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11-4-13 4:10pm Bobby Hebert: on Saints-Jets

Nov 4, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier give their take on the Saints' 26-20 loss to the Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of the second guess you don't like it to you about we have a lot but it's also casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi in the area couple bond business. But the big Monday night look for the game between the Chicago Bears in the green bay Packers and you can hit that game live right here -- definitely out AM and after him. On a programming note at 630 tonight and beat the Saints coaches show in the -- radio network with head coach Sean Payton. And secondary coach Wesley McGriff. Wanted to but the body that needs evidently felt ready Jack war opinion poll. Which would mean more -- you. LSU beating Alabama. All the sites beating the Cowboys. You can cast your vote -- -- devil dot com. In some households. That -- that decision right Bob I know. Which you know I know with the Saints beat the Cowboys but if you -- it dead on loyalists who do you think if you put it Ellis who. -- about it though let Mike if you look at it who's playing or who's. Probably playing. A more meaningful game and the reason -- I say that. And I think if Belichick beat Alabama in the SEC. It's a lot not a lock on national attention now. They got to play out the season -- -- who's undefeated and all Latin and you know how that's gonna you know unfold but a look at the -- his game is still important. Because when you look at it really on the back and we gotta go 500 and I think they'll get in the playoff but. -- big kind of ball getting all the great start that we don't wanna finish 44 in the back in it does get that can win when I have. Eleven at night twelve went so we have the number one seed well. You look at the next NFC opponents. You got the Cowboys got the 49ers. That you got it on the rolled the Falcons and Seattle. Now with that being said what you gonna do head to head and if we where we think we are or where we hope we are. Then you got the Cowboys at home you got the 49 that'll -- should win. You should win those games that maybe you have said Seattle on the role -- I think that's where we're at right now. That. This is almost when you look at now you might be getting that ahead of you so quick -- probably say about. You know we have a lot more to play at Florida does the Cowboys game because that first step where would also added I'm like -- with the Chicago. I'd much rather be the Bears then lose to the Patriots. Because when you go look at what you're doing in the NFC head to head in the fourth the tiebreaker is that that that's like his game come is so important. That beat the Cowboys it and the losses realistically he take their -- -- at the and it is hard to go undefeated obviously and looked how long. You know the Patriots had a chance with the Dolphins signal that wrecked it. You -- back to the seventies but. If you look at it definitely lost to the Jets lost that a Patriots. But these that it gains that you have to win if you would have an opportunity. The -- mobile there on the. The wrote this -- to go to New York to get to New York I think to me it's how important this week he is and again. LSU Alabama saint Cowboys -- you could that's for about a week you would go -- meaningful some of these games are. In the division Seattle goals to Atlanta. Now yesterday. Mean it there but did everything but win the damn game yeah I mean they had built Seahawks on the ropes and couldn't put them away at 11 not the lead. It and it reminded me of something buddy used to tell -- years -- might not -- bad team win for you. And this was a case here where then you'll moment put a bucks just to us win that game. And had a bit problems legend a Duckett Seattle is snow on the comeback from back I think of the largest come back big victory in Seahawks history. Because that couple that's going to be good for us and they've been. You know anytime you lose the turnover ratio yeah it they've lost that and still ended up winning the other game that's significant. Carolina. Goes to San Francisco. Right you know I guess I asked them ramifications across the boy. Well we still got a plan to -- and the only one game behind us right now you know when you look at the NFC south lead you know. Carolina knowledge -- pay what. Yeah listen you know with the Jets version in the NFC on defense is Carolina. -- but they haven't. I -- there right now that that's going to be a challenge -- -- in the state and people I run the ball well yet that we got to still play at twice the I don't know how we're gonna block Carolina. I really don't. Will Miami not you don't look at of the game for them. If we can you get it turned hopeless but you know Mike talk about losing the game -- so hot they were protected outlook that this that this is unbelievable. I said -- as they need to in the NFL. You can have only a 115 yards passing and went up protecting the quarterback in the world not read this that the that if all league for a quarterback geno Smith 115 yards came through the air. With 111 yards come and after the catch. Only three of his eight completes his travel beyond the line of scrimmage late that this is not 96 the this is modern day that you -- -- running good thirties football like only three Evans eight completes his travels beyond the line of scrimmage. Me importantly. You shouldn't the