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11-4 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 4, 2013|

Dave talks about how you feel about the Saints being 6-2, time change, and keep your ring on

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fourth of November 2013. -- Susan Monday -- and I feel good. Again next spring it must have gotten extra amount I -- this is gonna happen -- it's -- one hour before my alarm went off that straight up in the -- Just as we change the clocks doesn't mean my body and news -- was asleep and action that's a full hour right there that well because we fell back you know well tested -- ago that's -- time I would normally get out there when I normally would wake up my body woke up. Where you were able to go back yet thank goodness that was it does. Typical other. At 2 o'clock or hourly back -- And then took the extra hour really helped me over the weekend and and -- now -- don't like the fact that can be dark at home from work. The most. Yeah it's going to be dark early. And I hit a great. Enjoyed the sleeping on Sunday morning got up on all my stuff ready for the big -- And then I just. I got kind of in in a bad mood by the way the game was going almost for a while from the get no mr. and that mood went down down down mountain. And. The fourth quarter and he had has them you'd figured after it came back there with once within one score. Suddenly we started hitting field goals with with a down. And that is Santoro were within a touchdown and and had the ball had the ball and I'll look at Brady did it and why at 35 seconds. Home -- that -- that we went backwards lose. One and you know -- -- be anger Chris Ivory cola company -- room here to meet the real problem is very simple -- -- scored twenty points. Well -- lesson that I need to know in Allen went last time out. Starting out no Marcus Colston thing last night. In you'd like to have Marcus Colston. Jimmy Graham is coming and he's not a 100% -- well way UC on his route running is not what it normally is when he can normally get separation he -- getting it. Obviously that would injuries still bothering him. They'll get -- touched. By it but then Darren Sproles getting concussion on the first -- want a weapon. So you have no Marcus Colston note Darren Sproles part of Jimmy Graham. And you got a bunch of rookies or relatively new players who. Now they dropped the ball. Andrew had a few bad passes but a lot of them that now right on fingertips where guys Chicago. Now in the bouncing around and ending up on a jet slams yeah. -- But you know here this is accident halfway point of the ninth season and -- and it. Eight games down there's six and it would you wanna be there are twelve and fours on the finish if they play the same in this second half they did the first. That's act and no. Now it would have been nice to Seattle and actually lost they forgot they -- this tee shot in the first that's their game par. But then I remembered the out there -- the GOP's Kansas City keeps winning. We don't care and doesn't matter still on devil but played them. Would be I just don't like matters would be in the -- I like to be on top of you lot voted against his -- AFC teams. A lot of be excited about if this and get healthy get all their weapons back and if we you know the -- the offensive. What brought between injuries and penalties of up but the lives I was gonna say the penalties and they just overall sloppiness. In just. What now what -- this. Another fly and is weird. Like getting a silly game coming out of time. You mean he would -- timeout the plan which -- gonna. But I say it's a six into it -- right folks is it doom and gloom or is not that back. Music 170 total for 866889. -- -- -- attacks -- 87870. Right now it dooming them. Is it not that batters they really pretty good at six and at the halfway point yeah. What you predict their record from four -- in their right out what you you know that would that would point right now. So I guess I should rejoice. Adam I think in all -- be happy with the laws. I'm just saying it would take things with respect. Their quarterback -- terror. -- -- In good enough to do or they -- -- them him them and now it's not great the -- this morning it's fantastic. -- atmosphere out more about -- A look at what happens you know work -- and wait neck with the forecast Steve Geller with -- -- -- the things. Do if you do and what time -- -- is it not that better everything's pretty ticked and do it aptly points but about that was Steve it year after it. IBC's good morning I'm Dave Allen thanks for being a part of the early edition of WWL first news the ads Monday but it feels pretty nice that then. I feel because of the time change. Mid seventies again today as we see it 10% rain chance and partly cloudy skies now tomorrow. We'll see that -- chance increased to about 20% so expecting mid seventies and by Wednesday our next cold front arrives. Bring an 830% chance for showers and a few thunderstorms. Even warmer and a little went deep highs Wednesday 81. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell so on the rollercoaster cool to dame tomorrow warming up Wednesday -- the front comes on Wednesday and then we get that warm weather in the showers and cool off again for the weekend there right now cloudy 61 of the international airport in -- northeast and it three miles an hour. It's cloudy and 49 the National Weather Service office in the right now might gulf thanks Colin WW well. Who dat nation today be feeling horrible today about the loss today BC I'm pretty good that the saints are six and -- halfway through the season. Or should they be given downright. Giddy that Hussein did -- overall. Doing so well. I'd like to see it and it's a little bit below quick. Now the it would it would wreck the audit and -- -- On the ball well we don't stop the run well. -- back for all of that walk back leaks and row and are out. It can't -- it and that would help though. And I AT and -- feel really good right now but he and at least wait and see what happens against Dallas on Sunday night in the and the 49ers in the dome the following week. -- -- out so well get up there but yet but yet they'll -- to execute. We appreciate the call Michael thank you for your opinion on here on the earliest days. It's. -- Our mornings -- accurate and it now and interesting. That a lot of people are very very concerned about the same thing now. I noted up bank got the offense is that you can apparently from my perspective that no colds and those roles Jimmy Graham not full strength now at what -- points on the board. But -- six -- now wait points in that. You know that's that's okay to some folks what they'd rather of course being. Eight and oh yeah and who wouldn't wanna be agent oh yes it was a lot of old you know. They're watching Batman good morning. Yeah and the biggest upset of the day in the NFL came in the saints game against the jets. They picked off Drew Brees twice and got a lot of help from a former member of the black and gold -- -- handoff to running right Chris Ivory is. Looking for a touchdown they rolled the ball. All that has the feel good for Chris Ivory. Ivory had a 139. Yards rushing and a touchdown as the jets still on the saints' 26 to twenty. New York improved to 541. New Orleans is now six and two on the year with more on the black and gold -- saints' sideline reporter Kristian garic. After disappointing loss to the New York Jets the saints turn their attention to the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday night in prime time at home. Offensive tackles actually says the team will rally around a difficult time in and give us a chance to focus and give us a chance to. Trying to close the doors and become tighter the cowboys are coming off win over Minnesota Vikings last week Dallas five and four on the season. On Sunday Night Football the colts were down to what you want to three at halftime to the Texans but Andrew -- would rally his team throwing three touchdowns in the second pass. Looking over the middle PT why don't at this point he's got it didn't. Have a good putts down the colts. Right back did it. Indianapolis would win 27 to 24 over Houston but the bigger news was Texans head coach Gary Kubiak collapsing. As he left the field at halftime the team did not say what was wrong with the 52 year old but did say. Kubiak did not have a heart attack. Well it's a big game week for LSU football were gearing up to face their rival Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Here's the big chief with the latest. LSU coach -- miles was asked what is the weakness of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team go to a -- says they don't have it they play a very. Constructed. Style of defense. I think everybody understands their fit on the field and not think understanding their rules and understanding the things that. If they're going to do routinely. Help you. You know maybe their weaknesses. Is there so well school's. In prime time Saturday night in T town number one Alabama number two and LSU right here on WWL PW WWO sports and after a week at number three Florida State returned to the number two position in this week's edition of the BCS standings. Alabama still number one in the country while Oregon moves down a spot the three number four and number fire -- Ohio State and Stanford -- she stayed put at thirteen. Therefore it's the second -- show from the silver slipper casino filed by the saints coaches show with Sean. 24 minutes after 5 AM they've gone and Steve -- hanging out on your radio here in the early edition of WW LR's is so I've made our big 870 pretty -- or opinion poll the saints are six and -- halfway through the season. After the loss to the jets paddy field choices doom and -- Not bad are pretty good where would you put yourself in that number not bad not bad. You -- not bad about six and two at the halfway point but you heard this last caller saying Michael said. And beaten anyone with a winning record all the teams they've beaten have a losing record. It's a great point it was a good call by an expense for the fact the running game. That they can't seem to stop right now and -- Tamil Iran and and then they can't -- Iran and what's disturbing is that Sean Payton said at the start the year. There was a renewed commitment to the running game. And we just haven't seen -- they rentable only thirteen times yesterday. And they were having a little bit of success but seem to stray away from it too much. It was working Ingram actually had a couple of nice Ron you're Elvis he averaged four point eight on the day and Thomas had four yards a carry and today that's -- the numbers you want four yards to carry you feel pretty good about third running game. But then on the fourth and inches you handoff to the tight end. And Iran. And an -- -- and he's now when he media. At. At first I was angry -- paid for making that call. -- Sean Payton is considered is that the best one of the top three plate -- in the NFL. And I'm not sure I have the qualifications to question his play calling I wouldn't call that but I would call most things Sean Payton calls I don't know enough about the game. I but I completely understand if