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Nov 5, 2013|

Dave talks about video game culture, NFL hazing, and if you'd risk your life for your pet

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL for listeners on this fifth of November 2000 and seeing I wanted to QB you know one day but it's not it's Tuesday she. You know like hey let's. But it's you know what club LA now why why would you -- because. There have yours I'm now I'm just out ion. Out of that happened to deep breath. We're gonna get. An eye on something came over me I thought it was I thought it was a day and had. You know last week and Tuesday that it was Wednesday and then Thursday. And now all we -- that it was when it's contagious. Well. Man gusty wins three and a warm and and warm moist out there. Cool crisp air that we had been doing that so much. Room back in the sixties and seventies but there is more common -- -- it and now it's days or Shane. Tomorrow's rain and -- admit the night AME in these guys have a policy. She's saying the front really is what Thursday. Rain Wednesday. And then we don't get the cool till Friday and Saturday. Private shake this off I don't know what you did not give me all confused often. I think I may know the problem now crawling now you know where I was at midnight. I have no idea I was at the video game. We went well I was talking to people who were lined up. People lined up around the buildings. On the sidewalks. All across the country in fact around the globe. To get the new. The call of duty ghosts are video game he came out at -- And they were people its store after store actors -- To get the Allen talked tournament -- wait in line just before midnight to get in and these words teens twenty something thirty something you've -- on the authorities here mostly -- a few. And they were gonna get this video game at -- And stay up all night and play. Forget about work sway most of that may now not out of school not gonna work out there's got to make a slave. Those are video game they're dying to get in this humidity and opening up its until they want it's only it's not fair -- There's that -- out of Europe six hours ago. All of that it's terrible. And so he felt like he would have now catch up sure to the players. Look around the globe who -- before he did he said because he's at a disadvantage because they're going to be levels ahead of and people they play this thing on the Internet you know they have their headsets in the -- -- and now they play with people all around the world. So. So call of duty is is there's call of duty ghosts scholar says there's batter then. Either so many of -- there I see the names I haven't played on the U look really interest thing. You know but there's been on I think -- 456. Over him in the last album yeah honestly. He would halos the call of duty out is indeed the cream of the crop of the video game. And the things make billions and billions of dollars in revenue -- the video game industry now brings in. More than the movie industry. That's incredible Hannah and they look great so if you're gonna workers school today -- couple people aren't there. Maybe because they were up all night long. Playing call of duty. Ghosts ghosts. It's largely a militaristic game -- where you know you're gonna fight wars sure but some others coasts involved on. There and don't think he should get. I think -- my got started on the stuff like we hooked up. And he did this facial perception issue for a lot of Europe on pac man sentenced to think that. Where you know after the flat screens and yeah two dimensional movement exactly in these games stuff is happening behind you next few above you below you. Thank you how hard these controllers that allow you one thing walks one way the other thing moves one way and you get doubled controls going on there is dialogue Beatles sang out -- -- look over the area that tied together here guys advance -- -- little mini keyboard eclipses -- controller and get that on on. I'm dying to hear from the these people know you are kept the team. Here at WW. -- them and you up all night playing well Judy you think it's crazy it's so many thousands of people war. -- video games and we'll get your forecast and sports in the played a real game last money that put on it was a good one thing you happen and talk about the saints next opponent OLSU's next opponent because -- the Alabama crimson time all of that. After. They 7870 is amazing these people were able to stay up all night playing video games thousands and thousands of them because he's. My schedule -- off thanks to the time chance I was only able to watch the first quarter of Monday Night Football before -- fell asleep. Obviously the video gamers dealt with that -- change spent the night. I guess eight -- in Jefferson thanks for calling -- BW where you up all night playing. It call of duty ghosts well. -- asked oh with undermine. And -- This little game. And it must and you. Guys who. And he's on the team that helped make this new video game is now speaking to blow -- Users. -- -- Dot you'd go local boy made good right here from the greater New Orleans and now he's an apparent power. Well congratulations. Jim we appreciate that and again this is a big deal and big business billions of dollars in the year games like this in the yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know anything can be. -- you. And not not for everybody. Added to a congratulations Jim appreciate your proud of your son. -- went to jesuit now is in Paris and open at least one of the biggest video games amber forecast for here in southeast Louisiana. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds today and mild temperatures this after being 76 degrees still breezy. And look for 10% chance for just an isolated shower looking ahead to tomorrow rain chances begin increase a little bit 30%. Highs around eighty that's because a cold front will move vent Thursday morning bringing a 40% chance for some showers and storms. And bring in some cooler temperatures Thursday's high is only seven BTU. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner I need to rolled just far. Tell our -- on Thursday we get the cold air that's good 72 for Thursday what guess what it's about 72 right now in portions of southeast Louisiana actually sat Indian -- park. 68 at the airport in -- 65. In slide down all the winds are kicking out by the east. Up to 25. To 29 miles per -- so we'll find out a little later this morning if we officially need to issue a skirt. Alert time gave donuts early edition of WWL's. -- -- -- As night at the -- actually north. But it was a good game -- just haven't -- it that they had to go to the video game store at midnight anyway interview people like that haven't watched the whole game and came down the final drive. That was here at the saints get ready for big ones. We at Dallas coming to town. And move could ignore the fact that LSU and Alabama finally get it on -- Saturday in Tuscaloosa to help us get ready -- all that recap what happened. It's the big daddy of sports Steve gallery the noise. Good morning I am doing great well not so much for Packers fans this morning note Josh -- won the battle of the backups. After Aaron Rodgers hurt his non throwing shoulder. In the Chicago Bears 27 to twenty upset victory over the Green Bay Packers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Including a touchdown receptions. -- good rhythm and -- The victory ended the -- six game losing streak the Green -- and created a three way tie atop the NFC north. -- Chicago Green Bay and Detroit. All now five and three while Dallas comes in to their Sunday Night Football matchup in the superdome having won three of their last four contests. Saints coach Sean Payton knows it's only a good fight against the cowboys. We always understand the type game and then the -- between those guys have a tradition they have -- there's always been a good battle here. When cowboys and saints played. Since 2006 the saints are three and one against Dallas. Two more people familiar with the situation -- suspended Miami Dolphins guard Richie in -- NATO sent text messages to teammate Jonathan Morton. That were racist and threatening. Martin remained absent from practice Monday one week after the tackle suddenly left the team. All the LSU Alabama game is still huge even though it's not the game of the century this year here's the big chief with more on this SEC showdown. Tiger squad of bags that -- services unit died as though they when you play Alabama and it's LSU and Alabama it's as big as it gets in college football. What this game means year in year out -- have both teams' season you know -- Vietnam. I think a lot of that. Goes into preparation and. They're guys. Maybe take this game more seriously than others. There's a bigger stage bigger robbery. It's the tigers and it died Saturday night. In Tuscaloosa at seventy in the -- on WW area Deke Bellavia WW -- sports today have four on sports talk at the halfway point the saints are six and two. What's your mid term great for the black and gold. At 7 o'clock you have the choice which the WWL 87 the AM to continue listened to sports talk. Or catch the pelicans vs Phoenix a 1053. WWL. -- that your early morning look at sports and I'm Steve Geller. Five when he -- -- and Steve Grossman at the time with -- I'm ready to play -- video games to get the call of duty to Austin and I used to be a big gamer but ever since little one came along it's really turned more into Blu-ray played there quite he has -- and camera planet with a little kids know we do have cars -- we get to race against each other so that's fun. Now it says it was a -- made -- -- -- tonight and they played pong all night -- think that's progress ethnic. But he got to -- machine them you know come over and play just for a you know times state. -- really things are interesting around the NFC now you know without the -- words running away with the the advantage in the NFC and I see a whole bunch of teams around it. They're just kind of hanging around the saints at six and two this plenty. Ivan three teams in four and four teams. You feel about the saints and when you look at the playoff picture. Halfway through the season now at temple. Yeah everyone of course was talking about the Seattle Seahawks in their defense but they haven't looks so hot of late. On the out Colin tapper nick has looked better. After starting the seas and rough and then to meet the Green Bay Packers were the biggest threat. Because I just fell Aaron Rodgers was the key there are now. Him going down I don't know how long he'll be out luckily for them I guess it's not a throwing shoulder. The fact that he went out on the first series of the game didn't come back didn't even try to come back -- like they knew as -- -- -- With checked out by the medical personnel he was done for the -- employees so that the doctor came back out with -- Aaron