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11-4 11:10am Scoot, hurt a game?

Nov 4, 2013|

Should the team be held responsible if a fan gets hurt in the stands? When you go to a professional sporting event like a football game, do you know you assume responsibility for any injuries that might result from the game or a game related activity? The Missouri Supreme court is deciding a case ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning tough Monday after the saints lost a game that they really -- won but a beautiful weekend for voodoo fest I discovered a new band that I didn't know I really -- Just a Kid Rock can be cured. Saw a -- Mora they were all printed new found glory they were all great but I discovered this man the flashlight and the and I look -- sound and heads. I didn't even know who was who I was watching him found out after I watched him on the main stage today at voodoo fest that they were a band that's very successful. The gas light and good. Represents music the way it is sounding as we continue through this decade. I'm studio for growing ledger with this here's an update on our WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll. I should they suspected Los Angeles airport shooter who is a twenty something white male change America's minds about profiling terrorists. Give us your opinion by going tour website WWL dot com and we're talking about whether or not we should may be -- it not be so quick to profile but I understand the profiler -- judgment. I'm not naive to that but I think a lot of people. And use. -- profiling as an excuse for total judgment of people. For example yes I was attacked by four black males and I'm not afraid to describe them as for black males because that's who attacked me. Four black males one of them was wearing one of those reflective yellow are construction vests. So. When I'm walking around. If I encounter. Somebody who's wearing that yellow reflective vest. I pay a little more attention. If I'm walking around at night and I see a group of whites or blacks. Walking toward me. I pay attention. But he doesn't cause me to judge everybody who's black. In the same way that we shouldn't judge all Muslims and this is just an example but here's this guy. Who the suspect a shooter is in LAX shooting on Friday. It's a 23 year old apparently in American. Young white male who. Had contempt for our government. And he went to the airport. Apparently to target TSA agents killing one wounding two others. It was his goal because of his political beliefs and his contempt for the US government to go kill people who worked for the government. The united states of American government so how is that any different. From terrorist. If Georgia and Russia would come in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or text Amber's age 77. Let me touch on something else that came up here in the last hour. If somebody brought up the idea that. That the media. If you uses the word terrorist to describe a certain people. The media uses words they get your attention. Because news is -- -- -- I'm reading a book now -- confirming everything that I've I've I I've talked about on that schoolchildren died here and every WL. And that is -- news is entertainment it's designed to get your attention to get the biggest possible audience and generate the most revenue. Right now one of the buzz phrases in the media. Is bully. Now is got a story of a Miami Dolphins football player in the NFL. Who claims he was bullied by your teammate. Bullying has become. That new buzz word that is now being used to describe. Anybody who offends somebody else anybody who. And is rough on somebody else -- not physically but also emotionally. On. Bullying has always been around and bullying is a problem. It's not a new problem. And yet the media makes it seem as if bullying is a new problem I heard somebody say today well this guy discussion bullied by a teammate we've got to stop bully. We're not gonna stop -- That's not possible. That's human nature. It doesn't mean it's good it doesn't mean we shouldn't fight it. I wrote a blog -- recently four of our website WW real dot com. Which was about how it's it's more important. To. Teach. Young people. To deal with the reality of being bullet. Because you're gonna be believe what charting your teen years. You get away from school you will be -- eat your bullied in the workplace. Your bullied in a bar. But you you might be -- did -- to pick up some girl as of guys that come over bully not physically but he's gonna get in the way. He's gonna put you down. Where he's gonna say bad things about you because he wants to pick up the girl. So we can extend bullying and every aspect. Of human existence. So since we can't get rid of it since it's part of the human equation. The -- better teach young people to deal with. And as a consumer of the media you need to be Smart enough to realize that this is suddenly a new immediate trend. And we shouldn't get hysterical. Over the fact that suddenly bullying is everywhere. There's always been -- I'm not endorsing it but everything should be reduced to bullying as if it's some kind of an excuse for suicide or four of failure in the workplace. A failure in school for that matter. A coming up this -- we're also gonna talk about responsibility of fans when they go to a game. There's a bit on the back of your ticket that says that you assume