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11-5-13 11:10am Scoot: on the NOPD's tattoo policy

Nov 5, 2013|

Scoot takes calls on the NOPD's new visible tattoo policy and the case of bullying within the Miami Dolphins organization.

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Good morning I'm -- eighteen for Carlin this week. It happened it voodoo fest this past weekend it also happened in an eighty's night that a bullet -- in the French Quarter Saturday night. I find myself surrounded by people who -- twenty something young twenty something. Dancing to and singing. The words to every song from the eighties from the shore or from -- made it for example. Why it's a young generation that wasn't even born when the songs were hits why -- so interested in the eighties and have you noticed the same thing we're gonna talk about that coming up in the next hour. Also is there's -- music that you share with your kids. And have your teenagers introduce you to music itself today that you actually like again that's coming up in the next hour. It's good -- today is titled young generations are embracing eighties music as the world. And that's on the front page of our website WWL dot com under our opinion she could. We get coming -- if you like it's also a discussion on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio give us your comments we -- those comments in the next hour. It's still cells -- Brothers. Arranged to me that the NFL is investigating a situation where an offensive lineman is bullying another offensive lineman Ernie maybe if the defensive line it was bullying the kicker. You know might be -- more understandable. Miami Dolphins lineman Richie and -- -- apparently has a reputation for this he's been suspended by the dolphins there's investigation by the NFL. Because he was bullying Jonathan Martin. There were racial messages. A Martins said he felt like there was. Going to be serious repercussions in fact. Big -- NATO actually threatened to kill Jonathan Martin and apparently this guy has this reputation to me. You know the media loves this new buzzword bullying as -- the public. So society feeds the public in the media feeds society. Bullying might be a popular buzzword but to me this is really more like criminal intimidation. And have you ever been bullied in your workplace I can think of a couple of incidents. Right in -- I didn't really let it bother me. But -- and there are people there had been people at radio stations and I've worked for. Who didn't like me and day and that's okay not everybody can like you do need to be secure with who you Lauren and what you -- life. And guys I felt like I wish was believed they were maybe. Two times in my career that I went to management -- but other than that I just actually ignored it. Have you ever been bullied in the workplace also we're talking about the the new policy with NO PD no more visible tattoos. That's the new policy went into effect this week. According to the new policy all tattoos must be covered with long sleeves body makeup. Flesh colored band aids or are sleeps like -- professional athletes Wear and if they -- our sleeves they must be navy blue. Does the new policy about visible tattoos covering them up make you feel better about the image of NO PD. That's are divvied up you'll pretty jaguar opinion -- give -- your opinion by going to our website WWL. Dot com. And will will give view an update on that coming up here just a few minutes before I get back to your calls. Let me just share a couple of text with you about tattoos. Here's a text I think we need to stop worrying about tattoos and worry about police obeying the laws they enforce. They tailgate. Speed without their sirens change wings without the lakers. And the worst text while driving. I totally -- It doesn't. Look good to the public for police officers to appear to be breaking the law is that they are sworn to a cult. And there should not be any argument here. Police should not tailgate they should not speak -- if you if you need to speed that what you siren on which are lights are -- if if your. If you're responding to a call that's far. But just because your police officer doesn't give you the right to break the law is that you're sworn to uphold. Here's another text I'm comfortable. I'm actually comforted by tattoos on people of authority. I have tattoos and it provides. A common ground. Here's another text I'm a breast cancer survivor. And I -- -- My husband said I can't get on because of god ordered us to have one. We would have been born with them. I don't agree. Well I would agree with you I don't agree with that either which your husband also be against. -- pierced earrings are for women for example because as far as I know nobody was born with pierced ears. For Slidell build your WWL good morning. Are you a good. Yeah on that and cut -- yet though. If people are listen to. Objection. And that Cris Carter on the Internet they'll show I watched. And and what they had to say and what came from their part the anger. And that the hurt. You know. Basically they described it at best reaches the level. Criminality. And racism. And like Chris Carter's sad the man didn't even it was a week ago who has coached. To outlook for redress and that you should not think the NFL so very scared. Because what they start investigating they're gonna find out that that whole locker room. Was guilty of this. Like I wonder. This is there is there's this is a culture in the NFL you know bounty gates if the saints got card but it seemed like a lot of other teams were doing the same type of thing maybe not too. Is that the same degree in terms of having it -- documented. But yeah this might be something that this going on around the NFL. I would believe Christian action in the that did not a culture in the NFL locker room that this is an isolated case I think -- felt scared because they've got. Because there have been violated. And that they can be held accountable board that they were too if they would -- take the same -- that it did with