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Nov 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pool play. A big old all of my my really good news out of the bunch. Curtis is just. -- had to -- -- hole. Seven touchdown passes for -- six yards and still not the starting quarterback is -- both of the Philadelphia Eagles who trounced the Raiders. Foreign mandatory to improve to four and five in their four and one on the road you know bust off around the league is it big in. Report for VYW. In Philadelphia and and more what are remarkable game from Nick Folk. And a remarkable lend the shocking not the fact that nick bowl bounced back this -- could have a lot of people felt he rebounds for the Dallas game a couple weeks ago but. I'm obviously Shockey that he tightened up a record seven touchdown passes but yet nick holt had played pretty well for the Dallas game and any of the concussion. And it's using we talk about how to who's the starting quarterback and Chip Kelly literally takes two week by week what -- no question over as starting quarterback this week but. A poll that not only shuttle up by having an incredible performs right -- really won over a lot of his teammates. There's a lot of guys that locker room that DeSean Jackson LeSean McCoy isn't very close to Michael Vick and and Beckum both get along well but. I think Bulls really won over the locker room even more than ever with that victory on Sunday. Now I had -- when you look at they NFC ease in. By that I guess because Judy's pegged him to lose those kind of games the Cowboys come a Maggie is that Vikings went. But to be how important was that big tree -- the Redskins to be the charges in overtime. I it was huge it was huge weekend really for a lot of the end of these teams they of course the Giants were off but it DeSean Jackson talked about that a little bit today -- all the euphoria of -- -- lady said it was a big win for -- -- if you're looking at a team that a couple weeks ago was playing the Cowboys for first place lost back to back home division games to the Cowboys and Giants several kind of -- well. Looks like that's it for the division for this team but if that went panic -- the right back in the picture wherever and everyone seems to be -- so up and down every week and in doubt this case the Redskins case every game -- so that was a big -- to -- -- not even though it was a non conference game. And he keeps him right in the thick of a very muddled division where some of the 97 might wind up when he. MO is big -- today Tom by a good look at things and at the right time I you face the Green Bay team on the road out -- Rodgers. -- -- the -- the -- both need to get good breaks and bad breaks and obviously that is a very good break for the Eagles and yeah obviously Aaron Rodgers one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Now Seneca Wallace obviously is that it does Aaron Rodgers but maybe with a week of preparation he'll play a little brother and he did last night. But the other note here Tuesday eagles' defense is them playing a lot better the last few weeks -- they were they just. Torched early in the season a lot of big games a lot of huge yardage totals against of the San Diego game the Denver game so. You combine that and and DeMeco Ryans is thought -- about the fact the Packers -- pretty formidable running game. Which combine that with the fact that they get this break that Aaron Rodgers about it suddenly doesn't look as daunting to go up to Lambeau Field in November. Hit begin who covers the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC east at KYW. Philadelphia -- thank you so much of the time we appreciate. My pleasure thanks so much all right. And the Dolphins. It's an instance when you were. -- exclusive couldn't. -- could -- emotional. And last night during the ESPN say you could hear some Bears fans Mandan. Chicago Bears. The first time in seven tried the band's break through. They had been knocked out Aaron Rodgers and they did the bands and the Packers and the Lions all atop the NFC north division Chicago. With a beat 2720 come from behind victory Brad Biggs joins us now to talk about the Chicago Bears and the NFC north of Chicago Tribune and Brad. Regardless of who was a cornerback Chicago need to be Green Bay. Are they were desperate for a victory there's -- -- -- and having now lost -- -- -- in our sport evens. And they needed depth question you know I'm not putting confidence and it really couldn't more or any further behind. The Packers and Lions -- in now while. What concerns you look up in the end there's a 30 wait I thought that the resume looks so real interesting story lines and it's close when you consider. The interest situations. Now -- Brad when you look at the the quarterback situation now with the Bears. Obviously. You look at. You know. Barber dodge they would McCown doesn't look like a journeyman and it looks like he's taken advantage of this opportunity. But