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11-4-13 7:05pm Bobby and Deke: on the Saints' secondary

Nov 4, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with Saints secondary coach Wesley McGriff about the team's defensive backs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the coaches show on the saints' radio network -- is part of the program -- we will welcome and a special guest assistant coach this week -- secondary coach. Wesley McGriff coach McGraw thank you so much for the time -- I'm here. Coach let's jump right in and talk about the secondary your thoughts on how to perform yesterday in in through the first eight games this season your your thoughts on the second there. Lord you know Chad -- -- a ball game you know permanently and when -- and certainly you know you know you have to have. -- the odd thing in the ball game that routine we can get media -- -- the -- -- -- out and we have to move. One to -- elected you know from starters employ. There's. Certain -- -- nearly as legitimate star Laura and so we're going to be one dimensional. Agree that can't are open your position. You know don't work they're foolish. You know he -- very well you know certainly angle. You make it into the game when not only twelve game. Martina who -- You know -- made exemplary for us so we just take punishment that ball game. And I don't know about it and just like. By about run fifth and and and that to me it was a most of the morning from a deep into perspective. Because that was the case last year game any game out with the miss tackles. If you look the Saints came into the game averaging only four missed tackles that game. Compared to last year was eight missed tackles a game -- When you look at against the Jets twelve missed tackles. Compared to only play nine coming into the game so to me that a thousand different. You look at a lot of his. But Chris -- long -- if you dare make that tackle if not in if you do make attack we don't have those big runs. More you know well of course and you know what -- matches in Mexico and Cuba. And you're exactly right now that you Uga good markets. I'm sure I understand morning. And nothing Julio can you talk -- our nation a lot of football Vietnam's two mean right now. You have an option attack the ball appeared you sort of running angle. But I have not and make certain that. When you know you missed that article. I've got to get past you know comment yet on the but you can think you're getting your chips in. There that are born. I'm regardless what position. What that keep your biggest -- in Baghdad. You know Michael Clark I don't know -- that. Now -- -- -- essentially part they did a tremendous job tackling and local team who on Saturday. Now courtly -- look and all of a sudden you have an opportunity you coming into the National Football League. You coming there's though a number of veteran defensive backs all on this team. Talk about the defense. What was your concept or your approach as far as you know. It dealing with veteran players. And then except in a college coach coming today NFL. What they were amazed -- -- in the room. That a walk and chew on here were you know -- Omaha. You know you know Malcolm changing and you know do you bring India actually tomorrow. You know I mean there's just one a little tremendous leadership and that wrong my object -- has tremendous leadership. And of course you -- -- like you know like Rome opera. And you know be an acquisition there and I'll see him you know he nationalism and announced general. And I don't -- You know look upon what it is but to be there tomorrow. India you saw acute. There's enough room lovable and I feel regret and opportunity. Not only be in such a talented laden. What in general workout Warriors should -- when it comes -- football. And there so it so it was a bit and Tuesday there's a transition he's transition you know almost because you don't you have and they have to. Mean Malcolm Jenkins who -- well you know obvious he would become international. Now I've coached the grip. A look at the concept. You know seventeenth girl you know in the past in -- -- he's our nickel corner. But the different schemes you all utilize that there's a number of nickle corners when they might be kidding the Carroll Malcolm Jenkins. And that the player I want to talk about. But it seems like he's playing a lot of comments right now is Corey white. In his role ought to talk about development according white it would he's bring it that'd be it as far as we covered. Arctic or according -- that your minister. Missed its proper ball and now -- -- we came and you have in the corner. You know partner being brought good -- it almost. He's not some explosion and run game forcing. -- -- of course Serbia where. You know he even really understand and actually ago. And has tremendous you know our -- Roland. And he came in in the ball game and you know he couldn't use government bank in terms of -- a little screen and it just shut and watching connections -- -- -- -- would not be