game oh you got a quarterback playing that book Bobby the first quarter -- -- awful long off at the end of the ball well. Geno Smith like they like -- -- Laviolette and off with all of a sudden in the second quarter Chris Ivory got hot. Yeah that second quarter and he. Became the difference maker and I think too is that that this in the offseason the last 100 games played in the NFL that a team rush for under. Fifteen carries a game and the rule book. -- fit deal more they've only eight months. Only 800. Won those games yet you you can't get that. Racial I thought -- -- chaotic mess drew is more. I mean that's like good I mean it's better through growing up 51 times but it beat him maybe that through 41 time and it's never running. Thirteen maybe run 23 I think even coach -- admitted it. He got away from north -- we -- playing catch up with not know we're behind by two scores. But it wasn't how the game -- -- folding it but I I've really feel like it beat down coach Peyton. Did not have competent than in the running game. All of always glad that we feel like we -- -- people was third and inches off four off fourth and inches I could say what you make the play and that was weird how that unfolded. Could all of a sudden Rex Ryan and -- feeling. That you gonna give the first down he called timeout right sports that I'm but it got it would -- Collins at the middle okay. For now -- still there and it just let the right play called. But then it's not is that what you got to throw it and you gotta catch it Jake Collins dropped the first now. Tonight you got fourth and it is. But I still think at third and it -- for the agency that -- -- you -- could you do like a quarterback think I'm telling you that in the stretches in between guard a guard that they think. Could be -- short yardage run the beginning of this year. Okay 31 now -- so forth -- -- -- it before that theory that it is a bundle up with Tom Brady but we have not you know that's what I should go to get even and not. And now it -- you know Max who has -- this that I -- -- On the fourth down play when they keep the ball that Josh hill on that reverts. That it was something that Jets team with that and I guarantee you. Wasn't always doing his assignment and with gene -- and was cheating and coming down hard. And the -- and in court may think we can outplay them but probably Rex Ryan solitude that much better do your assignment do your job and he stayed at home. -- -- -- -- -- -- The other thing we have I don't know coach tell me -- watching hopefuls reactions on that play looked as though he Mobil's. Com. Stuff that a little bit. Almost like he stopped and waited for -- -- on what's gonna happen and end all of a sudden it came right to him. In his pocket on that while a lot more here. On the second guess show right up his breaking on the negates. Welcome back to the second guess Joseph Mike and Bob that this so we'll -- casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi Bob great people Chris -- -- then you look at defensively a lot of missed tackles a lot of -- -- a person man this -- you gotta give the guy credit right and he's done that the Saints uniform when asked him when he's cranked up but he's healthy. He is a load to tackle one on one now feel if he basically put that Jets alternates on his back yet and carried him a deputy. Well the thing that was his cart and I guess is because the missed tackles that remind me of last season. And if you look at it the Saints came into the game average and only four point one missed tackles for a gain. And then when you compared. The last season. They were average and eight missed tackles per game when you look at 2012 season. Now you could say Chris Armas and the new added them to talk about what he did his part missing tackles. But you know look the thing is twelve tackles on the -- -- prepare to only 29 coming into the game. So the divot with a walk quite noticeable when you look at that nobody that that's the yard that the contact now look at Chris Ivory. He finished -- a 139 yards and eighteen carries a including -- 139100. Yards after contact while forcing. Six missed tackles. And you feel like big play you don't give the big run that's one thing that yet they were number one. Coming into the game that's fourth not given up big runs if you look at that they were number one. In I think yards per attempt only three point one and that given up the the least amount of big plays on the ten yard without that we keep this thing. As you look at. You know Chris Ivory runs he had five carry that picked up 94 of -- -- A lot of the hard -- 39 I think it really you know we talk about missing Marcus Colston Darren Sproles getting hurt the beginning of the game with Colin Quinn. All of a sudden he's got to make adjustments that is the way to NFL is. With Pierre Thomas when he was out the beginning of well -- to the 49ers Rodney. If there have been a big game we match up it's all about matchups it's roles against the Jets defense but the guy we really I think we and it also. With Malcolm Jenkins exactly could Rafael bush. Well I mean he took some bad angles and -- a lot of buildup big runs. By Chris Ivory will work because of a bad angles and and that you look just. Rafael bush just as wrong angles that I don't know 139 yards. Eighty of those who is Raphael bush took a batting. You know you always talk about next man up when something happens and in theory that might be correct in reality in most cases you know why. He's