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11-5 6:45pm Bobby and Deke, Special Olympics

Nov 5, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak with UNO basketball coach, Mark Slessinger, about his work with the Special Olympics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is the head men's basketball coach at University of New Orleans -- a much stronger and hop community induce. Driven the privateers for a big season getting set the Southland Conference it's a big event this Friday folks and we all pull together. To support the Special Olympics in the wheezing and a coach -- lessen the dogs now coach Celeste. Always a plaza jump right in and tell us about these great and worthy calls. They keep I appreciate that we -- this Friday. My myself so and so great the other people. Heart go out repel all. -- the -- -- of the pits and tower. In that you know they called over the edge or Special Olympics. For special absolutely you know we've been. Fundraising. Throughout the month leading up to it. It's a huge event for them as a fund -- and we're very blessed and not been very humbled to have. And opportunity work with special -- we the other especially even more -- become their coach Jerry you know we. We -- about four clinics a year over at Lakefront arena and then all other events we do -- -- in English -- he'll go to. They'll continue to create special environments really. Strategic the adults and kids to be able to to grow not always athletes but -- people. And I can't say enough about the work that those people do it in more talk about the athletes and -- that there are changes every time let's say. Coach. What are you going have a home. You know you know. -- I think I think you have that delicate question about players brought up to meet you at practice yesterday at -- solo -- had some ideas that I was -- that I didn't deem acceptable. Good because what a matter of Spiderman ideology goes to pick I'm just gonna go with what would you know -- just get a represent. The privateers and I -- special pet so I got to -- for our former player of mine. Whose brother. I was the Special Olympics athlete that's past Leicester so I thought about. I'll Wear the patch or in my when I go with the attention to so -- I'm I'm medical problem not go crazy you know not to operate. Yeah and then and then now coach Marco. Views ever repelled are you scared of heights -- this -- and you know my first time you lose some to explain it -- I'm not here and highlights but I am I can't usually get Stewart idiotic -- did you might -- you're like up no registered bungee jumpers got directed it seemed like pretty brief fairway it got pretty bad. -- The give the kids to you know the vet clinic that they did this sticky at best we about it especially there's a tour and met you've joked that piece -- that that live up -- go to work with all the -- and and there are mama's doing it and and they were army that that they're probably do it that I needed to do it too. I also sought to calm back down from the challenge. But I'd like I I have I have tried to back off both of this week this week a little bit. Are that that way hopefully I don't I don't put too much stress on the roping off. And now Largo and you know I couldn't remember they -- thing I have this right with the -- it's our younger group telegram that -- events to -- long I think she might have been. Alert -- wants that to try that on the Benson tower so I'm sure she checked it out. And to make sure everything's -- since -- That's your pictures of that yeah that's up well when they're -- -- a bit -- that's what -- diplomats say it's probably I think most use I've been reshaped. We visit we you know men's basketball coach marks -- about a much -- always make an awareness and have a for the Special Olympics of the -- and as he will -- basically. Jump ball to a six exactly in the air eighteen story -- taller than -- Lakefront arena. And it doing this for eight or the calls that coach would tell me about you know because. A lot of excitement is creating and I go back to Labor Day two years ago Labor Day 2012. Win that. The Maryland Terrapins on and go at -- Monday Night Football against -- was -- state a Miami was Miami. On Labor Day and they did that shall make any uniform in this state flanking it created so much -- and that was doubt it was geared to do. But the new you'll know logo. Is also -- tell you it is it is unbelievable -- -- is -- got Jack Sparrow futuristic. How many Yankee days. And the time I saw today at the SI wanted to train as a doctor rob is Karros. -- I tell -- amount I got to get hooked noble coach less. What kind of feedback do you get I mean this is not -- got to go out play but the fan base has got to -- to -- this is this is all some local man. That they happen again and our athletic director Derek Burrell and his staff they they -- -- off the charts in Asia and the work they did with that and you know -- talent like. You know I like -- -- -- the delicate cute you know you sit there and make -- of what direction can you go with that. And you're not about the pelicans sit out the park and I thought that that we get out the part with does that it spent. It's been great -- hurting. On its been really. Are there with a lot of student athletes' feedback that would into the process in the design it. How -- they are they picked outright you know it it reflects you don't -- but he there's a part of the secondary market to see is. As the year progresses. Thriller like the city of the culture and and I think I think they've made they're made a private Q it looked pretty good in my opinion he's also did bring great for our student athletes they -- it. And and where we're proud that -- that we're arbor -- -- already were hurt that become an end. On next week dog -- signing dale a week from the -- know they're excited about they're. Now our coach are aware he had explained that a -- as far as though this upcoming season and expectations. And and looking forward to this season just talked to -- fans. Yeah out that they. They're that the locally we used to the department this year is the new book with the logo on the QB. -- this album copper which which is this your old stomping ground can't that you're not. And and then they you don't know -- there all day and in New York now we're excited about that be happy to beat. In the south would give yourself what a great robberies would Nickels and southeastern -- backed peace and and MIL -- the next edition and everybody else along with. But already he regional games I don't know all the people on the and they are excited to be able to take you need your ride down into all that and be able to see it double -- I infielders CQ games on -- launcher out there just a great fit for us altogether big universe he dispute though those schools in the system. But then that's great great opportunity for -- -- To be the group one of the premier. Schools in this league that are very very short time what our facilities and then you know obviously the city -- Coach out and I gotta I gotta close relationship to a to a play -- was -- because. He had he had some unexpected -- issues battle and he's he's a tremendous story. Tom Glavine on tell me about how he's doing in the I think his people. Follow the season ended the note young man mobile cause he had a real tough battle away from basketball for a while I was really scary. Peak he'd done a great dull there is a tremendous young -- came out -- got some guys -- This summer. Adam. Battled battled some literature right off the bat. And it just battled back. Like you GOP these dark work back in the practice but that. This year -- -- probably redshirt this year to give -- time the order to upper body is to wait your job back to strike that come back. And he's going to be a great sleeper. Or -- they you know as the year goes on -- just you know talk about a great kid and and -- credibly drives what he says -- humor. -- and mostly guys that'll that'll Bruno mentioned being much can we get to practice but. He's he's not one guy in India -- been around athletics not veto one guy that's just. He -- not -- what do you know worn out battle which would be in the middle of of the fight which is kind of united and I just like the slacker in the little bit the other slowly. And coast -- again led led the listeners know about the great thing Uga as a duo for the Special Olympics in Louisiana Friday at the Benson tower. Yep Friday were born it's not a goal -- yet and we're oak will be about already have a strong. Off the tour except for the bit to start -- -- such Special Olympics that people can go. On the ride to the special people have subtly you know to -- -- WLA. Gets soaked up or. LA has so got to work that they can jump on and can donate not only for me cooperated any other repellents that are gonna do it. And now you have money help support these kids sit in there they're athletic endeavors in great great environments and opportunities for them. To grow and I'm just double that that -- will be to be part of that -- take that down -- that those kids strongly coached worked more than anything else. You know men's basketball coach marks lessons -- folks the privateers is a great car -- community. He go fumble go to UN no -- EU all you -- no privateers. Dot com -- so there's always a pleasant what talks and there are all right coach all right this is sports talk on WW.