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11-5 5:10pm Bobby and Deke, Saints vs. Cowboys

Nov 5, 2013|

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I'm pretty dead -- opinion poll what do the Saints had to do Sunday in order to beat the Cowboys. Don't make as many penalties as they have in the past game last week notre was. Run the ball more cash to vote online at WWL. Dot com and don't forget our 1000 dollar holiday -- contest as a -- word. Several times today 8 o'clock noon 3 PM and 6 PM coming up won't -- code word in the -- WW dot com. -- -- And you have a chance to win. A thousand dollars nation wide for looking business each and every. Week. Each and every day getting its always open to the 26 the week of Thanksgiving so we can win some good holiday camps. LSU is an eleven a half point underdogs to Alabama the oddsmakers saying. You have it. Too hot to blow all just right. -- vote online at WWL dot com all right during the break we promised that we can get to chuck in a billion let's go to Billy in the we'll get to chew up. Billy thank you for calling WW -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I love how -- you mean you're praying -- Because circumstantial last probably -- you know dilemma -- aren't -- -- -- disorder that they have a history of problems are now. And by the book Balkans should football reporter blogger you know I'm not sure of their guys and everybody that period and as on their I don't particularly agree with our valued it -- multiple Internet good people start I'm ready maybe -- -- We've been critical to them as well. Like to be threat -- on the go outlet at no time. Out we've grow up you don't -- that good that coach or -- that the draft on are -- gonna react repairing the general ball away which Olympic course during their proposed move. You know retaliate man what bill put him maybe it would get that sort of good but he's good and -- down there and god knows well -- well. You have the possibility -- reverend people have been like you know and I I'm I'm worried about nobody got about look at the -- guy got you know also does that. Why does have problems but there must have been tolerable and also as teammates to put it would involve his time. Well again man you know what. Well I mean -- had a -- -- is date we do know. The cause he's been in the league for so many years in everything you say it is valid but which is saying is not bad it. He's saying they would never no no Michael Wallace alone and grow right across of the rule over here on the gonna depends a connection played -- -- while the great player. Today he's talking about I'd have a problem with him. Other players saying I didn't have a problem with him so I mean I can't I can't I can't assume -- I think I can assume -- -- that I go back. Is the people who are around him everyday and what they -- Big impact that that small one as well -- they Kennesaw you know we don't know the preliminary look at -- -- aspect covered. Oh well you know from -- you know we got a little glad that report birdies had a problem doing that. What I'm gonna walk out again I repeat do you -- I'm gone about what his teammates say when they were in -- of Miami and I'm not I'm no no no no no it's a different story reporting. In what you -- hearing someone say in these these words that come in from some of his teammates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got a bit of a -- so much has it come on are all right thank you. There's a -- defending these -- well and now and oh by the defendant in because -- -- Is that there's a reason why a guy has lasted in the league for as long as this man whose head and you hear and all these people now who supposedly work with him. I'm -- -- drugs and say he's had problems before well. Why hasn't has been addressed before and then the majority of stuff I mean it was in week. I heard Cameron Wake token today -- the -- and have a problem with him or evening Collison -- I don't think this was a regular. Animal beats you up or among knock you out always to a good on the football field it seemed a little over the last. But it's hard for me to believe that all of these teammates didn't see this. Or did you just before in this Martin fellas is the first one he's big -- no absolutely not. So it's been tolerated to some extent. Post some extent fulfill some amount of time that is fact we know that because this in his gas first time. So while with a tolerated. While -- a lot of players tolerated for many things they may be on and off the field caused a good. That's the bottom line is it right now but. That's what it is this guy was sorry he won the last of the league making these threats and illness but he's a good football player. -- on line to thank you for calling WW bill. Perry got beaten. I got a I tell you what I've -- listened to the last couple days about this we've been pulling stuff. I had a son who -- Years ago and -- the big hit. And and I've done a couple of fellows. Very big guys. Who are gentle Giants. And they can be bully it did make any difference how big they are what they do actually want a friend of mine when I played put on -- has scored. 