what happens is Jake -- of the guy whenever he's ready to play our how does that in -- Yeah opened a little question Jericho as a starting quarterback struggled they're just a matter win his groin injury. Real. Be healthy year in and -- -- -- portrait of football -- her strict orders from retirement or did. Are against the Ripken. In the end what he did our -- Great Britain put up at one point -- -- quarters. The counter at earned. The football over so I think it would you consider that there's no need to rush. Cutler impacted -- I don't feel that groin injury is is where it needs to -- they feel like. There's a possibility he could go out there and make huge three worst well. You know maybe taken another week at the end you won't count because so. You know I just 34 year old I think he's really. It can give -- some strictly his career you can and you should that there -- -- have. So my opportunities. Move forward after the season. Now our bread out looking at the tiger situation -- you never can replace -- -- I mean in the matter who's in there. But you look to Seneca Wallace we seen him in -- Saints training camp. You know the the Cowboys. You know Luke in you know who week camp here with the Saints but. Cynical Wallace has been -- quarterback now but a -- -- you think maybe they make that phone call. To Matt -- considering you had a couple of big games. With the Packers familiar with the offense and then I've heard also maybe did not as innocent because he's had elbow problems or what is your taken. Awaiting the Packers -- do going forward. As far as our duties -- was Seneca Wallace who would you think you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stick it out here with cynical Walton did. -- promotes -- Scott pull even the former Wisconsin quarterback. From the practice squad are currently two days. I'd -- I don't know about upland health and but I don't harm. Awful every -- expensive treatment to Cuba the packers' -- -- I'm happy that it would be a little bit -- game in perhaps foolish to sink. But there's only they can bring him back and all of a sudden it's sort of recapture that magic he had when he -- -- -- hopefully 400 yards it's -- line and. Yeah I I don't know what is Vinatieri exonerate you sort of Packers have -- Bart Starr and Brett Favre prior Roger isn't as Matt Flynn. Yeah. Yet so I -- I don't -- I don't think that's very. Realistic did they get put the pin chipped it. You -- Walsh was to go out and stink it up again in that independent -- Rodgers is going to be a little ways away. Maybe consider something like that -- I completely gotten booed Matt -- right now. Would not many can oh awful lot of Serbs but. That the -- cynical walls got a -- opportunity look outside because. He will he's pretty -- record. Bred big sky was in and see naught and it's Chicago Bears for the Chicago Tribune Brandt thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Correct there's a slap. You made your black. -- -- Think -- Tampa Bay on the final. -- -- At least seven just want a war and Watergate a. Bob con not a cub was a Seahawks at the Seattle times in the NFC west is our spacing yes and rob. You gonna have and a sixteen game season seemed to win a lot of games are gonna go back and I gonna look and A gon be some games that they should -- one and they won -- in games they just played bad in. The last two weeks have been close calls but Seattle has won cause some concern is just part of a long schedule. Well the concert concern is that each of the last few games it allowed 200 or more yards rushing and eight I. I'd love this summer could figure out left and the team allowed two -- -- -- consecutive games in one of each you know that I'd be pretty rare. Going back through the -- to currently allow that at all a ball out under the heat you're a little bit on the game so that's the specific cause for concern right now -- Is their -- that's certainly it's all a part but I. You know I -- bit the -- it was just sloppy early in the current speaking Minnesota offensively. What they got up until that date they were eight he did pretty well about what got to act that it was that the opposite -- -- -- on our top two -- -- -- so I think it feel fine about bat the way Russel went and beat thing but it -- the -- at that particular selecting that that really stood out the last two weeks. Now Bob when you look at they NFC west right now and you know and you break down the season the same waters and and you know you have and have a look -- injuries they were and where he had -- that's but. Right now I just threw me trying to be objective in looking and as an outsider. To me that the 49ers just seem better than the Seahawks are now looking at where they're ranked offense in divas they won't what is your take on that. -- and annoy you when to go head to head who's gonna win the game the Seahawks. You know put one over on the 49ers but what is your take where they're at right now