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11-4 10:10am Scoot, defining terrorism

Nov 4, 2013|

Should the gunman in the fatal shooting at the Los Angeles airport be considered a terrorist? He’s identified as a white male, who wore camouflage clothing…and reportedly carried anti-government material—and appeared to be targeting TSA agents. Is that a terrorist? And, should we be more aware of ...

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Good morning our student from Charlotte today and all this week. Don if you could be in the think tank on fighting and its usual has Monday Night Football tonight to that I think the best of stupid to -- show returns. Thursday night here but never -- hero for me to midnight. -- fast was amazing over the weekend the weather could not have been better a little on the chilly side I I I saw a lot of blankets being sold at the the at the Booth at Judith test but it was just great Kid Rock as a Kid Rock yesterday. And insecure last night Kid Rock is an amazing performer and I I've shared this with you on the year before I was on the Kid Rock fan until I saw -- the Jazz Fest. And then saw him at the arena I guess it was in in February. It's -- a full show and saw him again yesterday at Jazz Fest and he's just he's amazing I love the way he loves. His audience and he's a really talented guy. I he's he's hip hop he's rock. He's country the guy is really a major talent and very very good onstage. However here's a guy who is an I get shall we say a very conservative guy politically. Known for his conservative politics. He supported Mitt Romney last year for president openly. And I did send a message to President Obama after the election saying hey dude no hard feelings which I thought was nice and that's the way we all should be. But unfortunately we're not all that way a lot of people still hold grudges if their candidate doesn't win but a Catholic Kid Rock. Displayed hadn't and expect an -- and accept and except. And exemplary example. As an example an example of of how we should act after election. Yet you eat you you work for your guy your guy doesn't win and then you. Work on defeating -- if your guy didn't win and and that's a wage should be and I thought Kid Rock. Was a great example of that. However Kid Rock is as an ultra conservative. Talks a lot about smoking pot a lot about drinking lit a cigar on stage the crowd cheered the lighting of the cigar. And I did a shot of Jim beam -- was on stage that got cheers. And does a lot of talk about sex and uses a lot of profanity and Cheryl. However he's really proud to be an American I think he's a good guy and he's just talking about things that. We talk about in society and nothing to -- the wrong with epic there there are going to be ultra conservatives in this country you're gonna be very critical of certain artist. But here's an artist who you would like politically but you might disagree with some of the things that he does on stage however you might not be so quick to criticize Kid Rock because he is conservative. Answer me that issues a degree of hypocrisy. There is a new British study showing that a 20% increase on soldiers. Could reduce obesity in Great Britain. There are always efforts to raise taxes on things like cigarettes -- expecting that this will lead to a reduction in the number of adult smokers. Mexico is considering a high tax on high calorie food in an effort to reduce obesity. Is raising the price of anything that is considered unhealthy is that an effective way to make people healthier. If you ever quit a bad habit or anything for that matter. Because the price went up. And what do you stop doing because of a price increase we'll talk about that's on the show today. Also if you're a fan of a football game baseball game. Basketball hockey game if you go to major sporting events did you know that if you're injured from something that comes from the -- -- the field of play. These you know that you're accepting. That risk and then the team is not responsible. -- about all the promotional items that are thrown launched into stance up a mascot a cheerleader or a team personnel all on the court -- on the field. Throwing things into the stance. Did you know that you're responsible if you get injured and you accept that risk. When you use the ticket to go in the game the mystery to mystery six Supreme Court is expected to decide on whether a standard that protects a sports team from being sued by fans. Who were injured during a gamer during game activities. Is something that will extend from not only a foul ball but also something that would extend to a foiled. Wrapped hot dog. Launched into the stands that hit a guy in the EI. He says he has permanent -- damage to his vision. -- to -- surgeries. And he sued to have the Kansas City Royals so we'll talk about that and by the way have you read the back of your saints ticket. You know something comes from the field of play. If something comes from. -- the team or team activities team related activities if you get her in the stands that's less likely to happen with football in his with baseball or hockey. Our -- NASCAR but did you that this disclaimer the back of your ticket that says you assume risk. By going to the game and you can't sue or you're not supposed to -- But do fans even know that we'll talk about that till later in the -- I'm studio for growing -- with us on this Monday morning -- noted saints lost to the jets it was a game they should -- -- it's always. It's always difficult to deal with Monday morning when the saints lose it was a game they should have -- yet Chris Ivory was brilliant no question about debt. The jets defense was