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11-5 4:35pm SportsTalk, NFL bullying

Nov 5, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak with Josh Friedman of 790am the ticket in Miami.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Josh Freeman joins -- now I'm talking about some interesting things gone on down in South Florida Miami Dolphins snapped a four game losing streak. In a big victory dog this past that there is a night twenty to twenty over the Cincinnati Bengals but that's not the story coming out of the Miami camp Dolphins report host the 79 it to keep in Miami. Josh Freeman and Josh some I'll bet from a Dolphins standpoint. May be there a little bit please see the heat off to a slow start to maybe kinda offset some of the heat no pun intended to David taking the last 72 hours. Not saying it upsetting to -- there shaking all the talking about breaking a four game losing streak don't spark the Bengals. Are kind of victory this is the center of the road to the football universe but the sports universe right now and for all the lotteries to. Now Josh. When you look at what the scenario how it's against come about and it played itself file. To me I look at this it never happened with the Saints and I'll look at different teams and depending on your leaders and obviously he was one. Of the main leaders who went on on the leadership console. But I'll get a care quarterback an NFL team he's supposed to be a leader -- thing -- and I -- people -- Ryan can really trying to survive. And just kind of you know make it in the NFL's I was gonna tell Richie kind -- told what to do. So I think you have to look at the team in a leadership. And that's why this has gotten out of hand and -- and gone to full. And he's good just -- my dis guy wasn't good knew he would have been doing the last nine world. I'll play a lot this hit -- -- -- clay -- claims to know that this was going on which. I think they're just saying it's just safe face. Don't know other players -- is going out by the same token you know restart detectable voicemails. He drops the -- usage YouTube video when he's gonna borrow what Mike Archie African American and dropping the had to work. And yet every player I want and talked to yesterday in the locker probably to separate players. And everybody to a man. What was Hershey track you know and locked him back and I and I -- -- of the -- and some said yeah totally yeah we take him back. The Jonathan Martin whatever you wish -- inquiries are working -- don't actually ahead. You guys an. RW officially released what investigation has done. You'll be released right now recently suspended but he's back going to be on this -- ever get. And you know just that that's what people I think sometimes we would kind of look at the words that -- say they look they they are terrible they're wrong. But from what you tell knows if he's teammates today except the name the end you know from a team standpoint. That's -- should be hit. But I mean that's that's not going to be -- -- and -- -- that's surprising to me but if -- team and they've been around him more than anybody else they they must have a problem with him. They've generally don't but can't -- open -- -- -- opened the Joseph Philbin character named everything at least as much as Ellis thing that's how much. Do you value it and and you know this it was a complete lack of character Margaret you think I -- hope it's not shall build -- kind of guy you won't be welcome back. The players shot. What -- -- number -- Jonathan Martin was a stellar left tackle or subsequently right tackle you would have been welcome. Or die you know he wasn't playing particularly well and he's gonna come back -- well you know whole country that facilities -- that it. You know get caught -- it is is -- -- impatient outpatient I don't well and and as sort of beating back the players local level as -- about that. Jars that I make a lot this day and age and he aroused and there's no rule for bowling. But but I don't know about kind of take the Mike Ditka approach. I had a -- -- to stand up with some might lose the -- -- -- -- not -- -- me. I mean it is football now that's not politically correct all you don't need to fight back. But I don't know maybe in my temperament kind of like Mike Ditka and is that hey listen will we who we got to -- -- outside we we get a settle this. Not an -- was that much intimidated by you look at it two giant human beings. What what did they bowled over 300 pounds. The but I know bullies from the past if you let him get away was so big and continue. And and I think for some reason that. You know by the players they see it is they see it if you don't let somebody bully you men and I don't know different personalities I can tell you job. We had a guy out I remember our left tackle Derek Gilbert went to cal state Fullerton. When he was mess it up and a game I could not tell him anything. I'll tell him keep working argue going to be all right keep fighting you know -- -- if I got on him. He would play worse where he had Stan Brock on under other tackle if he got woke up I would have -- dog 'cause of it's they what are you doing that guys were when you but. Then that would motivate him he got to treat people different edges the way it is but it does go to Disney is this did this goal too far obviously did. But you know I think this could have maybe been nipped in the -- when you look at physical. Football terms that if you did you stood up for himself put them on my may be his personality. They didn't think saw it I -- personality knowing the guys that do easy I think what you cardinal probably a little despite it might be your right. I had the future a spot back or the barely that they get sweet it is -- -- check for 151000. Hours. Torture so partially financed the trip by some of the Jean -- Las Vegas trip that mark himself -- even -- -- -- -- Mike Marshall last night. That's I think there's a lot of stuff we don't know what caused him to write that check I think there's something. And it probably could be pretty substantial that we just don't know about that caused -- -- -- that -- He genital Richie kind of screwed you on the right now. Our identity and I. I don't know that market up. Here and try to figure out I don't think by any stretch of the imagination. There we've gotten good nuts and bolts of this story an interest in moral layers are getting on pure old every day. I think that the most shocking part of -- I don't know what it is a mechanically I'm breaking story I think the most shocking part the story yet to be -- Josh Freeman now seven -- -- to get in Miami just how can folks Tebow would distorted by following you on Twitter. Our free most of our RR -- Oh sure it might be just like you so much and so we'll be talking again soon. I felt all right this is sports talk.