than the midway point. Well you're right I mean the last because they play yuck -- outscored -- 7160. -- I mean needed to eat out but it they really -- a lot of look at it played out but I decreed bit. That forty certainly. I don't we just got to be here let me go back out and separate that. The 49ers have righted the ship I mean after three weeks -- that you know that 49ers want to. And don't Seattle it will felt really good about pat take that bet if we got a chance to run away with the division that and now obviously it happened in the -- Cutler locked gate but that. The 49ers righted the ship about while they are a lot to the Jiaka. I've managed to mostly stayed at age age or -- they did lose to Indianapolis predicted cheap so that there -- a lot certain that at bat that. You know I had no doubt I don't because anybody up here at the statement that could be a block -- like -- got that -- -- operating a -- they got -- figure something -- but I you know I I don't see anything that makes you think that like. The 49ers is essential that about -- PR and it doesn't get the book shop. Yeah. When they outplayed but I I hate you know I certainly wouldn't go to Italy either I don't think it indeed he not even a bit but it is the leader. Bob -- -- to Seattle Seahawks at the Seattle times in the NFC west Bob thank you so much -- the time we appreciate it. I thank you -- Yeah. It was a huge day for the New England Patriots and we always joined by WEEI dot com's Chris pricing Chris. Before we talk about the Patriots and I gotta I got bothered us in here it's a big election night. And he's -- as mayor rob -- -- here and admits to smoking crack Nike trying to help but think about the movie lean on me. When modern -- owner roof with sandy -- smoke I bought. You smoke crack. Matt they'd had taken a bit vague about -- mean this is. This is an unbelievable stuff there I thought -- is it like get overweight -- -- I need to be enhance Chris Paul and Tim you know he's eating out. No doubt point of course you -- put -- yeah I mean if you're America just didn't have liked to have made it to be. -- yes you do -- Chris man. A coach Belichick must have time. How many game balls I mean Tom Brady -- really gronkowski and Amendola Dobson. Always does well thought of 500 yards doled out by Tom Brady and in over six our yards offense and I noticed he was a bad back. Good god am -- six sorry yards and in pro full box I'm locked. Well you really came to redeem apartment it's pretty good and caring and secondly -- -- defense -- the -- -- much been doing something very well stated that you were the first time that we saw. All the new England's top -- offensive option with the exception Shane -- All of their top -- offensive options on the field completely healthy at the same time. Skin you know you put objective Alex didn't really have a lot of people took it a point because we do have something right so there were able to get good balanced running. Passing. They had for the first ever -- -- you have to reject -- more than what triggered with the passes. Wrigley and ran for more than a hundred yards for the first time all -- -- -- all click and they're really wanted him to get to the first haven't really got a chance to see what they're not that led to cable or. Now Chris boy look at and then you are Jets now that that's a big feather in their cap. When you consider now the question is can they win two games the girl but to beat -- we talk about you know franchises in franchise quarterbacks. I mean that's impressive to beat Tom Brady in dollar Drew Brees budget. Yeah I play remember we talked about the flatly -- throughout the Jets the Jets front several -- I think the norms and saw that on Sunday X I think give the Jets do anything offensively you know talking about anything they can put you know total points we gave up on the board. There's going to be an every single contest I think as a result Rex is -- -- ultimately at least one more year and in in New York because of and it got a really good look at teams that did. It's usually it is not where you wanna be but there are headed in the right direction I don't know opinion make the playoffs couldn't finish any better than 500 this year. But they're headed the right direction -- a big question of them not be defensively but offensively -- mr. particulate. And they're a great aside this is shocking to me you bring up geno Smith. And -- saying how in the world this day and age pass happy league would all the rules. And they can you not win I mean that geno Smith threw 415. Yards that 115 yards and I have no 115 yards for the game. Where a 111 yards came after they catch the other than that it does that is only three of his eight completions. Traveled beyond the line of scrimmage. Only three I mean did that that is like that that is unbelievable on the Jets still one you have big at any game. I did you know -- the passing game. -- because they showed Chris Ivory now