500 years ago. But these guys that people can be -- And it does make a difference -- your big. If you're 320 pounds -- Europe -- tackled -- -- but it. A defensive end. People emotions. Can be dealt. It's always how did you how did you teach you -- job to deal. Yeah that's a good question you don't actually don't know lack of -- And I was. I was -- out there entertainment at the time. So I talk about it and let that shot glance up and make up when people bully you. You laps and you make jokes back. And you'll never be yet if you make the other topic that last. And that's and that's how I dealt with that was my -- Now that's I that's not to say that you can do that with this kind of look with the Dolphins. -- there's not a lot of kids who were brought up this way we're taught high school how to deal with that being -- Nor are they really taught how to deal the checkbook or anything else and you got a lot of these kids going into our college and then into the pros. Who have no. You know they don't have that basis settlement that. That's schooling but I don't deal of the steps. Indians just. Now I've only. Line. I know I just I I it was I analyze this is worth losing anything else. No no I I just think that. Bowling is really it really isn't very big. This thing and it's not that it's not right that somebody would. You know even in the locker room right. Paula you know pull that off not all kids are are are equal. I know pro ball players are like -- -- thank you so much for the probably appreciate it because my car All Saints players show Thursday night voters. Her Robert Meachem is our special guests from six to seven Lugo QB to QB coming around on us. And total is this there is young veterans boulevard saint receiver Robert Meachem jaundiced on Saints radio WWL. 601878668890. Rates and they are young man from northwestern Louisiana bow way of the -- you caught off. Gone to the big city the big city of Detroit to get ready for the Michigan past this and my apartment across from the Austin icicles. But BA bad he was confronted with a -- story Volvo the bullies they do they call -- -- and. So I'm you know shut -- going tell a story well again is about thirty years ago. The only even though the west Louisiana and the mr. -- as an -- training camp and Daytona Beach, Florida. So it was a little over thirty years goes and like January 1983 so. Here we are it's a new league and try to make it you know coming out of college. So I I never forget. You know here's your teammates guys from all over the country and I was gonna hit a dining hall you know -- And they had this big kind of like game kind -- kind of guy a big white divas sublime and that's a tackle from the midwest. Now we're both about six -- he's about to nine mean I'm about you know to tended to fifteen in that range. So we like he's gonna -- emulate like that you know -- -- tell me or where in the hell you from the general talk of funding. Right -- -- you're talking -- on the different in my cajun accent. You know and he's telling me like oh where you from a you know northwest Louisiana -- -- -- resemble what does that you know could -- he was being in the you know -- -- he had Jericho Lilja has put out there and then he is saying or even American kind of thing. And then you know he kept on and on and an account attend -- well who are you and know when they tell you from these like go. I've played for the Chicago far. But -- -- Chicago Fire was a world football league -- Chicago fired you yet he really say that yes like that at I said that do you mean the Chicago Bears are hop hop on hand me and he goes no other Chicago fire and the way we do you -- -- You're not from anywhere mean area who are you an -- heard you guys you know got ending. So then I'm -- Downey and and you walk an outcome like gonna blow up on me. And so so I stood up and as a man -- get ready get in a fight -- the misalignment. And get a good because it is because -- asset on the final reason I said I might lose. But about a but I say he is not gonna blow me. -- as soon as it was getting -- get out of hand all of us and I feel somebody -- -- them pull me back. Also and his big African American Louisiana steps in for our enemy. And and tells his -- -- if you got a problem what hand you had a -- little Whitney because it business Ronnie Padgett from Louisiana Tech. Did you -- prominent as him you -- probably mean. And -- guy he would go -- Ronnie Padgett busy I know he had got his ass -- and I guy said right bag down. Andy got -- pack to start off for us. Davis Lima the -- -- who won the terrorists have been that guy. He lasts like three days and they cut him he wasn't he wasn't any good. And then remember that that I his whole live I guarantee he bully people. But that's why they -- approach I don't know. That you got to stand up to bullies and if you