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11-4 12:10pm Scoot, soda tax

Nov 4, 2013|

Would higher tax on soda reduce obesity in America? A new study shows adding a 20% tax on soda could reduce the number of obese adults. Efforts to raise taxes on cigarettes are aimed at reducing smoking. Is the price of items considered unhealthy—the real issue? Have you ever quit anything because ...

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Good afternoon I'm studio for -- today and solve this week. So the cure last night of food -- fast awesome. Don't Robertson at the late singer -- if it doesn't really move much it's not an animated band based players very animated. But while we're just so great to see these guys back onstage she still sounds really good although. The republic -- I think he chose a lower octave. As he as he matures but any event I -- the -- was great Robert Smith the lead -- still has the wild hair. The heavy make up and -- when they play that song just like -- a crowd just erupted at one thing that I notice which is is is always fascinating to me. Younger people singing every word to cure song to mean I'm a sitting next to a couple of young girls. Who were singing everywhere to secure such that they couldn't possibly have to listen to the -- when they were popular because they were even born yet. And I also noticed the same phenomena and at -- -- -- when rejects had to eighties night too because Halloween was on a Thursday they had it's Saturday nights or Saturday night. I brought a friend of mine he would never be -- And he and his wife -- commenting on how interesting it was that they were so many young people there. So I didn't share any music with my parents. I didn't go around singing songs that my parents lights you know they were into the big band stuff and it was a whole different genre of music. But yet today there are young generations who actually appreciate some of the music that. You know dive -- -- would be 97 in the eighties sit there which was part of our our our lives and -- part of our generation and there's something rather comforting about that. So -- -- was great I also what I've found the group that I think is one of the groups defining the sound of music of of this decade and to debate has called the gas light and them. And I thought Barrymore was great Kid Rock is a -- mission last hour it was it was phenomenal once again. The saints lost to the jets it was really hard to watch that game because they've that could've won Drew Brees got -- beaten up. By the jets' defense so when he tipped balls I don't ever remember seeing that many tipped balls and some of those two balls ended up going to with a chance. I'm hoping that this just really makes the saints. A focus on the Dallas Cowboys because the cowboys are going to be a tough team it's a big Sunday night nationally televised game this Sunday. In Mercedes-Benz superdome saints cowboys week there will be a whole lot of talk about that and a lot of excitement about that game. You know the saints didn't have to beat the jets. And -- six and two. I think this session televised game against the cowboys. Is a game that will really. Test with the saints are. This year if they're gonna make a run for the playoffs the game he -- the cowboys is a real test a mathematically it's elusive the -- was it doesn't mean -- out of it by any means. It just seems to me that this particular setting this stage Sunday night this is a major test. For the saints team. In the season 2013. It's also LSU Alabama weekend a lot of talk about that to all this week on sports talk for 48 here on WWL. Or so we've had done talking about today. A since 9/11 Americans have been quick to stereotype terrorists many Americans have wrongly concluded that since the 9/11 terrorists were all Muslims from the Middle East. That almost -- from the Middle East must beat terrorist. Well last Friday morning at 23 year old apparently an American. Our young white male I went to the Los Angeles airport pulls an assault type rifle out of his duffel bag and began firing. He admit literature on him indicating that he ways he was targeting. TSA agents. He killed one and wounded two others. There was also -- note that referred to NW oh. New world order which would they don't know for sure but this could be referenced in new world order which is a conspiracy theory that governments including the United States -- are working. In cahoots to create a totalitarian. One world government. I hear these conspiracy theories. All the time on -- -- show -- right 28 to midnight here WL whenever a related topic comes up. What we learned is is that we can't always. Label terrorist. And there's Timothy McVeigh and there's ten Ted Kaczynski the unabomber there's Eric. Rudolph who was the Olympic bomber it in Atlanta. These are white male. Terrorist. And there are people who are armed. With weapons and with the mentality. Of attacking. The US government and to me there is much of a terrorist as anybody from the Middle East and I also couldn't help but wonder. What new talk there's going to be about safety regulations say inspired by the shooting it in LAX on Friday. I mean are we now gonna talk about setting up a checkpoint at the curb if a guy got into the airport so we need check out people really get out of their cars. Well wait a minute. Maybe we should check everybody who drives on to the airport property believe that -- to -- what should be oh whoa whoa wait wait a minute. Maybe. We should check everybody before they leave their homes. Maybe we should -- duffel -- X. Discovers described as a loner. Maybe we should arrest people who are loners maybe we should profile all the owners. Anybody who went to school with me and who even know who I once knew who I once in grammar school junior high school and high school. They would tell you that I was alone. I was a loner type I was quiet I pretty much stayed to myself. I fit the profile of one of these guys. So do we become suspicious of everybody who is a -- And by the way. The 23 year old shooter. Apparently purchased his gun. Legally so let's just. Wait for the aftermath -- and all of the hysteria it's gonna results from. This is a tragic shooting no question about it. But we're we're so quick to try to find solutions to problems that. People come opera with ridiculous solutions that don't really solve any of the problems. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about -- number is 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- it's early seventy. Protects a -- 77. -- are talking about -- responsibility. There's a case before the Missouri State Supreme Court and it's didn't -- or six of recourse expected to decide whether a legal standard protects a sports team from being sued by fans. Who or injured during a gamer during game time activities. A Kansas City Royals fan John coomer. I said he was hit in the guy with a foil wrapped hot dog this happened four years ago announced before the State Supreme Court in Missouri. -- he's head to our surgeries and suffers from permanent damage to his vision. The Kansas City Royals are arguing that fans assume responsibility. For going to a game. And the -- should not be held responsible for injuries that result from the game. Or from game related activities. -- discuss blog today is titled fans and responsibility. Read the back of your saints stick it on the back of your saints ticket if you go to a saints game you. Assume responsibility for injury. Their results from the game or game related activities is that fair. I'm sure a lot of fans don't know that we've been game we've got the information in the blog if you -- on every day you can read and share it's at WW dot com front page under our opinions. May be more should be done to warn fans that your accepting risk when you go into a and event. However -- that second stop anybody from go people are gonna still go. Less likely the something's gonna happen at a football game than. -- At a baseball game or a hockey game board NASCAR racing stuff sometimes. Flies into the states. Sometimes that happen any -- the assumption is if you go to the game you assume that that's a possibility -- for your -- -- assuming some risk. To me this is just another example this lawsuit. Is just another example of the lack of personal responsibility. Common sense should tell us that something can go from the field into the saints. And we shouldn't blame the team if it's something that is part of the game as a result of the game or game related activities. And to. -- to be injured and then to accept the responsibility by and again if you didn't know this it's on the backing your ticket. I don't have a -- stick it very separate stick it in front of me if you go to to look at the back I'm sure there's something on the back of those two tickets also. Then it will tell you that you assume risk. Of the injury if you go to the game. So if you use the ticket and assume that risk. Should you really be suing the team if indeed you get injured or is this another example of a lack of personal responsibility. Also today we'll talk abouts a new British study showing that a 20% tax increase on sodas could reduce obesity. Have you ever quit a bad habit or anything. Because the price went up I talked about being introduced as this weekend Eric Kidd rock securing. Our new found glory in the center of immigrant -- more and the gas -- anthem. And here's a text that says set -- pace to what about Pearl Jam -- voodoo. They did not disappoint I'm glad to hear that I didn't I didn't go Friday night so I did not hear a Pearl Jam. And they're really wanted to -- did you get out here I every day so glad to have college campus it was good I thought it was a great great food fest and the weather could not have been better. I'm -- in for growing ledger witnessed this afternoon and there's a new British study showing that a 20% tax increase and so it is. Could reduce obesity. And you know there's always so a lot of talk about raising the taxes on cigarettes. Expecting that to lead to a reduction in adult smokers and underage smokers as well. Mexico is considering a high tax on high calorie food. Of which would be most Mexican food over think in an effort to reduce obesity. Is raising the price of anything that is considered unhealthy. Is. Is raising the price and effective way to make people healthier. Where is this just another -- easy solution. That that people think will will somehow manifest. A healthier society. Have you ever. I'd I'd I'd love to know if you have have you ever quit. A bad habit. Of never quit doing anything because that the price went up. Have you stopped doing anything that you were addicted to. Any -- you hand. Because. The legal price well I mean I'm sure is let illegals illegal stuff out giving a talk about the let's talk about the legal things. If there if they -- the price goes up on gas. You might drive a little bit but you still -- -- he's still go places. It is if the price of cigarettes goes up even more if if you're a smoker. Would you quit smoking is Sarah. Is there a point where if the price gets to this point I'm gonna quit. And if that's the case I would suggest that you quit now. Because it's obviously not something unique -- and at what I don't beat up on smokers. You know as society in