begin the put back to back games. Like he ran again this thing to do is their running game -- geno Smith does that boy to a supporting cast a -- of injuries at receiver. But I had the Jets could go all of a sudden on the back in big you put a few -- there Rolen and not win one lose one. The all of a sudden like you said -- trying. That that that's an impressive job considering everyone thought he is a lame duck coach. Yeah I looked at it into your play at the -- an excellent player I think the next step for the Jets to restart after they admit they have to start. String together good performances they have to -- stacking consistency -- a couple of consistent week. And they need to be able to put two and three went together the same time I think until that point. I'll look I think they're gonna remain at 500 -- but frankly -- you know young let's get out where -- work in the deal Lester speech or trouble under the incorporate -- for the job. Chris price Chris Hawkins -- -- you on -- It paper it hurt earlier report -- -- Chris price of the big one WEEI. Dot com Chris thank you so much of the time we appreciate it. -- -- -- -- emotion Campbell takes the most and I felt like the best possible. -- And fans are starting to feel a lot better than they were at the -- loss to the Dolphins and the Ravens they gave up Chandra -- Look now but did just a game out of -- -- have about a week before they take on this Cincinnati bingo rob was in Cincinnati the four and five. Cleveland Browns do to help us talk about the division and the Cleveland Browns is Tom reading the Cleveland plain dealer Tom. Man this Cleveland ballclub but this far they're fun to follow and I'm sure if fans are enjoying their frat. You know I've been kind of a little bit and expected that they're they've gotten back this point when they started don't do it. Straight -- Richardson but that is they're they're playing really well right now huge gamble quarterbacks. That it has -- good defense that that. Are there that good about our other he -- this beat him but now they've got competent quarterbacking our. He looks pretty good. Now I tell looking at the main goals in what's your take on this a very disappointing loss to the Dolphins. And then you look got to have -- -- injuries to lose geno likens. I mean I think it's very similar. Look -- -- all act and Dinara lost to the dangles deviates a lying tell like the Tigers lose an -- Rodgers. I mean to be the Bengals -- front and not the same what odds you know I can. Oh are fortunate that occurred at that lost their -- that law and I lost is secondary to. You know -- it'll be interesting to see how they've handled this the -- and going along pretty well after a slow start this season and then they're really up. They had been playing well are they -- they did lose ground though. -- if it didn't always -- Q what do you people you're gonna get -- because -- -- bar. Where Joseph Flacco a couple years ago are on a pretty good team looks good some games -- -- game doesn't look very good and we certainly saw the other night. Kind of a return to the batting leadoff -- -- he would pick sixes so they got to get that that that rectified but there are pretty cute he'd. Now -- you look these two teams are traditional everyone. Upwards of the next class -- the best that investment. What -- an embarrassing loss by the Steelers go to the Patriots. And it looked like they got baggage that he -- also an easy to final score. And then also the Ravens. You know you talk about Joseph Flacco they do is coming off a suitable in his contract and then all of a sudden Ray Rice is not Ray Rice just break down where you think the Ravens and is -- is -- right now. Well I think there is this the Steelers are duplicate guy with that pomo perk they needed just started off -- and start over in that get their. The drafting and they -- you have the quarterback -- the -- is just all are around him. I don't see them being a factor at all and RD pick a couple years I get back where we're used to seeing you -- the -- egregiously out. I. I can still see them maybe opinion this year but it can be really difficult. Date it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know a lot. And told them they're gonna get to the basket to get some point are that he -- a pretty good feel pretty good defense. But -- -- to block out who -- not have a target you -- you re right. Just could not to have any burst all he was hurt in the -- the first game get brown then you'd. Does not look like -- -- right there where you create. There's so late you know their endangerment and well for sure. I'm reads I was a Cleveland Browns and AFC north of the Cleveland plain dealer Tom how can folks follow you on Twitter. Every thing he read to ninety Tom thank you so much we appreciated. Our break her -- car right. And yeah big you know you don't -- that highlight play would deaths yet done that all. Yeah and it allows against -- various web in