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11-5-13 12:10pm Scoot: on 80s music

Nov 5, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on why today's young people gravitate towars 80's music.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Garland is -- this week -- excuse. That we. -- you can be in your party of course. Plus your show will I think we're doing his best scoop tonight and tomorrow and then I'll be back -- on Thursday night. We've been talking about it visible tattoos -- gonna -- the -- new policy says that they cannot show their tattoos that cover them up in some way. That's a new policy went into effect this week. This is a song like -- twice this weekend in two different sets. It's just like Kevin might be here. I saw the -- Sunday and Budapest and it was just. Great to see Robert Smith and and and Victor he's still got the wild hair heavy makeup. One thing I noticed that. There -- a lot of young people that were working their way to go to the front of the stage before the cure started. People who weren't even born when this music was popular. And also this weekend I heard the song and an eighty's night and it caught in the French Quarter -- my objective either here. And they moved -- Saturday night this week because following the Thursday night and I've I've heard the song there as well and I I see people who were in their early twenties. Dancing to and singing songs that were. -- out long before they were even born. The scope blog today is titled young generations are embracing eighties music as their own. And if you were part of that he generation or you're young ignorant that eighties music. I'm not sure that I inaccurate but. I sort of thinking about why why are they are young generations. There are so interested in the eighties music so like I thought about that it's in the blog we'll talk about that this hour. Here's what I'd like to know and I thought about this because I you. I was thinking about when I was a teenager. And my parents were into big band stuff. Dean Martin Frank Sinatra. And while I have come to respect that now and I've been to a couple of things that the World War II museum. I I've come to respect that Dan Schorr reviews are now. I was a teenager my parents and I didn't surety music they listen to their music my dad thought The Beatles in the stones and all that's at. My dad thought that was a passing -- In my dad -- when he was very young was in a big band here in New Orleans I think the band was called the ambassadors he played drums and saying. And he was a music guy. Very talented music guys that somebody did for a living but he'd he'd love music. And I did just thought the rock was a passing fad and that they they weren't really singing and they're only playing three chords in this isn't really music so what are you listening to. But I couldn't help but think that is I'm standing around these people a voodoo fest and I also noticed that it Jazz Fest with Hall & -- and and Fleetwood Mac. I'm sitting around people who. Are in their early twenties an end some or even younger I mean that were teenagers and voodoo fest. And I'm noticing that their dancing to and singing the lyrics to every one of these sonics. And these are songs that I remember playing years ago that in doing the school in the morning showing on the 97. And it it it made me think about why a younger Generation -- several younger generations have so adopted eighties music. And do you share any music with your kids. -- to bandit you'd think every adult. Should expose their kids to abandon you grow up with that you respect what. What's -- music that you think every. Young person should should be exposed to. And also do you like any new music today. There there are a lot of people who -- part of my -- on -- music today is joke I hater all it does it mean anything it's it's not like. It's not like the past the seventies in the in the sixties and even the eighties it's it's telecommute. There's a lot of great music out today. And what people constantly asked me you know which are for -- -- -- music I have to say you know my taste in music very diverse I love a lot of the stuff that's out today. One of the bands that I -- is Barrymore they were recruited -- this weekend and before paramour and I I just discovered this group this weekend a kind of a better because -- really really talented. The gas slight anthem. Loved the -- I think there are very. Important band that is reflecting music today so the other question is are your kids. Introducing you. To any music that did is current music that you have adopted. As something that you think is good. If you join Russia with a comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. Protects Amber's late 787. I hear -- attacks to that reads the show glee has helped. With getting my kids to like music from the seventies and eighties. So. Why why are young generations so into this music and and and what's a band that you think every young person should be introduced to and what what -- if you have teenagers today. What music do you share with them that you could both listen to that you did which it's usually because remember that prosecute. Injury in my parents when -- came to to music. What is it that you like and they like to have they introduced you to any new bands. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Text number is 87070. Here's the text scoot I have an -- kids. In love hearing it still being played some songs are just timeless. Never truly go out of style. So when I'm out and I see young twenty somethings. Dancing to this soft. And singing that song every word to this song. And they weren't even born when this stuff came up. The question is why. -- -- I'll -- a theory with when we come back and if there's any music that you share with your kids. It is their bandit you'd think. Every young person should be exposed to because she's so respected for the past. I -- Russia with a comedy -- -- so. 187. Toll free 866889. It's nearly seventy protect estates of VH seventy. I've scoot him for garlic and we'll be right back on WW well. -- What music. Do you think every young person should be exposed to today again it takes a moment ago without a doubt earth wind and fire. Here's another text I turn my son on the Leonard Skinner and he loves. What music do you or did you share. With your kids. There's at least generation gap that is is being. Outraged. By the music of the eighties. There are young people who just love the music of the -- -- and I don't this war. For a few years now I I I first noticed this at a nightclub in Denver. Where they had eighties night every Tuesday night. And I notice that they were young twenty something people -- -- who knew the lyrics to songs that. They -- not that would have don't because they weren't even born when the songs were were popular and I noticed it epic the cure. And voodoo -- and I noticed over the weekend at an -- night it in the French Quarter -- blog today is a young generation embracing eighties music of their -- and the question is why. You can read it share comment or if you like sonar we're excited to be WL dot com. It's it's comforting for my generation to still see -- performers that we're performing years ago still performing today you know I love watching -- cured and voodoo fest. Now there -- people my age in the audience but much of the audience was made up -- the younger generation. And really several younger generation to me they were teenagers who fear they had no personal relationship with the music but they were actually. They were there are groups of of young people particularly girls. Really working their way through the crowd to get to the very front of the stage to see the cure. A band that. They would have no personal reference to. I started recognizing the embracing of of eighties music by younger generations. I kind of wonder why they have this connection with music. Music is the soundtrack of our lives and there'll always -- the songs that remind us of where we were who we were with them what we were going through waves -- good timer a bad time. When certain songs were popular and we hear them again today we've called those memories. So I find it interesting the younger generations with no actual memories. Of the songs of the eighties would have developed such a passion. The music of that -- For those of us who experience the eighties the music. The music back then brings back memories of those years it would I listened to the general sound of the eighties. Right secure the other night. I -- music that is upbeat fun to dance to. It carries a positive energy the cured -- arguably. In some ways might have been considered a little dark compared to some of the of the music the eighties music in general was very uplifting it was a fun time. Music is always a product of the social and political climate. In which it's created. And for the baby boomer generation. And generations it grew up as preteens and teenagers. During the eighties the eighties music reflected good times. The economy was -- Ronald Reagan was of a popular president doesn't mean everybody agree with Ronald Reagan but it was a lot of the political climate in Washington was not nearly what it is today. And the world was generally at peace. Baby boomers were starting to accumulate. A degree of wealth is -- you wealthy -- it compared to what you had before you restarting too. And gain some some wealth and I'm gaining ground on ultimately becoming established -- for a lot of people eighties was a very positive time. Reflective of that was it one of the top TV shows was the Cosby -- Early -- very positive show. And at our show which was a departure from the Norman Lear shows like all of the family and laud that it dominated the TV ratings in the seventies. Which had really heavy social and political messages overall the eighties. Was a fun time. For younger generations that are so stressed out today concerned about the world they live it. Terrorism the economy. Getting jobs paying back student loans they may never be able to pay back at all the controversy of issues that. -- plague society. Perhaps the music of the eighties is a great escape from their reality. Is that more secure Sunday. And aside I see young people in their early twenties dancing and singing the music editor at an eighty's night in the club and a quarter. I I can't help but think about these songs that I was playing in the year years ago dancing to