responsibility if you're injured. Because of something that happens during a game. Or game related activities. Have you read the backing -- -- stick it. Skip blog today is say is about that fans and responsibility. Read the back of your saints take it will be talking about the at this hour if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 187 and toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And tech's number is 877. Here's a text which you consider southern whites and confederate in the confederate army. Before and after reconstruction terrorist. Based. If if you attack. In our in our society if you attack the government. And that attack or the threat of attack. If that is based on. A political or religious motives. Vineyard terrorist. Difference between. A man shooter. And terrorist it depends on on what the motive is also going back to this this shooter in LA. He had. W well. Which could be referenced to the new world order a conspiracy theory that the government including the United States -- governments around the world. Are working to create -- atop a totalitarian. One world government. And they are people in this country who are truly paranoid about it. There are those who look for opportunities to I take up arms and say we better get ready because the government's coming in to take away your guards. I haven't seen anything close to that. In all the years and had been doing talk radio right -- and if if you can see some serious aspect of the government coming in to take away your guns please I'd say that. -- please let me know. And don't just buy into the ridiculous rhetoric that you hear on the Internet or -- some stupid ridiculous blog that you read. That is nonsensical. And is just designed to create hysteria. From Denmark Matthew your -- W out. They're tiger -- we're trying to pick a direction of advanced -- saying hello hello. They'll make it makes it on about one profiling and two others -- video thing and -- doubt they put aside which you are wanting me. I learned who has -- economic rules. Before politics. And that you look we were hunters and gatherers first or so much so on the so let me ask you -- -- -- and you look at where runners gathered it would it's pretty stately old Greek. And then we went to king in the provinces and and -- nations which is not -- the only 200 years old. And and and moving towards internationalization. First economy's going -- and politics will follow. So if you're if you think the conspiracy theory or if you think you're nervous about it. You know it doesn't really it's gonna happen because it is the way of human. This is the this demotion of humanity and the economy has always been says one yen -- government -- more than most more than likely. -- -- start off with because that's the way it's always been where it's going to just sort through. The history of -- But Matthew there's -- there's there's there's something else that is the result of just mass communication. And mass communication played another major role -- the fall of communism it was in just Ronald Reagan although he had. On the he had strong stance and position that along with Margaret Thatcher. But mass communication had a lot to do with the collapse of communism and it's one of the things that is is is creating a global environment it's. Good and it spent. Well injured in -- commitment in communication. You know -- you could say that the media and now that's critical technology and technology. No it didn't have no relationship with the economy and so this technology is developed because of economic -- Resources and economic goals and then came straight. They result in an immediate could the media I'm sure to look in media got the technology sector and then -- and the business has made its first basic. And then. Then there was profiling. I think -- time a midnight. Chat you know I think thank you you have a expert who has of those sense of what. It's going through -- The circuit. Are about terrorism and understanding. Where is the actual terrorism garment from -- terrorism it's a bold colors and rates and you know in my could be a terrorist. But -- the reality of this have a radical Islam. Terrorists and yeah we use it as -- a general term terrorist of the unity that terrorist no one else's. But as soon as American as as Americans Matthew -- we love to find that -- well defined enemy. And happily no now line American model which I'm -- a living remark that's about it. But yes -- you can say that. Aren't the -- -- mushy calling a show a look where you in Denmark. -- are over and tells it whether there. Are you still witness. Chris has a realist on -- mantis a call from from Denmark. Once again mass communication. The Internet. Anybody can contact anybody now should disclaimers protect businesses from lawsuits in what about the disclaimers that we see almost every day and in society we're gonna talk about that in. That conversation stems from the Missouri State Supreme Court expected to decide on whether -- legal standard predicts a sports team from being used by. For being sued by fans. Who were injured during a game or during game activities we'll talk about that coming appear just -- few minutes and -- blog today is titled fans and responsibility. Read the back of your saints tickets it says something that you might not be aware of that's on our website at WW real dot com. Are we wanna put some cash in your pocket just in time for the holidays. Today -- we days and every W well you have four chances to win a thousand dollars every weekday in our 1000 dollar holiday cash contest. Listen to -- WL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM noon 3 PM at 6 PM for the code word. And enter the code worded WWL dot com slash cache or click on the contest -- to divvied up you'll dot com. And it's just as easy to enter in your Smartphone your tablet. At homer surfing serving at the office you can win anywhere. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each good luck and remember the times to listen ripe for the top of the hour news weekdays. At 8 AM noon 3 PM. And six via. From New Orleans real here under VW well good morning. -- I -- -- -- -- Look they don't want to talk about the it broke probably shoot you all. I think that kind of their mind that -- cultural racial cultural racial and -- typical issues that we have said that contrary. All. I'm black -- And I guess we're about what I need and how white it is. What -- mall and it. It -- Caucasian couple walked in at been at -- walking up on us. -- -- to -- now I've -- burned down church square toed shoes. Nice outlet it didn't have a fair shake and don't don't have buried there anything like that but she still felt the need departure -- right. All like -- wanna take a strong and -- hagel. Along with that guy. Well. Not our goal along with the apple it. -- Its sole racially motivated where we had to act. -- -- -- -- But everywhere. Of the definitely brings the stereotype. They. Yet but he writes -- there are private boat because it is right correct accredited actions they actually luckily. -- their actions are terrorists. And -- and I know I'm Erica I'm not a guy early due to open up you know it is 5% of military blitz. General with -- -- is that there are ridiculous I'm age in it big you get on top of that -- you'd. -- remember when I don't watching I can't remember what channel it was let. How people was spot on had done this felt like they're okay you have -- have a each. You have a very we -- nearly nuclear weapons. They have been through so well I'd hit these people watching any movies in. -- they are and they're they're buying into the hysteria is that they need to stockpile guns to take on the government and if the government now with our military really wanted to take over this country. And and and get to citizens it could. And that's why we try to maintain. Peaceful legitimate government and you can disagree with who's in office at any given time but you go to the price and you vote for who you think is gonna best run this civilized country. Right and then that same sense so they got that went to the airport that shut -- although people. India and eat he would appear at the same people agree her parents as well. I agree because -- also there's there was obviously political motive there he was concerned about the new world order this to -- To -- -- Syrian government being formed right now when he was targeting TSA agent says agents of the government. Right and -- talk about the people who bought stock while their weapon. India -- all taken all work but federal government and I don't understand why their that they did not about -- that they -- hopefully they'll television show and I'll count -- About you know we eat it you're ready to take over the government not a pretty good at the American -- that would well written in America. You know it it it is -- if there's there's a direct -- there that would be taken more seriously but there's nothing illegal about stockpiling weapons there's there's nothing illegal about preparing to defend yourself against the government. It's just not logical that you gonna actually do that if the government really wanted to get to you and and and your family. And and hopefully that's not gonna happen but I don't I don't see troops lining up ready to move in on the the American people. But yet there are people who have bought into this hysteria. I and it's it's fed vice social media it's dead by the Internet by people who are not accountable to an editor. They are accountable only to their own on them. Bizarre extreme thoughts of village called -- show. Profiling issue the nature. But don't use profiling. As a way to -- you know profiling for safety that's -- but don't use profiling for safety. As a way to hide. Your judgment of the contents of character. Should fans assume the risk for injuries resulting from the actual game or game related activities that's our new WWL party -- opinion poll. I'm student for -- give us your opinion are going to WWL dot com. Have you read the backing your saints tickets. -- -- a -- in the back of your ticket that basically says you assume responsibility if there's an injury resulting from the game or game related activities. -- blog is about fans and responsibility read the back of your saints ticket that's on our website at WWL dot com there might be some stuff in here that you were not really aware of when you use a ticket to veteran major sporting event. You actually assume responsibility for the possibility being injured in the stance. The Missouri State Supreme Court is expected to decide on whether a legal standard that protects sports teams from being sued by fans injured in the stands during a game. Or during game related activities. Applies to a fan. Who was hit in the -- with a hot dog. The Kansas City