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Nov 3, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the Saints road loss to the New York Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the -- after All Saints radio WW LA MFM nine dot com he's the -- to camp by being there. I'm the ability of 5046. So one point 78038668097. Texas and a 78 in the email us open. They keep it be if you know dark. Final score at the New York Jets 46 and the New Orleans Saints twenty. Colin now on the point after I you can email -- speak seat if you get you real. Dot com studio phones and go hey let's go to. -- -- Houston on live eat sugary thank you -- -- the point after on Saints radio WW. -- -- I usually. Yeah I'll call from Houston man that's what has made. You know tour of the and it gave up an extra. And -- that's. Not exactly real sloppy like I don't know apparently the watched you know I saw he -- Drew Brees type of game when it's a chance to win at Atlanta there in the past he'd be on -- -- garbage truck you know a playoff predictable Watson and Nicklaus -- but it's going I don't know if it's the play. Bit of that kind of slowly walked it'd been there have been you know first now walker walk through line of scrimmage are what a couple of things in Albany. So where are you talking about it that day in and the fourth water like I guess it's a -- there or you mean the beginning of the Avalanche. Center and you. It. Well -- really what counts are up and specifically on the fourth quarter. Yeah bullet and you look at it poured water and now -- tell you if you look at that big drive we had and come back you know look the part of that. And guess what he went dressed out memory against them than me. We had been nice drive but and he catches more physical than. Against like -- that wasn't around. I think I don't even know with a team that is doing -- look at the end zone copy. When I mean -- that the TV companies targets Eagles beat it. Actual. What the teams don't watch in the film. Like an inability. To cover I'll think about -- that in there and you look at it Jets and Rex Ryan house -- they are. That is -- thing you know Q you beat a big weapon on the big weapons on the last drive. Obviously Jimmy Graham what would be the biggest weapon. Are obviously -- it's if we got to not make him you know -- now I don't know the cards I'm just speculating here. But I know -- tonight being available. That that you look -- drew did at the end. Oh what city do we had a minute 58 left. He would -- duty volley caught the ball the plus sixteen. We're holding on Brian gallop Wednesday. And you know we still at one time out -- and then it was all downhill from there we go on against accurate defense I mean it's like you got -- -- of would be lucky. Sometimes who we've been lucky it's worked out but when you got second in 193019. Or not more than nineteen. I look at it that last. Fourth quarter desperation. You know brief alliance or that was a bad pass. Through obviously was shaky with the pressure and then. And then. That was desperation in the third down this bills. You know trying to get him the ball and then they completely cut the depression which is on -- out there -- -- we definitely were not Anthony. But I think you know yards Arctic -- This is when an accident on the last drive he would love to have a parent roles and more difficult to be available. I've got it back to the phone to the world Pamela on line once again I think it's called the point at the on Saints radio WW. Jared Allen count my daughter right you. Can't let everybody don't be so quick people want to dedicate opponent under down. I'm kind of got I don't I don't think I don't yeah definitely got got it all and yet he he's a little back unit as well. Machinery in place and would. And -- -- down while yeah mine are. Exactly to keep going forward. You alone pulling nasal. Now I everything a quarterback sneak how much imagination that the eighth in the -- day if you got third and inches on fourth and inches. -- the dual quarterback sneak pocket mobility and it stretches from guard to guard a along with this -- The on the look that we have to do some research looked back at the regain this year. A ball well there in two. And how many Oakland ran the ball. With -- we get like minus one minus two I just tell you right now which made things that we have to treat people. -- you got Mark Ingram -- round there. And thirty -- you know -- -- in the ball hitter with not available he was hurt. I think he about it and given the opportunity. Given the ball maybe Pierre. In that situation. But I don't want don't want them we -- of the economy and that they -- the league -- don't know all of that Clinton in the game you know that's Rex Ryan called a -- I write the article -- -- -- well I'm over at the right play and obviously got to give Rex -- credit him. Right and then all of that puts big was yelling at -- -- No it's a first down right. In the medical timeout knowing getting out of them at