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11-4-13 6:30pm Bobby and Deke with Sean Payton

Nov 4, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with Coach Sean Payton about the Saints' loss to the Jets and their upcoming game against the Cowboys.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the coaches show on the New Orleans Saints radio network this thinks -- -- the -- 26 to Tony coming up next big inside the united dome against the Dallas Cowboys welcome -- Saints coach Sean Payton. Coach -- talk to each week with the message to the team to date obviously you're disappointed in the loss yesterday but it's time out of competitive focus on -- Dallas Cowboys team becomes that he would leave the Easton playing some very good football. Well it's it's like we try to preach every week he spent 24 out of this being. Trying to make corrections. I think. The feeling of the staff today that we are going to indicate that there were a lot of things fundamentally that we we all feel like we can improve upon I know the feeling. In -- coach -- was a little out and we can do to help our guys. Better better have a chance to win that game and yet you credit New York they came out in. -- -- -- virgin and I think everyone -- -- like we would get a real steady dose of the running game. And Solomon in. -- we weren't able to stop that. I think obviously we were one dimensional and I feel. Like what he ran the football we ran a pretty effectively and in the back out myself war. Not give our guys more those opportunities. And it really making it more challenging game for the offense linemen and only taken a lot of criticism and yet questionable 51 times in the only player on the road against a chart like that it's very active. And very difficult in regards to your protection because they do a lot of things yet to that two -- job -- and the offensive linemen -- well we ran the ball we ran it effectively. I'm not I'm not. To turn over. It is in that game. Hurt us but. You know. We we couldn't run the ball we didn't run enough and if we were able to stop. That to run the football but we lost the two position battle and kicking game. So. Look a lot to correct spin then it starts. -- that is coach hasn't been what the chance this week with a little more week to get those details per full put a good doubt -- Now could trade talk about the challenges. Who -- we've been always so efficient and and it's a lot more talented on the road than at home. We're trying to have the right play on at the right time. And as far as the concept of taking the play you know we will utilize all our time out before the second quarter. Even started look at that you know you don't want to delay games so you call time out in the same light on the first and as a little miscommunication. Between drew and eloquently with this that I don't know if you try to set the protection. Or what did you talk about the challenges that you know -- got a -- Seattle or really anywhere and on the road in the NFL. That is that a case of points at times they just have to live with the play you have called and not what you felt in that situation. Well I think there's. Happy medium you wanted to temple and drew -- -- such good job both get our protections that. You know we span span the warden in America on the linemen -- well we don't. On making sure we get there at the right call what -- you bring in the protection to the writer to the lap we try to use and on the snap -- to see. -- -- You don't see where the blitz is coming from you were trying to ward told are we free rusher and so. Often times that are involved the cadence suitable for racially possibly inaudible. So -- For me you know that -- for a it's all gonna potentially change a play then you really have that that thing quickly so that quarterback's got 162. Liners for 1413. So it becomes certainly it becomes very problematic for him. You know and I and I think there were two situations where we really didn't play -- yet oh and we were you know it's a third down pressure situations. The last one. -- that time out there. That I'd call could we send in personnel group it was is the play. Right before but he kept the long touchdown pass and in the play design was hurt in the on I'd be bout and then pump. And the tactic that went into Utley would not want to get them in the game as soon as. I would call on the plated drew I'm I'm in street past legal under the guidelines and I'm pretty good two that's who we want him to display and so. We burned a timeout there. Send him back here in and we scored a member and exploit so. We've got to be we've got to be more efficient. To be more or should get those things here and especially when -- in a multiple front team like the Jets are. You know that you really. Possibly got to give -- one or two personnel groupings on third down and then. You know a lot of teams equal out early in the game I'm waking leader and take one on second sound obvious to stay with a player like you for two and and forced the defense made their children in a little quicker they show you show your -- -- we snapped out. Now puts things. You know you always trying to make an offense to one dimensional whether it's you know you wanna put the pressure on like -- their quarterback geno -- to be view. Our just making an offer at one dimensional I thought Marty morning where it. -- I did an outstanding job would -- play calling protecting geno Smith I don't know Bob ever seen this. And you would think well. Look the Jets are gonna run the ball like make geno Smith beat us look at this is unbelievable. It at a 115 yards through the air but I -- eleven was yards after the catch and only. Three of -- eight completions traveled beyond the line of scrimmage do you think has been -- that. That I guess if you don't turn over the ball that you should win that game but. But -- like they were really protected geno Smith and -- passing game. Well I think you're -- us it wasn't surprised we he's still Tom Watson. The prior game which Cincinnati in the game Portland before that it. There there's been a formula of ethnic -- you know and they understand these yeah quarterback -- You don't learn and there's a lot goes into play at this level and in maybe someone from spread offense before West Virginia there to the bigger transition. But when they want. You seem enamored -- over forty yards on the ground mixing them with -- about it fuel. Like their defense. Especially up front is his -- unit that's gonna stop the run and in when they're not want. Maybe an extra -- little bit too much but it turned the ball some interceptions in that given up some deep throws particularly in Cincinnati game so