brilliant but the saints were confused from the beginning. Using all those timeouts in the first quarter. The coming off a timeout and then getting a delay of game penalty. That's really unheard of especially with an offense that is. As said the structured and discipline. And said the saints' offense and -- Drew Brees and Sean Payton so it was really really hard to watch that game yesterday because you knew was a game that they. They they should win but they didn't hopefully this will make the saints really really hungry. For the Dallas Cowboys and what do reachable beat the saints and the cowboys Sunday night Mercedes-Benz superdome that will be the talk of the week and -- a lot of the country will be really interested in a game -- watching good -- interest it. In that game Sunday night also it's LSU Alabama weeks so there's a lot to talk about your -- sports talk every afternoon here. With Bobby. WL. Since 9/11. Americans have been quick to stereotype terrorists. Many Americans have wrongly concluded that since all of the 9/11 terrorists were Muslim. Then all Muslims must be terrorist. Last Friday at 243 year old apparently an American. Which -- the Los Angeles airport pulled out an assault type rifle in his duffel bag. And began firing. He killed -- TSA agent and wounded two other TSA agents. The -- three year old was wearing camouflage clothing. And was carrying material. It made it appear as if he felt the TSA a government agency. Was evil. And he had a note that said. If I kill one my mission is accomplished. Also -- note to there was reference to now. And OW which could be a reference to new world order. A conspiracy theory that governments including the United States are working together to create a totalitarian. One world government. And I hear these conspiracy theories a lot on the -- -- 98 to midnight here on WWL whatever on a related topic comes up there are people who are really. I'm really paranoid about the government coming in taking people's guns away that there are various this move to. Create this one world order this new to tell it Syrian government. That would be run by the UN and there are those people who are just prone to believe conspiracies. Now. Getting back to the profiling issue. We are so quick as a country maybe not you not me but his country we are so quick to to profile. We're so quick to -- profile Muslims we're quick to profiled. People who are different those in the Middle East. But think about. The Americans. Who hate this think about the Americans who are ready to act because they're concerned about the government. Getting ready to take away every citizen's guns. They're concerned about the government. Being ultimately run by the UN. Is it fair to call this 23 year old guy Paul -- is it fair to call him a terrorist. And if he is a terrorist. Then for all those who support racial profile mean -- there are those who support the racial profiling of Muslims and airports. If you support racial profiling. Do you now support profiling. White males in their twenties. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll should the suspected Los Angeles airport shooter who is a twenty something white male. Change America's minds about profiling terrorists. Get a sure thing if I go into our website WWL dot com. If you -- -- our show with a comment about anything we're talking about today our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A -- -- 7870 Disco blog today on our website at Debbie WL dot com front page of our opinions his title fans and responsibility. Read the back of your saints ticket there may be something in his blog that you're not really aware of when you go to was saints -- pelicans game or any sporting event. It's on our website WWL dot com we'll be talking about that later in the show you could read it share with others and give us your comments if you like here's an update on our WWL pretty Gerri what can you call this morning. Should the suspected Los Angeles airport shooter who is a twenty something white male change America's minds about profiling terrorist. 13% say yes and 88% saying no wheel tractor pull through on our show give us your opinion by going to WWL. Dot com as -- -- eleven Americans have been quick to stereotype terrorist and it's. As Muslims from the Middle East. And there are homegrown terrorists there are terrorist who are American citizens that's one of the things we're talking about. Is it time that we may be stop profiling and recognized anybody can be a terrorist. I hear is attacks that reads. I you live in the south again we are not liberal stop preaching agenda. When you speak and other subjects I enjoy. I don't know that -- I'm preaching any agenda. Other than just being honest about my observations. About life and in politics which is what every good talk show should do. Now to suggest. That. If you're in -- areas that might be liberals that you should not express your freedom of speech I think that's sort of defies everything that this country stands for. And Rush Limbaugh could have been told the same thing when he started his show in California. A blue state. The Tex go to -- you live in California. We are not conservative stop preaching your agenda. So there -- there's there's there's no reasonable argument. Debts. Everybody shouldn't be. Free to speak their mind. Here's a text abouts then the government and concerns of government conspiracies. Now with the government these days anything is possible as to here's -- I'm more concerned about the government taking away my money. Not my guns. Here's a text about the shooter LEX he's a murderer a Stanley here and a VW -- good morning. Good morning we've done great work