the Dallas listening. -- the gala producer and I think until I heard that whistle blow reportable all of that. The -- they get their time well that's. 02 up and bruised foot Gavin on lines five Gavin giddy to think it's called the point after on deputy if you. In that area -- It's got to figure out there and thankful I'm not held in the -- the inner geek com. Basically well -- comment route and back at the Super Bowl teams we had. You know called me and Jonathan Goodwin and not speak -- now -- in salary and these were all Pro Bowl. Now I understand you know with pretty -- changed and so -- that we got new people believe it was that grow up that plate mixes -- -- Well I mean it's stated. Regard -- The fact that -- yet we had injuries and we're probably not -- nick to -- ball rookies and so forth but. You're a professional now and as a professional. Regardless. You know how many injuries and Claude how much -- DP and has those awkward lies and especially in the second on -- team on ground to. You have to -- And clearly there's offensive line. Has been underperforming. This entire. They've gotten better pass when it especially they might as they look at the last two games against the bills at the Jets might guy that they ain't got you guilty. You know LL yet look how Williams they could block him and they -- -- -- as they could block but in the middle. No I'm gonna go to they've got embarrassed that I don't know you have confidence. Going to get the Cowboys with their production. Of Sunday night I mean I don't know you have -- it's against the party in unedited business that was. Have either a written let's look at the team and I'll always consider the playoff caliber team right now okay. In the east Dallas -- defensive fronts and followed it banged up. I mean it. Do we have an offensive linemen that when he hits it stands right now -- -- -- -- had doubts that you Tyreke -- yeah I don't think in Sami can -- rock tackles blocked Jason Hanson. We'll all find out next week the offensive line right now stack up against. Carolina's front seven no no no way Seattle because there and know. San Francisco's front seven I think maybe because all the -- it was that -- to -- immediately go to bat as he I don't predicted that we did a really -- activate them but hopefully -- legal suspended now yes in now and he's got the court you know really made them -- Detroit I mean I don't know paper agreements and I feel like we -- -- -- one thing about me think now that -- -- the football. And what we got is the on the plus side and on their turnover ratio. Are -- is not going to be good I mean and I'm truly trying to be optimistic. And positive and objective and all that stuff. I know what we're sits at two and you are what your record says you are. On the I think it's ugly -- -- -- but it's not a dominant six it too with who's to say who's Dominic. And I agree got to where I think it is -- saying whatever NFC team has the whole field. Has an advantage so we gonna see okay that's the case we'll look at Duke at the Cowboys and departed Nigel and payroll -- -- down. And I can tell you right now -- -- does that come playoff time we had to go to Green Bay. Iraq Seattle at San Francisco how would be confident. But I still have comics right now in the mood and nation and that don't feel advantage so we can see come Sunday night the next two we didn't get any better. Our -- within this. With the Cowboys a point nine has come a bit of Big Easy and hopefully we'd have beaten path. Knew all of follows that the jets' 46 to Tony we will continue with the point after on Saints -- at Uga Uga. And welcome back to the point at fifteen -- seafood and different quotas brought you by. Eagles and made back then but what -- have a great to have a piece or Q to designated. The pretty jaguar that you focusing to six and two would have lost two road games. This season we have confidence that the Saints can't win a playoff game. On the road as you vote on line. And yet you yet Mayo back on the -- game point after opened up there as well let's take out Monday Morning Quarterback tomorrow. And your team to sent off in the morning on this game today and everything else in sports thirteen 58 AM three got you you know the morning drive double coverage -- Eric Hinske. -- -- back to the phones we go pain now let's move some -- in that just on -- to Philipp thank you for calling the point after on WW. Eighty in. On that first quarter. At what we're seeing with this thing about the get in the NFL we can -- both on the pan -- in the third quarter. But the course yeah -- terrible. Yet the question it is still the call in the second quarter I forget what it. Coach who's gonna. Eight you've got challenges the question I am used. He -- the challenge is involved -- challenge you know normally you do with how would you damn well what would happen to challenges. And walk. While I think that if we have no time out it is my understanding. That that you can challenge any thing the is that right