includes years ago. For young generation disc music. It -- transport you would mean some of us back to the eighties. But it's transporting young generations not to the past. But to a momentary safe place. Void of their problems. What music do you share with your kids or did you share with your kids. Are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text numbers 878 Stephanie I'm gonna put to text to get too -- to all of those here are just a moment frontiers Jeff you're on WW LA good afternoon. That. And respond to just call and because this topic really intrigued me. Out of Lamotte -- -- is starting up a certain now and we -- we went to school. Tutor the school back and then mid ninety's then. I mean we would play -- -- -- tears Tears for Fears. To cheer. And I actually failed due to. And I mean I -- consider this music as much money at any and any other person because it would it would I grew up one it will amount shared with me. And we were for a -- week here on Sunday related. And I was does that willing to wait all day for them as much as mama wasn't. That is what the caller -- Lets you do Jeff Fisher is their new music that you like today. I am -- all all I mean I'm that are anything from country to. I mean -- -- and sales. Do you share do you share music with your mom. You know we listened -- that and everything together I mean -- not share any any new music outfielder and I think you would like. Actually does -- enemy and coming music is. I guess as a -- as -- -- -- relating to one another and and and show we care. But I don't think this is something that is is that common -- -- with the my generation of adults the baby boomer generation because I didn't. I didn't share music with my parents and they didn't hear my music but it seems more common today. -- I I appreciate your insight thanks -- show up right I hear is attacks that reads I heard David Lee -- say in a post eighties interview. When asked what he thought of the eighties music he said in the eighties the close smiled and the music's smiled. I get what he was saying and I agree the BC of the eighties smiled. From New Orleans George here and every WL. I agree completely with what you just said about that what he was cute quote shoot it. Because that that everything was was better and the bottom line is simple but it could agree with me but I think things I think the last what music they'll go. I think we went through we weren't you know he just wasn't it would -- to wrap everything else going on right now so. But we don't care we don't listen to it -- has -- -- -- elders maybe of course don't listen to the contemporary music that much. So it's the last time things got really good. I would agree that the eighties feel really good there's no no no doubt about that an infected the big departure from the eighties and really the sixties was. The grunge sound the the the angst in the angering the negativity of the grunge movement in the early in in mid nineties and really through the nineties -- was -- was a big departure. But I do think there's there there is -- as a positive freezing out today and there are some some. Some some good groups prepare more for example and as I mentioned a couple of times I discovered debacle last slight chance that. I affecting a mark let's go to mark and ours are our studio producer let's let's go. Google will come out of the news we're going to the news here just a moment gonna come out of the news Georgia political Rick come out of the news with. On a song by -- either -- more or. The gas light and there is good music today I like sick puppies. And I'm not not not the animal I like the pay and sick puppies. I like gym class hero and I think there are a lot of very talented groups. There's a text here that says and 25 I was raised on Motown without a doubt a generation preacher. I cannot stand the super -- stuff today from today John Mayer or maybe Bruno Mars and the script. You are not a big fan of John Mayer but I don't see why people like you I'd love Bruno Mars and I liked the script is well. It -- of music that you share with your kids Eagles Bob Seger and Steve Miller. A couple of things that have been mentioned here if you -- join Russia with a comics are numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Activity. Our text number is 87 recently. And scoot it for growing this week. It's -- -- on this Tuesday afternoon here's another WWL news updates with -- over. I was really impressed with this bandit who confessed they've played before Barrymore. The band is called the DS -- anthem sung is 45 I thought they had a good sound and good presence and in good lyrics and -- this -- a -- band -- feel like stuff from the past you might check outs against like -- there's a lot of good stuff out today that you might not even be paying attention to. I'm still in her early today I noticed a couple of things over the weekend and good infested and also -- an eighty's night at a club in the French Quarter. It was a -- that young twenty something of people around me and. Dancing to an end is singing the words of every every eighty songs from the cure or in this this eighties night in the quarter. It just made me think about how younger generations or embracing the music