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11-5-13 10:10am Scoot: on the NOPD tattoo policy

Nov 5, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether the NOPD's new policy prohibiting visible tattoos will make a difference in the public perception of the department.

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Good morning I'm student for girl today and all this week don't you of course will be -- think tank on -- is he usually is. I look at our studio and is right now and these clouds. This is what it looks like when it's 3040 degrees outside does not the only chilly but it is very very recent. This past weekend in Budapest and then at a club for the French Quarter. I was reminded how young generations and embraced. The music of the eighties and their vote. In particular I heard this song. Why for the cure Sunday who confessed I also wrote this song when I jacket when I got to the quarter at their eighties night. Which was Saturday night telling -- and devote it to Saturday night. And I'm surrounded by people in their twenties. Singing this song and this was excellent that I played when it when it was. And like I think about the eighties music I was going to beat these seven doing this -- in the morning few years ago. And I find myself in situations where there's twenty somethings and younger. Dancing to and singing every word to these songs that -- before they were even born. Did you share music with your parents. What music viewing your teenagers. Folks here today and -- both one and what they answered every parent can reduce their kids to. And your kids introduced you to new music today if you like we'll talk about that later in the show what today is Election Day across parts of America they are racist. In particular that are getting a lot of attention the New Jersey governor's race -- Chris -- expected to win big and this might say something about his. A potential candidacy 2016. Also the governor's race in Virginia is a state that can go red or blue wouldn't it sometimes goes back and forth I believe. Very very heated battle they -- Democratic candidate very closely tied to Hillary Clinton and Republican has been labeled a right wing Republican especially on social issues. So the question is is the the Tea Party going to gain gain a lot of of momentum if the Republican wins. That's something that should be watched because that. It could indicate if there's a trend or not and also since these elections. Are taking place in the aftermath of the government shut down it'll be interesting to see if the government shut down. Manifest any interesting trends here also the New York mayor's race Defazio appears to be the big winners they -- even -- obviously the polls haven't closed yet. We'll be talking today about the NFL investigating a bullying incident. Just so strange to say that the NFL is investigating a situation where an offensive lineman is bullying another offensive line. Miami Dolphins lineman Richie -- don't sure you've heard this Saunders has been suspended by the dolphins for bullying. Jonathan Martin. There were racial messages there was intimidation -- felt like he was forced to contribute 151000 dollars to a trip to figures. I Jonathan -- said that he felt threatened and felt like it would be repercussions. From Bangkok need. This guy and -- and cut a deal apparently has a reputation. For -- -- he's gone from one team to another in this his didn't. His reputation. You know I wonder if if this is something that just goes on in the NFL. Is it is this going to. Do you like about the gates. Thing where we're just starting to hear about something we -- know existed but yet it's it's very common in the NFL and again. It doesn't sound strange that an offensive line that is bullying another offensive -- but we learned that bullying is not just physical. It's also mental and emotional. I have a problem with calling his bully. And I've often said that there have been bullying is the new buzzword in the media and everything is it bullying to me isn't this more criminal intimidation. And shouldn't this be something that's turned over to the police we're gonna talk about that later on the show today. But first up on the I think -- today. No more visible tattoos for NO PD officers. There's a new policy that went into effect this week. According to the new policy all tattoos must be covered. If an officer has tattoos he or she must Wear long sleeves. Body makeup. Flesh colored band aids arm sleeves like the professional athletes where. And if they where are -- they must be navy blue. Does the new policy about visible tattoos make you feel better about the image of -- PD. If you and enjoy an issue with a comment this morning our numbers 2601872. All 386688908. Saturday. Text number is 877 here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll distorting. Doesn't do NO PD policy of banning visible tattoos improve the image of NO PD. And you can give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com will track their poll throughout this hour. Give you