WWL>Topics>>11-4-13 6:10pm Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier: on Saints-Jets

11-4-13 6:10pm Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier: on Saints-Jets

Nov 4, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take calls on the Saints' 26-20 loss to the Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the second guess he'll likely that you Bobby's been alive so we'll look at the seat of the sudden it got on him assistant Steve -- couple bond business that -- look for them but that I -- yes. We the Chicago Bears and nick Green Bay Packers that you could hear that game live right here at 730 at night when evidently out AM and after them at 630 tonight. Special -- -- go to show on the saints' radio network with that coach Sean Payton and secondary coach Wesley McGriff. Saints fans beat saint U that's a bit a wee bit. Definitely don't want to see it you would greet guests to win Dixon's -- OK with the Saints party and the Saints Cowboys game Sunday. Joints like sideline reporter Christian -- at Winn-Dixie won 104 Williams and that are between five and seven tomorrow. Register to win slight tickets and get an autograph from Seitz you could have been a team picks. -- pick out one day it's in depth at the Pro Bowl but -- spot third in six their tomorrow. Tailgate with the Saints Winn-Dixie at saint radio. WBA now also our opinion polls W bills already -- -- opinion poll what it would mean more to you LSU beating Alabama. Well the Saints beating the Cowboys rookie cast your vote. But evidently felt that nominee to ever 6 o'clock I worked on about is that David input from the simplest but they expect that much but -- and. That great to be here great to be here and got a nice big crowd at the house again and had a good we can hear it you know -- also would pull up the extra hotel I'm struck to. Big news and had just went up to the -- just -- today courses when you park here is over Loper but the hotels come along and guess you'll be seeing. Ground it dug up the next couple weeks so with whom you honestly expect that The -- they'll be complete with -- some -- -- may -- -- No it -- be in the fall it's a -- -- you know depending on what would let them because they hope to have the whole thing all 140 plus -- done with the new year so. That means next to on the fourteenth season we know that like drive and we -- Lose and you're educated and but they haven't tried it all at least on a Monday -- yeah I don't doubt about it I don't know you know we definitely -- -- -- -- -- without. Go to a but they've look at now now the -- and really get ready I don't know. We have looked at this in the schedule came out this weekend. If you're a football fan or casual fan it's -- -- we can -- that he got Saturday night -- Alabama Sunday night saint Cowboys don't get any better than that but. Among my question is then and are you as confident as I am I think L issue. It's not over well on a Tuscaloosa Oden at all and there but -- a little -- Ellis who has won six of the last eight meetings. In Tuscaloosa. A little bit you know you'd think about home field advantage that they not activity going Alabama. Now and I think also they look Alabama's -- They allowed just 26 point the last six games. But but I think LSU offense when their Rolen. That they're capable maybe not like Johnny -- -- only them but they're very very capable of putting. Thirty point I want to point yeah -- I think. The big story here is all this I know you're Belichick would -- lead of the notes -- in the past the last six meetings in the regular season. That espouses the reason three. Against Nick Saban not yet that's not counting the BCS game but read between the regular season. And I think Ellis who has no fear of Alabama I think Nicol put it over the -- with a chance to win it late yet hopefully Alabama but we look at passel of humour not anger -- not a -- -- relative. Just hope that you can make some big plays and I think the one thing Alabama's that was seen as a wide receivers and them like we're gonna get with Landry and Beckham. In a running back like Jeremy hill all on one team. New -- important guy out there it's not met -- we can't play good this game. We've played a lot of really great about a player like you played last year against Alabama to win anything even better. Yeah that is more confident -- that he's been a utilize that game as far as from a confidence standpoint solo but obviously when you look at it. I think if Belichick went to the close game if Alabama wins it could be a close game it desperately applaud I'd -- Alabama blown out -- level will -- You pick this the last six games they play. Them more in the victory pulled within thirty points. Total total so you -- about less than a touchdown and an. Three of those games will four point -- like that it is the because I was so what what you suggested and Dave would you look at along these lines. I was surprised. That Alabama that double digit -- -- -- not to write about it you're more like eight or nine point about the right and then it went 1112. I think that they go to Connecticut Alabama wanted to try to get eligibility clock got okay. They tell everybody was not that hit the slip. Ball all the all the way get through what -- -- through December we have a fortune football promotion every Friday Saturday night 200 to 2000 -- -- football so come on now that every Friday and Saturday. And this weekend this -- this us out of my quarter -- have a big -- party here with that LSU Alabama game on the big screen. Followed by forward tradition they have going on -- -- had yet on the idea by an advantage -- won't pop -- south regional they'll be on after the LSU Alabama game and then on Sunday we're gonna have a pregame party here with -- -- the fire from. Ward set forth up there to pick off and then next -- come out here for our double -- reported. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When mandate that would be sweet that would have absolutely and get it right here. That's compared to Mississippi Gulf Coast and if you wanna game a little bit. You can watch those games on this going to relive everyone's hotline did exactly the slot he has little TVs -- on it no one who played on the coach at beat him right here I'll tell you that. Tell us some of the other and it came that you got and in the month of November. The November 15 and sixteenth from West Virginia BBC person -- rocket 88 he does after the Lewis tribute great show. That we have well hardy comes back that 42 43 and on the 29 and thirtieth of not the -- That Thanksgiving week it's abandoned to be able to beat you here from Miami called the dominos -- another great gift and I like about your system that would. And if you don't wanna cook Thanksgiving. This is the place to come -- definitely right both blew by you fine dining restaurant named you who -- and have a special major just things you have to bring bombing them the there you wait. -- every -- like god you all -- the job is well hurt. Other days old opera the -- with the pregnancy is to see boxing -- but this is something that. A usual endless summer organic not -- -- organic not regulate airbrushed but endless number organic airbrushed and in man in the bill. And Hendry are ready -- -- and I think Eric -- you can look at it this. But he got it in the summer organic airbrushed -- in -- to -- get a party dollars and Vivica -- good but -- session. Or 100 dollars and that -- party of four. All eighty dollars -- about that. Of 100 dollar of 160 dollars to get the info party of -- only eighty bucks and how about treating your -- You better have where you felt tonight with the girls. I mean who would wanna do that France music line and relax. While getting an amazing organic. 100%. Begin air brushed and won't learn something every day of being an -- -- him in the summer organic. Airbrushed can't demand that they'll -- they'll they'll now go to my -- -- dot com. And -- that the endless summer organic air -- and in man to bill. But give Bob they think they'll do -- they let you on the ball and look -- the sentence with a come on now that slip up. With a little Maroney equipment -- in the huddle with Robin might. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had a question fully and before -- Before the jet game even started I knew I had to feel that there is going to be more heavy on pass and run and my question is. Why is it that when it's basically a defense that known to stop the run. They just concede before the game even starts and they don't run the ball. I mean and because if I'm not sure of the but any time any time. Do Brees blows forty to fifty times and they only rushed 1012 times. They almost always lose no punt to present them shirts and my right. Whatever I just playing the -- -- negative it's just that I did the in the offseason. The last 100 games when a team that rushed for less than if he carries and -- hopeful that we want ego. That's not even then what's that so what -- your chances of winning those type games are really really low -- A little bit out of line is it -- -- the -- -- to begin with and you one dimensional. That just -- through Drew -- now much more. And it is that you constantly -- And you're not gonna run on a quarterback -- got an agent before opening which is why he's going to be one dimensional and get killed. What you know you look at the third and inches -- more than inches. You beat you squirm in there would a quarterback sneak but I think Pierre Thomas hurt at that time I -- to think in. You know number one draft this week in -- -- he should he did that would it at that he should go together but but I think coach taking knowledge this. That would just play Colin. -- thirteen rushing attempts is not acceptable when you look when all's said and done. Pierre Thomas ran the ball six times the average four yards a carry. -- -- ball four times he averaged four point eight. When they did the thought they would do well. Yeah we got good concede before the game even start that oh we we can't run the ball against a team because they're so good what about me and often and go forward you know. Well it at the start you know when now when you look in the third -- fourth quarter we're down you know by two scores. You know when they were imagine how few goals are right thing that he scored when we were up. When you look when it was like fourteenth to sixth. Then almost at the beginning and I have to play catch up. That that you needed more rushing attempt that that I'm just telling you. It probably about ten plays and you know how the game's been unfolding avid flow of