that has to be wanted to greatest moves that that I've seen you know how. He's drug break and ankles and basketball crawl -- I am positive -- I think yes oh you have that balance lie down. Broke that game -- we while that that that was like you see that thirty years so now you know far is that that ballot that was pretty YouTube in its own net. -- -- -- He's not -- Johnson stretched lyrics are good teams and it's. Not. And the Tennessee Titans come over the big victory over the week in and and now Tennessee when you look at the AFC north division. Is four and four in the second day C south AFC south and -- for four behind the Indianapolis Colts are getting a bust talk about the division. And the Tennessee Titans news Jim Wyatt coming the Titans for the Tennessean. Jim this Tennessee ball club off about 500 and I think their fans had to be and had to be a little bit optimistic halfway point distant in the mix. Yes there are three or one afternoon at the core more got a lot. Quarterback Jake Locker furcal -- we actually know doc a couple of gains are now locker back and you know it looked like the running game back one. Track a little soap based on -- before -- get a rampant. No we got a couple of games coming up to get AFC south opponent church with the Jaguars didn't get the cultural and here next Thursday so. I think there's been elected to the -- change for them to kind of see the moment and -- particular couple we shall Nadal pulled -- over that period -- Vick could trigger in the -- or not they're not. There are gonna fall back look packet that have another China are beautiful speed and. But it analogy about talking about forget doubles seasons. Do you think you might result put a nail in the coffin you look how they blew leads that are colds that mean Houston Texans. Very disappointing a lot like -- -- Falcons. We're Carolina division game the Carolina fans -- aware of them 34 to ten. And then you look how the tags and all that adversity with coach Kubiak. And not able the whole lawn and and I get the ball bounce your way -- the calls whatever you wanna call it but. Is say like the Texas might be -- what is your take. Well I don't want to my game audio it was just to try to get to Saint Louis sort some day and that the game we're a couple of -- we got those who have watch in the coached. You know -- game and -- through the first I have. There was Torre's -- you're currently social for a long laundry yeah yeah yeah. And not to have to get out whoever it is thank you know potentially attacks and -- it -- good not directed back at northeast you know. In the -- -- half the year. And I sailed all the all the way the game and I think we're both agreed that it seemed to watch that. So they unraveled. Blue believe it now to -- restriction so who let let the situation of course they're reacting -- got released a week. I think that that was probably yeah one they couldn't. Or balloon up but what happened all of sudden I probably -- the end for the fact that they are found a way to win that game. You know they could but it seemed a looker made things interesting themselves but now so that you would stick tropic I think protection under but don't. I Jimoh Laguna and Andrew Luck in and the cold somewhere there ran. You know looks like they can get all the slow stars that you look at all of those come exact kind of compared to when I was playing. At times against. The Broncos -- John Elway that. He might be struggling to two and have a nice three quarters and have those great fourth quarter comeback just seems like that Andrew Luck. The fight in him that that that's that's so impressive. How young -- is in those great fourth quarter comebacks. Well better pressure -- barrier for the Colts because you don't feel they're ready to lane and certainly. That that -- you know they're good -- options. But for them to come back and win that game -- and it did different -- -- -- like -- did. You know there right now that there -- no question they're the best people say that he's style you know certainly despite that could -- play and that the weeks. -- for that you look at per stat sheet and and they. Their first -- that easily more freshmen like they're ready to go to sanctions go win the beach Seattle they upset Denver they come back it went toward export. That's been down court course or we're used to the place Titans lost in week two I mean. I think that the type it here the -- not sure look at tackles per -- schedule bought the other stuff we got dropped a couple of -- -- well or not the other blew a game at home. That it Miami they'll lost that game. -- -- -- many years ago -- but that's a good team and certainly the team -- beat native feast out. Jim why go with the Titans. And the AFC south of the tennis scene GM thank you so much of the time we appreciate. You have a good you to write an engine. It's three wide receivers inspired play. -- And -- Kansas City Chiefs. Come up big again not one