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11-4 9:10am Tommy, LSU arrests

Nov 4, 2013|

Tommy talks to Mike Scarborough, the Editor and Publisher of Tigerbait.com, about another LSU player that was arrested

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David Blake we are gonna continue our conversation about the saints were also gonna. Stereo and some LA issue here in case you didn't hear last week. From another arrest by an LSU football player he was wants Richard freshman cornerback have our own homes. He was arrested after an early morning flight near Broussard hall. On campus and shoved to students to the ground according Alex you police and we're talking about here is. It did -- LSU program have any more arrests than any others. Has less miles lost control of the team and is his percentage of wins the players didn't in trouble acceptable because that's what I think it. Always comes down to Mike Scarborough joints is right now. Good morning Mike played on -- great. Tell me what you think about the latest disciplinary problem and L issue in in general in terms of player discipline. I think it looks like she's having a bit more of these issues in the -- in the past. Certainly there's been some high profile ones in the last couple years. But when you look around major college football particularly in the SEC I don't think it was she's having any more than the other major schools. But certainly tomorrow -- an Ngo Brazil -- and definitely suspended. Few weeks ago about models. And then just going back to Albany Georgia -- And there's been others in between did it sure seems like there's there's. There's going to be an inordinate amount of that happening you know achieve. And then but at the same time. Particularly the last two you're talking about some players in the are getting to be playing. They got a lot more incidents. You know they're doing this stuff. You know on their own away from the football programs and you know -- kind of you know what you do you and take it take the action that guarantees and you know I'll suspend them. It's seems to me Mike in Vietnam. Not a lot of good can happen if you're at a bar on -- time this happened that you know 1 o'clock 2 o'clock in the morning and and I guess that begs the question is -- just. Young guys doing what young guys do is that an athlete's mentality where they think they do anything they want with impunity York. They on around the NCAA rules say you can you can't lock a guy up legs in prison Kenya. Naked on the and you know you go and go and -- -- The difference between now and in in 2000 colleges there's there's. The Internet now and in cellphones and you know football players -- Gotten in trouble. I don't know if they're gonna change. And I think -- you know if you look at the LSU players this isn't. Some -- and about groceries or anything like that it's young guy is getting in fights at bars which I think going to be interesting to. Reject this against the percentage of students -- get in fights anyway like you're saying it's LSU football players and they got a 24 hour seven day -- week news cycle not to mention. The availability the Internet cellphones setters and maybe just seems. Magnified is less miles. And -- to Gerry DiNardo years he has. -- winning percentage. Compared to players in trouble. Acceptable and and is he -- does anybody care about any of this other than. Maybe some news outlets and so long as he keeps winning it it's kinda -- the wake it seems like Gerry DiNardo. Did have a good team leader and have good people either. Yeah well it's. And I don't know that he TP you don't -- any more than then and that's Saban had issues that he was an issue. Lands like about the idea is it is what do you say here -- -- again out of poplar get in trouble and it's it's. Almost acceptable. I mean percentage who wins because DiNardo. Yeah I mean you certainly get away with -- you know it's it's it's. You know but if you sit here and in -- you're heavens for innate football season's. Whatever happens you keep fighting a lot more scrutiny. I let me ask you real quick before we let you go Alabama as it stands now we're using. Well their kid and happily -- and I thought that actually look a lot about there at the portrait would be in the genes that features to be real tough. Football game it was -- thing about that was shoes and we saw last year they didn't perform well most of last -- policies and and then they gave Alabama the best game of the year and actually beat them the game to last two minutes of football games so. He could very will be run away in in in Alabama went about multiple touchdowns. Or else she's gonna come out and in particularly defense simply do something -- -- -- and stop somebody that. I think to be pretty tall order in their house they've got an open date just like it was cute. But you know to me it's probably important whether it's they particularly in -- needs to split the next two football games. If they -- bowl trip later years it's. An adult she's seen since Tuesday to enthusiastic at all. My Scarborough editor and publisher of tiger they dot com tell me about tiger -- Yet fully loaded word -- -- Alabama covers going to be off the -- all week this week lot of football recruit -- Cologne. It was -- seven day free trial period to a checked -- -- tiger -- I can't thank you Mike Ricci I -- --

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