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11-5 6:35pm SportsTalk, LSU vs. Bama

Nov 5, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak with Bryan Lazare of TigerBait.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's like a -- some time. Welcome back to sports talk -- 60187866889. He rates and the number one and number TN. It made two weeks LSU moved up three places you recommend. Networks don't want a big time matchup EST -- -- Nick Saban special on CBS this past Sunday night CBS is -- and investigate some big bomb. In the rankings. With three LSU Alabama or why not the last two meetings and regular season have been phenomenal games. Brown as our senior writer -- debate downtown Dodgers now Brian. If we go by the last several meanings and regular season it should be close. Should we go by the last regular season meetings. RE -- beat you should really wouldn't get that -- it would be like that you know. -- both been acutely played pretty well both teams are you out evenly matched from a talent standpoint. I'll this side of the game and it really made any effort in. You know -- you know it's it's been -- against -- we know the only hint it wasn't closest to what the national championship. You know a couple lead in the cup. I you know the question is this year is is. That gap between the two teams a little greater. You got it -- LSU defense is hasn't. It out the park. Like you know there have been other LSU defense that you know prepare bucket being back here at LSU. -- -- games and his defense was not very good it played very well against Alabama law that even not over not that itself. -- yeah Miguel I would anticipate it will be a lot better. Now Brian is there any rhyme or reason that isn't you kind of touched on an like Ellis just once since the last meetings in Tuscaloosa but. I mean is -- like you look at the history. As. I don't know you wanna go -- a couple of decades to three decades whatever. As they like the home field advantage doesn't matter a -- why is that not on some fan access that I don't know. -- Alabama had a long winning streak in Baton Rouge but I think you know -- the plate a lot of console Alabama would definitely did better Pete. Now why in LA if you add them exactly cut salute then that saint. -- period -- you know I it's hard to explain you know in what you want -- need to Birmingham. And and -- Luke -- Alabama just wasn't that Barrett I just think it would -- -- EDT. Get together. Adam. Even -- -- indicates her you know 28 point five years with -- league and not. I -- think it -- Bill McClain light. Part nosed physical football run the ball stop the run play action pass. And you know we recently they'd ever -- similar style player and caliber player so. I it's it's one of those being popular out I -- with you I don't know why it didn't seem that Belichick that's. Now -- Brian you look at and I think Ellis she can't keep Alabama all balance out on the court saving you put eight in the box because you look I'll receiving corps. And I'll -- -- if he you know plays like he played last year -- towards the you know obviously the beginning of the season. That -- they have eight in the box and I think weakening deployment of passing game more of these Sid bagged. Obviously how stable running backs Jeremy hill. And you know one thing I did that that's encouraging to me. Is that really you -- this year that Alabama has not -- their quarterback. Zone colleague if you give men burn a time I think you will have success against Alabama secondary. Yeah look on paper you would say you know -- is -- you know move the football yet you know that. You know and they can do both -- -- off topic -- -- that beat that front and I really don't it beat him. You know the Alabama totally shut down. LSU running game I know it hits and and the probably nick within LSU is -- mantra on defense would. In the -- it would look back and quarterback. -- -- -- -- -- I you can get away with Lyon man in the secondary they'll. I would think that that's what you want to do would bend it like you pointed out -- family and the -- back there you're there. They are not a team that's good it -- rushing the past yourself. You would think it LH is gonna have the opportunity to score some points I think it. -- -- Question they gained from -- to be a point in LA -- play his best game defensively. Big problem. Give Alabama. It's happened a lot successor running the football first what's gonna happen well it used. You know they gonna be cheap and think -- about the rod and that's when AJ McCarron both backed it with the play action packed. So -- you know I think that by all the other. -- start to LA if you stop the run it's -- all the the two guys in the middle Eagleburger Anthony not that I know those two guys there are. Yeah -- spoken to both lived there all worked up they wanna play well this week so we will just have to see what happens. Right -- another question for you that the fans ask me and and you know look at LSU's defense Alabama's defense. Okay why a that Alabama. So to speak they'd they shut out Ole miss all of his -- zero points and and you look good Ole miss is Alves did against Ellis shoot. And they considering Alabama more traditional offense that then we still have to play the likes of a Texas same them. You know Lucas credit around is spread -- spread option the spread offense like Ole miss so so my question is. Why did Alabama have so much success against all louis' offense end and Ellis she didn't. I think it's -- -- -- think one I think Alabama's defense is a little bit better and I think that you know that this steaming Alabama and that is better than that team. You know that that John can't get there and luck Aaron. I think it's a little bit you know Anthony documents it -- -- a lot at the -- like Alabama they noted that he. Being beaten they think they can't win it but that's not the case at LSU. Brian how can folks followed you on Twitter. At the outdoor at the LC ORD senior I tied a big dot com Browns czar Brian thank you so months okay all right all right this is WW yeah.