Rodgers and then one of the coaches went up to talk to Mike McCarthy to head coach. And you kind of saw his face that discussed and -- you know you just knew that he was done. So we'll see if it's just for the game or for the year. Maybe a couple games out of nine -- define them but -- -- -- -- the saints have to worry about at least -- now. Luke McCown brother Josh McCown -- -- good job for the tigers that got Brothers yesterday again. Thank you Steve talked about Tony Clement was worth when we get back at you wanna talk about this rookie hazing. Max. That's unfolding now in the NFL I mean I know about some of the stuff that if habitat management. Are we seeing an ugly underbelly and it was as an isolated incident it was a bigger problem talk about that was Steve get him back again next half hour Debbie WL. Am FM and that count up next your forecast. Weather is a change. Cast your Tuesday looks smiled again 76 this afternoon with a good easterly breeze kicking up throughout the day and it 10% chance for eight straight shower we'll keep that 10% chance going overnight as lows dip into the sixties. But those chances increase debate tomorrow ahead of a cold front 30% for Wednesday even warmer highs of eighty. And Thursday the front moves then dropping -- to about 72 but also bringing a chance of rain for the first part of Thursday at 40%. From the eyewitness she's forecast better I'm meteorologist Laura box out. All understand where winds are gusting here thirty miles an hour across the lake 45 miles an hour at the airport it's sixty on both sides of the way. Don't leave a Texan and it's a little misty drizzle in Slidell area so watch out of that is that rain chances that's slowly creeping up places CBS news -- David -- every WL first news traffic weather together and sports -- Steve Geller. You know what it. You've been keeping up with the stuff out of Miami where. Richie and hackneyed on Jonathan Martin and I'm going really strange relationship that some -- anything -- -- rookie right of app that we'll talk about it. Seven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition Debbie Debbie well -- news on this the fifth of November 2000 and they're teeing hair it's Tuesday or not. Monday in a row and not at all it close mouth closed one day off but we're making -- away. Through the work we apps that damn windy and warmer gonna find out in just moments if there Libyan officials are allowed to. While thirty mile an hour IDs. You know not to you -- -- -- -- -- on the -- -- wearing short blacks -- to initiate there is the skirt alert then he will have ignored her own gala. Advice wouldn't that there's so we'll find out -- up -- up next which you run into a burning house to save save your pact. There houses on fire your family is -- you're standing next year loved. The dog is stimulants. I. I don't 85%. In this. CBS news Vanity Fair poll. Yes they would run back into the house to save there -- don't. House -- on. I have a -- as you know I do and and as. You know my wife would go in for the cap I swear she bush -- -- even with your son's Danny's -- -- -- now she says you know I'm going back to what it. She would do that for the cat I don't know if I would but when I had a dog. And I had beauty airedale that I -- for like twelve years and I would and I would have gone in for her. You know it's it's it's a funny thing -- -- I think people definitely say they would. When faced with the heat and the -- smoke you out they would want to. But if you look at your children or your spouse. Or your parents whoever's right next year there SA. -- back in risking your life and and and I wanted to buy presents that they would. One of the people -- talked -- sedated it all depends and I know what he's talking about his senate you know if you could look at that fires in good luck -- you had a chance. You know it was just. You know no room at the door because of the flames. I don't know maybe it would be a last second decision. It's tough. People of their pets now -- ever. There was a guy came running out of an apartment in California. Because he chose the wrong person to job. It acts vs -- And the -- wins police in Southern California report a woman used a growing acts did JC thief from her apartment. Throwing rocks yes. Here's the catch. According to officers. The woman is a tomahawk throwing -- BOK. Called -- what on this issue was awake at Miami and trying to steal the walked off Reyes. She was able to grab whatever throwing axes. And took off after the guy. Police say they found a suspect hiding in the bush is with some of the woman's stolen stuff. He's apparently holding him at basic about it ambush in Atlanta -- view. And and not man when it acts of questions now and then another. We're going to act like I just would not want out of my back -- them -- or mine -- aren't any Lester in a wrong president rob body don't rob the throwing -- champion. If you -- access to overthrowing. Its if you go girl and that yeah took care business -- that Mac. And congratulations there and that he's now. Thank you him active about when he met a person is different from Tulane University. With more on the increasing again by going up controversy should Louisiana lawmakers be able to give out scholarships to line. With more investigative reporting finding that. And still giving him political friends and friends of other politicians kids of all the politicians to that is do away with it completely. Political. In. God let's