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11-5 9:10am Tommy, should TSA agents be armed?

Nov 5, 2013|

Tommy talks to security expert Tim Dimoff about the shootings at LAX and at a New Jersey mall

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Him -- off joins us right now our security expert. Founder and president of sex consulting. And investigative services. Incorporated's talk about what happened at LAX and also the mall in Paramus New Jersey last night morning Tim you -- one. More accurate and I thank you for coming on -- in terms of what happened in LAX this guy used in. With a gun as I understand before the screening area he conceals it in his luggage he goes after TSA agent shoots one. Then goes up the escalator then finds out the guy is still moving and so it goes back in nature that he's dead. And then wound up I guess what killing himself. Little police Eric airport chairs mr. Barrett shot him that's exciting dead yet there he survived you know he did survive. And get my stories confused because in New Jersey last night. A guy goes in apparently fires. One around the only found one shell casing and he does eventually kill himself. The so let's start with the airport because I know a long time ago you said that malls could really be a very vulnerable target but. When it comes to an airport anyways are doing screening people before they even go win. Well that you look at Israel Israel. The -- and like what we do state shorter porch in Israel they always commented. You know he carries. -- the United States you you block people from Egypt into the direct. Terminals but you'd like a lot of people a lot of luggage and a lot of freedom to come from broker to -- counter to the security. And they pointed out the studio in a -- time for the incident on and then lo behold look what happened. But where do you draw the line Tim is I'm just -- in OK you put people outside the airport with screeners. To screen them but then some money could come up with a gun before they get there and kill screeners right I mean. Sure sure and then you know we got to look at it and it would also our understanding and it. We are never going to be 100%. Containment. Of stopping everything but we seen an increase our and we cannot so that guy -- has not look very good. In opportunities that. -- I think. We can have increased interest people are expected by the perception. Of security in airports are pretty ample we have an arm to here say verses people that say maybe we should arm. If you do that would you have to radically change. Arm who it is it's working for the TSA or at least see who's up to it and who's not. -- electing house -- if you aren't you here say it's another segment of their screen just like a police academy. Stranger on everything from approaching people to violence to double to -- and -- issues. Two firearms so we wanted to operate TSA to arm them it's just that matters segment in their bringing in the equipment. So do we have van de facto police offices and TSA agents. Well I think we're we've been going corrections for last couple years anyway how we wouldn't. Wonder -- originally app every -- increased. And really their professionalism their training and and the expectations. Of them and I think. It's progressive I really believe were -- away. Because we need. A stronger in the age. Protection. Area out PSA agency here. One -- utilized them by upgrading your training instead of trying to incorporate all there. Army armed student or another boring -- security airport. Which brings us to malls in one hand and in New Jersey last night use said he was a couple of weeks or months ago I think they had another mall shooting that malls. -- really are very vulnerable. Did a venue for something like this happen and I guess. First off do you agree with that steel and secondly. How how would you prevent. Anything like that from happening to a mall and still haven't a fund plays young salmon and ask him. Yeah I do exactly and and there are response to that is. Any of the soft targets in the south part it is there yours approachable. Accessible -- large group of people dinners. There are too limited security. In the situation like mauled a man -- inquiry looking at upgrading our security. To the point where we need to have some visible security. And -- most likely it's going to be suitable armed security. Arm once again. Related to Israel -- the best job in the world output betting turn things. You know. Unfortunately we're just gonna have to be used to the idea more electronics -- security purposes. And more security people. In more armed security slash law enforcement -- soft targets there's just no other solution. But to. Really strongly given image. That your success rate of getting away where there is minimize right when you're walking and they must convene to see that there be strong security contingent plan and people in that area including the loss. -- the new normal to him in malls in any public place airport senator. I'm actually going to be Newton nor ball airports. Sporting events. Bear arms. -- border a lot of people there's a lot of terrorists. It is the only way we can -- for people. Because they look at it and they see a wide open opportunity with very little sister plan. It only encourages them. As these stories -- there's -- -- -- stronger. Than other people were thinking about it can get away. Now we need to start countering. Their psychological. -- And I appreciate -- time really deal be a good game on T again. Thank you.

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