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11-5 7:15am Tommy, noise complaints over festivals

Nov 5, 2013|

Tommy talks to Michael Cohn, the President of the Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association, about complaints over the noise levels from Voodoo Fest

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thomas Tucker talking about voodoo fest at -- have complained some people on social media. Not that you can believe everything you read on social media saying -- could -- it is far Slidell which. I don't know like I I don't think that's possible but if you did here and in Slidell I would love to hear from -- ready jaguar opinion poll. Our noise levels from music festivals in New Orleans too loud. Evenly split right now 5050 and it's an interesting text. That con man I find that a lot of baby boomers complain about any musical music festival. That has music from younger generations. However these are the same people who attend every day of jazz festival and don't complain how loud the music is then. Double standard then we're asking about voodoo DG here dated body you. If festivals in general a new long lenses is a little noise that that. It travels out through other areas is it worth the dollars that it brings in and were a fun that it. Gives people in and helps new loans being what it is. Michael Cohen joins us right now present looks over Saint John neighborhood association Michael sanctions taken the time. You tell me. On a boat yeah where you live what you heard. And was it annoying and what would you like to see done about voodoo fest jump in wherever you feel comfortable. Well mountain of course I would invite John -- their neighborhood surrounding -- -- -- at the southern and and went on the opposite side of the bar you from city park and it looked like it. Friday Saturday and actually could hear the music clearly from -- house which was about a mile. -- Are the fairgrounds was any good or bad. -- I think it it it's -- next because in previous years we've also been able to your voodoo. On the we could hear the music and we can tell that the music was going on this year it was actually clear so it a little bit more pleasant talk about have to imagine. But closer opulent. It was worse in fact that's what we heard from our record and the majority of my name. So what you what you heard days last year was -- when you drive when somebody they get the radio on loud enough to know that its music. But you really can't hear it which is more annoying than when it's on guest. Tell me -- about this year as opposed to other years and is that a function of ours is that a function of the sound -- I don't I don't think -- hours I think. Probably. A combination of the lay out of course couldn't practice and in different areas that shouldn't be part strict ground area which. I think a lot that needed to carry farther column because of the -- out in the direction of the agents. -- but I also think that a little bit louder this year. So well would you like and your organization like to see done do you want it. Moved somewhere else do you think there's a better venue is it because of the the wide open nature's city park that the sound travels farther. -- I would say that generally speaking most of the neighbors that I heard from since the weekend are dissatisfied with how loud it is. But they're not satisfied that it is fast and a neighbor that navy -- tax expert and best. I it can't be ignored the bad incident brings torn neighborhood. At city park in the city in general -- home but I think that is where it really comes news that. -- -- They have requirement that they have to shell or the order put on their parents and one of them of course as a requirement on pound. -- Certainly wouldn't that responsibility. President you know reasonably sounding at -- To the city to force the cica. And the safety and permit requirements. And every other you know regulatory. Component because in the putting -- a ban on -- and responsibility lies with actually force. What they are supposed. So they should have. 12 people out there with decibel meters and it does that sound you Berman says he had turned it down. I think Asia reputation qualified spoke out they're making sure that the sound levels. Are being. I appreciate your time Michael a Michael -- present the over Saint John neighborhood association and a good day. --

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