coming back home. I think we all felt as a staff that you know that this is a team that was gonna get off the bus on the football than they would -- from the -- that -- -- from under center. Yeah and we've we kind of you know went into the game with the mindset you just discuss we're really make this guy throw it and I thought early in those first couple series. In the kind of gone -- so we wanted to -- there's a few sequences in this game that proved to be pretty critical. You know of course early we we don't -- field goal first drive. But we were able hold them to -- out. And then there's that right at the beginning of the second quarter. Where. We were. On the ball on the board and they have a penalty that brings into the minus two we hold on to an incomplete pass and it and we give him. A personnel grouping really meant for more nickel on we had a base offense that we -- and -- -- -- at all run. They're really not only changes the field position. The moves it to the other side there and settle for a field goal. And then Arce went offensively third one what -- on the play get first down but the timeout call. Next play we we -- -- pats and and not -- that fourth -- call -- in. Obviously it doesn't work but there's there's always wore off by six plays in the game. That kind of shift maybe the direction of the momentum and I thought that the Jets should be out of outs and back when they were behind early. And then you know captured the lead in in you know we always seem to be possession down. I think the running game that they also was able you'll help their defense off the field than a little more pressure on all fronts. Now go to when you look you talk about that the that the run very style like like down the -- we've got to play Carolina. A couple of times and their parents thought their front seven. You know we got thirty and edges -- like at the cat and mouse game between you and Rex Ryan all of them and he called the timeout that we had the first down on and off the Jack Collins for now. But you'd dollop of play in his Jake in the flat and he dropped it but not you got. Fourth and inches then. And it was you know apathy is kind of a trick play when you unit that John Hill on Riviera was who was that an eagle on their on the film that. Then maybe he was gonna -- in that you would have break containment. I -- it. It's that simple plays they play a lot better defense you know and and you really. Eerily -- that play at that weeks died and their linebackers -- -- come in on the line as Berger were close and hard. The first play we -- so you're you're on that first play which was your first bird won't play in. You can hear timeout call so obviously the offense runs -- in. I'm sure they got to come -- you know in time and so now your. You're off to -- -- on the ball -- back to the right side you know looking back at those away. The way our guys that -- up front handle. The running game looks. You know I. Every one of -- come back -- game like that you know you have certain plays and you're over here again and I just thought we ran the ball pretty effectively. And I felt like maybe. We gave them too much credit regards -- stop the run in it and I think that that would. Help our ops and so lineman. Rather than controllable that one time out -- -- and -- you're thrown out because you're behind -- but -- put a lot of pressure on that group and it's it's hard to grade out well when your when your you know thrown that many times it's -- good team like that especially complex being in the nickel so. Yeah I'm not that third down play at the second third down call the right one for us you know we just injured makes that catch. You know 95 times out of the hunger is metro lot but then the call after that regret and it was -- it was. He'll play that you break contain -- -- Not an announcement on. That's thanks coach arm pain he's body daddy Billy will become backe Ian Moss southerners cycling coaches questions. And will point towards Sunday night's match up in the dome against the Dallas Cowboys that gets Tony six the Saints Torre -- the coaches show on the New Orleans Saints radio network. The New Orleans Saints radio network on what Bobby -- and Saints coach Sean Payton. I'm Deke Bellavia well this week the Saints take on the Dallas cow both but it -- -- -- and -- -- his -- and Ian Moss seven recycling to create. Resources. Coaches who comes from Bob in Baton Rouge she's his coach how would you grade our current running game. Well look obviously it's not where we'd like it to be an -- its something that we're going to be able to improve on out and urge you look at the film. The way we ran the football. Yesterday we obviously didn't run enough. So. I think it's an area that that we can improve on topic those guys up front. Just need more more snaps more call from me you know I think we've got to. -- to do it. So I'm anxious to see that second half the season. -- -- looks some weeks which fourteen markers -- that the papers wrote that really dictated. But stole the ball we made some big plays but I think -- be here an important test for us and these next eight weeks. Against a pretty good football teams so fortunately our -- better and operate the season. Another Ian Moss and recycling coaches question remember him coaching questions for coach Tom -- email them to a -- and it's Saints radio network. That car our coach this conference Fred -- could he says coach. Talk about what drug available was able to do yesterday and I easy getting better moving toward the second half the season. Well you know it's become an -- procedure -- -- doing a great job. Getting back in shape. You know like everyone else just hitters and play -- you'll watch on film. Learn improve on but. You know he played just over ten plays there -- what is probably its first football now while so. A chance to look at that New York -- makes -- but he played in two with a sub packages regular bracket is there and you know first first time back in Garrett Temple close to it doesn't match. -- next week if you have some questions for coach Sean Payton email you questions to his food nation it saints' radio network dot com Bobby. Now puts -- now I notice that the frustrate you. Because I know you have decided that paying attention to detail as far as penalties. I mean I've heard you say ailments they you'll be you've made a statement you don't want eight or nine penalties or somewhere near -- yards. How frustrating is that is that I don't think you have a positive plated an account with the penalty. But isn't almost like kind of a catch 22 that if you're an offensive lineman. And like you see you getting beat that you wanna protect drew and then