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11-4 8:10am Tommy, Saints vs. Jets

Nov 4, 2013|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about the Saints game against the New York Jets

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Levi decided to continue talking about the saints here and and you know they just to meet you. I don't know if they ate the cheese from their five and owner Aaron I don't know we have had a bad media all we well Colmes none in terms of believing him better than you are. I'd say just didn't seem ready yesterday they -- Did it just was an insane carrying that was sloppy. And that's how would you expect. Now you call a timeout after I mean you might get caught with a team after a time. And it's strange we seem to burn through allotted timeouts really quickly. I would have liked to have seen no huddle around a nine minute mark I knew damn well to score -- throw a little bit more but instead at. England's run a little bit more you know -- I don't know if you will on the other team and get a text that says comes in and says gonna be a bad weekend of football for Louisiana Carolina -- that was going to be the brakes -- fell issue on Saturday -- of the saints play like it did yesterday cowboys going to be among Sunday. Better have -- grief counselors on standby -- well to whomever texted this and good luck with your motivational tour. Of speeches that you get ready. Nolan says. Tommy remember although it was close saints would have beaten the patriots of the -- called. From. Holding against obvious. Obvious hold on -- -- at the end so. Yet cowboys coming up in a dome in the 49ers. Falcons Seahawks couple against the Panthers with the rain and sandwich him between -- and the Buccaneers on the Sunday December 29. I'm worried about the Panthers a gimme a call 260187. -- -- 86 exit 890878. How worried are you now or do you think it was just. Couple of bad plays here -- there and where does parity in the NFL figure in this because some money a lot of people are Texans an -- will look. The -- ideas Seahawks almost lost the Buccaneers yesterday. And I get that but I think the bottom line is they didn't. -- take a break and tegra two phone calls to 627. -- 386. Exit -- -- early sent any. After the loss or you'd do winning flew in this morning and you think in its latency or do you think. Everything's rose -- when we come back Tommy Tucker WW. I Tommy Tucker talking about the saints laws and the saints season halfway point six and two looking ahead. The meat of the schedule and -- anything it's gonna turn out yesterday the defense gave up 338. Yards total a 198. Of those. On the ground Drew Brees threw the ball 51 times completed thirty of them two touchdowns two -- So generally speaking I think if you defense gives up 198 yards on the ground and you quarterback throws it 51 times. Anything happen but I think generally speaking you -- losing game mark in applause thanks a colony on debit W morning. It. -- Like a very and the democratic and and -- here. Oh. 140. Short. -- and -- How it. What you know that. Bridge. You are. The public at. All clear that -- I don't like it and hold them. But keep in -- he's not 65 and 251 of these Roethlisberger Cam Newton -- -- Or. Change. I -- what letter. Which. And on the green with an agree with the -- and abuse and those big Roethlisberger types and maybe. He'd take the pound and a little bit better than and the size that he -- -- We had a great running and it should we had a Europe that the line. Aware of the loss of their chrome it knows this -- that was the old line coach now -- -- coordinator. -- -- -- -- -- -- Time. You know. All in shock. Like on. Network -- While I appreciate the call he said knowledge contained in this press conference after. That he's he saw so many Souza and on film and thought it would work dean and -- hi you're on -- W good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it. That didn't object. To. Order. -- -- -- Teen -- says I want collection please. Grabbing your neck really gonna help you re. Well lord -- -- they did Dina let it all. Eight when he -- -- time to look at traffic more calls me. -- I Tommy Tucker is so we. Some guys talk about the loss today saints' loss and we get out of our system and then just like you know the 24 hour rule we put it behind us and we move on and look forward to. Beaten cowboys in the dome. Given the way. The team played yesterday. And the New England loss and the buffalo gain. Do you think this saints team. Is going to the playoffs. Got the meat of the schedule coming up cowboys and home 49ers and home they don't the falcons. Not haven't such a good year and then money 9 December 2 they showdown at Seattle. Against Seahawks in two games left. Planet dancers here and on the road and the Panthers are gaining ground on the saints and division Cornell Morgan City hi you're on got a W out -- morning. Good morning. I'll watch in the you're -- game I'd hate to game VCR. I'd go back and look at it government. When people in New England are thought Drew Brees threw the ball legitimate ground -- corporate. -- pick up -- -- -- legitimate Graham hit the open receiver about single companies to. One would think what he completed to Jimmy Graham. In -- again it's. Seat going to a game -- certain offensive game plan is don't change it. Even though the the team deep down is that -- to stop them. They want me in heads up that during the game is stubborn I think Sean Payton had Drew -- doubles stubborn. They've -- -- the real upon them. In and the game yesterday. On the plane and rushed the ball 13%. Appear at the moment here at the Bobble. One before you oh on average. -- that kind of average he should be kept the ball but what is regain. About Ingram -- fourteen areas nineteen yards that's a four point 75 average. -- -- Base hit run the ball at least one people -- game this should be did not committed to run is not that the planes came on the boat and acclimated. Polarization about Ingram as you think it's a -- do you think it's. All about commitment and let their offensive line get -- run and rip them because people say that happens. I think I think we all -- line in. No I'll open a few holes and I get Beaulieu -- -- -- but -- bag when it anger. Vietnam. But the funny topic aren't committed to run like they should be. Do you think it seemed as the playoffs. No topic incorporated Matt has stepped up but it got to San Francisco -- Seattle and Carolina twice. While I'll be Iran -- but it lady called him. Banks and today 2601878. Till 386. Exit 890 rates at any tech's guns and Carolina beats us twice. And takes the division now said. Another -- says people are worried about dallas' next says Seahawks 49ers that's where we will shine. I was worried about the jets is Ayers sneaky team -- come up poignant. All of us -- saints will get it together. You tell me to six -- when he 7203866. In a translates seventy. No other text no chance of the saints go on in the playoffs. Really. Will talk when we come back right now time for -- W offers news and relax go to David. Given everybody a chance get it off their chest it's music so when aids and -- 386 exit date -- 0878. Anti terrorism is like -- beer commercials on on saints last possession I tried everything -- I got up and one mine cowed job. I changed where I was seeding I'm sitting rather tired game -- to Leo yes I get to cap output the lucky camp on apparently not so my age. You know we don't try anything yesterday tried to try to pull it through for the saints Poland through written. We were going the wrong way. And that's and I stood alone and -- -- third down it is patience and not real good at three conversions on eleven attempts opinions of people blaming Garrett Hartley. While -- is a problem he's got to go old Carlos two for three yesterday. However I will tell you that when it comes it is kickers who have over ten field goal attempts each year he's 27 in terms of accuracy. Is that right yet when it comes kickers like anybody else. You better have somebody better than him to take his last. Yeah he he aren't you are -- -- early in the -- and it seemed like it was Susan along and they -- go through those -- maybe but he seemed like he did on a 55 your -- longest of his career home got back on some -- six 187 he told 38668890876. And two midway through the season. Beginning go to the playoffs. 81% saying yes keep in mind game against cowboys. At home and dome on Sunday night. So it's gonna it's gonna be -- Out it's gonna be crazy and the 49ers at home 32 -- -- I'm a late start the probably the national game on fox. Then they take their hit the road at the play the falcons in the Seahawks Panthers here. At the rams Panthers there and and the Buccaneers. Well you I would. That important but I mean I -- Bennett thank painted -- -- stadium. And when any change in debt ever occurred -- and kept marketing. Think it was a mistake because marketing gave one patrol the but he came from the -- had a good heartland. You know Alabama. And debt you know he had it may -- be run like. You know he had to be yesterday. But it or about two to three yard -- -- -- -- There -- You beyond a season two points -- -- thing. But they need to look at the three yard gain in the game -- -- -- for the oh no albeit. All around. I don't know once again learn that witnessed that sort of thing anyway. But big protector agrees there like they needed. He hit so many. Saying. So bottom line do they -- the playoffs this year not GO. Poet and -- again if they don't go to the playoff. I go to -- called just the local time yeah. Important -- You. I would on the tigers -- -- and Hamlet called 84218. Point nine Kevin Mack on WW. Johnny Tucker seven WL talking about the saints lost yesterday let me get it off you chest. And it extends answers so yeah. The saints lost another game did anybody really believe it was going to be easy. It's time for the saints have put on a big boy Hanson for saints fans to back good team no matter what the outcome. It is who we are and what we are we are the saints nation. Now play the National Anthem and -- let's roll. Iowa -- National -- but it will latest. Real big -- pop. And yet let's do -- is up about six foot fence. From the other guys that always makes me laugh and I think we can all use a little all use a left this more mom like. In Metairie -- M Mike. -- is something wrong with you people mentoring. You people. You people -- -- but no glitz and I think is so Eric Phillips and you cry baby cry. You -- sort of side. You have finished your looters I can't wait for -- comment here and that immediate relief more than I did yesterday. So Tony Romo is -- play defense and confused. -- Leaders say Tony Romo was gonna make an idiot out of Drew Brees on a -- playing cornerback and. They play -- -- but but how I would call -- unity it. But you just said Tony Romo was gonna. Make unity data Drew Brees and not even on the field at the same time segment tonight a little confused at the waiting game -- -- they got a quarterback on one side then they got a quarterback on the other side never on the field at the same time so I think you might be a little bit confused. He hung -- -- -- mean embarrassing money that but apparently thinks Tony Romo is a quarterback not a quarterback I know they sound. Equal they sound the same but it might be there in Delhi she might be smitten -- -- Jews would be Childers -- internet's one creator. Stick to break through traffic connecting more phone calls at 260187. 866889087. Tony Romo by the way. Yesterday the cowboys came roaring back to beat one in seven Minnesota. Well -- Super Bowl here we go for the cowboys. 85010 before. Nine. Do you think the saints beat the cowboys in the dome this Sunday do you think the crowd is crazier do you think the crowds. To be taken out of it because of the saints' record which I think is kind of silly six and two I think. I think crowds -- be crazy sounding the cowboys have a chance. You tell me 260187. 203866889087. In as far as a guy from Dallas being. A little confused. Having a third grade education and satirist. You don't need to tell me -- is I think we all are aware of at 850 temple for nine time to look at traffic and for that we go to Terrell province. I Tommy Tucker talking about the saints and it was does it help -- -- -- Those attacks but goes against me. Partner was it. Course is rare I don't know his name and and we sure. When a car you into the W to mourn. And on and you do. I'm well thank you at least I'm. I wouldn't count color. Apparently each ballot. And not a lot on Noah and love I think what it. And eight ear mark here perhaps you don't. Yeah maybe so. Let me ask this how do you think they do. Sunday night against the cowboys Sunday Night Football the big show really of the season has its broadcast is not on cable you got. Allen Chris common in the whole NBC crew with Bob Costas and all. I got to believe the saints come back get their act together and beat cal points. Appreciate become a row. And I did -- you -- chain and Beers -- shooting -- on. A leader how many times have you heard your life come back Sheen. Now that you have some items -- -- tell me what you think. I think that's changed discordant that the cowboys spirited fourteen. Romo don't got a change. I so will let's be different then. Did that night Sunday night there was yesterday in New York. They'll tighten up -- can't open arms and black Drew Brees -- to -- -- -- us. -- -- -- -- So pleasing to -- -- is in a running game gone. Iran got to try and -- all. Which I'll actually get it back to your arm -- are you teach. -- course you will. Yeah sometimes I wonder -- Who have my who are we to question Sean Payton but it just seems like I would try. It in a running back in the rhythm you know I mean he's trying. We are tired of course we shall -- shall be used to people aren't being more we don't standard -- legal -- credible Nicole. And look he's a great guy great coach but he's not infallible so I thank him lady called chain. Out today they'll always chain. On it's it differently for his -- -- the other things so much Jim and almighty on Devin have you on the morning. I'm doing well time get better as the day goes on. Look. We know if if if I armory would have been all our. They would they got out of money your vote at one time. It did it all the hoopla you know it -- rocket is much is the page return to Indy. You know the Koreans. I -- did you link -- twins. You know. That broader. All Rex and rob I'm sorry. I was thinking players' GM on -- and are prepared we're here few. They're the bill -- did not matter what -- you know vote for Cuba better. You know what got you worried going into it was. Robb's record against Rex believe it or not is I was defense -- coordinator against you know Rex is a head coach but he's basically defense of coordinator. He runs the defense I had me worried as well what happens Sunday night against Dallas. Where. There are thirty did what he says gold was giving. The did anyone. Give it I getting so what do you think it's giving. I think it's going to be. -- -- When he seventeen saints quarter that was different -- thank you Jim Moore calls when we come back Johnny Tucker talking saints on WW.

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