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11-6 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 6, 2013|

Dave talks about a cold front, Saban to Texas rumors, and Big King

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news it is November it is the sixth it is 2013. Did we finally get -- I think we did welcome to. Palm today. But -- -- -- -- gamble. And came around I I know. Let's talk. I guess when they. A lot of or break move through. And under the weight programs. While. Well. Yeah I can't -- stadium yeah yeah. I have to. I feel like get. -- I. Any doubt that new and in -- Yes hump -- camel -- you buy me. The rapper and -- I'll analyze it and he and I sat down and we decided that we were gonna make that work for. Use in yankees he was given a death penalty and than it is supporters came man in her. And tonight you're gonna stick around. It's got to be in a new and improved form he said. I. That's an okay yeah and you put it together they Sonoma County the unions will bring him background Adam -- a little hump day for us again and about. When he five minutes here and be well and there are hard. And great things to look forward -- -- we get -- hump day heading towards that weekend just what Laura said a minute ago on on a Saturday 72. Friday and a Friday even I think is -- seventies. Eve because tomorrow today Chris is a last kind of muggy warm yesterday yeah at that 30% chance of rain bit. The weather had been bad at all landing now you really can't. Going to be even better this weekend so voters in Colorado. Approved. A new tax on marijuana. You know they legalized it you know now they're going to taxes. And you know at that and use the money for -- it's not it's a 25% tax and recreational pot and again use the money to build schools. And it gives new meaning to news that word. High school. But what the codes to school brought to you why it costs. -- I think they're gonna make a lot of money tax -- -- recreational use of marijuana -- amongst local. You know tourism errors sure you know the the pot tourism Colorado. -- of -- -- school of what -- -- That's no big promotional video and belief and and here we go. Ladies and gentlemen. We have the school board wanted to encourage you to smoke more pot so we can build a new school for your kids. I hope it doesn't end up in the general fund like some other things Renault and and the money dedicated to building schools and high schools. Middle schools element. That is not necessarily higher ad but if -- Like him when he and its efforts at WW. Him them and we'll get to forecast where's the wranglers the cold front what's going on that and Steve Geller is in with here Wednesday morning's more supports. Sports on this prompting -- -- WW. You know it's funny to me things that people really care about now. Often it's not the big weighty issues of the day that the things that impact. The where communities will now -- our lives will be changed -- political waves and currents and tides that things like. The camel on Wednesday and the person -- -- -- that needs any other it. Elements that I like announces new camel was awesome good morning it was a two thumbs up and Hillary makes home. But then come the come on please quit playing that stupid Campbell I have to change the channel every time it comes on. They can't deal with the -- is anymore. Some analysis sorry Dave I listen to you every day. That was a great tribe that socked. Bring back the original hump camel he's still have the best -- on -- beat -- well okay. Smack in the noses while of the new optic T these -- things people care about. And what formed as a camel rare his head on Wednesday mornings right after the news at 5 AM and 5:30 AM these are the things that matter to people. Apparently. Now the forecast matters -- we'll get that where you. -- on your Wednesday up to eighty degrees so little warmer a little mud here and still breezy east went up to fifteen miles an hour along with that. Look first spotty shower or two. Although really they're arranged a -- first thing tomorrow morning along with that cold fronts will play a 40% chance of rain to start Thursday. But skies skier clearing pretty quickly throughout the day and temperatures falling a bit look for Temps only in the seventies by the afternoon. Then Friday looking beautiful mostly sunny and a bit cooler -- the upper sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner I meteorologist locked out. Friday's highs will be right where we are now it's partly cloudy 68 at the international airport and Kenner clearance sixty the National Weather Service office in -- go a little further north at about Melissa. In a fine we still have some fifties out there if you missed it he knew camel. Remakes -- play for you again right after the news coming up at 530 here on WW LS. Don't have -- Walker sports deputy -- -- well the -- They like to play for three quarters they're really good at that that fourth quarter and keep them. The saint. Get ready for a big test against and -- the right here in the dome. And the tigers of it really did double digit underdog to Alabama that sells about all of this and more in sports. Happy