not that guy because that guy had a -- this data it at that point time and you saw it yesterday. Malcolm is having the best season ever listening to -- one's -- he's played great so for it you really messed him up front now again that doesn't. Really not a cure all -- your ears so to speak if not would have been in there but you look at that football game overall. The two games the Saints have lost this year they get beat by a New England team with a nondescript office she did that Tom Brady with Rob Gronkowski was not that football game. And all. And yet. It would it would -- put up what you even -- -- pick and it look at it now feel you look at the Jets game what would that quarterback. In how you lost that football game you beautiful gonna run the ball I mean doesn't -- take a rocket scientist to figure out what I would geno Smith. They think happened Josh Cribbs in the back the run in the wild. In those situations and he's thrown the ball better than -- Well -- in my game and I think now about weapons think we -- in Dallas the right time maybe it's because -- -- is is hurting but. As far as the high powered offense to score points. If you look right now -- -- like you go to stop this well Mike if you look at it right now balances average and point nine points a game we're averaging twenty. So me that it gives you type game so it didn't turn over even more important. All I know what I thought the winning form of but it yet to we minus two coming into the game the Jets from minus twelve. In the turnover ratio in the and you look at we were we and that was like one before last. Plus eight which is third best while we were minus two for the game you can look at those things tell the story about what happened. That and and that's what I thought we wouldn't be able to run the ball I actress but will. But but but I I thought that do a better job at run defense yes yes it like -- geno Smith. In Manhattan I have to push the ball well feel good resolute look -- against the Bengals when he has puts puts the ball downfield we had to pick six against the mangled. But you know you gotta give a lot of credit to Marty morning way. And how protecting him and his play calling to me was outstanding how they kept this thing -- ballots. And the other part of the hot it is -- you look at those games that those two defensive minded coaches come up with game plans that. Come up put a stake in this folk so to speak all on your ace cornerback -- the fact you don't have a running game. You can cut this comedy -- you want to one that's -- talent drain along the offensive line they do -- and -- You can't deny -- back right that you don't have a two month bush trotting Carl -- -- good -- anymore those guys look better than the guys you have right now and Koroma. You can say what you want about it as a head coach Anderson he was a -- not offensive line about it -- but yeah in his loss is magnified now. Because of the fact you also have a. No well and I might be Doug about that -- that line and pressure and when you look at Drew Brees and and I don't know it's gonna change but if you look at it you know and them -- passes he threw. Whitney had a clean pocket and throw he was 2434. For 310 yards but when he was pressured he was six to seventeen the 72 yards. In a couple of innocent you know went on -- now that drops and yet of would you look at tuned. I mean who I mean it that that object not a -- play you got to make those plays now I've thought not I think it's been. When you look at a LaRon Landry Dawan Landry last year LaRon Landry -- just hard to say it would but it yet he leaves the Cowboys the Colts acknowledged brother. The wind and -- outstanding play when he got his hand on the ball tipped it up and ineffective but the line that Cromartie did an outstanding job dragging its feet a couple of come on nick to and you got to kick that it could end up Moline public along with all of a sudden. Who -- -- -- hit three. Who we DeVito first down on the thirteen yard like get -- -- up fourteen Maria possibly can't three. -- -- -- -- that threw the ball yeah yeah instead it being able to wait until late Dumars that does an outstanding job. Put them on the floor -- -- our line now all of a sudden the turning point I would bet every now that that's an -- had the long run in with -- bend but don't break that was 76. -- that the oval but. I don't know that to me as the -- it. I guess as the quarterback Blaine was that that that's still puzzles me how you know wide outs greens and how they keep. I mean there's like fifty year old man the girls that you know that they have to put the ball I think I can only get -- -- it. That's when you get to appoint a run in the wow that would create -- you know you've got problems with back to what I was no longer has pats Jets had out in a minute second quarter of the it was unbelievable -- I don't know turnovers and we. You know it all goes back to running the football stopping the run and and net and the action. What all you got beat by a lot more in the second issue right at this news break with. She had a rules. Lot of -- I guess Joseph Mike about a lot of this almost look casino beach side and Hank kept pounding Mississippi gonna go to keep it out you just keep you know -- Bob and Mike. Yeah thank you -- about the on the offensive side of things. To media looked confused. He -- the line you know with what to do I don't know Reid Collins audible. Because I didn't know what the defense was -- Especially in