you leave it but to meet might not even any credit -- on the previous -- not caring for not handing off -- there showed no to me no lack lack of confidence in the in this running backs Yang and I AED straight to trick. Right exactly got too cute. Two plays and grow if they got that fourth and one. We maybe -- totally got absolutely. I would. Thank you Steve talking about fifteen minutes more sports on them beat him well only about them that -- tigers. Tied -- take a look at that matchup. -- game Saturday right here we go back more of your thoughts text messages today 7870. Don't give you the results of our voting advocates of the project -- opinion all along with your forecast. Text message. Properly points out that he beat the bears who had a winning record at the time and still do we'll see what happens tonight the -- -- -- the bears are currently four and three so that's winning records I'm likely weren't quite right. Your forecast. We're creeping back up into the mid seventies today with a 10% chance for just -- straight shower now continue overnight. Even as close -- little bit warmer fifties to lower sixties that a high tomorrow 76. The few spotty showers around that went to -- next cold front arrives at rain chances up to 30%. Highs Wednesday 81. For the eyewitness c.'s forecast -- I'm meteorologist -- Celtics. Wanting tanner 49 inside now. 38 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on this fourth of November 2013. Kids in my day is Monday and apparently the guys -- the -- on the Ted didn't get the memo did turn the clocks back yeah -- response to pick up that -- 38 minutes ago it's a year on their way off yeah. Way to go there DO TV now if you get a save it is going to be. Open at five he opened at five that's that you can go out of the a little off put an awful. -- that addicts have to do I. Guess those guys just -- 10 o'clock. You don't but I enjoyed the time change I'm glad that we fell back. And again it is and you feel more refreshed Sunday morning. And this morning. And it was gonna happen now an hour before my alarm went off assets into the bed and looked a lot there anybody said it's a wake up. The body -- -- all the time to you know its way to -- -- them every day yeah. The incident sat on that for a long time and it's all right -- I would go back to sleep enough it pretty well rested. Man people are on an interesting reaction to what happened happened. I can imagine him in New York obligates him pretty jaguar paid people based on the conversation you and I had half an hour ago. With a lot of people clearly Phelan doom and gloom about the saints right now we then look at -- six and two it's halfway through the season and you feel not so bad ready to six at duke have wedges in that's pretty good right now of those people voting. -- at WWL dot com and a big 870 pretty -- where people. 45% of the amount Batman is not there at the halfway -- are attentive. When his numbers of days doom and courtroom. And another point seven -- -- a pretty good about the saints being six into the -- rock so pretty even distribution. Now people feel simulated detonation variants that. Some -- upset at all on them somewhere in the middle. I kept hearing things in the crowd that I was in yesterday like yeah this is not a Super Bowl team. This is sloppy this is not ready for prime time at those kind of comments were like you are going on constant. You'll find -- -- stands ready for prime time because they play in time this Sunday in the superdome on Sunday Night Football when the Dallas Cowboys. Beat him about Bobbi Davis says we're gonna figure out what this team -- -- next week -- -- they deserve to be a top seed in the play out we'll find out if they beat the cowboys and the 49ers over the next two weeks in the super now. He says yes if not -- then maybe should be -- Ironically the cowboys. Go back -- well fine. You beat them good to get that one week from yesterday week from now you know hopefully -- -- -- On Sunday Night -- you're wrong about your prediction on this thing most people war you've got Vegas about the it's gonna win that game they didn't but I can't I well you know I can -- UN do it but you didn't get the right answer and who is going to be tops the box yes I do weekend -- -- -- Enders game opens at number one. And I -- Butterfield and Harrison Ford in the film that brought in 28 million dollars but it was enough for number one. In -- comedy bag pogroms dropped the -- you thought it might thing in the cars as close as close last to Vegas in the third Michael Douglas Roberts in Euro Morgan Freeman Kevin -- But none of this really matters because all of this is just silly little warmup weekend because the war in the dark world you know 110 million dollars international law and will open in the US this coming weekend. So now only had record now yeah I think you can pretty much he would the writing is on the law that. And it did these movies that did decent this weekend man that's a much next weekend doors going do you think -- hammered. On the -- he would thank you -- -- him about five minutes. More news here on WWL -- them back -- Chris knows yet actually is 1818. Minutes. -- -- the -- on him this morning. As they get up and out in on the way. The weather has been fantastic you know money anyone who doesn't like this whether I adequate Q&A -- People file because it is meteorologists -- about talent has been ain't perfect plan. -- -- -- -- Loved it loved it. Saturday -- loved that Sunday that is different it was warmer Saturday it was cooler Sunday -- kind of get a little bit of both and it just it was beautiful with