hump day to Steve Geller and it pump today was going on -- network where enjoying life on this Wednesday morning. Well good morning everyone the pelicans came out the -- smoking and against the suns but couldn't close the deal losing what afforded 98. Just in fact we have the saying brewer is convicted -- word in Charlotte. Ago. Great start we just didn't sustain. Coach -- Williams it is one of three ball global trying to shake off that loss tonight when they face the grizzlies. Paul George scored 31 points in the Indiana Pacers remain the NBA's only unbeaten team. With the 199091. Win over the Detroit Pistons pacers have matched their best franchise start in history with app for no. Cut the check with saints' sideline reporter Kristian -- now who has the latest on the black and gold. The saints are back on the practice field today getting ready for Sunday showdown with the Dallas Cowboys the black and gold offensive line has struggled at times this year giving up some -- -- some hits on quarterback Drew Brees and coach Sean Payton says he can help the offensive line by calling more running play. So I think the pass protection. Becomes. More manageable when you're running the football so this gets back to me. Given those guys a little bit more balance. -- Kristian -- now we check in with Deke Bellavia for a preview of the LSU tigers as they head to Tuscaloosa this weekend about -- -- number one. Alabama Crimson Tide -- the beat the best it's gonna take the best effort from the LSU tigers. These socialist mop. Any time you line up against Alabama saying there's a rivalry. There's national prestige and I think greatest compliment that we can pay an opponent this in our best efforts and certainly. Alabama -- that. Alabama and LSU coverage starts at 2 PM Saturday here on WWL. Deke Bellavia WWL sports and according to the Associated Press the agent for coach Nick Saban told Texas officials in January. That they were the only school he'd consider leaving Alabama for. The report adds that savings success with the Crimson Tide has put him under quote special pressure. But that pressure was not further explain. Today a four on sports talk the big cheese one on one with LSU coach less miles. With a tiger -- the -- perfect season or Alabama and the buy you bagels their third loss of the year. -- -- seven you have a choice switch over to the big 870 WWL AM to catch the last -- show. We'll hear the pelicans at the Memphis Grizzlies a 1053 WWL let them. I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning look at sports -- Minutes after 5 AM the early edition of Debbie WL first news they've gone Steve Geller you know out on this home a game. As we make it halfway through the weekend we take a look at what Vegas is saying. About LSU and Alabama. Eleven or twelve points that is what they're given Alabama at home against LSU. Stock and it Kristian -- NT Bobby -- in fact it was shooting a video of them and put up -- -- WL dot com and I think that's way too. They don't think that it's going to be a blowout by drama and then Vegas has it wrong these guys are pretty good to make a living setting lines -- -- -- that pretty close not always. What do you think do you think that. Alice he really has no chance this. And now is really should surprise -- in that -- came out just do the fact that LSU's offense has looked a lot better this year than it has over the past couple of seasons. And when you have a matchup with Alabama and L issue you know it's going to be a tight hard fought contest SEC west battle. Obviously that Todd would be favored in Tuscaloosa I think -- even be a favorite in L issue this year. But I just think twelve points is too -- to use the do you think it'll be closer game than man. -- with -- -- and you know we heard the -- and always start summaries and in college football you always hear about the -- went shopping -- I always very you know she was seen somewhere near the University of Texas looking at all. Does David's wife allegedly interested movement Austin. By now the AP reporting that yes they've been told taxes. If he's gonna go anywhere from Alabama it's going to be detect. Is he really interested in making -- go to the just trying to get more money out of famine I'll pay him anything you want them carries -- he's a legend as. We can statue of them -- -- that stadium already. But what's he up to deceive really wanna change jobs and why would he. I can't see any reason for the move except maybe this is a ploy to get maybe more money out of Alabama but if he three peat this year may be these. Bored with winning and want to try to rebuild another program. And that winning against terror I'm glad I I hate that winning all the time I wanna go rebuild -- school somewhere program somewhere I -- challenge maybe that's it maybe just want to challenge and that. Just being in the perennial favorite and haven't such great recruiting power and get the best players on -- school maybe that's just all horrible what Texas does have a ton of money you throw out implies they have. The state of Texas for recruiting is a hot -- that he could basically put -- defenses and nobody would be able