in the coming games. You know Muslim football potential course -- minister are now. Numbers -- coming up June oh. Visiting this week or a special guest assisting coach its executives coach Wesley McGriff and coach -- looking back at Q are you a college or resonate for you coming here to the national football at University of Miami. Vanderbilt Ole -- recruiting coordinator at Baylor. And being newcomer to professional football what are what are some of the trend decent coach from dealing with a higher profile -- it's a great recruiting classes at Baylor. Vanderbilt Miami and all these programs are very successful right now but to the pro level would attract you to come to this level. What I mean when you have an opportunity the only -- going to grow -- -- You can -- to what she was an outstanding game program from top to bottom and you know I'm not change the call -- put much on pretty. You know what you want greatest source that is not a mainstream record on an opportunity out there should coach. -- -- you wanted to coach in the national football. And other coach what are not generally manage their -- -- foreign -- I the virgin America like nick and almost went out there and they're coached. An article where it would do a tremendous job coach you coached shopping goes you know you're the assistant -- that do it. You know being you know well you know our lack you know -- Johnson you know harder workers -- hold our own you know -- -- on -- -- You know that being that it is not a long time and don't ousting jobs so well maybe it was a black and it was a no brainer. -- -- -- -- -- Now our coach regret looking at that this should -- Keenan Lewis him coming on board. He's always. Among the leaders you look at passes defended right now with the Saints and also. Not only pass at the end of the leading team in interceptions with real look at last year. He was number one in the NFL with 28 passes defended you look at Richard -- that's a household name with the Seahawks but. We talk about the approach it then and no matter how great you are against the quarterback and you go forward. Believe. A player like Keenan Lewis are all an island all the time when you going against -- a great receiver like Dez Bryant with the Cowboys. Or do you have to mix it up. Or can you say look you've got him and you know you've got to. We can't argue that we put out there and island so to speak but. Or is that a case that we going to get great receivers you have to mix it up and not just be a straight man to man coverage. Well there's there's no question that we care and we -- it's not -- sure no -- not receive it. You know directing and -- Beckham were here today with a tremendous sent to. And work your predicted. And he possessed the talent not to go out on and Clayton -- off. This is -- post game plan. Within -- situation. Because tomorrow and certainly. That he's going -- everybody and their anger which is there's. But one -- junior and you're barking and -- was he's so competitive. These technical people with a partial to the game so people people are not true to go in and play. Emotional means now surface now. You know wrong with and -- what you -- to -- the ball game -- to determine -- now it is time to double. Well -- urgency or do we need to -- one more -- to us all to gain. I haven't -- your roster -- and -- you about should keep doing play. What we're seeking more because there are potentially opponents keep Lowell. Go to Dallas Cowboys come to town im bored they'll will look quickly took about Witten and Bryant from top to bottom they have good receivers they get good backs what are some of the challenges that -- early on the second their faces this week us on the night against the Cowboys. What are -- what they're gonna come in and now they have a tough to -- the course -- their -- dominating Bear Bryant. They have got one shot on our normal honest and -- or has going to be a huge challenge. -- -- secondary. To make sure who got again our formations that we have good coverage bit and that when we might reverse. Because they're good caucus they're bottom plate just the making will put them. And -- will report to the challenge and I know Ochoa. Well around -- great people are going to force and we didn't do so. Will be apparent in the exciting we're excited in the -- challenged. Saints secondary coach Wesley McGriff coach McGraw thank you so much for the visit and look you in the Saints Sunday and the rest of the season. Are right. I'm all about being bandied got to be our next will go around the National Football League with Seattle survived back to back weeks they stay with just one loss on the season and the Kansas City Chiefs over the halfway point perfect and -- -- now have two weeks to get ready. For a huge showdown with gambler and look at it that division. Realistically. Probably a team could have fourteen wins and that's host the playoff. Season. NFL analyst Mike to gauge on just -- as we go around the league it's the Saints coaches show on the New Orleans Saints radio network.