audience and it's difficult to talk about things look so personal people like to go and it's not an easy thing because. So many people feel so passionately about it on the radio only doing you talk about going into. -- we need to we need priest between you and your great work -- in order to -- when I want her at all. But the product terrorists but terrorists who -- outward a -- is not a folder. A -- doesn't -- Serb battlefield like a folder does that it whether any man -- woman and say look come and fight you wanna battle on our. A terrible to women and little kids are you write about that that's a coward that's not any type of fold during this and do something like that you hole. Reason issue morality goes out the window you're dirt bag I don't care what some of whom she supports. What your politics are you -- dirt bag okay that's the end of that that the terrorists you know and so the other thing has. It may sound crazy but. I took political I think -- And the government is always trying to take where are your rights -- it's it's a balancing act we you know that the people that sort of for the people would say OK don't give as he's been picked it more -- on the final. So it would they don't circus anymore. It's a balancing act but the government of course is trying to grab as much -- as possible that they go too far as the revolution. Like in other countries. -- I'd like to ask people about the gun issue would it say we need because do you really think if the government wanted to take over. With the all modern that they have at their disposal that are HA Adrian stopped. Stand -- and I've talked about this so often on this do chilling night it's it's different for those people who are stockpiling weapons to take on the government. It's it's more ironic because what are you gonna do you gonna take some shotguns and shooter to drone. Even. Exactly I mean exactly if this if the government wanted to takeover it could -- you couldn't do anything about it. The recent the recent the recent -- work in other countries is because the government sympathizes with the citizens and turns on the government. Well well listen -- -- -- -- about what could people who can't recruit is the other part to people who partied every place we see that goal at least. So don't get -- on any revolution -- the government -- speaker. You know -- their own so far side you know many -- -- -- like I agree with the mute point. I think an interesting question would be how long could they hold it. Because that would be guerrilla warfare and it would be -- crap about -- the love this country a lot of us who do want to -- for this country and that sounds crazy but this further. No we we believe in this country and we believe that we should be straight and we might take it away from for a few weeks -- few months but cannot at all that eventually -- Ultimately Stanley over time there have been a lot of questions about our freedoms and and much to the demise of what many people believe is the respect for the constitution the Supreme Court has really generally upheld our our our freedoms and the Supreme Court. Has not done anything that would indicate that they're gonna allow the government to take our guns away. No it would not the other is either scared people I mean whoever thought it would be a country that the government fired -- -- watched every email and every track and everything and Netflix market. Honestly I'm from pirates and I'm not I'm not surprised are I'm really not -- I'm I'm not -- and and I'm not surprised that this is as it's come out and a lot of people are are shocked by that. I am not surprised that people know who I am -- who and where I go and what I do not because I'm scooter and on the on the air but. Because especially when you when you sort. Locking into the Internet it it's it's so easy to Trace that are our -- coming they have always been phone records say that the government can always find out who you've been talking to. Right right that that -- where we deny you that people. You know we don't understand how corrupt the government has the government -- I mean if you're gonna I don't know if you're in the world -- movie Norman when I'm New Orleans and our politicians here probably the worst ever walked the face -- I'm talking about scumbag I'm talking about Edwin Edwards. Leg and on TV that you become almost like the mafia. You know if I can call. I can Milan looks basically the closest thing to a dictators country that never. And there was -- there was talk of him having presidential aspirations. It will want it all in need of help and could go wrong anything go wrong at that moment you know wait what Roosevelt would have stumbled. There's also the -- -- that man would have been elected and we we would not be the country we are today. You don't really we -- a chicken in every putt since. We -- -- -- big time that you admire great I don't know which we are important political speakers talked it would let us talk attempt uninstalling I double. He makes a very astute observations I've got to get sooners break and I enjoyed our conversation. Is it fair to say that this 43 year old white male who is the LA excess suspected shooter last Friday is it fair to say that he's a terrorist. To join our show with a comment -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- number 6787 here's a Texan reads there's a difference between flying planes into buildings and just going nuts and airport. Really what is the intent is almost the same I hope you had a great weekend though what there was a beautiful no matter what you want -- to do I hope you got out and enjoy it -- voodoo fest was great and just walking around -- French