go live to direct the eyewitness these forecasts and as a unit Smart gang. As a meteorologist Laura but now. -- -- -- Element cool crisp error that we re doing it on all. Three -- humor that he -- -- -- yet this morning you can you can definitely tell and it's it's out of India might dashed toward that right now that them most leaders in the upper sixties -- yeah like that. Car lovers tend to run a little on the warm side -- man. That clearly the most accurate -- a hot political. Exactly. Tests have had is what it is I -- the radiation of that. -- -- -- close to the ground yet there's Cray. And I think it's cool okay and -- -- it's we noted that you are wearing a very cute little black skirt. But the winds are taken up near thirty miles an hour right now with guys yet we we are having some gusts out there yes so my question is did you ignore your own intuition. Or are you not going to issue its current. No I mean we. First let me say I worked in night and I'm not out that it on Audi and deepest sunlight all -- -- of the empire club network when it's dark and you actually parked in the idea so definitely right. But if you're going to be walking outside outside for a good part of it today yes it is going to be -- all day and we do need to injuries -- I think it's a good idea right she's wearing a cute little black -- and -- issuing this -- -- sure we. -- sure. You can't hear it -- -- -- and we're here. Time for those of you will be spending any time walking outside be warned women your skirt made global over here ways demand your bit alerted. If you see a woman wearing a skirt it may blow up over ways and yet these when's he gonna kick up all day. It all day -- 20/20 five miles they're pretty creepy ass thing happening to Easton has changed today east went. Risk through alcohol that what does -- do as I say not as like you paid yet -- it yet. That -- -- -- all right so -- -- this win comes slightly warmer temperatures. The partners that indeed this morning bright but you know hide the fact in only about 75% defects that would not warming a month that my check tomorrow we may be closer to eighty. But then Thursday the front -- through first thing Thursday morning -- attempts will be falling during the day Thursday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ride this meteorologist Laura but now all the aliens weren't in meeting yesterday afternoon but he and I don't like it those clouds which. Arm and pictures that day I heard out of here they Independence Day and we've been posted them on our FaceBook page as well mean it would just this bizarre like. Bit of cloud cover half this guy -- genocide was it was clear that was -- he's -- Traveled from west to east yet we had kind of a blanket of moisture to the east and -- some drier air the west. Kind of battled itself out all day that went often to. Actually yes and if you got pictures share must definitely appeared to be WL radio and Debbie WL TV ethical thing is we got pictures from all over the area because it was everyone from north of the -- all the way the coast -- because that. Impact -- -- many people's if you haven't seen him go look in the it was not aliens invading the weather phenomena and that. And you all explains so well we will probably have them all races and just clouds of -- started -- absolutely. -- right so if your house is on fire you and your husband are out today. They come back and for the dog without a doubt you're risking your life to save viewers Jack area absolutely. No not Jack interior like that in yet I'm going to end up 85% of people they they would yeah and I'm -- becoming more part of our lives than ever. All I'm not you know I mean that. I think I -- I wouldn't be able to leave anything alive an in house you know I mean I think even if that what you might talk I would I would be trying to eight. Somehow get in there get some indicated that you know you just. -- can't imagine sitting there just. Like letting something you know they'd rather die trying them lectured on nine I do I think I think I -- I know I would -- it would be instinctual you know it would do and and growing company going it would just be running and I it's night and -- at -- ago. It will let let me calculate the risk of going back -- you know I think I would just do it like it which is a professional firefighters would tell you wait for that -- now more and more people and it is fair mammal. Yeah definitely if they were there I would I would let the firemen and fire when -- do you -- job but fun if fine I mean that just happen I'm going back again. -- thank you Laura stay inside a little scared -- That's at regular -- -- -- live in Iraq from the I -- these forecasts Steve -- is next with sports here on WW well we'll dig a little deeper into this. It hazing is it right of passage or is it -- what is wrong with people but this crazy situation we're learning about what happened. Down in Miami. Sixty minutes Vanity Fair all around 85 -- people when asked would you run into a burning home to save your dog 85% that yes one person Texas and it's haven't eaten -- my dogs are my family. Those that I would give my life for my dog wouldn't have to think about it he's my heart. And announced anticipates that needs -- and he apparently that 15%. Who says I would want to get my dog but he could not risk leaving my kids. Mother. To do look at your family go -- gone back and may die time and they've. -- -- That was when you kids in there which ago. I'm