don't the big -- keep trying to take advantage have you in even if -- a big kid you know junior high high school. I did tell you this. On its -- Cameron Heyward. Big when he was eleven years old he was six who won. When he would be on the recess in the playground and kids would bounce off them and they hit their hand is starting grinding Cameron like didn't do anything so. Almost clinic on the football field I did tell him I said no you can be aggressive on the football field and you're not gonna get in trouble because he was he was so big. But I'm -- even if you are general giant and and someone things they can pick on me you have to stand up for yourself. And I think if you just stand up -- bully. And that and and and you shall make you unified back. Even though you would get walked a lot of times -- around you know people so they can break it -- -- that -- they'll they'll they'll go find someone else that because a bull is this the a bully trying to go trying to bully someone -- adults some. It was don't beat a victim some. And I'm not disagreeing with you but some -- to complete Thomas -- that I walk away the knowledge and I -- guessing you know each instance. Is different each incident is different so it may -- May be a situation like a -- somewhere whatever eight. But I don't wanna call no problems on the in my family what you know get one thing now. If it comes down for -- four bodily harm and you're protecting your -- right or your family while bets off Dan he and -- are better because there's not then no one does. I don't care what you job -- tailors -- is you don't have a right to protect yourself. All your -- yeah I was. Strong well and the thing is to you have to look at the circumstances and the situation is now like you on the street. And semis maybe try to be aggressive with you and and W you don't notice individually and you won a -- Lidge is get away from that scenario which they could nothing could come out good -- but. And no one in a football locker room would you dealing with somebody day in and day out. The idea you you have to confirm them another -- so -- when I was thirteen years old Royals -- Al junior high I was in eighth grade. I came in -- individuals mean he had -- like three times so. He was about fifteen or sixteen but he still does in a great -- so I remember we always go in the gym before it was cool because it was cold. You know -- -- and he'd always cuts him like -- or push me. So one -- at all -- books. And had a big old jacket on and -- push me and like -- trip and I fell. -- so mad I got up and I've freaking cold cocked in my -- I caught a ride on the jaw. And I Tyler Austin and -- -- you do it's his Grammy as he was fallen down he never massive media again after that it and then they went on about a week and a half. And that he was he's ready shaving come on in -- should have been a -- eleventh grade and and then and that never happened again mummies standing up Tillman. I've got suspended from school. You know 'cause till I get it not not I would not who's right or wrong you weren't alternate them you know yet yet you know you just got to try and so when I went on my dad then they go farming and oh what Woody did he -- -- -- like go home and do leg of what to chores and so that I all -- all the school on is go lie and I can only think yeah I had an -- -- and -- -- what school you judges to sit around and give a budget thinks that I got to the phones it. I got lit up yet what a shame that there is adapting to be creative about America and -- and or himself and his staff. I do not agree with Lilly are being slowly but if if if they don't have never play well you're the other the other team may. I can bet you. That he saw they didn't know where -- -- up. -- to -- what our hope -- would probably. Are reporting. That three out of you know. Couldn't you won't tackle or you're -- you're definitely not gonna pick up where your -- I have to Chara. And I felt that you'd you'd get the big hit for taking up or your belt -- -- -- look at what -- allow somebody to bully you more. Delgado will eulogy. And like you their body that it out belittle the I hit it well we'll treat it -- art not -- -- -- -- all due respect you more and nine. It. He'll -- you allow. -- I think they're more problem would be -- arm bands that play our best so -- -- that woke them up or else they immediately got the and also reported outlet because I want and it well RI MOR -- where. You're at it it is too late in the speed work to do anything about. I cannot be enabled us about the -- and also not being able. To work that are a bit. Well I don't I'll answer the last on first and where we asked that. Several times -- in several different phones to you know -- our -- with analysts and obstacle is paid -- -- -- -- In the and it's podcast at our website in the coach's show. He say that he failed the majority of things by the that they see on its own own film and they saw on the Jets the correct the mistakes moving forward and they