I don't think. But as well I think if you have any time -- keeping -- to play. -- -- you -- -- -- anybody talking about that I mean thousand decade ago. And I think it was there that one dollar Drew Brees by the perfect. That was. At the beginning 34. -- a team like -- miscommunication. And him Bryant eloquent in the -- don't eloquently. Not you got to snap the ball. But the end if you look so -- and you know having to call a timeout. In the beginning you know the only team. That I think it was a combination of me and on the plane quick enough. At times I think drew reached on a kick off that a play that was called and going against that the is that he wanted to attack. And then also they'll they'll -- -- having. The change the protection and a communication on the line of scrimmage and that's hard to do. It all at an away game now you're looking yard the problem's -- that it. Vocal what are the -- We're 62 our data come into the game only one game. And an empty -- That they need to Obama while that it really would have in my opinion activists Seattle. That's the if we were that we have we not communicating better we go to Seattle. It's going to be sold -- you'll regularly utilize a time out again before report squatter over and reported third quarter or with so. You have to realize that times you have to -- is. That was the play. And you pay check it out and and just maybe adjust on the run because the crowd factor. It's just too much in and I thought maybe you anyone approach and it. That it would have time but the run -- play they wanted the -- to communicate. And when it's loud it's hard to communicate. And you got precious thing in a nickel line when it's happening. You have a delay of the game. Are you have to utilize the timeouts -- -- him it's that they keep it right before in an effort that party -- -- I write this goes to a man to deal with Steve on line at five feet thank you call it a point after All Saints radio WW him. Hello because Steve -- on line five feet thank you for calling. I did not mean he got there. Yeah yeah right okay. My question a bit about the game I wanted to ask Bobby. If you thought that would ever get the lead at the end zone shot on on television on the broadcast any -- salute. Yet does that thing is that I'm still give you an insult shot but. This that -- would that would that teams get to see. Compared to what the fans actually Q witnesses like 98. You can see every player on every play. ID ego and you just don't -- penalty because they isolated on the ball they always gonna follow. The ball and like an adult topic for instance like. Whether it it's that darkness out in them is gonna give an example. That's mainly when the teams break down the film. It that's the only thing on the line and look at go to the lead cut -- like all but that the -- the lineman you're looking at that and don't copy. At that different fronts and angles and -- trying to block. And in -- trying to utilize that they never look at a title a sideline copy. Now who knows maybe in the future. NFL might offer that as a fan and he had a different prize yet if you got a few like if you die hard fans. At that one that because that's actually you see. That fly if you look at. People have played that game especially in the trenches. They love watching the team from the adult that they could see how holes open up. And they also it's the for a different front and and look at it like college quarterback. Would be look at added the fifth or vice Versa how -- safety. Would be look at that offense and how to disguise coverages. What a quarterback. All right let's go to let's see about me. Steve in Biloxi on lying on the and I Steve let this go to Willy -- he's on -- eight Willie thank you the call on the phone after -- Saints radio that you get you have. So close yet. Wanted to talk about. Running game. The thing about -- that they'll -- to. I don't think nobody game doesn't do enough. A lack of a threat from. But do you remember him from do -- do fullback and bad legal the and in blocks or. In the dump seems to look around and can go to a lot of -- for the ride back I don't know if that was the thing. Well. You look at a lot of teams in even in major college football a different offenses you see the pistol. Or just read option like that's never gonna happen. Who we Drew Brees like you know the quarterback. We we get to see it coming out in to see the total what you see with college cabernet. Russell Wilson with a point nine in the Seahawks but. The we have run plays. Well we have pulled the guard. We have a -- full black more traditional football. And I think you see that more. Even though we in the -- and it kind of talk about on the senator you've seen them or the likes of Drew Brees Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers not necessarily the young quarterbacks though with this whereabouts we see. He college football but well with that being said when you talk about pull in the guards I think. The saint utilize