of the eighties as -- their own. That's what the -- blog is about in my theory as to why that's happening is in the blog you can read it and share it. It's on our website front pages of -- them under our opinions at WWL dot com. I've got a lot of -- to get to get to those in just a moment also were gonna go to break with. A couple of guys who were very very. Influential and you might not necessarily like their style but then -- your parents didn't like the silent music that you liked. But yet the music that you liked. Lived on and these may be guys who do live -- so we're gonna gonna play that song going into our -- was a song that had a very very. Important social message up from man to build a thing here on WWL. Okay music would. Optimistic. And fun. And also. Much -- popular music. Brigade it -- the union. But not just the singer. You do the band members where. And I'm probably envisioned myself and what would you do that about eighties music is. Beer. Did. Not have been much of it when it was more intricate. More fun played impart more intricate baseline for more difficult to -- march and I was like the last decade of the Guitar Hero. Com in a deep regret that now from the Iraq. So from that standpoint it's it would fortunately it. -- more optimistic more foreign. -- Asia still vital. And don't -- that peak record what we are working and you can really get into what it was about as it was and now you know. It's quite -- bit to put. Yeah young young people young people really miss out with a CD cover compared to that they -- work on that album cover. It just so much. Ethan and I'm glad -- called it. Music is a product of the times it will music reflects the types is -- media in general any medium. Weather radio television and newspaper mediums actually reflect the times on -- in which the the entertaining and the music of the eighties did reflect. The fun time to -- and that's -- the eighties was fun for everybody and look there were. There were tense moments in the eighties. There was still a concern of nuclear war there was the continuing. On battle against -- communism and and the the crusade. Led by Reagan and Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain to bring down Communist nations which did happen and in the in the late eighties. But there were songs like shout by Tears for Fears and 99 -- balloons by Nina. -- were. I interpreted as songs that were about nuclear proliferation and the fear of nuclear war. On sting I don't remember the year he did tonight I know this is in the eighties -- did that song about. I hope the Russians love their children to and the basis of that song was. The one thing that we have in common with the Russians is if they love their children tooth and they're not gonna go to war with us. If they love their children they're not gonna. What you nuclear war against us that's one of the things that we don't have in common with -- Islamic fundamentalist and terrorist today. -- -- willing to give up life. And how do you negotiate with somebody who doesn't care about life one of the things that kept. Everything in check during the Cold War as tense as it got. Was the idea that the Russians and Americans. One to live. And so there was that tension in the eighties but for the most part the eighties was a fun time so what music should every young person be exposed to today. What did did you exposure -- to. Here's a text that reads no one is educated musically until they heard the beach boys' pet sounds a share that with my children often. Here's a text my son is twenty. He listens to everything I grew up -- and it 43 I group in the late 60s80s. And nineties up until now. He brings a smile to my face to hear Al Green. Coming loudly. Out of his car here's a -- I'm 22 and music is our -- these days I feel we're going back. To the future. If you would rejoice with a comment -- numbers 2601870. All 38668890. What's happening. A -- Amber's late 77. So. You think that matters no message. Music today that was only in the past and not true. Michael -- and Ryan Lewis. Did this song same love. And it was about loving people. Regardless. Meaningful -- And these guys may possibly beat poets songwriters. That -- time. I'm student for Garland will be right back on WW well. -- suited for Garland and we're talking about sharing music -- -- past generations and how younger generations -- really. Embraced eighties music and their own eyes I see it all around the -- -- in the eighties night in the French Quarter. Club over the weekend. There's a lot of good music out today even though a lot of people in the baby boomer generation and even younger say music city stretch Bruno Mars. This guy is very very talented and today. Brings back memories that early Michael Jackson before thriller on this to -- ended the video looks like. Those -- 70s80s videos of earth wind and fire. Shallow mark knows those kind of groups. I here's the text in music today isn't trash Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake just to name a few. But -- these days. There are a couple of artists to really -- from their heart that is true. All -- is not bad. A coming up on Angela shall talk to insurance commissioner John -- Jim -- Whose gonna answer your questions