an update coming up here in just a few minutes here's a text about music took my daughter to -- Pink Floyd experience. At a red rocks theater. After the units outside of Denver on her and her friend or seventeen and they've really enjoyed it they even got a kick out of everybody's smoking pot LOL. -- I saw a little bit of that this weekend actually and guy is dead voodoo fest going you know it does it happens and of course if you're in -- place like -- -- it's very very common I understand. And here's a text about bullying I know we live in a touchy Feely world we used to -- a freshman football players in high school. We take them. Just in there. Jock to a goal post. We collect. Icy hot we put icy hot in their parents. And that we would take that take that to a cold shower an interest. Pacing is something that goes on I remember. Being chased him it was terrific actually when I was going through this fraternity. -- Jefferson. And it was in October. And part of the initiation was they they covered my body with. With molasses. And then through bird seats on me. And oracle were to -- and at the lake and I had to go into died going to Italy. Now it was -- it was a chilly day in October and that the liquids. While it was actually brother cold we'll get into that more a little bit later in the show. So how do you feel about the the you know PD a -- policy we've talked about this on the show -- talked about this on description went right here on WWL. I'd have a few tattoos. And if I don't Wear long sleeves they are visible that's not a problem where I work it's not a problem. Alive with the people that I'd hang out with and and you know some of the people like I'd -- have tattoos percent beating cancer visible tattoo. I don't judge people by their territories but a lot of people do but I would be interested in knowing if if this this new. Banning of visible tattoos by you know PD officers. On improves the image of in a PG. Here's a text. I -- is a thug. Tattoo or not. See I totally agree with that and then and then Richie country -- if you think I need a decent pictures -- this guy. The guy for the Miami Dolphins he's got tattoos all over the place and apparently he's kind of -- kind of a thug. And -- talk about the bullying incidents later in the show just a new policy was visible tattoos make you feel better about the image of NO PD and here's something to think about. Now if you see a police officer wearing an arm sleeve. Or flesh colored. Band aids or wearing long sleeves when it's hot -- you assume that that person. Has a tattoo. And will you still pass judgment. Because even though you don't see it you assume they have a tattoo because of what they're wearing. If you wanna join our show with a comment this morning our number is 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Our text over the states and its. I've -- in for girl in this week and we'll be right back on WWL. This is another one of those eighty songs that I I I find. Twenty something people dancing to and singing every word to the assault on. And that's the song was popular before -- even born so why has this happened. I noticed it particularly at Budapest this past weekend also at a club -- tonight. In the first quarter I'm stupid for girls before about this India -- o'clock -- -- that if you -- The end -- blog today is about. A younger generations. Adopting eighties music as their own and I haven't thought about why this -- it when I was writing the blog last night it to kind of came to me that there are some reasons why. Younger generations of love eighties music so we'll give it to them. Glad you're with us this morning here's our WWL pretty -- my opinion poll. Does the new NO PD policy of banning visible tattoos improve the image of NO PD. 26% say yes it does 74%. Say no it doesn't. What is it about tattoos and -- talked about this before but is this is just going to improve the image of of NO PD. What is it about a -- to. That bothers you. On an NO PD officer. I -- check just a moment ago that saying that you know that times have changed and it doesn't really matter if you have have -- today. That would be my opinion but that's the opinion of everybody you may feel a totally different. But what are sure what what is your concern about that you what is -- what is that that is tattoo says about you that you think is not inappropriate for save. A police officer. You know living downtown and being in the quarter all the time -- police officers without that there are police officers with tattoos and other places but I'd notice a lot of officers downtown and in the French Quarter. With visible tattoos but as of this week there's a new policy they can't have tattoos. By any longer. That people have certain images of tattoos which I would have thought would have changed. Over the years. Because it's it's it's almost impossible now. To stereotype people with tattoos. It was easier to stereotype people with tattoos years ago that's not such an easy thing to do today because. Tattoos cover such a part of a broad range of