what what they've done in the past and I've had success. And according to their linemen stability. Now the one thing we've been able to utilize. Is the screen game. Now I think the Jets did a pretty good job well wanna say we had a couple of nights Greek plays and a one time -- caught the Jets on a blitz. And -- -- got a bonus hit 27 yard gain it was the third and six that I was the right play at the right time obviously. Also syndicate run the ball. You see the saint. Now we need Darren Sproles could be available who does an outstanding job with this is that short passing game. Which is really a long handoff. Where it's a very conservative pass. But it's really almost like a running play considering. That you're hoping. You gonna get 567. Yards if you break a tackle you get more of an at least with the -- you have that type of team replacing their running game but. I think coach they -- running plays according to the -- ability. Bounced all the did sort of six the Saints forty at the point after on Saints radio Fabini seafood in the fourth quarter on WW yeah. Well Nick Folk remained perfect this season by kicking four field goals and Rex Ryan's defense outperformed his twin brother rob -- As the New York Jets upset the Saints 26 to twenty. Interceptions by the Mario Davis and Antonio Cromartie highlighted New York's solid defensive performance. And former Saints running back Chris Ivory rushed for a touchdown and 139. Yards on the ground. Geno Smith handoff running like Chris Ivory -- King for a touchdown and a world football but -- this video wall that has the feel good -- Chris Ivory. The Saints fall to six and two on the year and host the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football next week. Dallas Tony Romo threw for 337 yards and two touchdowns including the go ahead score to Dwayne -- with 35 seconds left. And the Cowboys beat the Minnesota Vikings 27 to 23 the Cowboys improved to five and fall for while dropping the Vikings to one and Saturday. Can't overcame a shaky start to lead the Panthers to 834 to ten victory over the Falcons. -- can't move -- filled in New York. -- makes into the line rolls out to the righty throughout the -- It. Newton threw for 249. Yards including that fourteen yard touchdown pass to Greg Olsen. -- also ran for a score on the day Carolina has now won four straight and are five in three walking in the Atlanta their fifth loss in six games. The Chiefs defense helped to extend Kansas city's perfect start to nine straight games. With 823 to thirteen win over the Buffalo Bills to. -- put the Chiefs ahead for good by scoring on an eleven yard fumble return with 1247 remaining in the game. Kansas city's opportunistic defense made up for its own deficiencies on offense. As Alex Smith's off I managed to lead the team to only 210. Total yards running back Chris Johnson woke up and ran for a 150 yards and two touchdowns. And the Tennessee Titans beat former coach Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams. 28 to 21. The Titans snapped a three game losing streak and are now four and four. And Darrel young scored on a four yard run in overtime the third touchdown of the game for the little used fullback giving the Washington Redskins 830 to 24 win. Over the San Diego Chargers in overtime. Games that are currently in action in the fourth quarter. Tampa Bay leads Seattle 24 to seventeen Mike let him with a 155. Yards passing and two touchdowns over on the day. Over in Oakland I hope you fantasy football players out there have nick folds on your team. He's strong for 400 yards and seven touchdowns that the Eagles lead the Raiders 49 to thirteen. Over in Cleveland it's the Browns fourteen to ten over the Ravens that's in the third quarter. Also in the third quarter and New England leading the Pittsburgh Steelers 24 to seven team which you look at the NFL scoreboard I'm Steve. -- on WW LA MFM and WW dot com. I writes the thank you very much it is the point apt it being -- difference quota on a called all five of them doping stuff like is the mystified or or. Seafood here and don't forget it occupied Tito's hand me but and but wasn't he Smart have a great time with Hughes and it's 85. It gets point six and the Saints want you back to the -- to go Bobby and that's who come. See it in New Jersey on line five do you think it's called -- happened on -- three and a utility if this is -- New Jersey and exit from Jets right -- -- -- Right that's right you guys with that that game in the -- to say a couple of things one. I'd like make it in -- into it didn't publicly. Of the personnel blunders that have made since 2006. And letting it go and keeping it -- mean that just beat you and he. I know on had to be there and and so ultimately it's happened that he'd like my record -- now they are. And they have made a lot of the -- but right now when it was apparent to everybody in the city. Everybody it's been shown that you that you know what that number. Yeah. -- -- you know like they had and the