now on WW. Welcome Steve Geller and good Monday night game last night saints get ready brigade games. Tigers get ready for real challenge. And some weird stuff going down down in Miami to have another NFL to -- talk about it he tells us everything going -- This morning as the power. I'm doing great thanks Dave good morning everyone former saints' training camp quarterback Seneca Wallace was thrust into the game for the Packers on Monday Night Football after Aaron Rodgers. Hurt his non throwing shoulder on the opening drive of the game. But it was bears backup quarterback Josh McCown who had the big night. Throw for 272. Yards and two touchdowns as Chicago won 2720. In Lambeau Field. -- the lions Packers and bears oh my eyes are now all tied in the NFC north at five and three or it's a waste a big game when big. In another knock down drag out fight on Sunday night -- the cowboys. -- it's really come down to some cheap plays in the second half and it doesn't really matter -- homer away you know what what they've officers is Buick being done pretty good. Ratings right the last time the home team won in this match up was back in 2003. All the trouble saga between the Miami Dolphins. -- it in called -- and Jonathan mark and Morton has taken an ominous turn. Reports have surfaced that the suspended in -- NATO sent text matches messages to his teammates that were racist and threatening. -- let the team last week because of emotional issues. -- LSU heads into Tuscaloosa this weekend looking to notch a victory against top ranked Alabama here's the big chief with a preview. LSU quota bags that met -- says the tide defense is sound from top to bottom and Alabama doesn't do anything to beat themselves. Just that there's so technically sound and what they do. There's rarely this a sign of other guys. Advance by the year in year out their hard -- -- Stevenson country. It's the tigers and died Saturday night here on WW -- Deke Bellavia WWL sports today have four on sports talk at the halfway point the saints are six and two what's your mid term grade for the black and gold. At seven you have a choice switch to WWL 870 AM. To continue listening to sports talk or catch the pelicans vs Phoenix I'm 1053 WW LF -- That's early morning look at sports and I'm Steve Geller so when Dallas and New Orleans played each other. Almost always the road team went. Yet deftly in since the Sean Payton era for sure. But the last time the -- home team woman's back in 2003. And dime of that last out game in the Delmon was there and Tony Romo had a career night and beat John Sean Payton deliveries in the ninth. OK and you know I'm I'm troubled by this rookie hazing. Rookie right of passage stuff that we're now finding out with -- in -- need. Suspended indefinitely from the dolphins after he is. The linemen. Teammate Jonathan Martin walked out. The team facility for the Miami Dolphins saying he couldn't take it anymore and now we find out that in -- that was allegedly. Threatening to kill him. Calling him racial names. Threatening to do. Just disgusting -- graphic things to him. That I really don't wanna share and that was seen in the transcripts of these text messages and voicemails. That he allegedly left for Jonathan Martin. You know I've been familiar with rookie. Rite of passage in the NFL I mean I remember once being -- fast food restaurant win Reggie Bush was. A rookie. He came and hit by launched in tiger saints team. And this fast food place -- carry all this food and you know it's thousands of dollars for the third tour in town that was you know kind of one of his rookie. Rite of passage to become an accepted member of the team we know of rookies having it funny haircuts in the NFL being taped to a Gold Coast. And says sprayed with -- hoses or water bottles right I'm having to carry the that helmet in this shoulder pads for one of the veterans. Okay but at what point does -- cross the line and do you think this kind of stuff that we're hearing about from Miami. Is common in the NFL do -- players get physically abused emotionally abused. Threatened called names and is that okay as a right of passage. Absolutely not you know what I think this might be commonplace with teams that are mired in mediocrity like the Miami Dolphins the Cleveland Browns I'm not saying they do but. Teams that don't have structures that are constantly 678 win teams every year. You could maybe point to their being some problems in the locker rooms but it seems like the saints. The patriots the Green Bay Packers all have solid foundations -- locker room and I don't think the players. Would allow this to happen cemented by -- cement cut their fair funny -- you don't think this kind of stuff is happening in the saints locker room I would I would regret not I would highly doubt it hope. Thank -- it will file a story as it is disturbing in Seattle folds out here aren't going to be WL one quarter forecast and a Tommy -- is in for the next four hours if not what you get my friend. Well we talk about the Vatican put a poll out in the field to talk about divorce and contraception -- a that's a precursors seeing how people feel but. We'll also talk about an -- and shoot a plurality dictate morality will also talk about bullying with the Miami Dolphins which. He season what is suspected it's crazy. I can't we hear the other senators -- get any defense but so far looks awfully like we weighty stuff police.

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