demographics and socio. Economic barriers that. It's it's at the same as it used to be and yet there are still people who hold on to today judgment. But then the other question is. Do you do you really care if somebody's trying to save your life or protect your family or yourself for your business do you really care if somebody has. A tattoo. And what do -- those that have tattoos that are they're covered up with long sleeves would if there's an incident where. And you know PD officer is is helping somebody. And for some reason he or she has to roll up their sleeves. Would they not roll up their sleeves revealing their -- -- that something they felt like they needed to to do at that moment I am not a police officer so -- -- I can't think of anything specifically bit. I know there are times that we figuratively and literally -- parsley is sort of get tattoos on your arms and your in the process of of of doing your job. If that -- tattoo is revealed what you're doing your job. Would you be. Penalized for that and there will be penalties in the ultimate penalty is suspension from the forced. And there have been those who have argued that. Since we need qualified police officers and since we don't pay qualified police officers what we believe we should pay them. Considering the job that they have to do. We shouldn't look for reasons to discourage people from morning to become police officers. I'm studio for garlic if you wanna join us with comment to our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is 877. Here is a -- reads. I think it's. That this is. -- guess this is about the NFL bully. Pay scoot in regards to -- in -- a situation most people are saying that. Jonathan Martin I should have handled this like a man. But in this situation you're dealing with multi billionaires and multi do in a multi billionaire franchise this isn't some schoolyard bullying. His livelihood is at stake and I think they hit him I think the NFL is going about this right they hit in -- though we are hurts. In his pocket and that's something else we're gonna talk about it on the shorter dated. Just the the the irony is is what it sounds like to talk about bullying. In the NFL. And the other question is have you ever been have you ever been -- in the workplace do you feel like your bully now. Architect of a couple of times in my career. When I felt like I was which was fully. It not just -- puts it but repeatedly you know and that believe it or not not everybody likes me. And I've worked at radio stations were not everybody that I've worked with has has like me so I can I can relate to I don't really care what they think. And and it didn't bother me that there was one point that there was a possibility of something becoming physical. And I did go to management at that point but it never occurred again. But bullying is is is part of life. I still have a continuing problem with this idea that. We reduce everything to bully. And -- as I said on the show yesterday the media feeds this the audience these officers. And you know we're talking about -- this to me what what has happened between. These two Miami dolphin players this is clearly. By criminal intimidation. In my opinion. I don't think this is just bully and yet bullying is that new borrowers were in the media. A fully explain for suicide buildings blame for this. And and by the way I've I've already read that to Richie and Gagne deal may be this way. Because apparently he was abused. When he was -- And it. You know I was never abused so I can't speak for firsthand experience. But I can tell you that there are a lot of people who have been abuse to. Who who don't resort to to bullying somebody else or abusing somebody else. And in an instead of looking for excuses and as a society I think we tend to look for an excuse for everybody's negative behavior. As opposed to just -- him. OK look I'm really sorry you were abused let's help in ably we can't. But let's stop using that as an excuse for you going on and bullying or assaulting somebody else. They're there are so many excuses that. It's almost as if we relieve people of their personal responsibility would -- all well this is what -- understand why somebody did something kind of think there's anything wrong with with understand why somebody does something. But I think it is wrong to to be so sympathetic to the point where well its not their fault. And I guess to some degree a psychiatrist who would argue it's not their fault but it really is their fault. If he if you were abused. And again -- I'm blessed that I wish it was never abused in my life. But if you are abused. That doesn't give you the right to go abuse somebody else it may be the reason. You do it but it should not be the excuse. An and quite often in the media it seems like things like. Being bullied by somebody else is the excuse for you -- And -- are talking about the NO PD policy banning visible tattoos does this improve the image of NO PD. You majorities with a comet -- number is 2601870. -- 38668890. -- seventy. And our text number of