comment on that point. And I think your heart that it would be wrong but -- Peyton. Usually daddy is human I would put it mortgage holders that on the key moments. That that I truly believe that Ian tied with the move back in the first round. And at the draft Mark Ingram. Was trying to supports it and make it work. Where well we all know I mean you know even look at last year that is the point season. With this thing to remember remember that great run and when the -- undefeated in the superdome will with a thinks -- on the art. I -- broke about a eight or nine back on what we -- marking the break one tackle and a military. -- -- He it would be too much on on Jimmy Graham is it that the day I was a little bit behind a little bit. I know he -- -- -- pressured but the equipment part being I'm. Yeah -- and -- went -- and fifth at how hot throughout the game you watch and it. -- is that you ordered drugs back you know -- back in the full. But I think what we -- game planning maybe. And now you know not having the availability of -- physicals then and there and rolled that epic you know I think. What is the number that -- -- the victory you know you're. Going. The thing that kind of -- defense is. We -- the one time. He -- -- that propelled. -- note of it when he's -- Patten and we know we. -- first out and we think it's -- in that you know so shame on him between the time. But I don't. Get that and it seemed. To couldn't Giles at that time. Nobody got it with -- That it is amazing enough but no wait and -- like Cromartie at the act is -- there. Yeah mostly it was a good. Call -- you know we got to give that this is it that right. At the effort of Marty I look back on the Pittsburgh drive though. Not -- tonight. Even though we wore that really running the ball because you look and -- drive. You know that's with 39 at the Billie Jean you know miscommunication. And it looks like where where -- that broccoli in a long. But he Atlanta or. The 45 yards in a good job standing in the pocket. They get up all star Charles Brown. We activity and that was one thing -- -- what. Coach Venus at this and his -- a number of teams. That'll happen anywhere near Arctic penalties short yardage and you never one I had nine penalties mean I have an eight or nine penalties. -- opinion -- playing at this and football now that means that on that I went roughing the passer. On my and and -- Wilkinson is no way. Outlook roughing the passer but then if you look at it it was the third and sixth. And that is on the drive partly is the 43 yard field goal in the -- does mean a role but he redeemed themselves as the team and on. Of the third and fix it never showed the replay on TV. You mean like here dropped a pass in the flat. It went through it and I don't know if you've seen it in there to think we would have done it yet but -- Popular question. In that being very physical abuse that would make it different. If we you know -- -- seed in the human. Blocking scheme ridiculously. They can't physically matchup zone he beat Equant -- you'd think that would make it different -- -- -- hit a good bit there. -- -- -- -- At lunch eaten up and done right and it's been a trip. Yeah right now I am in you know and I think quote green has prided himself -- you have the car on the accident REM into the world. Well we can Angola man to man -- out now. Don't block you know you look at courts give to kind of keep the. And welcome back breaking eighty seafood in French Quarter on a Kona -- that I don't think it's of the -- is proud -- all -- at all. All black and -- who create the eighties ammonium. On everything up -- -- -- -- you out there as soon as it will also brought you by Tito's hand made bucket and but -- have a great time but he's Smart. Into the designated drivers on the -- campaign. And Bobby three on Twitter I'm at the the team. Afternoon right now book going on CBS the Steelers and the thing goes to me to think of the Steelers -- Patriots -- and up. At -- for peace and also Bobby that's -- folks this and it texting. Think that listening he's still in a typical true saying it is -- -- who gets all the way although that this opponent also day to the. New York that you they have Mike Mike in the Marines. And you know mil over here -- that -- about it -- is you know you don't like Mike's approach at Buddha nature Eagles win at -- When you -- we just didn't win. Winner so he's they'll ask that I am right now we try to put the -- -- stay -- does that mean like that apparently the threw a pretty good right. -- is that wrong with that. I got to the phone go about it -- go to Gulfport Mississippi for Troy on line for Troy thank you for calling the point after on that you don't Hugo. You think newspapers call like the Saints but -- like watch a movie where the words don't match up with the actors saying there -- But here's my problem. Some of them. -- at the line amateur or situations. Turco was that was the -- point two and dropped balls she injured players. Chauncey being -- -- with a you know short these -- situation I'll call. Just you know and and and -- it back by committee thing I think they need to get walk and that let him down ball striking didn't think that it's our when you don't keep. One running back they're back they're running the ball. Like -- -- that most teams and it probably at a team that lead you'd like they're having that not a private entities take the saint approach is not like. He Drew Peterson getting point five carries. You look at Chris Ivory not yet eighteen carries. Powell had nine. If I gains Powell has more carries and ivory. You -- both teams that -- have a 12 punch -- not at -- we utilized in a three backs I think we Pierre. Like coach Peyton doesn't wanna get the ball eighteen to twenty times. It's only because they wanted to be available all sixteen games collected a playoff and not be so -- you go. Now with roles. That they gonna do that well I'm telling you even when we had you gotta look back now. Even when we had the sixth best rushing attack -- doable in 2011. When we had the greatest offense. In NFL history. We did it by committee and we had a sixth best rushing attack and and and that that handler. Now we just got to get it done. Go to probably the greatest show on turf was it was the -- about eleven I don't know original the ram. Was that's the Patriots -- -- is that what they want at all. It went I think I don't know what happened that because because it was current Florida and Marshall Faulk and I I don't know who would -- 002001. Because if you with the the memories that -- wanna say it was 2000. I want to know what do you get the win yes. But I -- -- great as often as it did win a championship yes. So it work yeah but we law. Right exactly the media got to Obey laws that are created and we lost you know at the point isn't it well but I mean did not. The thing. That that the thing. This they all handled -- everybody's available in the canal running back right now who we have on the roster. Yeah he did you look at Pierre Thomas Darren Sproles. Marking a card rob. If everybody's healthy and is available. And and if you might say who's not complete back -- learned those carries the SEC Pierre Thomas. Do you think you that -- Green every game it is and when we run the ball is that we gonna happen theory. We gonna have to want it -- -- point nine rushing attempts. You gotta tell me that he's gonna get the ball -- Pierre or any running back 1820 times that ain't happening. Is that happening in all I go by. It's been okay is that well coached -- dvds to change. While I can tell you it's excellent pain in his era since he's been here three out of first four years. We had been someone off. And at worst and this is kind of at worst. Is that we've been cannot look at last year with a lot of -- that often but at worst if you look at where offenses ranked. Coming at this game we're no mistakes. Get 396. Yards a game of the -- you the -- excitement I think so yeah I think by him wanting to do it by committee. He's 620 they normally can work there you go sixty -- the next great American -- Yeah I was thrown at us fans -- -- -- collided with the number at this point that you won't you can't run that could come down the stretch if he continued. Russian and he ought to know I'm not happy when you when you're on balance off and caught one pass that. Right now only four runs after this performance. I don't know I'm kind of look at that and how open -- get to twelve gains I think -- that it would take that at least to be you know once the I don't know -- for the things that -- and went to get that double digits but it just right you know especially with expectations -- we got off to a great start. That almost and glances at his appointment. And and finishing four report down the stretch of verses on a high note more like a 62 now it's all gonna start and to me. The meat of the schedule we set is back in April when the schedule came out. Is getting ready to happen over the next month and now and hopefully we'll have -- injuries. Because -- really need all hands on day. And and and right now I have to say. I'll I'll kind of open and we should. Be at least a 5050 thing to a two. I would be surprised if we wanted three and then I I think he'd be a big win for this team at the next working so we can go to green one. All right Bobby let's go back go to the phones we go and that's go to Houston the day -- on line six Dave thank you for calling upon -- on -- trading OWW ago. Guys thank you much -- -- -- Mike -- into would I would be inside but we all of a couple points. Didn't them last year I appreciate time -- More resort on that article is great working your room he has no business you're -- -- -- that -- O line shot. We have no competent. Inability to run the ball. Thirteen times and that didn't get it done we would never go anywhere we can't run ball. Third Kinney field who have been -- at the at the last three weeks what we're going to war order. In Pakistan on the field. We