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11-5 8:15am Tommy, NFL bullying?

Nov 5, 2013|

Tommy talks to Chris Perkins, a Dolphins writer for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, about one player who was harassed by a teammate

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- WL Todd and Chris Perkins now dolphins writer for the South Florida sun sentinel. Chris thanks for taking the time weather's good morning and then this story is about as bizarre as it gets. -- You know more than any year. In and covering you know. -- the -- uber attract uber you Miami. Heat I never covered any being there aren't that include. When Pat Riley -- in the late in there and -- And and that are packed into outlook though and an old friend and currently in the title by. This story that we're all element. And a real cold silent then and well being. In hazing and and extortion and coaches who in Spain to win and listening to it I mean it's. Dating and in story and I don't mean -- -- You know in place. I Moriarty and here's the deal I guess once a guard once and once it's actually play next to each other. And -- that matter they spent you know Donna Martin spent a blip or gain last season at left tackle. Richie let mark bullet went through the last four games the way -- side by side. All I'll be all -- and come work out throughout mini camp training camp and the first well the game of the season -- another of our element. So it starts with Jonathan Martin. I guess having a meltdown that the team facility last week he leaves and then it's found out that this guy. In kind NATO. Who is there one time vote of the second -- is player in the league. Has not only -- Hazing him but I mean this borders on criminal activity to me with a extortion. And dom -- you know threats against his family and fill in the blanks for people don't. Quite know they know something's going on but not exactly crisp. Well here what happened on Monday. You -- the team played a break on on the mark in the long period though when he came down -- and -- it -- boot it with the rest of the table. And laugh. Well you know that aren't they they actually -- that will go to another lineman and down a marker to rated. But for some reason in particular -- mark -- who tray down lower. And stormed out of the ability and don't return to the team. Not come -- built in -- to Donna mark in the Puerto Rico. And Jonathan Martin and not make any mention harassment or bullying or any thing -- -- built in that he talked to Donna Martin apparently in the following days. Not yet made any mention -- in this -- and in the rate of these stories guarding plumber about bullying in -- On Sunday morning the pulpit to issue a statement saying. All of these org about at BP that agent about bullying are we no indication. And B yeah rumor that there bill players -- fusion in that vision into this matter ball well later it. It come now you know that Martin's representative are presenting the ball and -- evidence that then and now you know own. All -- where you know racial Fuller and Britain you know. And -- open in the afternoon. They you know there's now and that there is conduct. That mark. -- -- These are there and there have been bullying Indian on Sunday night been in ego. It is an -- wild while we were on Bartlett thing. I think if you watch any NFL coverage you know that it's not uncommon for an NFL player to carry a weapon for their own protection. Om has there been any mention of any of -- being -- -- being armed it's around any of those. No no no mention. Being made it look you know we. Don't you like you know trouble and he was -- old dirty player in the lead -- -- and let your boat and under player. And that by the year by other guys in the NFL. -- Hitler loving guy Jokester the prankster. Are you know media here owed him mark dial -- -- and Reggie Bush last year for being well one operative with the media. So you know Tom -- -- but -- -- can be a prankster. Well well they didn't get to the economy many players. In the is the you know in the paint stroke Richie. Allegedly leaking and -- and extorting and and using a racial slur. How many players -- Really port -- in this matter that. That they you know -- at the rate and you know -- get a -- you know. The player like Donna Martin. But they -- in the you know -- needle Pro Bowl last year and got needle. Went. And we that player you know period we let -- years. Threatened with them if you went into a dark Alley who you want by your side and -- -- and we'll be. Before we're -- -- town Krypton prisoners -- get to this Tom Marten is Ritchie knowing Jonathan Martin. Graduated from Stanford summit to lawyers you got and a leading tiger -- background is conditions be a difference of when when guys thinks is funny the other one doesn't are different the difference in the way they're both razor intelligence. Oh. You know. That took me. It could be. The right it will respect and then and what you perceive a football culture by. Is that we're -- That were holed it on the and at least Neal said. It would appeal for me -- hello you -- Inward but Donna the department by Rachel and any city limits to you know let -- your mother and you're still a rookie -- -- So it would appear pro saying and and you know racially. Ladies what Maryland and you from bird in the ballot -- -- and that prompted the golf and be an important you know and that -- -- it's true. That but hold them in -- -- can't -- -- you know and that about what was -- the christening so much -- -- -- T. It.

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