sunshine. Do we agree yet to discontinue. You know it does -- we're we're starting off well on the cool -- to get some 40s50s. To write about sixty degrees. And we are going to warm up -- not to be as cool as Sunday I would compare today Moore said it's Saturday. As we get it to about 75 but the little little moisture will increase the little bits that means little more cloud cover around today. And it's slight chance for a shower mostly along the coast that 10% just throw that out there. Our rights a pretty good today pretty good tomorrow Wednesday they he'd come here. But then the front right after an eight does right at right ahead of that front we get to 81 on Wednesday but front arrives early Thursday morning. Just looking at just about 30% for Wednesday and Thursday that not -- walks out on a lot of rainfall. Yes the front moves through during date Thursday so we're back to some sunshine and sixty's for highs on Friday. How high it's a Wednesday and Thursday a little warm a little rainy. But then by Friday that nice cool crisp fall -- back in play this little breeze he backed -- that's the way half I like. And why's that -- I'm -- out with you on that you Barrow when he got engaged yes. You know when you get that ring on that thing if you ever taken off. Yes -- -- showered taken up the washing. And yell at the -- die it's by like a lot soul dies young -- didn't know it's -- New York well here's the here's the problem and he and he really understand as a hatter rain. It they're different sizes like if you buy greens. Maybe at that that. Not buying jewelry at the -- right. You have a different size sometimes and if you get it -- applicants who resource that he had at the un -- that I war that was -- sex. But it up and wanna -- a -- right and that I've I am like a four and a half felt. The way it -- all of -- I don't get to where hiring like the first three weeks and that's about what it is the sixers are relatively cheap -- that he thought with your side and you but you very -- game right and coal mining and you know any better couldn't ask me who my -- was hasn't died of -- weigh in rang yet. So he just told the jeweler yes I think that it's funny when he when he told him they were like. -- I figure out. They knew I was there like issuers aside picked it up that's what that -- -- -- on top priority and other weird for the first three weeks. Now while what you did get the right size yeah -- put it on your finger did you take off like the wash your hands that's a wash my he. Well apparently but the jets beat reporter up in New York County Barton yeah recently engaged. Does taker ring off to wash their hands trusting and she left that she took it off in the press box -- -- MetLife stadium yesterday. And left it on account there yet. Guess who found it. Dale Benson the wife of saints owner Tom -- He actually did return and of course. And have them. He'd told Terry Porter bettered its open hearing in the lose it one yeah on your fingers. I heard it. The way it is you're not used to it to you wash your hands you used to not you know it happened on your fingers -- that that ended up well that could have not been as well I isn't somewhere else. I understand using auto won the cloudy I don't want to get -- on -- is beautiful new engagement -- but -- me. What you can that they can easily then there on death and she's on from. Animals that are happening in her tail -- into the rescue fine dinner at jets beat -- loss rank even noticed it was a member of the team. Opposing team. The idea that all I you know but it has yet -- -- Hampshire the reporter was out -- I wonder if she realized that it was and that theme. Before yet they found at -- enemy looking for and it yeah. Early in oblivion like. That and I could have. At a bigger -- days probably. We've got our finger at. It's meant that thing yeah I think it's out on the -- that you are. But I'll live and direct Eyewitness News forecasts giving us the forecast a lesson and -- sizing. And some advice for our. We were losing all from -- meteorologist -- now we'll get. And different stuff but a whole lot of Steve -- sport that once text messages that 77 because I think the saints are on the way to the Super Bowl okay and other one says the season nation on the the saints again and eat home field advantage for the playoffs with the two big losses on the road. -- -- AFC teams and others says things are okay with this thing it's tough to win on the so as you can see they're good -- nation all over the plate and that's reflected a big gates avenue pretty jaguar opinion for people are pretty evenly split. The statistics that you halfway through the season after the loss to the debt paddy field 38% say it's doom and -- 38% that it. And 29% that they feel pretty good about this thing. Big gallery and tell us what happened and what went wrong but the saints opened new York New Jersey. Yesterday afternoon and without all the rest of sport commodities. Good morning and I guess not so happy Monday the saints couldn't get their offense going against the jets defense. And New York upset New Orleans 26 to twenty MetLife stadium. Geno Smith shotgun he'll pull it down and run off -- but to -- -- -- -- accidentally. Students at three yard touchdown around. Rookie quarterback geno Smith and former Cink Chris Ivory each rushed for a touchdown on the day while kicker nick full -- Drilled four field goals the saints dropped to six and two on the year while the jets improve to five and four. The Texans coughed up a 21 to three halftime lead to the colts but still had a chance to tie things up with a field goal as time