general beats up on smokers. I go out I'm not a smoker. I'm around people who spoke. -- people who smoked I have friends who smoke I go to bars in places where there were people smoking. It doesn't really and it doesn't really bother Niagara -- Paris -- smoked. It doesn't really bother me and I understand that it it bothers a lot of there's a -- there was a guy smoke in a big cigar. Add to Kid Rock yesterday and even right in front of me and that bothered me a little bit but I mean not enough to complain. So it's I'm not gonna beat up on on smokers because it is one is that something that you can legally do in this country well it's that your decision your an adult it's not it's not good for you but. There are people who don't smoke who also have a lot of bad habits. But can you think of anything that you quit doing. Because. The price went up is is this a legitimate. Effective way. To make America healthier racing attacks once notice. On. High calorie food. Raising the tax on fatty food raising the tax on cigarettes. Is this an effective way to make people healthier. I think it comes down to personal responsibility. If the price of something goes up when you wanna do it eat -- gonna find a way to do people find a way. You know I look at people on the street. I see people every day on this on the street of York's. I see people who look like they have nothing. I can't even figure the last time they might have taken a bath or shower. And I don't know where they. You know do personal business I have no idea where all that stuff takes place. And yet they've got a cellphone. So that people figure out how to afford what they want before -- Can you think of anything that you gave up because the price went up. If you wanna join our show with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number is 877. Here is taxed so why not give a discount to people who are healthy and maybe that will motivate people to lose weight. I guess that's one way to look at it but. It's it really should come down to personal responsibility and the decision. We need to accept responsibility for what we do. And and that's why. -- and I'm totally against the things that are created in nanny state and and yet there are people who support this idea. That well we just we need to ban things to make this country healthier. There'll always be bad things that are available point. And -- things that can be healthy for you but if you do too much if you if you don't do it in moderation that it would be bad for. So instead of trying to. To ban something instead of trying to prevent somebody from doing something raising that tax hoping that it's gonna make somebody stop doing something. Why not just teach personal responsibility. We're just having you know I quite often talk about this -- the -- showing 98 to midnight on -- WL. No we talked about it earlier with -- fans going into a sporting event personal responsibility. My using the ticket if you didn't know this you're assuming the risk of being injured as a result of the game or. A game related activity. Not the roof falling in or something like that did not gross negligence but as a as a result of of the game or game related activity. Got a takes a moment ago from -- usable who. What is the it is throwing a hot dog in the stance. What was the mascot. And it was a foil wrapped hot dog and if you go to sporting events you've seen mascots. You've seen cheerleaders you've seen. People associated with the team. Large sure throw things into the crowd and usually the crowds on its feet did cheering and saying -- throw tomato today. -- think about it in the morning draw it it during her rates. May throw me something. You know is somebody throws if you I have been I've been hit by a whole lot of these hold. Our whole band of deeds. And it hurts any can render you just like momentarily. Disoriented -- knock you out -- make you unconscious. But they're people who have have had things I hit them. And also to be careful though is to Patrick stay operates casino their hurling cabbages and potatoes and carrots and all kinds of stuff. If you go to the parade isn't there this assumption that they're throwing things off the floats. Minnesota that you know when it indoor -- -- throughout this part of the country. So if you go don't you assume. The responsibility of of being injured or to assume some risk. You know this idea that were never responsible if anything happens to us anymore I think is destroying our society. Here's a Texan Reid's personal responsibility is everything taxing things more will only cause more negativity in our society with respect to our government. If you wanna join us for the -- our number is 2601870. Told offering 8668890870. Our text number of -- -- it's a good afternoon yet no Mondays are always tough when the saints lose it it was a game that was hard to watch actually that could've won that game against the jets but they didn't hopefully they'll figure out a way to not be quite as confused as. The Rex Ryan defense got then got Drew Brees and the saints early in the game it was. Now obviously. I'm very successful in throwing threes and the offense totally off. I'm -- for -- today and all this week there's a new British study showing that. 20% increase in tax on sodas could reduce obesity. And often on there's talk about raising taxes on cigarettes and expecting that to lead to a reduction in the number of adult smokers and underage smokers as well. Is is raising the price of something that is considered unhealthy and effective way to make people healthier. Have you ever quit a bad habit or anything for that matter. Because the price went up. It is your