the game. But instead of 51 passing attempts. My guess that doesn't mean it or you want and then instead of thirteen rushing it and it should have been at least one victory. Bode well with the critical play that game. This one's small drop pass I agree that under the agreement if you -- -- three you can run the ball. But but you played from behind at that point and then you. I think you would hope that has admitted. I got to pass happy with that in essence you with a two run late in the period. But you know you can comment on what itself at that point I think that dropped by -- -- was a crucial play. That's what we're going to had a first down their third -- -- -- -- -- -- it and in what happened momentum changed there but and not necessarily this is the part of it. Who has -- that has a great -- they started their drive and a four yard line the Jets get a false start. We think Chris Ivory goals of fifty yards. That is the way changed the game -- and dazzling and every heavyweight and Levitt plays I three yard that we still bend but don't break it was out of the thick quads don't seven to six. What my golf ball and one which is third string tight end on and around is enough for you wanna trial he thought third downs -- it doesn't work you can go against. Well I think they were thinking that there that there's no way that the -- that running out reports that Josh jail. Yeah I mean I mean. That the thing is to look at it it's a moot point you got it X you make the plays. On the third down I still think we should built to run the ball but obviously quickly -- at times -- at the confidence. Yeah college catch the ball into it to -- -- that commitment and -- Dropped passes in this game and it's not probable almost like he'll play volleyball the balls pop but up in the -- mobile and not what did Watson and it looked at -- that he. Not a got his Jersey -- it. He's pretty -- your special. And the balls bounce the ball around the -- and never make a play on the ball very first drive of the game -- Garrett Hartley and as the 43 yard fuel. They never showed the replay -- TV. It was third and six. And commitment to -- in the flat and I think it went in and out of the hands and we got a first down inside there up like on the 2015 yard line. I mean so they wind of this and a field goal getting that it. It we were just out of -- and you know all of those plays in the would've could've -- -- you don't win you look. You always look at restore a handful of plays -- not too -- Bulls that that that's the difference why you didn't win. -- they also have a lot of -- it's a I -- believe -- they got a lot of almost don't think so much for the call we appreciate gonna go to salmon leagues and you know how to without it might. -- about Ali you played how many times did you just take the pollen in whatever coach was shaming and trying go -- if you -- two -- three chain link that you had to. Just get the personnel people. You mean it's ours are -- off or what the. You know probably that would give you example two weeks ago about this past weekend while before that. Against Dallas. Matthew Stafford took the ball and they act like usual pocket but he did he mean he didn't tell anybody. And then Peyton Manning did the same thing with that. It would definitely like yours so I was that you wanted to not sorted out well -- probably. What the Patriots and a lot of catching an idea to -- saying that you know. -- -- Frontline that you know coach you don't have the confidence -- them -- -- problem but that looked like to -- chain links that documented it was particularly in the interest. I'm just trying to -- hope you ask him that question on Thursday immunized yeah a hundred million dollar question. Well guarded and even the clock laid it all started and Reno when you act like he was gonna -- -- to a Pedro. But that's not think that was felt in the Jets yes that he actually did honestly I played for that's -- -- And and as long as the or is it worse than go -- and nobody -- today you. But does -- have done it yet starting drew it to Greg probably if he feels -- work to do I would ask you. Yeah you have to do that you know I. I don't know how to say no none Oakland note tomorrow we would have a fit for me I had probably about about leeway I had about. 185%. That that that I can audible on going to be a 100% right well I hope it will blow up and get what we did a lot not it to you this. We waited three timeouts we were on the road. He would never -- audible because of the communication delay game -- -- -- -- time out. -- we even have this that he had a sixteen yard in route and you were actually blitzing. Then you had to adjust the route and -- like a quick slant ourselves so we would adjust the play when not having to audible. Because now you got a hole. That the receivers read the blitz like you went. In the protection on the -- at the concept and other -- -- important good -- may happen but but no they it was a I'll probably change policy flexibility. Wanted to point 5% of the lane then nothing more than that. Sam thanks so much but if tomorrow we appreciate you wanna think everybody book policy at midnight on the -- gesture one that not everybody. That. Saints coaches show on this night radio network coming up with head coach John -- and secondary coach Wesley McGriff.