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11-5 8:45am Tommy, NFL bullying?

Nov 5, 2013|

Tommy talks to Steve Korte, former Saints offensive lineman and co-host of First Take, about the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito bullying story

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker it's -- WL 84713. Before nine talking about this. Bizarre story out of Miami Dolphins couple text real quick before we get to our guest Mike -- said on television yesterday this never happened on one of his team's. I guess if you forgot he was coach of the saints and a rookie tight end Cameron. Got a bag of -- slept on -- side of his -- by Andre royals starting linebacker and other one says if you think in kind NATO is not disturbed. Collects the TMZ video provided as someone have a job. And I know that you can make a comparison between a regular job in. And the brutal world big aggressive guys that is the NFL's Steve court joins us right now a friend -- -- Jumbo he's on the saints coverage here on. On game day on WW -- and I like Steve because he's not politically correct and and he'll put too down on that field when you're not in which -- and I have put us in the Helmand to let us know really goes on. Well. You know -- that this but the weird deal I know I heard about this stuff you know you you take a lot has been. -- -- they would agree insult to put question marks over there -- you know I like what three examples now because via print I can assorted baby. -- give you some parameters here first and foremost I mean an NFL locker room is itself. Good friendly girl you know what you vote yet again and I am my my my point is it's it's -- he. At the same time that -- I -- but you really. Yeah -- you'd be sort or fired the general public are reluctant to order a locker room and heard some of the -- there were talking about some things -- were tutored about all the time. And it's just. It's just one of those environments -- -- typical thick skin quick. And what it is I would guess that you've got big strong all of an alpha males in here and that's what you need if you wanna win any NFL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is -- absolutely let you know that that the document with the off limits were you know children's lives and money. You know and may be necessary in order that. You know coaches were really allowed locker room I mean -- -- the commander and administration certainly wasn't you know. It loud in there so that was that was sort of the players domain and it's done by. The better leadership of that team so. You know the thing I've slipped and I'm not I'm not condone England -- -- -- OK I mean the guy's got a track record of the -- so. But the same time sundry sort of artery between the lines you're trying to figure out this thing. Jonathan Martin and rookie if that injured. You know that it continues that -- years -- what the world and nobody and it certainly do anything about it. I don't think that that was very close situation in the -- -- it probably felt like something that would really get picked on unfairly. Somebody list that good. And it doesn't usually to look at that and Richard is part of the leadership council down there so. This thing it convoluted and confusing -- -- and I'm sure at some point in the developed by guys that go to got a track record you can sort. Mr. guilty when you don't really know all that but it certainly looks ugly in the back when you see. -- like you did. And those types of voice -- You know you yeah you know at the same time life. -- sort of you know a lot of that -- stopped and a lot of it is. It's not taken too seriously. By anybody at -- stretched -- I never had a guy that took much crap from anybody that but I can certainly tell you that it might -- don't like -- collective. Actually would have pulled aside and try to. You know. Nicely done and what this is -- is gone far in conflict cooler enormous thank you look you don't. And -- he didn't like it you know then I'll -- is passed but that you know maybe that's just me an animal that -- -- about Jonathan Martin. Let's see when you talk about alpha males that's what I thought the response would have been here from Jonathan Martin let me ask he said. Wives girlfriends. Kids and money you were off limits so we how to do what is that the mindset in the NFL about. The vets require no or in some cases ask in the rookies to pay for things. Well you know let it become clear that to them and again that may have changed to mean money. Is ridiculous now compared to what was it but nevertheless. Typically. Higher draft picks. Would typically there'd be a time during the year usually the beginning of the year that they the veterans -- -- the go to dinner with them and they typically step of the rookies with a check. Now they weren't gonna stick a guy that was on the practice squad -- with India that kind of money they they were basically make -- high tech guys who got -- got the money sort of picked up the -- on that one but it want to -- daily news certainly wasn't something that weighs -- on weak get weaker you know you know continued down that road it disappeared -- these guys has spent 151000 dollars. Every weekend on what these rookies Candice just. But he is the unwritten rule dinner only in him when you talk about paying for our trips sets kinda going too far. Well yes and I don't know what that call about a -- that really is the fact every. How popular diet I don't understand how a guy who can you look at your 151000 dollar scripture here. I take my credit card don't go 151000 dollars or hear you like -- check out. -- On the look you can coerce somebody into doing and don't. And how Martin would respond by given it to what it looked at it. It came out that you're not as they can't take it from right you can't take it from yeah I hit it 151000 -- but let me get to her seat wondering don't. The formula to -- I got to ask you about this so much has been talked about with. Ricci and kind need those future any NFL -- about Jonathan Martin. Yeah I think odd that the cup question in our outlook -- -- it. You know the thing about it is that went into real good player I think that's why a lot of people felt like. You know -- a little bit of a cannon sort of a knucklehead but you know. It certainly makes support on Sunday so you could tolerated a little bit -- have a guy that's a great player and not excusing. You know deplorable behavior but the same time he's that you look at the other side of the -- Alamo. You had to do this this young -- must have some depression issues or something else going on that they needed to be addressed because I don't think. I can imagine that there are in the linemen in this week. Allowing it to happen to him from the team especially I think quite right next. Is if you have a weakness in the NFL the other team's gonna do what. -- -- -- a duck lipped that out pretty quick and -- watch that guy and the guy is he's a left tackle in the National Football League yet. That's pretty the pretty our position and and you obviously have to be a great athlete he's certainly had kept the frame of mind the play that position so pocono must be going on here you -- -- Steve I can't tell you how much I appreciate talk continue taking the time to come on. Operated Almonte I'm gonna do.