Royals fan John coomer -- the Kansas City Royals after he was hit in the high with a foil he hit in the eye with a foil wrapped hot dog. It was thrown into the crowd by the team's mascot to separate four years ago announced before the Missouri State Supreme Court. Course said he had to -- surgeries and suffers from permanent damage to his vision. The royals argue that the team should be protected by the legal standard. -- fans assumed the risk. Of being hit by a foul ball when they use the ticket to go to the game. The team believes the legal standard also should cover any injuries that result from the game or game related activities. Involving a mascot cheerleaders a word or team personnel. Now we've all been to games where mascot served -- cheerleaders -- team personnel throw or launch things into the stands -- fans are on their feet waving and shouting trying to get the attention whoever's it's offering the freebies hoping that something will be thrown in their direction. I don't know specifically what -- it on the back of the ticket of the Kansas City Royals. For their baseball games and I don't know exactly what happened here but a fan was hit the guy with a foil wrapped hot talk. But on the tickets for most professional games there is a disclosure explaining that fans using the ticket assume risk. In the event of baseball. Hockey puck a football basketball or anything from the court or field of play flies into the stands. And hits and injures a -- In the case said before their Missouri State Supreme Court to Kansas City Royals are saying that they you know the stand use the ticket and the disclaimer is there. When you go to a saints game do you know that you assume risk for injury that may result. From the field to play. Here's what's written on the back of the saints ticket. Ticket holder assumes all risks incident. To the game or related events. Including the risk of lost. Stolen damaged property. Or personal injury. It's not uncommon for fans students who sports scene it hit. Inevitably a foul ball. I hit in the head with a hockey tide of the tragedies at -- that hockey games. And yet if you go to a hockey game. Come essentially tell you that sometimes the talks fly into the stands. Disclaimers -- really an interesting part of our litigious society. They protect businesses from lawsuits sword or do that. And are you paying attention to the disclaimers. That you're accepting responsibility for example when you go to a sporting event. If you would enjoy and are sure to come and have you ever been injured or -- anybody was injured edit a sporting event from the game related or -- -- activity. If you -- join our short numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a tech's number is 87870 here's a Texan reason most attorneys. Would consider that a very broad disclaimer on the back. And probably challenged in court absolutely they were challenged in court but if but what about individual responsibility. If you're a -- And if it says in the back of your ticket. Big deal except to risk. A danger now if the roof of the Mercedes-Benz superdome fell on you or something like that happened. That would be totally different from. An injury relating from the a ball going into the stands and hitting you and -- Are. Something being thrown into the the stands. As some sporting events by a mascot or cheerleader or or team personnel. If it says on your ticket. That you assume risk. Then you shouldn't -- right. Should fans assume risk for injuries. Resulting from the actual game or game related activities. Now I don't have a pelican stick it in front of me if you have a pelican stick it or even on a new orleans' upper stick it close bought. What you read the back of it and either a call me or semi -- to tell me what it says on the back about to assuming risk for injury in the -- I'm scoot it for Garland if you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 2601870. It's all free 8668890870. And a text numbers 8787. So do you accept responsibility you accept risk when you go to a state of the ticket says you do so should you be held accountable something happens and not so. Did you know that when you go to the saints game did you assume risky if you're injured in the stands as a result. Game related or a game activity. It's written on the back to your ticket and by using your ticket to your saying that you assume that risk is that fair. -- student for -- here's or an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Should fans assume the risk for injuries resulting from an actual game or game related activity 75%. Say yes and 25% single. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com and from Biloxi Jim you're on WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't want to let -- comment on the right here I -- that article and I know this great huge case. -- affect not only all -- professional sports. Calling out through the high school and ball art school baseball coach myself over the gulf port. A small score -- And and I -- this particular case was because the hot dog hair band from a mascot. -- no case and Puerto. They've basically stated that mascots or not yeah it has partnered gay. I find that you know as a lot of experience. More than just seen a game on TV that's what separates a lot experience I don't watch on TV. The interactions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because we're going to separate us. Because -- that spot or losses that yet Serb. Jim I think this is a case about I'm a much bigger issue and -- is the the issue of personal responsibility you know and everybody wants to blame somebody else but if you. If you go to a sporting event. And you'd know that things are thrown into the stands or refute. If you go to a baseball game and you know the foul ball of what people bring -- try to catch foul balls there's no secret that some of these balls fly into the stands. If you understand that and it's and it's written on your ticket then is it fair to sue the team if you're injured in the stance. Well our personal experience it's pretty much inherent you know you're a recreational park on the iPad you'll boys. In batting cages and get involved -- about it is somehow came out of the batting cage -- betting on the actual change. And hit my when children are of the at astronomical odds of it donated money dated. I try to potluck -- for -- up a cigarette -- parked my vehicle and and -- You know when you watch it again he got a patent to a small hole about that they're negligent because the hump in that wasn't what it rider whatever that difference. The end of the game Albert they have quite -- quick -- I understand that taught me and I didn't get a check that your poll what I would say that we eat meat are actually -- risk by going to those sporting events and. And so -- I just wanted to point that out to integrate cheer cheer each case not because. This can be a precedent and really set the standard go out we spent we're going to be treated from here on out all of because older ones who took. They simply wanted to stay Simpson so and so I go all the that a -- Jim that's right I'm -- logical to showed to me this is about personal accountability. Here's a Texan reads those disclaimers are not worth the paper they're written on. When gross negligence is involved in an injury. And can be the case. Or contention in the civil lawsuit I understand that you're talking about gross negligence. Three hot dog into the fans. -- puck flying into the stands and hitting somebody in the head of trouble that's not gross negligence. That's part of the game that you voluntarily. A tent. So what are we gonna get back to respecting personal accountability what what what part of this is something that you wouldn't think is a possibility. Here's a text that Reese most attorneys with yeah of course those attorneys were considered it. But here's a text what do for football player gets mad and throws his helmet in the stance. -- -- the football player. That's not part of the game. So to me that would be gross negligence that would be. Something different and then maybe you could -- the saints for that. But if it's just it's it's a foul ball if it's something that comes from a mascot. To me that's different than a football player getting -- and throwing his helmet in the stance. And on the back of your saints ticket it reads ticket holder assumes all risks incident to the game or related defense. Including the risk of lost stolen or damaged property. Or personal injury. Have you by ticketing use the ticket then you're accepting. Risk for personal injury. Is that fair to you was a -- If you wanna join our show the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. At a -- number 670 it was another great Kid Rock show Judith testy yesterday afternoon and I just I I'm so impressed with him as a performer very talented guy who love the way he appreciates his audience. He loves America talks about. A things like pride in America this is in a no there's no better place to raise a family or raise hopes love his song born free. A Kid Rock though does such talk about smoking marijuana drinking he blew it up a cigar on stage yesterday in the crowd cheered he took a shot and Jim beam. Obviously one of his sponsors crowd cheered again talks about sex and and profanity and a show. And by the way he is very politically. Conservatives. If you're a fan of of a sporting event you go to -- game if you're injured in the stands if you look at the backing your tickets you're assuming risk. Here's a text that reads -- -- laws in most states that protects you from giving up legal rights. You have. The protects you from negligence. For instance in the case of NASCAR race when a car comes through the fence. Well I understand that there are are cases of of negligence. But. Defenses that they are there there -- big fence is to try to keep things out of of the stance but if you. If you go to a NASCAR race a regular basis if you go to a baseball game if you. Go to about a hockey game in particular those those events. So the -- flowing into the stands there's a case before the Missouri State Supreme Court about this and we've been talking about that we'll get back to mourn those comments. It's a 1000 dollar holiday cash contest here and every WL the code word this hour is. Invest. -- in VE ST. Enter the word invested WWL dot com slash cash. Or click on the contest link on our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide and it's just a simple to enter. And -- your office surfing at home on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere. Listen for the next code word right before the top of the hour news at 3 PM -- good luck from Smart radio. -- -- to -- Coming up in the next hour have you ever given of any name because the price went up will be back.