but two defensive touchdowns as Sean Smith 100 yard pick six and Tamba Hali eleven yards scope. And Scola as a Kansas city's improved to nine in oh. You know -- talk about the Chiefs and the AFC West Coast on sixteen Sports Radio Kansas City is Bob fiscal and Bob. Defense still wins championships. And to meet I know he was -- way -- they also don't have -- -- this defense has got any. I think -- team has a good enough defense to go deep deep in the post season. Well I agree gravitate at all along with anybody -- listen to me that defense does win championships but -- so we you know you do in the NFL adapted -- not have very explosive offense to 4550 points -- game. And and go out there put up those kind of numbers and since the Kansas City Chiefs don't have that they don't have really a sexy quarterback on the team people are looking at them and kind of you know looking down -- say they're not good enough but you ultimately you've got -- stop somebody. And people are crowned the Denver Broncos are -- Seattle there's not a perfect team in the NFL right now and I think with the kids and the Chiefs are doing what they're going out there playing defense. Is really really unbelievable. Now Bob what is your take on this obviously eleven the -- cool dragon now coach fox. Well no Sean Payton and what a head coach means it's a team I know how significant a laws and not have a Champaign last year. What what is your take them going forward in would -- via Del -- now at the Helm we think they'll miss a veto one. Well I you know a lot of people don't think they will because you know Peyton Manning and early the coach that football team and if they were -- that would be a big time -- but. I think John Fox has done a great job people forget the job fox took a team -- And he'd go to the playoffs and won a playoff games so I mean John Fox is a pretty good coach I think he's kind of -- steady influence there. In Denver a little interested to see what's gonna happen. We Jack Del Rio because he was the defensive coordinator and guys that he's sent -- -- been terrible this year immediately eleven guys they thought they were gonna -- on the speed at the beginning of the season still get the playing game together the best pass -- -- playing in Baltimore right now Elvis Dumervil. They they've gotten on Miller back Champ Bailey played here -- there but that was by far finished product they can't stop anybody in your continue to ask Peyton Manning. To win games like and the more time yes somebody -- throw the more opportunity Africa to make the mistakes so. You know I just don't look at Denver Broncos like everybody else does right now. Now Bob the charges I had thought -- so watch out for the charge and he always figured the dark horses are trying to figure out. Who -- have an impact when all's said and done but. But how disappointing was that loss to the Redskins in overtime you know they went to Philadelphia one bag game -- and I had thought going into. You know DC that that they could take care of the risk and how there's a point was that loss to Washington. Well -- you'd think her -- spent a great loss you know I -- the AFC west would seem to think about possibly three teams in the playoffs you gotta win that game. And the way that they lost -- -- to -- you can't take anything for granted in the NFL you got to find a way to punch couldn't score and the Chargers just weren't able to do that yet from what happens like. Bob how can folks saw you on Twitter. At our best go at BO BF BS CEO Bob what's it like he can't see right now. Crazy. Man that they did you imagine if you like I don't know Moreland appears to -- salute -- Bob fiscal Bobby -- man thank you so much will live thank you are right. -- that's can be a monster game in two weeks when the Texas immediate -- are associated Texans -- basically the Dallas Texans Kansas Chiefs but -- -- -- -- Kansas City he had at the Denver Bronco and looking at the last you know it's the same one of those teams won't be twellman for the very least maybe thirteen to three and a host the plateau wearing. Yeah -- big blue who we were twelve for the Saints in 19892. And you know like whether you while -- and you know it just goes to show you. A what division you're in any changes unity even if they say okay you're two games better than the other team. They won a division they gotta be some type of camp with some rule you know I mean like if you're eleven to five and then 97 or you're 124 and it's in -- as they used it to do the wreckage. And -- -- -- the NBA -- yeah you might win the division but if -- -- the other team for member of the -- got a better record they got home court had been -- rewarding yeah you're winning it will allow us or check this out Saturday's down south which is -- beat. SEC football website. Saban agent reveals he would only leave for Texas. Says he's feeling pressured Alabama. Nick Saban agent Jimmy sexton isn't mixing bowl -- I told you. And