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11-5 5:35pm SportsTalk, Saints vs. Cowboys

Nov 5, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak with Calvin Watkins who covers the Cowboys for ESPNDallas.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Out in Watkins is here what does -- talk about the Dallas cow was saying -- over the down the Dallas Cowboys I know that the ESPN Dallas stack comic -- unseen in southern hole was not up a good omen for the Cowboys. The last time he's coming off the field to stretch him. And he said he won gold plate he came and he had a game when you strip in two sacks. Now they -- in this week he's gonna play the markets where he's got off full attention. Square will be ready to go what we've -- older. I do remember that that week. -- carried off the field against the Chargers. And we didn't think you've even got to make sure. Couldn't go home -- -- get to go on field a look at I go because he got a year. And he didn't start that game but he started -- -- being here there's like problems that will look a little. Now Calvin look and -- even last year as a shoot -- you know this -- final score now the Cowboys are coming Bagwell when Dez Bryant and and really taken it to Patrick Robinson and that match up. -- looking at -- this year is game right now the Cowboys averaging 28 and a half Ford as the Saints 127 points. So I'm looking for another you know tiger shoot out but I look at where we're really what I'm impressed with. In it and I think the -- -- margin -- looking at the -- group -- third in the league plus they grow mine is to get as the Jets. And now we're plus six for the Cowboys a plus ten. Second best in the league and today could come down to 00 which quarterback and you protects the ball more because this is like bowl teams don't wanna run. But no -- Mason police anonymously through the B Drew Brees are Tony Romo did might be the winner come Sunday night. Area or multiple looks pretty good job protecting the football this year in comparison to you this year. The six interceptions you've ever been in the ball. -- would -- he returned to Williams and you know running in the wrong -- I attribute any social Tony Romo but as you know Bobby from water makes his biggest mistake or some of the biggest and audience who wore a -- I don't know who hold up change -- and that's -- turnovers. And so greatest force turnovers against the Lions and still lost the game. You know the first team on it only been streaky putter do more channeled in the NFL this year kind of blown a lot of -- so. They'd make. Mistake at the all time. Big audience almost struggled with -- so. You know I I hear you at the stat but I have to received a little bit -- you know makes a bad shooting even all the stops -- older. Now Calvin along that line with the stats. Just break it down. Obligate and a -- return game teeing off returning game when you look at that and they could come down. You know and then this thing is Devlin lost the field position battle with the Jets. I'll look in the age of fourteen yards a punt return that's at a Pro Bowl level. And noble wanna kick off return at 31 now the can get out -- -- you know -- a big return but who's getting it done over the Cowboys as a returner. Has earned -- a little puddle and I actually launch or are. Simply track would love to have his return punts and kicks he's been trying to -- into them all season. He is there a number of four machines -- I would say we can't as a college so movie takes time the ball Larry -- They are -- dark got great burst that the practice got the world. But Calvin -- get Jarvis shot is scheme in terms of blocking unit. I'll try and that's the key for the Calvert all year. Eagle I think I got like Devin Hester early that he chairman at the Patterson who is in our yard DP data which apparently had no war no matter where he is on the field. Is that -- he's ordered the big bright spot Lecavalier actually. Abbott walked and took over the Dallas cowboy is that ESPN Dallas dot com Calvin thank you so much we appreciate it done. Where they go.