the first thing the first walk but is that if we found out. Yeah well well what I think what happened with that OK obviously playing on the road you got the crowd noise. That that the chain reaction. First even -- me knowledge. Maybe needs to get the play in sooner whether that's I don't know 45 seconds sooner. And then I know drew got on they'll let -- one time. Because I think I don't know drew changed the play with the BK to play in this thinner and a lot all that is in charge actually in the protection. And so there's a process that has that happened and then that you don't get a delay game in the -- wasted timeouts and and I know I don't think I've ever seen that. Which on Pena Drew Brees that we really start the second quarter were ready accused all out time out. And that's what's so much that Nike he's about. Who we're blocking it I just think that noise and could have been allowed Lotto because they had empty seats in New York. My understanding. You know it was -- but it was more times that. Is that I -- a bit with the play you have and make adjustments on the run it was a communication -- vs always trying to have the perfect play on. Because being you get a scenario as the clock going down 321 -- you have to call time out. Are you getting at the leaking especially on the road. I think we could be very efficient. At home and always have the right play on it the right time but on the road because of the noise that does make it different we try to communicate that. You don't want -- -- -- you got it beat up and right yesterday. You got beat up front which you wrote that because of line against -- offensive line and that that was obvious yesterday. And that's -- you're not gonna face a lot of teams that album Mohammad Wilkinson is Sheldon Richardson. Those -- -- and you watch him play I mean listen dating get a lot of sacks. Pressures being able to a night game they went up back it was much as the running backs -- they really beat that in -- of the saints' offensive line up but good yesterday. Well that's been two games in a row Collie is that the bills. That -- there is there were disruptive and now the Jets. Now might have been at Tennessee who's gonna play who's available with the Cowboys. -- at the line bit. You know at this thing right now. Is is Backstreet probably the last two games he's playing the most consistent. I would say that that is -- correct it you know because you know that I mean it is today doesn't mean he was you can blame Bryant -- all you want. Which you kind of get what you pay for UK pay every one. No he's not going to be Jeff -- he's not going to be Jonathan Goodwin. But what do you get Charles brown and in the same area code and an alarm over the front so I mean you have to pick and choose who you gonna pay and right now. It's kind of come at the bug to -- to think that in the butt so to speak because. The offensive line is nowhere in there where we were our problem we -- it's doable and on nine and we had the best offense in NFL history 2011. It and -- Mike on in Bobby on the defense inside. Remember they only need multiple field goals Italy too much they thought it -- yeah. The only predicted that field goal. And our guys made. So the defense I don't really -- plate that. But the only thing that you can't give up almost 200 yards rushing on that that you know they all comedy -- -- not gonna count the big runs. No they are now we deadly force of three and out that and we were outstanding third down beat that they were 140. For a fourteen point 9%. That's as good as it gets it NFL. We still gave up those big plays. And now what you wanna call up in the -- -- force field goals but they objected that the Jets did just that now what time of possession. Where you know all of that OK now -- back in the game in Indy go around we stop with the get a few will now we don't do the scores down. Not once gore knew you all would have been like two scores and all the cynical man it's. Like 56. Is that in the game keep the one thing in this game it's obvious now that the running game at the Saints defense on their heels. Because when you get -- like that you can just see that they were on their heels in our way and you had no respect what they're gonna do you know passing game. They beat you run into football old -- like it or not that's not it did it. Do you think so much for the call we appreciate it well lob or you honestly yes you're right up it was breaking -- -- them. Welcome back in the second guess Joseph Mike take him Bobby had been alive but it's also the casino -- side and it got pounding. Mississippi community area come home bond business at the big blow up for the Monday night contest between the Chicago Bears in the Green Bay Packers. Packers got a running game now. All -- a presence from a guy from Louisiana by the name of Eddie lacy who with the University of Alabama you can hear that game live. Right here on -- -- -- AM and happened you look back at it all the big time Alabama running backs who once stood in the bunch right now is that you -- We're gonna go to big John admits that he big John and huddle with Bob and Mike. Good afternoon gentlemen how you are I think done. Listen first before making any comments are mormons and I've got which -- a coach John fox and Denver and Gary Kubiak used in those two pretty frightening things and it shows that this the sort of thing can happen and body and you know. I know Denver's got itself a good guy to step in coach Jack Del -- -- -- You