they bought and I've been talents. Go -- and -- this is from Don Cooper is very reliable. Nick Saban agent Jimmy sexton the one who reportedly met with Texas regions according to a September report. Told Texas officials in January January 2013. They hits -- would only consider leaving. Alabama for Texas any new report by the AT -- sexton said because of Saban at Alabama success. He's feeling special present special present quote. By the crimson time that Tex and region detailed. -- Kolb via email today AP. Sexton confirmed that UT is the only job nick would possibly consider leaving Alabama for. And then his success there created special precious following him heatstroke. This news comes out just days before Alabama holds LSU Saturday night during the crimson -- Chris -- eight. Read Pete earlier this year three -- Saban previously said he was too damn old to start over. Texas would be the only school pick that pace save enough money for yeah leave Alabama he -- he closes out the news. Good look to the reportedly as -- about to report during his next press top let me just a finest the regardless of what happens in Alabama fans you know look eight you know hot hot right now you all -- front of the lack. It is what he -- the best program in the world let's get -- out of the way 'cause his -- somebody Iraq known road. I don't know in a truck a would have any. Are you give you credit. I'm human you all of Crennel we don't secret he's a chance but let me tell you some Indian man it'll come own a TV station our radio stations say one day. I am the go to the Miami Dolphins I'm not leaving the Miami Dolphins. And mean he leaves a memo to his assistant coaches in the locker room and don't nobody in the next thing you say and it's great to be here in Alabama is don't -- two pitchers nobody like that well they tell -- -- -- like this week just be real about that. I have been telling you let me tell -- -- I don't know I don't know all of our courts and I would say okay what -- I -- well what more can he do at Alabama is. -- if -- three -- at Alabama. -- more -- when nothing about this did you go to animals. Financially. Number one program in Indian nation -- -- spot deepest pockets he could talk and then you go in let's say. UN a couple of manager -- at Texas right OK how can you not say makes they denied the greatest. College coaching whereas here's -- thing he when he he he can't the only thing he can do Alabama is keep winning we do on national championships. And he can't keep doing it I mean he can't just say he's not the win one out of every three from here on out. You act they did bet I would say out of every three years Alabama -- play for a national championship. And probably be a favorite and we want now what did say it. Looking strong cricket. He likes to move around. He likes to go places -- -- -- some although this -- in Alabama. In this Alabama and as our bread and nick -- those two schools recruit -- Alabama the big dog but Auburn still got talent. He would shut Texas down like nobody else will Bob Stoops would probably get an -- first -- second he had to that. Little Bob Owens in Oklahoma and missed the gun in Stillwater they would come to take is they get nothing and Nick Saban -- I can promise -- that. Because he's done it everywhere he's gone he would shut Texas down below the players -- Adrian Peterson one go to open heart of players leave it. When Beagle and argun -- Texas I mean -- barely get the best that a Bassett and can't look at a scenario if he's you know overtake great coaches and I think if he would -- closely at Texas. -- what he's done an Alabama as he does three peat. He be more likely to overtake. Darrell royal you don't -- Brian. You mean even though you -- and yeah you know I mean -- -- mystique the mystique of the better gonna have a success the bad hand yet that that's our -- here fill out come on down Rosie and we got skiing in Texas a gallon so that's I'm saying now but -- Saban would then leave Alabama go to take to have the success. At Texas like and Alabama are somewhat. No no then he is the greatest coach of all time. And you know if he dear what do I mean what can Alabama fans do -- could -- Meet tomorrow for national championships three and our own knowledge you have before -- Mike Shula. Wu -- you're telling me that you're a semi Jimmy sexes think in well with -- about to -- -- no heed the arm and have the first for sure yeah. For sure ten million and not twelve million dollar your coats RI coming up next it's Todd Manassas taking year from a eight and two -- my I don't know top got a top eight -- got a super six but he's coming up mix thanks a -- a big -- Also -- a Rose on the news Christy gave Steven Geller and Ian -- tomorrow Jonas. And will have the last -- so it's 7 o'clock and you can check out. Pelicans basketball right now won all 53 I'm -- Bellamy has always jump by the cajun can embody any bad cards. Blunder really result goodnight people.