feel like they can be better. And more balanced front and a football that's that's local. Yeah about but but he's talking also on the flip side you know you talk about old old school yet -- got -- out there run the football and stop the run why if you look at the Jets game l.'s old school football symbol we can not stopped the Jets running now I think this is really the first game Robert that. We miss tackles. Andrea if you look at this -- I said his last night the Saints came into the game average and only four missed tackles a game. Nice but the last year how the world who are we where remission eight tackles a game now. When you look at this that in his could tell you a lot whether it's a run fit our bad angles I think we miss Malcolm Jenkins Raphael bush. Had a poor game -- replace and Malcolm Jenkins. That you look we missed twelve tackles against the Jets. And going to the Jets game we had missed only 21 -- nine so that -- almost half now. That did surprise me that you look at the Jets production within them getting. A 198 yards on on 36 carries five point five. We came -- today game. And I've said this in a pregame I know the Jets are gonna try to run on us who we were dead last our run defense was dead last we were given up. Four point eight yards a carry. Now. When teams have to play catch up there -- it don't get exposed with the team as a lead and they can run the ball on you that's how they eat up the clock. And and then now you got to be and you two scores down did you get desperate and ended the Saints halls of force kind of one dimensional night getting more. Rushing it has been now. That has to improve on nine looking at the yards. But our rush defense. When you're given -- basically five yards a carry that that's not good now the Cowboys don't run a hot like the Saints. When you look at this. As to who where we're -- 26. Rushing offense the Cowboys a 27. You don't get the bike is the Cowboys only ran the ball nine times my bed at that episode demise a shoot out. That that's that's why listen. Don't get him Barry is all led the Cowboys run on run on you. Because they haven't run on nobody. By the -- on line to thank you for calling WWL. I -- -- -- just on -- Bobby is something I want to state something for LSU. Did Bobby get harassed oral. When when he wrote his long or to resolve the pollution. And the other thing -- Owls on a -- year old as a yeah I went -- a guy cut grass that are running lawn mower and I never and then. Our our draw a -- and above mine and I think he rooted with -- name history lawman leads our lives on scholarships. -- and -- -- he's 3938. -- -- -- -- he's thirty -- but I don't think he -- crossed that the the values and actually. I think you know those days you know and Indiana snapped a -- -- know component I'm sitting a row -- -- I rode the bus and elementary junior high and did in high school you don't and you got. Fifteen you can drive so you gave us how bad American am glad Sandia 2000 vessels taxi driver and old family station wagon -- -- like all you'd like no other lately I haven't chased a saline Brady Pietrus. Okay and another person Bobby is this this is for all of the Perillo if you. Since Alabama's going to be playing a real tight. Just wondering. Think they'll all be all things just seemed so Bailey -- hit the receivers in the cornerback were on the same page pretty -- count. One LSU to really cute they return. Torched the scrimmage alliance to receive the ball rather indeed lightened with the big defense than -- -- trying to -- -- -- and the other thing is. I think that the that the defense. Can't get to the quarterback Alabama's quarterback soon -- so I think it should be trained as forested. Jump up. Before -- get the quarterback Christian to sort it tackling you want to tackle the ball. Know -- you -- because if you go back to the Florida gained in the Ohio did a donut on back to back on the series -- think it was -- a first down in the third now. That could be key potential us he's he's a tall range of -- Bobby batted down the -- passes that may they may be something that coach this week. Well yeah if he -- -- -- -- initial move we can't get to the quarterback -- get in the passing lanes maybe gets a tip balls doing anything to disrobe but about who would do the same amount Alabama's -- and it's on its not an opponent and Jimenez he's. I don't know well first off worse dog though listed that's going to be innocent Asik is -- -- not a one dimensional offensively. That you got the best dual receivers in the conference. So you can't put eight in the box. You put eight in the box. And -- -- -- line has halfway now protects him and burned at the Asia have success. Passing now if they get a tristar meant -- in the passing game. Andy play in L issue on a sec -- like. The running back by committee are especially Jeremy hill yet the -- then I'm done -- -- should have been in a box I think Jeremy hill. A lot of times after contact -- could fall far and all of a sudden. You know