that -- You'd that he'd probably be suspended for at least -- to regain. And bill you wonder why somebody like Richie and -- NATO has this attitude all right I I read this morning that he. -- might have been abused in this might be an excuse. You know I'm I'm tired of those seek excuses also Jonathan Martin went to Stanford and that's a school where they make the football players actually go to class and take test. On also his parents were lawyers that went to Harvard you know you sometimes. People who are. And sometimes people feel less intelligent and other people. And they use there the the use there intimidation the use brute force to try to put in intelligent person down because the truth is. On intelligence can be very intimidating for some people. Well that is the very sad thing that is so old situation is his Cris Carter alluded to. That locker room while they may deny they didn't know what was going on. They did and they allowed it to happen and that's by the senate and this whole situation. Everybody from the -- coldly down to. The newest player allowed it to happen. We haven't heard the last to this -- village called the show and if you wanna join us with your comment this morning our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. A text numbers 87870. I'm studio for girl and her coming right back on WW well. It's that time -- -- very windy today very pleasant temperatures coupon on the way in a 30% chance of rain tomorrow. Good morning -- student for -- this week. We're talking about the bullying situation in the NFL -- its beginning did it seem strange to be talking about two offensive linemen who are involved in a bullying incident -- one bullying the other. He picked somebody is. Six foot five. Ways over 300 pounds or -- whatever. Do you think that they could not be bullied but the truth is bullying is is mental and emotional as well as it is physical. And the question is why does this Guy Ritchie in cog -- don't have such a reputation for college and from the pros of being such a ball. A large Jackson is a former NFL defensive end he says hate is a strong word. But I always hated in -- NATO. Just for perspective he's the guy did make you want to spit. In his face. This guy must have a very very small. Chinese. You know some guys that have small tiny. Self esteem the they they need to pick on other people. And that's really true that there are some guys who were big and they're gentle giants. -- some guys who feel like they needed to pick on others. Also intelligence can be something that is very threatening and and it -- somebody feels like they're intimidated by somebody's intelligence they threatened them physically or with physical harm or something. Something ridiculous like that but this guy apparently has quite a reputation and Jonathan Martin with the Miami Dolphins couldn't take it anymore and he took a leave of apps it's. We're also talking about the new policy with NO PD no more visible tattoos for NO PD officers. They must cover up any visible tattoos. Is this something that's gonna improve the image of NO PD that's -- WW little party general opinion poll it's close this morning. Here's an update 54% say yes it does improve the image of NO PD 46% saying no. It does not if you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas a 787. Here's a -- -- I got stopped by -- who was fully sleeve on both arms. Turned out to be a nice dude he didn't give me he didn't even give me a ticket from New Orleans -- here on WWL. A couple of points if you are pretty sure that he liked -- have in the -- And if you. Facial hair and there will be no along here inaction. Policy and no problem -- with the police department. Let. Me that you people are commenting on all the printing it could comprise a completely different program. Show. A couple of things that -- -- -- such. And such popular enough. -- and gentlemen it usually meant he was in many. Cute things. Why cancer and to tell me. It's unfortunate. Problem especially in the can -- to keep until it might be truly touched one. In store with a but the -- in May the only common torturing. You protections okay fine and I -- and she. I'm actually and the people. Well. A lot of these kids have great college degree. Robbery attempt in the coming in until. And they see something in court and what that. You. Can tell is. A tree you know -- a. And and Margaret I think the question is wolf why is this damaging to image I would agree with you they did businesses in NO PD and the New York Yankees they all have a right to have players their standards and their their rules that the question is. Why are we judgment -- tattoos I think what it comes to almost anything you can draw a line. I tattoos on the face in a -- when I first saw Mike Tyson's tattoo on his face it did freaked me out and I have to get icici downtown. What you're saying but I think a lot of it is me. Out of out of proportion. I don't think a lot of people charge but you know when you talk it out. -- a private sector the corporate world political. I. Bank a friend of mine -- a wedding ring under at the track too and you know stressed and you look at. -- I understand what you're saying and you're much younger and I am well why is he -- you actually which names. I don't I don't I don't get that it. It's not appealing to me I don't know find that went to judge in a Marguerite there was an hour. On the -- to judge but if you out. Get a job and job so I can now. Let's let's think about with the baby -- think about that think about with the baby boomer generation has -- has to -- about one of the accomplishments in every generation defines the hearing it occupies. And the rock generation the baby boomer generation is now the establishment. Would you have ever thought. Marguerite would you have ever would you have ever thought a long time ago. That blue jeans would be acceptable. Everywhere in fancy restaurants everywhere I think that is a manifestation of the baby boomer generation becoming establishment and win this young generation. Garage that I