opinion by yeah I'm calling a -- 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening. They're tax receipts have any seventeenth and anything that you actually. Have given up because the price. Went up. Is that raising the price of things what about just teaching personal responsibility. I love talking about this and it's something that. It runs this a thread through many of the things that I I talk about that show that regular regular basis eight to midnight here on on station. There is a growing lack of personal accountability even though. You might think it's wrong I think it's wrong there are so many of us that that believe this but there are so many people who feed into this idea that. That nobody's responsible for the behavior. And this is so widespread it it it goes to a crimes that are are committed and it's the video game that's to blame or it's the rap song it's to blame and you know to me all of that is ridiculous. What about holding people accountable. If you. Do something that's not healthy for you that's your responsibility. Not the responsibility of the fact that it's it's it's on sale. In and I really didn't think it was a good idea at all to ban the sale of soft drinks sugary drinks. In New York City over sixteen ounces and that that whole case is still. Is still pending. While you could buy 216 ounces and have 32 ounces so again all of these things just totally. Circumvent personal responsibility. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion -- of yells you've been talking about this afternoon. Should fans assumed the risk for injuries resulting from an actual game or game related activity. 67%. Say yes and 33% say no give a sure opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. And I think this is something else that comes back to. To personal responsibility. There's a case before the Missouri State Supreme Court involving. A baseball fan of the Kansas City Royals in Kansas City Royals. And if Edwards was hit in the -- a mascot through hot dogs in the stand in this guy -- was hit in the guy with a foil wrapped hot talk. -- he says he had a couple of by surgeries and has damage to his vision. And so he's he's suing and yet are on the back of of most tickets I know it's that way with saints tickets on the back of most tickets there is something that says as a fan. By using the ticket you are assuming. Responsibility you're assuming the risk of possible injury in the stance. From Nashville out Euro and -- BW well good afternoon. Everybody it's an -- So both personal responsibility. It's straight -- yeah it is it's. It's firm it is easy. -- because there being ingredients. Report pursuit. Very sad because you choose to be. Well out here and but some people -- more than other people just because of their genes because of the way they're they're made and not everybody's built the same way you know some people just have the metabolism and that. Did the body chemistry to. Two to keep weight off and and others don't. But he says that's the case and I guess to some degree you have to accept that -- not blame something else for your condition or -- the way you very. Alan I'm -- -- goes -- and thanks for listening here's a Texan -- I quit smoking and in march of 2007 when cigarettes went to three dollars a pack. A carton of cigarettes cost thirty dollars then. Having been. Have have been have been sending a 130 dollars a month to savings since then. All that's really a wise thing. We got everybody doesn't. Have you have you given up anything. Because the price went up. Amid the things that you that I could afford to do -- may be some things that you can't afford to do. But have you given up something because the price went up or did you figure out a way to a fort. Forty you may be doing less but you still. Did good afternoon I'm shooting for girls today dance all this week. The NFL is investigating. A bullying incidents with a Miami Dolphins football player. In Robert blog recently about this -- we talked about on this crucial in Nigeria WL. Bullying has now become such immediate trend it's it's it's a buzzword. To buzzword for almost for a promise everything. And I don't think we should be so quick to buy into this this this bullying hysteria. Only we must stop I heard somebody say today that we must stop bullying after talking about this story of a football player being bullied and I don't exactly know all the details. But there'll always be bullying in this world. And it's much better to try to teach young people to deal with being bullied. Than to think that you're gonna get rid of bully. Now that we shouldn't do all we can to stop bullying but bullying is part of human existence. In this bullying. Even if your teen years seemed if you get out of school so you need alerted to deal -- bully but it's really interesting now. Society feeds the media and the media feeds off society. And there certainly is an immediate trend now teasing -- bullying for almost everything. Angela -- the newest member of our WWL family weekdays from one to four she's coming up next a one of the things -- we'll talk about today is why are there more women. On boards of the directors. There's a major campaign now to increase the number to 20% by 2002 money and a lot of Louisiana women have very strong feelings about that. That is one of the things that Angelo we'll talk about coming up next. An open mind with the legendary Angela hill went for here -- the W well from Baton Rouge Michael welcome to our show. Ago on good Michael. -- called common. Mortgage. Someone -- in a bad habit because the part where -- -- -- Boca. You quit smoking because the price went up. Yeah well