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11-4-13 5:20pm Bobby Hebert: on Saints-Cowboys

Nov 4, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk with Brad Sham, the radio voice of the Dallas Cowboys, about the Saints' next opponent.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the second guess -- -- the million Bobby you realize happens so -- look at seem to be excited Hancock county Mississippi. We don't have a broadcast not Brad sham voice of the Dallas Cowboys Brett thanks so much for joining us to see. -- -- Brett quick question and a man you look at the numbers with these two teams you can expect the shoot out -- a -- -- Drew Brees. Both teams have had some difficulties running the football. This season but what can -- wing it and I think everybody that it's the how well the -- match up. Will it Dez Bryant downfield and now it probably wasn't gonna try to match up with Jimmy Graham. Well. But he matchup would you regret and the you know that that he has I think -- the one aspect that is the saint Pete event is considerably better in the house -- So. At this -- call -- I mean rob Rob Ryan last year. At is one of the most amazing coaching jobs ever seen. Keeping -- competitive. Team on the field running new players almost every week with the injury. That they. Somebody on the food chain decided that they needed to be different steam. So that the Saints and Saints and win or that it is everybody knows. Has done player. And now. Got a tip in by merit -- are going to do. In the mentioned line so -- -- what do all year last year they had. -- was one time two games ago. They lined up for guys and our sideline reporter who does degrade was he contract in organizing and deepest line. In in Detroit. At one point had an aggregate. Service time -- the team sixty day. Well and that that's that's pretty tough but midseason so yeah I think what -- -- you know it is the only -- secrets about. About threw it about. The Saints are up and then. And certainly about what sure dog is no I haven't back and and Romo Romo went the extra. That the Saints defense and expect your hand. -- -- -- It would be the superdome and obviously. The Saints. As the -- blame in the superdome Carter one of the most difficult teams to -- in this sport. And Brad when you look at it on the Sean Payton. They've meant -- bit what -- most explosive low scoring offenses along with the Patriots and Packers. And you look this year. Think to average twenty points a game the Cowboys are right it 29. So I'm not saying. That was feel like -- Broncos Cowboys tight shootout with him be. What's gonna come into play. Is who's gonna protect the football if you look at the saint. You know going to the Jets game they were plus eight. And and and you know whatever you on the plus side to turnover ratio and against the at the end up being minus two. And when there where policy that was their best in the league in the -- to on -- jet. -- -- long before last at minus twelve with an outlook both teams have intercepted the ball the Cowboys. You know -- the around third at Fort Lee then the faith with nine interceptions in the top ten. So -- which quarterback protect the ball being a group restart Tony Romo picked also make different -- in a shootout type game. There isn't a question turnovers are our all that was one of the things from dallas' perspective that may lose that game in Detroit. So frustrating because they were all born in the turnover battle I -- yeah I mean it. I think I think it's not an exaggeration that NFL teams. But who are who are lost for the turnovers. Are now aren't 054. And two. End in in those games so. You know some of that is how the defense -- play. And the Cowboys are doing better and they have done in many many years. But absolutely. The quarterbacks have to take care of the football. And one of the things that Romo was doing better than he's ever done is exactly that he's she's protecting the ball better under -- been. Brett you know if you could recall. And I don't think fans can you look back at their special season when they won -- -- 2009. We were all high on the -- -- think the thirteen you know and in the cowboys' -- the town. And that wasn't no fluke they -- this thing behind in the trenches and right now I look would occur you know this past game but yet. You know not they have awesome front seven but the but they whip. You know the things in the trenches. But I think him being humble. I think that almost might be an approach where. He got the Cowboys coming to town but I think this time around and I gonna maybe surprised the things like it did and all night when the think with thirteen you know. I don't think there's any question about that I think that. You know. Canada. Of course and whether it's better when you're playing a team to two he is it better to have them. Lose. The the court that are that lose confidence or better -- them. I'm feeling really good about themselves and and now I I think that nobody. Because of dallas'. The owners. Well in the team's personality and its history no one ever does enjoy the balance. There's you know there's a lot of people that that. Think it quite as fired up when they play Cincinnati and there and so because of that game -- -- and about. Shortly I think I am or remember that -- -- key player. The player like the idea. That was four years ago yet in that game and add anything new at this game. And it hasn't shot. -- or in principle I mean the unfortunately the quarterback. Some of the players who does -- we don't either that. So. -- at the saint. It's all ball on while we're at. Now brag that you look it's all about matchups Lotta times I know Patrick Robinson when he was -- head up against Dez Bryant he could not covering him. Look I think that's going to be a challenge. When they are 101 whoever it might be Jabari graphics twos although goalie Keenan Lewis against as Bryant but he really struggled in the pre season. Against Andre Johnson which a lot of corner struggled. That probably interest in match up which dance you know vs a guy like him -- he paid big bucks to come over the Steelers. Well I don't think -- the best receivers in the league that one of them being one. And and most of the real. If if they have good quarterback. And they probably do that whether good receivers. Yet if they. Find themselves in situations. Where there wa -- most of those quarterbacks regardless of -- farmers. I will probably take their chance to so. You know the key yep that's somebody one right 100 he sank to get bigger so many different. Weapons and obviously Graham a matchup problem or whatever three guys you name that. I I think at that point one shot over that way. Brad thanks so much for joining us we appreciate what -- up. You are or in this game but that's got a lot of I don't know realize Howard up there with. We you know I I I hear his body and and I I frequently say that the last time -- here and I just guarantee -- I was when the Cowboys played the Eagles in the total points scored twenty yard plateau and on the other other taken a real man. That takes a -- we -- runs we will meet -- I'm definitely glad Jim -- the Dallas Cowboys.