understand what you're saying basically I do. But the concept that you proper compensation. Thank you know which credit -- I agree I agree with all of that but that you had to do with it. In the country. As far as that's concerned and my -- judge well. I I agree that we we have a problem with a lack of civility in general and and a lack of respect. I don't know that it's clear to directly tie that to tattoos because there are so many people with tattoos. Who are polite a Sony without -- or not. Into the -- -- about -- and out of in should however frustrating actually. Either horrible. Carrier al-Qaeda spot on your own time but she told that without when it comes to. Cover -- her -- when it comes to schools. So I want to try to be there and we can go round and round about it. I think hopefully. Should portray a professional. Atmosphere. Forget that the comments about the just strictly talking about double the jets yes again. I I had to bordering I agree I. I'm glad -- I'm glad you called. I agree with Marguerite. Police should be professional. I agree with businesses. Depending on the business you should have a professional person a person who appears to be professional working in your business. But the bigger question is. Why do we consider tattoos to be unprofessional. Why why do we as a society continue to judge -- just isn't that really the bigger question. And if my generation the baby boomer generation. Re define what it meant to go to fancy restaurants. Grew up here. We didn't go to our nose and commander's palace when we do -- go that often we would dress up when we go to cafeteria. Today genes are acceptable everywhere I'll still never forget the story of Led Zeppelin a pulling up it for 4141 popular nightclub on saint Charles. The government losing -- blue jeans they wouldn't let a man they were dress codes about wearing jeans in nightclubs. Where people were dancing and having fun. That would be unheard of today. And while dress codes to some degree are steel import what comes to -- shirts in their shoes and tank tops and and and things like that. Think about what our generation has done in terms of redefining the world. At a young generation with tattoos will be doing the same thing to the world. As they continue to mature. If you wanna join Russia with a comet -- number is 2601870. It's all free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Our text numbers -- 77 and studio for -- we'll be right back on WWL. But connect to the think tank I'm student for Carlin -- guide -- to be will be here Friday as he always is -- I think today. The -- on today which is on our website at WWL dot com and scroll down our opinions on the front page. It's titled young generations are embracing eighties music as their own are you he's somebody who group with a eighty's did you grow with eighties music. I ever played eighties he's going to be 97. Years ago. It was a blast it was -- it was great time because it was one music but why has the young generation that wasn't even born when this music came out why they so embracing of the eighties music. We talk about that coming up in the next hour to hear if -- from the eighty's if you we're part of that that generation. You might be interest in the blog read it and I share with others also will be talking about whether or not. You share music with your kids and your teenagers share music with you have they introduce you to new music that you like. There are out there are a lot of new bands and I think -- are excellent. -- of -- will inevitably -- for people often ask me scoop what's your favorite the type of music. Well my taste in music is is very diverse. I'm not stuck in the past I respect and like a lot of stuff in the past I like a lot of the new stuff that's out today. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- my opinion poll this morning we're talking about. Tattoos and and a PD there's a new policy in effect. Does the new policy banning visible tattoos improve the image of NO PD. 54% say yes and 46%. Say no British or your text here in just a moment. From the CBD de -- and -- WL in the morning. -- -- -- The usual. On the rate on Richard usually I was three years ago Kolb -- this subject with. The circus situation is so true. Because. What did -- background these first one should -- -- Well. -- Oh. Away. Okay you're here. How supportive. It was security group -- you that aren't you in the top secret clearance. I bet. Was for a candidate. And also include that app and dignity. Right now on 66. I'm Rick Perry apparently. Worked for what eternity they'll report -- Supreme Court. Federal court -- -- -- record and of course this quote here all had no problem don't want. Have any problems because -- be content to. And that's unfortunate situation. -- -- they can that can that you. It's a personal threat to be because we're saying. You don't want to officers to look like -- the -- to serve. And that it is and it it is clear he didn't -- the image of the -- they can't control. We've all lack of management skills. In order all and so on and so ridiculous. Everybody. Who's in New Orleans -- -- but all congregate -- some of the discrimination. Because how can you -- but that's gonna come of age. Let's go to will -- that looked like. Picture opinion that well with the school and daycare will go as. It is attempting Google. Which kind of situation. Well and into the -- I I totally agree with few dead are unaudited and do bigger and outraged that the bigger the bigger question is if it's not that NO PD or any organization or. On business doesn't have the right to have these rules the question is. Why is that right to have those rules why why are we judging people with tattoos when you you know I didn't have tattoos when I was switching on. But when I saw a young generation it what tattoos meant. Then all of a sudden I realized wait a minute did it doesn't mean would it used to mean and I feel like this is something that I wanted to do. Also if the if the if the goal is to have officers if you if you judge people with tattoos. If