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11-5 6:20pm SportsTalk, Pelicans

Nov 5, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak with Pelicans color analyst, John Deshazier.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight and New Orleans Arena the pelicans. Are taking on the Phoenix Suns -- analysts. John decisions on just now you can take out dom -- staying here 1053 FM. At 7 o'clock DD -- -- a lot of surprises around the NBA have been able to sic out a couple of games. This and you are Shawmut I saw the numbers and the Golden State wards were two very entertaining and amassed -- -- on a Clippers. And the Rockets a man it's it's amazing how some teams already campaigning -- were ready to cast the club is out. Because they got beat by Omega -- the night in and everybody -- always -- it 'cause Miami's two into -- thing -- and it's eighty some games in the season what is the -- Seminole. Well you know I and I I don't understand that with the NBA is that space or you got 82 game. And then my routine I'm not mistaken once Wawrinka in straight. And they and they don't do that again this year. But I mean it's ridiculous -- on the -- a little time. You know they don't actually need home court advantage there -- in the playoff they showed that last year so your little time they'll be trying to promote you you know you you get a look at -- I -- the current expectation that. You're from you -- to Murray around equipment when they lost -- but. -- are who they are they got a run up and down they got a document probably not gonna do too well in the post you have gone there are a whole lot of organic. Now -- John. How long you think it takes an in theory are a what is your estimation as far as. -- -- coach money Williams. As far as. Figured out the exact rotation and how he wants to utilize that Tyreke Evans and who's starting who's coming off the bench. How long you think that process so low I guess that -- as far record quizzes are comfortable. Obama I would be should try to fit in left until January and for this reason no. Bryan they're really played unity my -- or another couple weeks off right after another critical part of your rotation. They're still trying to find out exactly what -- every given is it is not -- -- -- you're an -- a lot of that is. Immigration on Tarik are because you go to a new Jeep. And the first thing you wanna do you don't wanna have your teammate you go -- ship where the or you wanna see it and one of wind at. So instead of doing what Tyreke entered we can protect the basket and or. You pretty desperate to -- -- to gain any show he did not score well didn't play well I didn't culpable. You know you get him to know who opened the door and he are doing what he does -- you come off the bench and make plate. And they get more culpable -- To follow that would you holiday in the -- -- the Bears call about our early day. You -- government who came in the for anyone to do it acclimate. To the team that they're not all but. The Polk a do or what it was pick out of for the fall where they are up. Not the -- would be a -- didn't think the January that because you -- do you live in the back so you gotta get these aren't accustomed and comfortable to their roles. Jrue Holiday before -- he's got -- you know figure out where these guys. Electorate -- ball how they like repeated and they especially happy get that the that -- rotate in doubt he's got. Don't have a chance to rotation down and the communication the coach Marvin Williams walked. And that's what allowed you give support they gave up in Orlando and -- -- -- your defense is the one big in the NBA that to beat calorie and I didn't if you wanna be a hardcourt they've got our. Welcome Michael Breed are gonna go to come argued are going to be able to get on the territory. How much and I got to shoot forty not a pitcher but at the moment you can always penalty that. And that's what Gordon where you're the target you've got to -- well. Now John alligator gave me some advice like fans come to me and like -- say c'mon look all the games he got to play you can't be frustrated and and the reason why are bring it -- when you look at teams in the fans have an idea like while we should beat this team I don't know what have we played them and how they do it discouraged because we loss to the magic. And in a while we should beat the Bobcats and and you look at the sun does that to Phoenix Suns of old -- -- -- that your fans think that. Delegates should when. Well on paper bush senior or a Bob I mean we -- Bartlett singled maybe you to your potential every assault with a critical but -- you are you at -- you know you look at -- -- -- -- -- opposed to be a detriment to come out. They kind of run it down -- -- -- the -- they when they get on a roll and you know that in the NBA I don't care how bad it needed they have got to. You know war at want to on the bench guy in the history of their high school that I and the -- -- their college and you get them out on the floor. They got you want to -- history experts think they are the run the ball. The year they average about or if they expect great -- the -- -- in the league and they put a lot of -- they shoot forty pick for either game. They -- a report range there's probably no. Although -- me that he did say if we get its shot making which go back to be that you -- got also got to a report largely mop. The complete chocolate Embree in a -- put -- -- to stick it doesn't matter that you the most prepared for the pick it up on curriculum and they hit thirteen of sport you know it will be a long night. And -- you know and that's why -- lot of people and it's coach speak what does Michael speed because a lot of -- predicated on. A team from last year Manuel and a whole summit -- you made to move out solid as we can ESP rankings -- -- Wizards were like most of the time. Fifteen in and they drop down eleven spots down on my way to the Wizards. LA has some real good. It's all predicated on -- she'd just -- the team was was terrible message that I mean they can't turn around and be competitive this year. -- exactly -- you get a lot of guys pitched watney. Like -- -- Baird let below the point now where -- work over the guy who they're looking for my contract. He'd probably get a plate pretty hard court pretty well to you right now you know we're irrigated and never Detroit Portland and I did it again eight. No but my numbers or Gagne. Probably going to be a way around on number. The whole year but we are you are you try to get a lot or epilepsy but we need to change and you've got to do what they are around the and January where you've got to get a good feel well and then there -- a whole different ballgame actually a break because look a bit but they got the complete opposite. To a different level of reject the electrocution all the sudden in the Al San Antonio take -- Miami -- well and he's got pretty good Likud in the cart path. Can't keep up the -- did not you -- check -- that level of execution and that level cursor they're not able to he he he. -- John -- is a color analyst for the pelicans radio -- -- JD alchemy follow you on Twitter. In the -- John -- year. They're not on there all the are now. And even RBI actually check it every day off I'll do a better -- JD thank you so much have a great call -- and are you got murdered them -- yeah. Our Ryan on the docket tonight -- at Toronto you dollars and Brooklyn Indiana Detroit Charlotte's in New York -- matchup as Phoenix. Here in New Orleans and make his visit Dallas San Antonio was it in the Houston reported. In Atlanta has in Sacramento. 7 o'clock and I won all 53 the pelicans and the Phoenix Suns.