know he does which and that's coaching -- fox it's well so we can those be in the super cool concept war. Problem you know you made a lot of comments about the offensive line and and opinions as people -- AST's -- modestly. But these are obviously to 2013. And there isn't going to be a magic wand to wave and and they -- the offensive line any better than it is right now. We you go to war with people -- yeah. The guys to get -- can change the subject just a little bit. The offensive line problems we have nothing to period what's going on in my view right now rowand and -- secretly directed more towards you because. You're a leader in your locker room and in the eighties and nineties and you understand coach Moore ran this football team and also coach Jones over Atlanta for a couple of times. But. You know what's going on in Miami and what what this whole problem Marten incident and Richie and -- it and so forth. But maybe you could speak a little bit as soon you know what's been going on and how you read this situation is playing out because it's a pretty disturbing and epic its gonna get worse. Miami before it gets better but I think it goes. You know something that trickles down all the way to. -- little league football are pretty league football and -- -- you know we are you know the game that you play the game that we watch is an alpha male. Program it's an alpha male sport. But there's certain -- and hopefully you have across an actual number of guys in and coach Morris locker room ever crossed. -- just what you what you say about. Well it's much more -- -- hazing. You know you have hazing. As far as -- game this thing because they'll call me big money and I got. You know over a million dollar signing bonus gavel when they went out to eat you -- all even -- me to bill. I mean I think the biggest they'll ever had with about 6000 dollars and now with the really hurt you is it like extortion with them like I wanna get along all 11 for all but. But realistically what he did but all the text message and really intimidating. That rookie that's not like. You know. Your morning to go get donuts for the -- -- line meeting room or. We've we've gone away game you know bring ticket to. You know that a flight for the weight -- Ability he felt like personal attacks then. And and to immediate because of the leaders on the Dolphins team and they got veto. It is one of those leaders. Those and he just a bad -- he's he's just that -- -- in trouble all the way as the brass he got kicked. I got trouble Nebraska with the rants he could play that's slightly but the Rams got out of rhythm because he -- nothing but trouble. But I don't know I got to take approach. Now this might be it might be a gentle giant believe -- with the school board they went to Stanford went unfair yeah it's always probably that the -- -- -- don't believe in. And a good as like but with an affiliate that it can come up faith that we think that a fight. So another words I think -- approach. And I think coach Ditka kind of comment on this -- that he needs to almost talent demand I might lose this fight that but you gotta pack a lunch. Well because I don't become an all day where it went. Yeah -- -- -- -- and that it's almost skepticality and it's like a bullet on the playground at the bullet elementary school. That even though you rated the bully that you might have to fight back all our our he's gonna keep taking advantage of the now like nothing I don't know let the personality that I know the teams that I've been on. We've deleted we've had. That that would never happen -- that the the Saints that would never happen. I like mentally -- like greens and stepping up and there was something I meanwhile something like that. Normally go -- in the locker room -- could see you a lot or anything like that to go around the locker. And encouraged it comes right at some point you do atmosphere about -- it's it's becoming apparent that this was not a sin -- you know he was the leader of almost -- -- the lead lead those yeah yeah. The -- a mile pack. -- it -- think about it they don't have a strong quarterback on that -- on the team right Daniel just trying to survive. And you know just the young -- -- -- -- like he's the man I'm just happy to be dollar trying to do my best so you don't have that that leadership that you need there. In and and young hit but yes it is almost I think all of that came into play but as far as that the benefits don't -- -- language. Our our what he was they had to -- this individual. That -- we had a line that that's not even you can't put that in the class he's been -- At that ballot -- personal attacks and I'll be there. That's a spectacle that that the clinical definition of abusive. What really disturbs me is that there's guys on you on the team and felt leadership council how many years ago has been grown to college programs and trying to approach to promote pro football people -- and just become what it took at least a couple of you -- got got. Doctor that shocking on that means that come up and listen everybody in this week that you all about. -- -- you know if he wants no secret as far as -- -- good -- are a good player. But Manny have that apple and it don't affect all the apples in the pan out but the ones that it -- it -- well a lot more -- on the slightly ghetto. Right after this break you out of the -- of we'll have a lot more here on the second guess you're right up this huge break here and a big 87 -- -- here you know rules.