you might end -- -- call -- holding whatever but would -- tell the team as far as our trying to avoid penalties. Well but there's there's there's a handful yesterday if you take away a couple delays are endless and you can't take them away they were called on us but. Certainly we feel like the Super Bowl and take away the false starts. That can happen on the -- we've got to be a little bit sharper mentally in those situations. Then you end up with your four penalties Wednesday. I think that the older couple holding calls that are legal answer trades I thought defensively we just said the one. Special teams again. We were able to avoid penalties. You know -- -- just didn't feel like we covered kickoffs as well we need to their game and in. -- both partners really prevented. An eighteen to get the big punt return or punt return and saw the difference in the field position switch. What we kicked off to Cribbs. Compared to then get it all starts and in -- was out there and then you opportunities but. You know -- felt when you watch that you feel level Cribbs. You know. Two times really threatened us here in I don't know that we did the same finger and so but from a penalty standpoint -- you try to look at him and you know the situation where they'll pointer you're -- right at the end in here and you know it's difficult to tell one or two good call in yet in the two -- the umpire kind of -- and that's spot we're normally would be may not be called. If it's literally down player and you know that was. The play and you know kind of brought out the completion addictive and so. -- go according the operation starting with me -- the -- quicker drew iron and our time at the line here in. I think that's something you know two weeks now he says -- about -- nine and -- and when you would put that would turnovers. That's not a good recipe. Now our coach made I know everyone's doing but indeed there on the NFL -- to have -- within -- -- I think a lot of times that what to elaborate on this. When you're playing a certain opponent. It it matchups are the -- And and -- not having -- available then Darren Sproles that it was kind of like early we played the point in the playoffs Pierre Thomas got knocked out but. But what what I really thought that we miss and he's I think he's played his best football the Saints uniform. With Malcolm Jake it and it and that -- against Rafael bush but I look at. At least two -- three -- to take -- bad angles and end up you know given up more yardage on the ground game I don't there was a situation. Within -- getting a 190 yards in the ground. It just by -- steps up by the safety they -- eighty more yards. Because you take in bad ankles and and I -- think we -- -- and take it yesterday it but I game. I would I would say it is I think you're -- percent right number one he's gotten off to a great start. On the field he's been very consistent. The other thing you miss with a player like Paramount -- -- -- captain -- in I would say clearly one of the leaders on our defense and hasn't. The great common way about him you know our guys set. Understanding formations some -- beat attitude that we got to -- to. How he ought to get lined up in the front -- up and they're repute playing it will all Sutton -- to target -- an -- -- set Malcolm. Is very quick trip to see that in effect communicated that. He's have a great year we'll see where -- -- this week I'm optimistic and yet we just gotta be patient and in the other processes go and I think the other thing yesterday it was the first time where. There were a number of runs that kind of got to that secondary level. And all of a sudden pressure on the state he's like you say that that they the correct angle because that back. Don't hadn't been. Forced to cut out or force to a got back in and all of a sudden now a lot of free in the secondary really puts pressure on. Your pursuit angles puts pressure on the the back into it because you're you're as the last line of defense. There and and so. Look those those were some some tough looks and and obviously some good runs by person in the front did a good route but you know we rented a handful of heavy run fronts and still. It up big yards that's what's concerning and I think it back to fundamentals we talk about -- shows some of the things we've got to look closely at. They reduce some of the things were little but also hit on pad level. Talk about maybe when we're. When we're playing a team like that and we expect. A lot of runs you know we've got to understand. -- it's going to be huge right in you want it -- talks in the global. Put pressure on everyone on the defense. I'm no different than an offense you know you're gonna have to execute. Whatever you want him I think there's a lot we can clean up off the bag beauty. We've got to -- would do actual retirement and the players to back game Wednesday prepare for -- and yet there are individual periods. Can't talk about fundamentally not. Not just move on to the next game plan really talk about techniques we were in training camps or things that we saw -- today. And coach Payton we know you to say that there are you -- what your record says he is Dallas is in first place but really when you look at them one point loss to the lone team in the National Football League gets undefeated Kansas City. And it had three point loss in a shoot out to Denver Dallas is in first place it's an extremely well they've won three of four and they are a little bit better than their record indicate. Yeah that's good football team the tape they really came off. This past week and with a big win and I -- -- a home game vs Minnesota but. We all know every week there's going to be one of those games reviewed video player football. And still be the final at the end where in and seeing Seattle do that now out two weeks in a row on the road street course. And -- -- and in really held on to a lead late in the game and yesterday. Came back from a three touchdown deficit. Vs Tampa Bay and so -- don't know what you're gonna take place else thought that a great job against Minnesota found themselves enough in a tough tough game and you know Tony did a good job in in the closing minutes -- we get a touchdown probably and so. We always understand the type game in there and attack between. Those guys the tradition they have and -- -- there's always been a good battle here when the Cowboys and straight to played in so it's really come down to some. Keep plays in the second half and it doesn't really matter your homer way you know what they're about this year's Buick in some pretty good. Coach -- thank you so much for the time to look to you the team against Dallas on the night. --