all the injuries alone time and wake. You have -- I don't know which Drew Brees decision making errors on -- like you said Kenny stills. You know with three catches unit I've garnered her -- Partner -- Right right guy he's not big two and is Kenny stills but as a caller to break if you think running the football does make a difference. Let me tell you -- troubling that. If you look at -- last year at 34 and a half -- the percentage at times he ran the ball. -- the lower rate than all but three the teams in the 2012 season you look at the league average is -- the whole league -- NFL. Was 42 would have. We ran the ball thirty -- however it now you look. And if -- a playoff team last year you don't throw we had immunity mark if you -- a playoff team. You ran the ball 45%. Of the time all helped many -- you and we only ran the ball. 34 and have no act -- ethic and a lot of I think it's not -- old school football. If you came on the -- winning Jack. You're not going to be -- chance the reason why it was -- chance an antiquated offense we had at least the sixth best rushing attack. To go with an awesome passing attack. We're ramped up a comeback hit point six points when he gets the point after the -- seafood on Saints radio -- if you. I don't get DeMarre the coaches show the Saints. Radio WWO 637 there tomorrow night Monday Night Football the fans and the -- exceed the Saints take on the Dallas now fourth -- Sunday. Night football team you can't manager over to Bears tomorrow -- -- -- head to head we've got a few minutes left six and through as we thought all the tough part of the schedule. Dallas coming up San Francisco coming up Atlanta and Seattle it's a tough stretch of employee it. Into the back into the schedule and now a full week to face Carolina points. Well because looking at the Cowboys coming to town the last time they came to town they embarrass the Saints and you know how much I hate the Cowboys. We were thirteen to know if physically dominate know that they will dislike how the Jets with this on the line well the Cowboys game. I want to say with that Marvin Harrison and it was night it was it was it was actually Saturday -- -- -- -- out there and brokers I have a night game to a thirteen you know and it -- what is now. With that being said I think we've been humbled by the Jets. So it it's no big hit you know as far as. Let me ask -- With -- see it. We have a broad. Is this is common of performance this week is coming off the hinges -- -- coach and the player is -- How disappointed they wore. In the performance in a 3570. Wins that avail about how much better they've got to do how much better they've got the break this is about all of them tell us that in the in this is what you come out do. Yep yep I. -- he got I'm saying it's not an unbelievable feeling 62 pocket every movement with thirteen you know. You know how opportunistic we -- in you know having seven. Even if that touchdown. We are winning in the trenches now we went out the first probably -- -- -- -- it is. Was we played the Cowboys just -- like I Jay Ratliff. Well honestly did he just signed with the Bears yeah he is now the -- -- -- cut cut them I don't know -- doll because Jerry Jones. Are some we're that's -- -- he's -- in trying to challenge him about his groin and all that but I know we could block him. At that time Soviet at Tennessee now. But the Cowboys had a squeaker to -- you repaired in NFL. -- ominously the be divided with thirteen seconds left who isn't -- is now likely go to Dallas and I think I can think if we're playing like we can and and now we have -- -- that being rolled ankle and everyone. And we Malcolm Jenkins. Hopefully he'll be ready to play next Sunday night. That I I think we're better and now. Now you could be in a shootout type game. You look at Dallas how they've not been elliptical knocking -- they did that against the Vikings. But with that being said. You got the Cowboys that you got the party niners did when I owners that fiscal. They're coming here where you know we had the momentum killed in the second quarter and there was a stretch of minutes that quarter began the third quarter. But it Drew Brees had a -- game thinking picking the 49ers were playing -- -- we need him. And the team to play great if take care that -- Kamal you play a little the Cowboys and the par united. That's Seattle I don't know about that right but I'll -- enough to win the next two games. I think some most of love Alisyn rant tomorrow but -- even -- back in studio on site engineers Dominic Mitchum. These are Jonas in the morning -- Monday Morning Quarterback -- atomic took a show and don't forget about. -- morning draft double cope with to a Kristi -- at T Bob hey there. And to second guess tomorrow night and the coaches so it's 630 final score New York -- six the Saints forty. This has been a point after All Saints radio WW LA MF MA dot com on the -- -- As always talk about the cajun cannon Bobby a very long delayed elation all deny people.