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WWL>Topics>>11-5 6:15am Tommy, morality up to a poll?

11-5 6:15am Tommy, morality up to a poll?

Nov 5, 2013|

Tommy talks to Father James Bretzke, a Professor of Theology at Boston College, about the Vatican polling parishes on social issues

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Father James Gretzky good morning professor of theology at Boston College I you do 1 crying good morning explain the annulment process to me -- -- -- -- Catholic in -- don't get hiding -- Finding young wives and and keep divorce in the 01. And and in accordance with a lady just said yards not right knee deep in the moments seemed like somebody's gaming the system. Well I think the ladies directive that most people don't understand what is meant by this -- process. What it means very briefly is it is determination. That at the time America was contracted. One or more key elements. The marriage contract was missing. -- usually it would be the ability to enter into a lifelong. But knock him relationship open to two children. So it is -- fine being bad that the one or more parties for one more reason wasn't able to do that. And at the and that's probably one of the -- if he -- that you just outlined because they weren't able to do it once maybe later on there's still might be able to do. But what is -- That tells me. You know you get married and with Seattle works or not or she gets older he gets uglier and all of a sudden and change in my mind here and I'm not able to fulfill the terms of my marriage because. For example -- not monogamous on -- cheat on her cheat on him now assigning an annulment because my heart wasn't in it is that. That's not contradictory to. You know not not separate and -- men and woman would -- joining gallon. Well I think it's certainly contradictory. Two that. Some people. As I think we've probably both know or ever ordered listeners to. Some people just do not seem to have that level of maturity. To enter into that kind of a commitment and it's it's too bad and I think that consider them definitely going to be. Focus you know what can we do -- -- -- people reached that level of maturity but that is the that is that the ground and being cause forward giving them moment. I illustrate a break father when we come back to wanna talk about the the pole at the Vatican's conducting an. And what they intend to do with the results may be eventually and and and are pretty jaguar paying people should religion change its teaching. Based on public opinion that may not be what the Vatican is doing here but I'd like to know. When we come back to 6018 -- toll free 866889087. -- questions six when he -- time yeah. Tommy Tucker six when he -- thank you for certain you Tuesday morning -- -- against other teams Gretzky. Professor of theology at Boston College we're talking about a new poll at the Vatican has now the father if I may. Revisit the annulment thing I get a text that says get a -- person receive communion can a divorced then re married person receive communion. Are divorced person who is not remarried yet can receive communion. A divorced person who is remarried but has not received a moment the current practice of the churches that person should not receive the sacrament. But if you get the annulment and you can correct got you okay let's talk about the poll at the Vatican hands out what do they. Trying to accomplish by asking. Each parish in the world is understandable you tell me what they're asking them. Well I I would call it a poll what I would call it would be if there's nine questions. That I would call questions for its strategic plan. And the strategic plan is properly more effectively. Help families. And how -- we. I've preached to the message of the church to families and it takes nine important areas. And it looks had to kind of -- of relocating your country your -- your perished. What what do people think about this out of they react to that so it's it's an investigative. Research. Question they're not -- poll like do you agree we should do this or not do that. So into and your professor of theology so in terms of other religions. Com. How did they change and modify it with the times as far as. Shifting morals in the country -- different outlooks on anything because you wanna get people and religion right -- of people church but. If it's doctrine that nobody agrees with the explain to me which drives which. Well I I think -- you have eloquently cup now from general principles down to specific things. So that that marriages between a man and a woman and I immediately. It should be open to children that's probably something that would never change in the Catholic church's understanding. But there are some things. As low as you lead the live about these things that will change over time I mean for many many many years. Until about the 1930s. What it's called natural family planning what looked upon with great suspicion. In the in the Catholic Church because it's added it's interfering with God's plan today. We understand that differently and we accept that so I think that it's both sorts of things that are gonna change and the second thing that will change I think. Will be. Concrete attitude. As we deal with people who are kind of on the margins for the church -- the big message of the Pope. I appreciate -- time father and hope you have a good day okay thank you.

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