actually you are not motivation quit smoking -- being reported. Back culprit would go up and also. Cigarettes we're going to be heavily. Now I don't shoot it at my motivation. That they've. While -- would quit go to amateur. And aggregate. I'm glad to hear that but the other motivating factor -- all the you know about cigarettes -- you do wasn't good for -- and that the price going up did LP quick. Don't motivation. Exactly always. I don't want to -- and tough. Outlook and both Gregory and Kennedy. Argues -- -- mole I also we had all credit. Well Michael I'm glad you found that motivation and thanks for sure and it was on every WL. Here's detects a razor -- I have read the USA today since day one the recent price increased to two dollars and did it for me. I have not read it's it's not even online I refuse to pay due to dollars may sound crazy but I can't do it. However you can still find all the information that was in the USA today. Somewhere else. Here's a techs do you rock you're so right about bully. Yeah you know one thing that I have been always studied and it's again it's a regular theme on on this -- show. And shows that I do and that is the relationship of mass media and society and -- are so many people in this business and so many people who consume this media who don't really pay attention to this relationship. Just start noticing how much bully. Is being used to effect the very the government and LEX on Friday there's one. Story out that he was -- he was a loner and he was bully. Like that should really be an excuse for anything. I don't care if you believe or not I was bullied I was ignored I was a loner. But that's no excuse for for behavior and it's really -- that that bullying has become an excuse for even said things tragic things like suicide. Bullying might contribute to things but there's something else going on here. And it's not. It's not fair to just blame bullying. For suicide and -- if if that's how fragile people are today than we got to start toughening up young people -- answer tough putting people up. Yeah you're not gonna go through life and not be offended. You're not gonna go through life and have people not like I detect every time I do a show for people who don't like me I get more checks of people like -- is such a few little like me. Anderson as part of the this as that's part of like not everybody likes you and not everybody has to like. And you've got to teach that to your kids you're going to be affected you're gonna be -- to some degree it's part of life. Let's do we can't stop it but let's not be so naive to think we're gonna get rid of bullying in the world. There was something very nostalgic about seeing the cure last night I I I thought they looked greats Robert Smith never moved around a lot on stage is a very animated. But you know it's you know it's really for seeing is. It is it the the cure was really I've had dark. To some degree they were a dark -- did -- of that heavy make up and they were they were necessarily as negative as the crunch movement wise but. The cure from the eighties that is still -- great dinner in the nineties a great way to close at -- Jazz -- I decide Barbara Smith in the band looked great. I'm studio for -- today in this week and here's an update on our WW well pretty general opinion poll. Should fans assume risk for injuries resulting from an actual game -- game related activities. 66% say yes they should and 34% say no they shouldn't. On the back of your saints tickets it reads ticket holder assumes all risks incident to the game or related events. Including the risk of lost stolen or damaged property or personal injury. So if it's something that results from the game. If it's something resulting from a game activity involving. Cheerleader personnel or. And a mascot. Then you're responsible and you're accepting responsibility for. Using the ticket and going to the game for this city Robert -- Debbie WL. Not lost contact with him Harris attacks that reads it it's not bully we were talking about bullying and again and I'm just I I'm amazed that society continues to feed the media and the media continues to feed off of this -- hysteria. That is grown around the word bully. And it's being used for everything. And win. The NFL is investigating. The bullying. Of an NFL player on the Miami Dolphins to me. That is a clear indication that we have reached the tipping point when it comes to bullying becoming a mass media buzz phrase. The text reads it's not the bullying it's the kids that were raised with participation trophies. They don't know how to handle rejection. And at that that's true. I don't know of the blog is still upon the the -- page -- I wrote a blog about this recently is bullying to blame for suicide. And as tragic suicide news and it's even more tragic when it's a young person with their whole lives ahead of them. You know you have to go back and look and see how much bullying is being -- And I am I know people right now toward dealing with kids who are being bullied in school. It should be handled. It should be stopped but you're not gonna totally get -- of bully. So since she can't totally get rid of it then you've got to teach people to actually. Deal -- Being Boeing gets it it's part of life and it's something that you'll take with you throughout your life Oscar blood tonight is about fans and responsibility. Read the back of your saints tickets. And it's trending on our website WW real dot com. Under our opinions on the front page and -- is next an open mind with a legendary Angela hill next from one before -- -- -- to -- WL. -- -- have a great day back tomorrow and for Garland -- in New Orleans.