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11-4 6:15am Tommy, Saints vs. the Jets

Nov 4, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints loss to the Jets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker definitely well talk about the saints morning and Micah Terry is gonna join us in just a second but since -- were Lynn was nice not to Colin. I would see what she had to say or him good morning land. GA IR -- and out pretty get. -- -- -- -- Now what -- -- in our mind. And went around Stratton who looked a bit of luck that I am on the money. He went to Cincinnati went to Chicago but I don't think his. Percent which Jamal isn't c'mon bush Roger monthly current. Anyway it may. Didn't -- and I. -- and -- it is much. Do you think drew is gonna finish disease and if they keep beaten him up likeness. I'm now. -- -- -- -- So. The regular delegate Mike detail -- right now because. My guess -- of the morning raid on. -- -- -- I I when I was watching that and around yesterday and fourth and inches I thought two things I thought well maybe they have absolutely no faith in the offensive line when the other team knows your run and and when push comes -- literally. I thought about Bill Parcells back in 2008 when he talked about Sean Payton didn't too cute and catching the virus you remember that. Eight made that comment Abacha on. Doesn't sing with that way is also the port so you know what. Sometimes you gotta do something to break the trend is accused contemptible little. And I think that that's what -- was saying about the game also -- that we thought we could make a big oil. But never did it -- now. But it ain't got open to block walls I -- when -- -- loss magnifies. The problem that you -- And yesterday I it was a perfect example. Of how much you wanna talk about. In all the time in eleven equals a lot of games out with the running game the difference in which uses when you have to run it. You were able to run the football. Italy where in the football yet to be thirteen times -- it would you want. -- -- -- You mean we have been 10% of your game in the NFL when you tablet than fifteen rushes and we'll get -- as. And yet it was a perfect example -- not a lot of -- in the running game at this point. It because Parcells also said that sometimes Sean -- it'll be too fancy little to pass happy -- we -- -- Sean Payton but nobody's. Infallible is that I guess on a -- tenuous which is drive and -- it's on a ball 51 times does. They know they can't impose their will on the other team are they doing it because there is no real commitment to the run. Wolf one. There had been a commitment to the line and it wouldn't look at the numbers there had been a commitment to run into this game intricately. -- you get it because you've gotten reads I mean he's got that -- slots. Is gonna make -- flight -- game blog don't I don't think necessarily have that trust in the running game it's going to be there. Icy Green Bay sometimes with the provinces throughout the year. We've seen in the past with no link that would Tom Brady. And it's funny doubles teams weren't they have been able to balance the scale on much much suffered a bit now. Look at Greenberg and -- the ball out of football -- Same thing with the -- they can run the ball out there are a football game. Everybody -- into it because we have a quarterback. That caliber. You're delusional lot in -- games. He can't make the -- we know we can't run the ball well I hope you followed that trial. Ninety. You know if you look at the first half of the season six and two but then if you look at what's coming up. Cowboys winning niners falcons blow not -- good Seahawks. Panthers come and only get two games left with them rams and Buccaneers when we come back we'll talk about. The chances of the second season the second part of season being a mere image of the person. Unite -- -- notice and trends here not a clunker when it comes -- saints game yesterday we'll see what you think we come back. As well as everybody in the audience at 260170. Till three. 866889087. Right now tempered WL that it him. Tommy tiger is 6187. Your calls in a matter of moments but first -- -- me more with Mike to tell you a are -- WL. -- NFL analyst and college for a football analyst. Mike when it comes Iran and -- -- yesterday innocent people are saying Miley could run the ball successfully Pierre Thomas at a four yard average. And they don't realize is Mark Ingram had a four point seven yard average but those numbers 24 yards -- Pierre Thomas nineteen yards for Ingram. What's what's gonna get better in terms of running the ball what's gonna get better in terms of protecting drew because I don't think you can say. Drew was off target because drew was. Runner for his life a lot of times. -- one to catch the ball. Many options added that football game I -- Greg play well sometimes with the football some of the receivers. Secondly -- we would fall on in this week it is deplorable. And when you throw line and quarterback football game which it culminated in the efforts. You got -- a point where you started portable ones that Iran and you've got a long. And it's obvious that football team has some weaknesses. Along to open -- line. You've not been getting better these because that person now do you more than anything. You can much you want it's not gonna get any better which -- look at -- between them in the same machine that at the beginning. So what you guys have a commitment to run the football. That the great equalizer orange sports are two things one turnovers. In law journal yesterday secondly key injuries. We see two guys would be an import of this one -- for what not outline one Darren Sproles. Secondly albeit as Malcolm Jenkins. Who haven't really the best he's in -- -- the original form and it sure it. Would you loans to people you're not as. You might. Be coming next mayor about. -- that might be true in reality it is. -- that guy is that as you -- but missed tackles. Dropped passes a lot of mental state on the football field not only those games were at turtle about. Is it that if it was a recipe for law yet because again and I go back to -- -- getting. We. -- get magnified yesterday was that would. Focus all in court in New York played against -- double play at what else money. In the in this game and the -- -- one good game one one game one yesterday. Despite the fact. And you know offensively to get some problems on the football. It would it would dominate -- front running the ball in court we will we will just that you demand that football field. Mike let me ask in a minute it's left -- minute to tell you a crystal ball cowboys in the dome Sunday night and the 49ers in the dome at the falcons at the Seahawks Panthers. At home at the rams at the Panthers and Buccaneers ramped up the regular season Sunday did does December 29 crazy discern and out. The liberal for the he's an opted in and six. And Tommy. You know I think you're gonna end up pretty equal to that when you look at. Planned and when you've got quarterback in that same area called visual quarterback. Are you going to be you know in a tussle and build that up as the -- party is scheduled -- up real -- to get some very tough football team so. You know what they'll look at their rearview mirror too quick and I'm telling you that Tampa's like gain an old news staff. Of foot on the gas to thank you might we will listen for you this afternoon 4 o'clock. In a second guessing game with the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and -- TO DA -- over -- casino on the beach -- into county Mississippi. Talks saints jets winners and losers around the NFL and SE CNN at 630 saints code to show with the head coach Sean Payton. And secondary coach Wesley McGriff thank you might have a great day -- --

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