about national flood insurance Obama care and even homeowner and auto insurance so get your questions ready for -- Garland. And Angela today and also a closer look at ADHD. A recent report shows that twelve million children and young adults are on medication. For attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Is it over diagnosed. Couple of things and Angela will deal with today don't miss Angela an open mind. With the legendary Angel hill from -- -- -- coming up next year under the WL it's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Does the new policy of banning visible tattoos improve the image of NO PD. 48% say yes it does that a majority slight majority 52% say no it does not and before we wrap up -- showing. Do when I mentioned it to today is Election Day across many parts of America. And there are a couple of races that are of particular interest the New Jersey governor's race Chris Christie is going to win how big is he gonna win by. I'm Chris Christie is seen as a moderate Republican. -- who might be able to breach a lot of gap a lot of gaps in. And reposition the Republican Party to win back what was known in the eighties as Reagan Democrats. Also the governor's race in Virginia this is a state that to go red or blue. And is not a definite red or blue state. Done that's being watched the democratic closely related to not literally but politically related to Hillary Clinton. And the Republican has been labeled a right wing Republican especially on social issues. So how is this going to play of what is this going to say about the mood of this country as we look toward the mid term elections next year. Mayor's race in New York City to -- you is going to be the big winner there also there are some counties in northern Colorado that are voting to secede from the state. They don't agree with the way. The the urban. Based legislature in Denver this is how they label it. Is ruling the state. Northern Colorado wants to secede from the state does a couple of things that we're watching. How we've had the the -- blog up on our web site which is about to younger generations embracing eighties music as their own I here -- couple of comments. Everybody have fun tonight everybody Wang Chung tonight I rest my case. -- Harris attacks. I was talking to my wife and she doesn't get why I get so mad about Kid Rock in lieu of the cure. Being featured on the land -- cover. Why I'm not taking anything away from Kid Rock I become the Kid Rock fans insights on impersonate Jazz Fest and then earlier this year. -- the New Orleans Arena -- -- show and so on that food fest over the weekend very very talented but I understand your passion for the cure. Are really in your -- WL. Thank you. I was content he said he -- to meet him I am. -- and so in the 1860. My grandmother. The live with the imam mother pat and I -- like -- needs and help me. And -- There on the court and that -- script to meet your. Very spiritual and that a lot of gospel really not going to call the show. I'll get back to a -- your checks when we come back here's another one of those eighty saw and says yeah I mean I was -- -- -- seven. Eight years ago both of -- playing songs like this. And they were hits and yet now I see people in their early twenties. Award dancing to and singing every word to these songs songs like the Pet Shop Boys. And they weren't even born when these storms around it yet your generation has embraced the eighties. I'm stupid for garlic and we're coming right back at him if you well. And here's another one of those in eighties groups that a lot of -- something people and younger have really embraced him as their own. Depeche Mode. I'm security for -- here's a text that reads as a millennial I feel I'm entitled to jam out to some totally ran -- James well indeed you do have that right. There's attacks and 21 my generation loves rap rock electronic music with eighties music is played. Seventies music we know it's because of our parents. I say I totally disagree with that because when eyewitnesses who confessed was young. Young people early twenties and even younger in their in their teens. Working their way pushing through the crowd not in a rude way but pushing to the crowd want me when going to stop the history which I thought it was nice. I'll put pushing their way through the crowd to get to the front of the stage for the cure. They were even born when that music was out and yet they have embraced it as as their own. And -- it's voluntarily there of people obviously -- over 21. Going to a nightclub in the French Quarter every Thursday night this past week it was Saturday night and there enjoying music of the eighties so it's it's it's interesting to. It's who witnessed this breaching of of generations. I'm young generations embracing eighties music as their own that's the -- blog it's on our -- -- -- VW -- -- -- -- -- -- opinions. There's a final update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Does the new -- policy of banning visible tattoos improve the image of NO PD 47% say yes but 53% say no it doesn't improve the image at all. When I think mark an artist studio producer. And -- executive producer excluded for -- this week have a great day plug in New Orleans.