states have the -- have a more of your comments -- -- your techs are coming up next. It's 10:30 on this Tuesday morning cloudy and very breezy here's a WW will news updates with. Christmas or good morning I'm studio for Garland this week done to people begin Friday -- usually the think tank lecture -- on this cloudy Tuesday morning. I know more visible tattoos for NO PD officers that's the new policy went into effect this week it according to the new policy all tattoos must be covered. By wearing long sleeves body makeup flesh colored mandates or art sleaze like professional athletes -- in the arms please must beat navy blue. Does this new policy about visible tattoos. Make you feel better about the image of NO PD that's -- WWL party -- opinion poll here's a quick update 40% say yes it does make them feel better about the image of NO PD. But 60% say now. If you wanna join us with your comment our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number is 877. I hear is attacks that reason and a PD focusing on extraneous issues tattoos. Should focus on officers' performance professionalism response time. Accurate crime reporting. Etc. -- here is a text -- sorry but this policy will not force good officers to go -- this all this policy will force good officers to go elsewhere. Tattoos are not indicative of low morals or bad character. It's purely to create. A clean image perception. Problem is this will not. Phased out troubled officers. Here is another text that reads. I agree that having a tattoo says so little if anything about an individual's character. But I think the policy is addressing being in uniform most organizations have such policies regarding being in uniform. From every Mike -- and a VW good morning. Yeah I think it's appropriate that today. Not be allowed to have -- used to be yeah. Visible place I think it's very unprofessional. It's very degrading and it's synonymous with Bible. I have tattoos. I've got to. Well I think most writing saying and disgusting thing that human. Having entities that most degrading and disgusting thing you can now. Yeah. Not sure about why it's -- and it does it start it. And and you think people with tattoos are criminals. Yeah their reaction not -- in public people go to bed and now president. Mike I'm sure but what that's what I went out chase somebody -- That's what I mean they're front and open in front I think anybody -- any. Yeah dignity or any product would -- right to -- bad standards. I'm assuming you don't have any -- It. All right well at least you have that choice in American -- I I appreciate your broad minded. Observation. And I hear is attacks to Kerry Collins got cuts by the Carolina Panthers in 1998 for using a racial -- or the inward. Nobody said anything. Then when the saints. Signs him -- he was signed by the giants a year later. Led them to the Super Bowl appearance and played thirteen more NFL seasons you were also talking about the situation in Miami with. One player's offensive lineman Richie Incognito. On the bullying that's illegal I State's criminal intimidation. -- intimidating. With racial slurs and threats even killing. Another offensive -- younger offensive lineman. Jonathan Martin so we're talking about that today as well. Here's a text. How much more or restrictive can -- PD get to what's next Sunday school attendance. They should recruit good people not what they think. Looks good. If you wanna -- Russia with the comets are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's nearly seventy. -- ever think 787. I hear is attacks could not agree with you more talking about responsibility. Even if one was -- that's Tony Franklin to is a text about NO PD tattoos. If not a ten to. -- it's not the tattoo it's the type of -- to some are not appropriate. Incidents. You can't pick and choose. Whose taxes you see. It goes on to say we all have to. Be aware of I so it if we can't pick and choose the tech history but I would agree with you. That there are inappropriate tattoos in the same way that this inappropriate language nobody should go around and spew out. Profanity and in public as some people do but nobody should. Nobody should have a tattoo that is. Is profanity laced that if you do what you cover that up but what about other -- Do you feel better about NO PD now that they officers can no longer show the Texas. I'm suited for girl and your comments are next on WW well. Really don't think -- policy all visible tattoos must be covered up by all officers so while they're on duty. Does that make you feel better about the image of middle PD that's sort of give -- a pretty general opinion poll here's an update. 