he's haven't at 56 -- gains in there and they come down. You know promote Cam Cameron -- aware -- that because -- -- out there and you throw it. Alabama gave up 52 points in their first two games they've given up 26 cents they allow less than nine points a game however in their last six games. They average given up four point three points per game and some people looking and always Colorado State. It's the mentality is the way they coach it don't matter if your first team second team thirteenth. You are expected to go on man and B no drop off. That's why about being excited being a you know what that was not. Well coach in the when you get to a foot dollars at a Knicks say he's -- coach until it was time to walk off the field and that's why they blog employee. They when the players leave their club other ones in and they can play goal is to our program a college football it's like. Broadly we need four quarters of solid football like -- has -- relishes playing the firmer as the the role. Bit they needed to have a second have the whole game I -- first have that they were terrible and the second half they were awesome. -- -- -- you play a firmer as the the world that you you got to dominate the whole game Calvin Watkins Israel won us a talk about the Dallas cowboy all eyes saying -- over the -- Dallas Cowboys I know that the ESPN Dallas stack comic cabin -- and -- hole was not up a good omen for the Cowboys. The last time he's coming off the field to stretch him. And -- anyone gonna play he came -- had a game when you strip in two sacks. Now -- seeing this week he's gonna play the markets where he's got -- full attention. Square will be ready to go what we've been told. I do remember that that week. When he got carried off the field against the Chargers. And we will think you've even got to make sure. Couldn't -- home -- -- -- to go on field a look at ago because he got a year. And he didn't start that game restarted -- -- -- that there are problems that will look a little salute. Now Calvin look and an even last year as a shoot out you know to -- -- final score now the Cowboys are coming Bagwell when Dez Bryant and and really taken it to Patrick Robinson and that matchup. But looking at -- this year his game right now the Cowboys averaging 28 -- have Ford as the Saints a 27 points. So I'm looking for another you know tiger shoot out but. I look at where we're really what I'm impressed with. Yeah and I think the turn -- margin you're looking at the same group we'll third in the league plus they grow mine is to -- as the Jets. And now we're plus six for the Cowboys a plus ten. Second best in the league and to make it come down to 00 which quarterback and you protects the ball more because this is like bowl teams don't wanna run. But no Mason police anonymously through the B Drew Brees are Tony Romo did might be the winner come Sunday night. Area or multiple looks pretty good job protecting the football this year in comparison to tree this year. -- six interceptions suit that earned him the ball. A -- he returned to Williams and you know running the wrong route. I attribute they -- -- Tony Romo but as you know Bobby. From water break should biggest mistake or some of the biggest in. Audience what a child -- Didn't hold up change cowboy and that's what turnovers. So greatest sport turnovers against the Lions and Bill Walsh became. You know the first team on it only been streaky putter do more channeled in the NFL this year at a loss of one of the cal so I'm good they make. Mistake of all time. Big audience almost struggled to a packed so. In our I hear you at this stat but I had a routine a little bit lucky to make a bad shouldn't even though almost all -- the older the. Now Calvin along that line with the stats. Just break it down. Obligate and a par return game kickoff return game when you look at that and they could come down to. You know and then the things that I lost the field position battle with the Jets. I'll look in the age of fourteen yards a punt return that's at a Pro Bowl level. And noble wanna kick off return at 31 now they can get -- -- on you know -- a big return but who's getting it done over the Cowboys as a returner. Colin has -- looked possible until I actually want or are. Simply -- the -- it's not just return punts and kicks he's been trying to trap -- -- -- season. He is their number of four machines -- I would say -- into the college old movie takes a child ball landed there. They are and believe -- got great burst that the practice got a world. But cal -- get Jarvis got cute scheme in terms of blocking unit. Are trying to achieve the Cavaliers all year. Eagle I think I got like Devin has too early to be chairman at the Patterson knew in our yard DP data which I had no war no matter where he is on the field. Is that correct he ordered the big bright spot -- -- would actually. Abbott walked and took over the Dallas cowboy is that ESPN down as dot com -- thank you so much we appreciate -- time. Where they tell.