they did -- completely spent and what effect that yes exactly off. Let's go to -- on 93 can't thank you for calling the point after All Saints radio WW. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It would rank things and help the elderly. Okay we're not mean as you a quick question. On. We ended -- coming back to -- topic but it is your night. I would not give it time we can't let you know OK and went to drop. My. You know you act like exactly what that means a lot of players. And and you could you know as big a little deeper so to speak with his homestretch with yeah the Cowboys an apartment -- -- account all the players appreciate that. So we -- trying to about the time when the team planning from the art. To be out there to support the team like that win -- draw whatever. Know that the players appreciate that they they feel like it not only play the themselves their family. But they're truly playing for the community I'm telling you that goes a long way because that that does not happen. Too -- in every NFL city obviously. All right let's go to Little Rock is back on line six thank you for -- the point after on -- -- -- WW. Yeah about. And at that -- the question. Right now. -- you go on but it that it Mark Eaton can knuckle grip about the game -- that his -- -- the rule about -- but. And no no no other collective good the years if Utley -- an entity is out all alone are the is that there. -- partner and although what's on -- It does equipment bowels move with speed out there and making them play well. Thank you Bob. Yeah a lot of first of less amount of the call the plays and I don't think you override the Cam Cameron. Right you know in the past the you might have been -- that hasn't been the case that Cam Cameron and now clock management -- have a -- questions you wanna -- you -- -- -- them. Yeah I think it is an -- Listen that clock management. Yes coach miles is a challenge. By his clock management skills -- release. The coach Peyton. No it's it's just I think Eagles backed out of cameras thirty nick is fourth and inches they just don't have confidence. In a short yardage regroup on the goal line that we feel like we can run you get the first down we think that the that the lines indicate penetration. And it could be minus one or minus two and how we gonna get. Max write them out in and then in -- nothing's gonna have a that we feel like we got a great. You know it needs to get the first down and we want to -- him the object Colin. Hit the ball on the flat. You know that backed out of a trick play could get it out of the lead -- they had them -- one came at 70 yes and exactly and I think the air our car was hitting -- acknowledging that he had a seven yard run. Maybe in that interview at a forehand you know the cared yet they'll want good running into any new book about that at that there's no comets hitting them. He's had an up -- he got to hit the road. He got the goat he got to go but I mean who wants it. And -- UK you know as the money got a one man. There's that -- I don't. I don't know I'm like listen. All I know is. We cannot run the ball you on the ego I don't I don't know. Luckily it out but tele marketing right now there are all but that line's struggles run blocking. Yeah I know Pierre got a fighting chance that the yards after contact -- making people miss and breaking tackles. Like Chris Ivory. Mark -- they'll do any of that in their Perez -- the old Barrett in the the only not to -- at it it. There is. Our transition from college to pro in and they are high profile players sometimes you can't make it and just because it's sophomore years of college. He led the nation in yards at the -- today it was unbelievable now it's like once he you can only be -- -- yeah this is WW.