Quarter wish it was awesome. Over the weekend. -- coding for -- today and all this week. If you're a fan of a football game baseball game basketball hockey game if you go to the game did you know that there's something on the back of your ticket did release says you assumed the risk if you're injured as a result of what happens during the game. Or what happens during game activities. There's a big case before the Missouri State Supreme Court about a guy who was in the stands who got hit with the foil wrapped hot dog injured design I believe it was thrown by the mascot. And the Kansas City Royals are saying that they're not responsible because -- assume risk when they go to event have you read the back of your -- ticket. We'll talk about that a little bit later in the show and the -- blog. That today is a -- fans and responsibility. Read the back of your saints tickets if you did know was there maybe you should read it. And that's on our web cited -- WL dot com front page under our opinions. We're talking about -- profiling and did the tragic shooting that happened on Friday. And it's a Los Angeles international airport at -- three year olds white male. I went to the airport pulled out of an assault type rifle pull that out of this duffel bag and began firing he killed a TSA agent wounded two other agents and apparently he. Didn't like the government and -- content for TSA agents he thought that they were infringing on his constitutional rights and what's the airport targeting TSA agents this is what we know so far. I here's a text that -- there's a there's a difference between flying planes into buildings and shifts going nuts in an airport. There are people who absolutely refuse to let go of this stereo -- That Muslims are terrorists. And it's really a bad exercise. In America when you realize what we're supposed to stand for. All Muslims are terrorist even though all the terrorist on 9/11. Were Middle Eastern bush wants. There is no difference if the intent is to hate and and attack the US government. There's no difference between flying planes into buildings other than the numbers of casualties. But there's no difference in -- between that and going to an airport and shooting TSA agents are targeting. Representatives of the government. If you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- a -- number is 87870. Here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll this morning should the suspected Los Angeles airport shooter who was a twenty something white male change America's mines. About profiling terrorist. Give us your opinion -- or -- website WWL dot com. Here's attacks that reads. We should start calling the terrorist cowards and so should the media I wonder if that we changed their behavior no unfortunately that would not change their behavior. Here's a text -- all terrorists are nuts but not all nuts or terrorist. That ice cream put. Here's a text. What is this. Fans with sleep from what I understand. He did that in protest. So he's not a terrorist by definition. It by definition you're a terrorist if you. If you threaten or cause. Violence. As a result of a political -- So in my opinion this guy and political motives and in my mind this guy. Is a terrorist. Timothy McVeigh. Was eight terrorist. Terry Nichols. Eight terrorist. Ted Kaczynski. The unabomber. A terrorist. Eric Rudolph. The Olympic bomber. A terrorist. They created violence. As a result of their political motives. From Metairie Steve -- under the WL. The luck color -- profile. I do not believe that all Muslims surged. Bart if you were straight the percentage. Global compact not that you heard it through -- shot and -- -- we're -- -- -- -- -- -- bumped up to the president or blemish -- go to Wikipedia. I would I leadership their proportional trouble aren't sure I can guarantee that not a officer until -- much. So -- presidential elect Obama challenged which should be -- transport 400 -- hundred crimes. And Irish have a problem. We're committed my -- crush Jewish. I would be profiling like -- Got potential labor at all like Christians would be general Barbara did you shatter. What I try to percentage. Not too much a -- truck I don't think profile -- bad right that's much raining all my law. But when you look at those figures living your collection -- Obama should not -- shot. Yeah as Steve -- -- what you when you put the the number of Muslim terrorists into context with the number of Muslims in this country and around the world -- the percentage of Muslims who are terrorists are small I do understand the torture may get going and we and it is human instinct to to profile. But that doesn't mean profiling is right for example I think it's wrong to profile. On the young people who walk around with sagging pants I don't like that look but I think it's wrong to assume that they might be criminals because they Wear their pants a certain way. And I would challenge ourselves not a profile well if -- if ninety if -- Topple the pro shops there -- -- -- some crime committed by being bush like a principal what you probably could pull it should be stupid not to profiles. What to lookout for a company that political profile and actually it. Yeah yeah what are the but then your book it'll let other people slip through the cracks because we're so intent is a country were so intent on. Just in instinctively. Labeling people who are different and we -- that in this country. We do everything we labeling Bart. Percentages by profiling by -- type guy help legitimate putting material. I'm -- let him. What I understand it I just think it's at its its opportunity to challenge ourselves us to our president who is a terrorist and and and may