you see an officer wearing an arm sleeve flesh colored band aids are wearing his his or her long sleeves when it's hot. Why would you not assume that they have tattoos and why would you not then still have the same judgment of that officer who's helping. Will it as far as you can even originated. About big YouTube conceded they can that would address screwed things have been one or you went to Austria. -- all week -- United States. And would do. What anybody that gore to host they're great and allowed him to go. Somewhere and -- -- that gore. -- you. And Astaire or maybe it will problem with the people. The departure and it's a legal. -- -- -- I mean and I understand your your position. It was actually a type I appreciate I appreciate you calling her show. In a mini skirts are legal but that doesn't mean that everybody should Wear a mini skirt when they go to work. I'm student for girl and if -- -- stay -- support your calls and -- -- coming up here's a text. Has there ever been a president with a tattoo. What in the world does that have to do and our conversation. We'll be right back into the -- well. Dear teenagers or did your teenagers like some of the music did you light. You know night I was a teenager I didn't share any music and my parents I didn't like their music and they didn't like my music. But do parents and teenagers share music today have you reduced your kids to certain bands that they love. And if your kids introduce you to bands that are newer groups are performers that you like -- talk more about that coming up in the next hour or so we'll talk about why. Why younger generations have embraced eighties music. As their -- Tennis is up to get the scoop blog and -- I sort of thinking about this and I'm not sure I had the answer right it's not the answer that I came up with is is in the blog. And we'll talk about that coming up the national you can read the -- insurance on our website at WW dot com for medical Susan welcome to our show. -- It will track. Act and act. And -- And act. On it. Hitting against pat. And that embody an. Old art work. CR. And look -- on -- As Hitler created. -- -- -- -- -- All. Agree or -- anatomy. At. -- is very important health and body. That there. That are. -- -- Out all our way. I lucked out again. Recreate what that. This is an I also talked to. High school teacher called me once on a show that I was doing about it tattoos. And he said that he's talked to young people and he got the feeling that did the tattoo was something that was. -- -- it was a decision that they could make in their lives that are ever changing and with so many things that are disposable in our society and as you know marriages disposable -- they they have witnessed divorce and they witnessed somebody things changing in their lives at the tattoo was something permanent that they would have been it was a there was some -- so insecure about making that decision. And I thought that was an interesting observation. As or your concern I I'm I'm glad you were able to do that and how are you doing. I'm I'm. I'm I'm I'm good but I'm not survivor and just went to UC LU doing. I'm. I traded anybody. An eight -- and -- -- -- and here. Now. It will it. Create. And you can select. Area color at all. And what's it what's the book titles. Well -- I have eight technique I think they're biting back. -- All right Susan I appreciate you calling a showed him I'm glad you're doing good. -- like act and that and I do believe that happening out there are bodies. Or. It -- act needs and the body and all as it was created. I the -- and get on the big a -- but -- eat and by actually empowers them. And you'll -- many -- after page and look out the block are back here so it's a matter. Many people are there. All active on the world. Susan ongoing -- I'm going to draw the showed thanks for listening. You know I also couldn't help but think that what if a police officer asked to roll up his or her sleeves while they're doing something while while there while they're attending to somebody or while they're there to. And and -- it was exposed would they faced disciplinary action because of that. Coming up very shortly gonna have a chance to win 1000 dollars to the WB will 1000 dollar holiday cash contest. I'm astute infant girl and we're coming right back on -- WL. So you see tattoos and you might not like them. The question is why do you continue to judge somebody with Texas and it is it is it fair to stereotype people with tattoos. There may have been a stereotypical image of the past but that certainly has changed over time. Ice -- for girl and -- here's a text if you like tattoos fine I personally don't and I don't think that those with -- should try to force acceptance on to those of us. Who don't prefer them. I have this this argument -- in terms of people feeling like something is being forced on them. When something is rejected. Whether it's a gay lifestyle or tattoos. If something is rejected by society. The that the fight to happen except that is not forcing acceptance on you. It simply trying to defuse. The initial rejection. Here's a text. My dead son's name year of birth. And year of death. Statute on my wrist. I work at a law office 28 years no one ever dieters say. Covered up walk a mile in someone -- issues. Before you judge from New Orleans -- -- Euro and -- VW. I I had it. It would I -- -- I. People high -- you. Perry camp -- an agent at eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- Say you -- Up. Adding it to them all. And the company needs he. Not make you know and congress. And holding -- You know that I would think that would take some pretty heavy foundation or -- body makeup to cover up attempt to. Right in -- are -- to -- into it it can't -- it let it it. -- -- -- Did you -- you. Do you judge people with tattoos. I would younger it was and it it just know her you know it's changed yet it eight. Linda I'm glad to co showing thanks for listening here's a text and you were perfect example of a person with tattoos -- not exactly sure what that means.