39% say yes and 61% saying no. You can give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com -- under toward your text here in just a moment from Mississippi and you're and to be WL. Good morning. Everybody is created thank you very much for taking my call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we don't bury it in. My head. And live in the 21 century. -- like I'm playing well is coming from. I think one of the most disgusting things. That child molesters and the rhetoric. And all that it blew up -- people then -- can't. Well I would think that you know and and it's gonna change as time goes on but I -- think. Yeah I'm Maggie -- I wasn't coming. Up that blog today you know I'm in my sixties and felt. Cop saying a lot of people with equities and if it weren't that they read -- and it's that bad. I didn't have tattoos and I was young but when tattoos distorted to take on have a different meaning -- it was really. I guess it was a younger generation that did gave me permission to get tattoos because they've they weren't as stereotypical as they once worked. So I have a couple of tattoos and time I don't regret that. I'm certainly not a criminal I certainly have pride and I think I defy everything that that that caller mentioned. I guess this will change over time but the interesting thing is there are still people who so harshly judged tattoos is if -- that is a way to judge somebody. And when you think about the number of tattoos in the different people who have tattoos it's it's kinda hard to stereotype placed US did. Where you want the most professional people on the radio I have listened to you for many years he had won the debt collection. You treat people fairly. And I don't know and can come out bluntly -- in. That reminds him of people it's been in prison. And when you should get used it at least. He didn't play well I'm not talked about is I -- I'm just. -- -- about it but the bad taste in prison which is not true. And I appreciate you calling -- show -- thanks for sharing your thoughts witness here's attacks are referring to are calling it a few moments ago. Vet blank Vick talked to like about -- probably calls himself a Christian. I have not took no tattoos but I am a Christian. And I support your right to have tattoos Bible does not forbid tattoos but it does forbid harsh judgment of others. And here's a -- I think it's hilarious that the city of New Orleans. Thinks that they can do anything to improve the bad image of our corrupt police force. Most remember all police officers are not corrupt. Another text reads -- -- New Orleans has a drug and crime problem let's fix that first tattoos don't kill people people get over. A from -- -- a year and a VW well. Though we beat. It. Out and it's in. Iraq are. -- it local candidate we didn't he'll -- up. I don't. -- -- I'm I'm going to call I'd I don't know that for a fact you always hear that not only about NO PD but you're in at about police departments in general that there. Doing drugs and in dealing drugs I don't know that for a fact but if they are that's something that should stop I've. Law enforcement should do abide by the same laws that they are in forcing on the street. I'm -- for -- if you wanna join us with a comment this morning our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Protects Amber's -- 7870. Here's a Texan reads I'm curious to what that last caller would say to those. Men and women in our armed forces who have tattoos -- things like the Marine Corps logo the American flag. And the life. We'll be right back on WWL. Does the new policy of banning visible tattoos improve the image of NO PD that's -- WW -- pretty -- my opinion poll this morning. Our -- started out with 26% saying yes it does and 74% say no it doesn't improve the image. Our polish changed right now 47%. Say yes it does improve the image 53% say no. It doesn't give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Got -- -- a text to get to get those here in just a moment and -- -- and -- Sally year under the WL good morning. Like in mock her story I'd like to relate to -- an open surgery it was a year ago amber right encouraging I think we're coming through. And when he. Artery -- put -- and you didn't. Tank and tune out of all in fact it was -- peacock in in the middle. On the peacocks other. There were -- While. And I yet again. I'm not going to be too happy when he wakes up there. Can you tell all we say about it. True ankle later and out of your. Hand and -- Usually I'm. In that light is an extra. Immediately watch you bring him into surgery and put you on the actually it happened but. They need to be on about. Each unique -- -- and struck out. He walking the beach at the -- on the machine in the work. But she you know dropped one point Egypt and extract. Taken aback at his -- She hit machine on and it. Comes check on like every ten yen. She literally became he would go. -- you would optical and there which could be a major. As silly isn't this a perfect example of how we tent we all do it we tend to judge people before we. Know anything about their character and -- say this is a great story about how we should not judge the content of somebody's character by some. By skin color or -- some it's superficial judgment like a -- Absolutely in some people think because we can't help it brought a group -- went at it. Q does this. Sound like I got nothing I've got to get through news break nationalistic we'll be right back to VW.