be just bring awareness to the fact Steve I'm going to -- -- -- I'm gonna get to break. May be it's time to bring attention to the number of American citizens. Who are armed with. The gardens and the mentality. To attack Americans. Are they not terrorists to join our show to come in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. A Texan resort 770 there's a new British study showing that a 20% tax increase on sodas could reduce obesity. -- we -- talk about increasing the taxes on cigarettes to cut down on smoking does that really work. We'll talk about that later the showing studio for early today and all this week from Harvey Keith welcome to WWL. Yet -- used to. One thing up taught the screen a Lebow was. It's almost due in the audience now seeing red when something happens okay against our. People that that he would these crops. Okay when I'm getting -- it's how it's portrayed you know what adjectives they -- you. Hello -- they use they when you too when you say they you're talking about the media. And the media will always use those buzz phrases and words. That most insights. Emotion in people. Not necessarily the words that are most accurate but the words he will get your attention. Because do you know you can go back to connect day you can go back to juggle all Laughlin guy now resolved. Who shot dead gifted -- they killed think about problem of people. You know white males white males but it adult but I thought you heard -- But when our major affirmed. -- those people at Fort Hood it blows all the workplace thing you know that he's not a terrorist. OK so you can't say he. More well I don't know I don't know Lou I don't know how are you listen to but there was so a lot of -- criticism. Is of him for who he was in and what he did -- that -- In my opinion I think in the opinion of most Americans it was an act of terrorism. Right -- -- -- victims all right give an in depth prop up a law. Ball benefits that they should be get me because. It was dead they've I guess it's the government fit that would work place from -- -- Well a bad bet that this problem would bring this upon itself they wanna know why some people hate the government. There you go -- you know I'm going to look at themselves. I'm going to draw a sharper -- realistic and of course a lot of people -- the government but this is nothing new that there have been people in this country who have hated the government for a long time. There are things about the government I don't like. But we have a civilized society that goes to the polls to change government. Not take up arms. Or not go to an airport and shoot TSA agents because. You you're concerned about the possibility of a new world order. A global. One government to tell Terry and form a government that is being orchestrated by the United States and other world governments there are people who are seriously. Paranoid about it and I hear quite often on that show that I do ignite discussion here at WW relate to midnight. I hear is attacks to absolutely. Not. American military won't -- on Americans you know here's an interest in -- where we're talking about somebody mentioned earlier about. -- these people who are stockpiling guns to take on the government which is really idiotic because it would take the military. To side with the people in order to. Take over the government. That's what happens you generally and in coups in other countries. This text reads don't ever think the government would win over the people. All branches of the military combined totaled one point five million. Just to start. Derek. 213. Million gun owners. It's a known fact that 65 to 75% of the military would side with the people bringing their weapons with them the government would have to bring in an outside force which would further galvanize the people. Is not a known fact that 65 to say 35% of the military which side with the people that. Is is absurd. And when you think about the weapons at the hands of the military. On the military if the military wanted to win the military would wind. Now I'm not gonna stop you from stockpiling your guns and if you want to do that that's fine just don't do anything stupid which -- -- if you do. Will get -- Our opinion poll sorting is changing the question is should the suspected Los Angeles airport shooter who was a Tony something white male change americans' minds. About profiling terrorists 30% say yes and 70% saying no give -- opinion by going to WW real dot com. After basic Lewis H a year under VW on good morning. It -- or. Are you today. Fine listen up regarding profiling you know com. If you have been the victim of a crime yes. Bet that you had to report to police yes. Okay after the police ask you what happened was the first. Question and ask you. I give a description of the the people who attacked -- Absolutely and the reason is if you were attacked by age six foot tall white man. They don't go out looking for a five foot tall black -- The basic Tenet. Of police work is profiling. And it's a good thing that it is an if if we think it makes so politically correct not a profile. But thank goodness the police do pro -- you are trained to profile. You know based thought out. Retail giant I understand but that's that's the reporting -- AJ I. Thought no I'm I thought I gotta get through news Rick. But I I I appreciate you bringing this up I was attacked by four young black males one of them was wearing one of those yellow reflective construction -- So if I see that. At 4 in the morning and I'm might have an instinct to profile. But that doesn't mean I'm going to judge all young black man is there a difference between profiling and judgment on students or currently.