was expiring. -- -- -- -- Good hold that the -- looking. Colts happen. Kicker Randy Bullock missed the 55 yarder in Indianapolis will win 2724. Be -- Houston coach Gary Kubiak collapsed leaving the field at halftime. He was taken to the hospital no word on his condition except that it was not a heart attack but tiger football's back all -- -- today getting ready to travel Tuscaloosa. To do battle with Alabama. Here's the big chief with the latest on that. I should possess -- one of the most high powered offenses in the Southeastern Conference -- bags that men members say is he in his tiger offense have their hands full this week. Against the Alabama Crimson Tide defense. Nick Saban defense that are sound and what they do. Get this guys covered as well all day makes up blitzes. -- doing. A lot of good things and they do it right away. -- obviously say at this 7 PM Saturday night right here on WW -- Deke Bellavia WWL sports and -- a remains number one in the latest BCS standings both Florida State moves up to number two. With Oregon dropping down to number three. Alicia remained at the thirteenth spot today -- four it's the second -- show from the silver slipper casino followed by the saints coaches show with Sean Payton. I'm Steve Geller with -- early morning look it's. Favorite is that correct is Alabama that much better than the -- at the -- go to when I was twelve points and it seems a bit too -- for me I would -- I was a better I would be taking the tigers in those twelve point barely think it'll be a closer game -- -- you don't think -- -- -- -- away with this absolutely teams always seem to -- knock down drag -- fight and I think that'll be a lot closer to twelve -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- more -- your thoughts -- -- -- as -- -- closer -- -- Saturday in Tuscaloosa. So -- your reaction at a -- text messages were getting an 87870 about the saints. When -- fans as the saints will be just fine to iron out the wrinkles this week and get back to their winning ways finish strong. As has not feeling bad about the things. And other says it's gonna be all right. And then there are people who are the doom and gloom that in the saints cannot afford these injuries they thrive on receivers being healthy. Jimmy Graham clearly not healthy markets Colston didn't even play and then Darren Sproles out. With a concussion -- three major weapons the saints didn't have. If they get. Healthy do you feel better about their chances to make a good run in the second half of the season to be right now it's all coming down that offensive line and what they're able to do is in the run game and also protecting -- the poor guy. That was a lot of problem with the issues he couldn't find the receivers downfield because. He had time to get to ask for somebody else says that Texans say you can't protect drill all the weapons don't matter. And you know look at the new guys they haven't been able to -- in some of the -- lot of drop passes this game was there really discouraging as well. He Colston back and if we need Sproles as well. It's Saturday. As Sunday night Dallas coming to the down who got feeling right now. I still at the things definitely in their house. Thank you -- we'll -- in fifteen minutes will be back in the ousted fifteen minutes or sports here on WWL. AMF seven -- The status if your forecast. -- here Monday skies will be mostly cloudy as we get into the warning time should -- sunshine into the afternoon. 10% chance for rain today just for a spotty shower or two and -- later about 75. Tonight temperatures won't be quite as school with an east wind look for lows around 58 on the North Shore and 62 south of the lake. Then Tuesday right back up to the mid seventies with a 20% rain chance. Witnessing a cold front will begin to work against the rain chances up to 30%. A little warmer highs of 81. From the eyewitness these forecasts Fenner I meteorologist mark tell. And I started out the morning cool on the North Shore 49 in Slidell right now and then the city 61 degrees so little warmer here on the South Shore. Talk about other saints aren't healthy one person tax mediate 7870 it is -- I think the saints just got a bad case of -- ivory. -- blue theory on. -- it's not about to let players go and trades. And free agency and stuff is always hope that the player that you might go doesn't go to a senior playing. That season as it always happens. Let me tigers -- for the next four hours of -- -- definitely about treatment when he bit. Right here at 7 o'clock for a minute two hour and a just a wrong way now and let the sun coming up already seems weird we're gonna talk about it saints we're gonna start with the saints and see what comes from there I got a feeling. That's pretty much gonna be four hours well outside right now of those people voting in advocates of the project or opinion poll 60% feel much better pretty good about the team halfway through the season a lot of did you say whatever that -- it's doom and -- because that's going to be up ready jaguar opinion polls doom and gloom or what was the other -- -- and not better pretty -- And we'll make that the ready jaguars opinion polls because I -- a Dahlia. I'm usually mr. sunshine but. When you look at the troubling can't stop and Iran. The troubling him running the ball and protect and Drew Brees I'm not sure he's in less intact -- is -- enough trouble running the ball yesterday they just didn't do they're they were actually averaging over four yards to carry. They just get away from it man I just don't understand on. Fourth and inches. And rumors. After their -- does that mean.