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11-4 7:45am Monday Morning Quarterback

Nov 4, 2013|

WWL's Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic's interview with Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome in a Monday Morning Quarterback here on -- saints radio. The new -- say suffered their second loss of the season 26 to twentieth MetLife stadium against the New York Jets. Monday Morning Quarterback has brought to you by the great employees of Crosby doesn't Galliano on Kristian -- joined now by saints quarterback Drew Brees. Drew lest we get the bills game Sean Payton said at a time so you guys got the clean up a lot of things before the start some of them myself out of -- in this game. Maybe proves that point you for the drive a little further. Every kind of we kind of gave don't let -- -- from last week I guess to -- penalties. Just just the lack of just efficiency and and and maybe communication of times you know. But it's. At the end of the day you know and they reward our best it's it's when we're gonna run the ball well we're we're taking shots off of that. You know the drop back passing game -- skirt the empty packages -- a lot of packages. Two minute you know -- Those are things we all have the ability do very very well we've done very very well. But I think more consistently we need to make sure all those things are coming together -- Three force quarter. Time out for you guys can you explain was it -- different look from defense are. -- -- -- -- -- No I would say -- down the first one you know bad. We really didn't have a great playoff one of the other ones and so let's not waste a play here is a second test yourself like that. -- when they overcame but I mean. -- a child -- you don't win you don't have a good look around. You know you wanna get to a different play made in halftime. You just wanna kind of regroup. The -- like dead almost two different game plans for you guys didn't bring as much pressure first -- like they. Has stepped up in the second half was at about how -- I mean I wouldn't say that I mean I think it was all just kind of called the situation you know there were circumstances. The -- second half where he hadn't anticipated expression coming. And also ordered two minute mode you know they're able to you know they got there. They're in their personnel on the field that's that's kind of conducive to bring pressure so other than a dollar. How much to lose and Darren Sproles at -- at all did it change anything for you guys offensively well I mean you didn't change anything there's little here stepped in to a great job his dad mark bugs obviously the weapon Darren Sproles and he's. His versatility all things to do. Well that's okay. See you miss that so tough for him to go out of that vodka does the government has job. -- you talk about that in the round golfer would Josh hill may have some close calls maybe you might second guess for the same everything about it. It would maybe was there. Lot of times we've made. -- calls and and they worked out you know -- saved many many times is going our favor enforcing this is one that didn't you know. We knew it was an all or nothing call we've been talking about four days solid we just woke up this woman says hey I got a great idea. So we knew it was coming and they just based us about that is a great job. Drew fifteen penalties from you guys -- normally you guys are pretty disciplined don't commit a lot of I was -- imagine. That's a -- to clean up and fix this week. There's no doubt in luggage be a lot seven penalties so certainly we need to clean that up and to. A lot of things and offensively. Like -- I just. Taking all those elements are offensive and bring them all together and you know on a consistent basis. -- couple more for Iran he talked earlier in the week about bad. Decisions lead interceptions bad luck please interceptions as well released today. Well I'd say you know the first source was a force for always behind -- -- you know Ben Watson. And you hope that those get knocked down a bit unfortunate sometimes you get an idea I think about it up in the air and then made a nice job there but should have been a better throw that's my -- the second round. Brings more bad luck you know you threw the ball exactly -- wanted to. Unfortunately. No more coverage on certain. Coming out of break can you talk a little bit so hard to track the ball again it's stepped up in the -- and then the -- make him -- and again. -- -- lawsuit scary you know and regardless how they have been you know I mean. Religion has -- -- that kind of balances. Rolls off his helmet and he ends up ends up where they were just very good. You know too many times I would say balls have been tipped up they had their hands on. And finally next week back at home in prime time against a cowboys always a good game between two teams. Yeah it is they're very good football team we know what to expect every time we played them. And we we renewed our best game to win. Drew thanks are for -- right thank you. That wraps up another edition of Monday Morning Quarterback here on -- radio the black -- back on the practice field on -- Wednesday getting ready for Sunday night in a primetime showdown against the Dallas Cowboys in the superdome catch all the action right here on sinks radio. For Drew Brees some Kristian --