to get talent out of here thank you see what's activists when it Imus sportsline WW well I am not them and death count maybe just maybe maybe that is it -- -- -- the challenge maybe just wants to ruffle some feathers. It is all bunch of BS and he's not going anywhere I don't know. I know will be back in the forecast right after the I -- seventy Crimea and the addition of WW golfer says one person tax -- 7870 and says how many coaches can say they want a title with three schools LSU -- -- and Texas ego maybe. Do you think there may be really something -- it then and now I -- you know it's time for you. -- quite on your Wednesday at eighty degrees with the mix of sun and clouds and may be a little spotty shower mixed in and without still breezy today. And still breezy until that front begins to move through early tomorrow morning it's -- -- 40% chance of rain to start Thursday. And skies clear throughout the day temperatures into the seventies by the afternoon. And what really feel the effects of the front on Friday with highs only in the sixties and sunshine. From the eyewitness fuse forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark talked. Tell -- start -- -- mostly sixties around the region right at sixty and find out there's guys homeland. New Orleans international 68 degrees. And now partly cloudy if you fifties you know further north. Then you know right along. And I coming up the camel's back in his new form -- causing controversy -- knew who news. And -- like the big Mac. -- gonna make them but almost just like. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition -- WWL first news it's November it's the sixth it's 23 -- what day is -- Yeah that's why it. Visit I can find you know what. Happens I'm laughing and it with -- we still isn't. -- didn't Tampa did and whether running Campbell put the running man he's running in place. I -- -- forget holidays during the time and and here comes a sprinkler. Well. Beat back a yeah yeah I was ambivalent. Feedback on the issue. -- days power of the -- read the reviews coming down some very good some very bad Powell summoned to suggest that we alternately the original -- once -- the new camel -- the other time because we do it twice -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sort of an idea that people get really worked up about absolutely concerned about this thinking long and hard about it -- sending me text messages sedate them and eat them while they want their day started right yeah. Says some people love -- of people hated and again that's just the way life this discussion about access and Nick Saban and and then this email in which he has allegedly told the university of Texas at the all based solely reconsider leaving Alabama for. And I get people worked up to one person -- -- 878 and he says he wasn't gonna leave Dallas here -- and he did. It was a got to leave Miami -- and he did Alabama get ready. Taxes. That's where ago -- -- allegedly -- it -- the AP says he told the numbers that that that Nick Saban at Alabama. We consider going there but no where no where else I'm sure the pockets are deep enough to to handle mr. -- Korea says it doesn't need the money is obviously well loved and respected and family has done everything he can't for them clearly it's ego and the challenge. If he can take another underperforming programs -- -- I can respect that this person says it reminds me of when my best friends in high school or one late night -- -- -- and kitchen -- -- 2 o'clock in the morning talk about girls and his mom walked him. The guys on the Tuesday one. And it's all about the chase. It's now. Getting that prize it's all about the perceived. Meaning that that best part of relationships with the date. Was the unknown early on the romance and will she say yes will she go out to you with Yahoo! should go to dinner with you will you. Closed the deal Dallas tonight the night rides and that maybe what's going on here you know maybe if this is Drago elements and we know it is that nick -- considering. Leaving to go to Texas. Maybe it's because it does again after a while boring. Do in the same -- thing all the time it is. Meaning and we yeah we're just learning another championship and another championship law Asher gets tired of that -- this thing and maybe that's what's gone. -- don't you like a big Mac. Sure now Burger King is coming out with a very similar sent to ID already -- that had it. Really authorities there are all right I have yet. Already had factor when yesterday. And in order to. Tasted just like a big -- just exactly like debate even with a secret sauce and it was X it just Jason just like a big Mac. That necklace that I have to have one about me out every six months it's important to. One and now and then I'll talk more about that coming -- -- value is to do it yet last year and twenty minutes more birthdays Chris Miller joins us. To talk more about this LSU Alabama apparently a lot of people are interested in and see in the game even though it's not number one vs number 2000. Ticket sales to go on and LSU fans are heading that way. That's gonna live and direct Eyewitness News forecast and figure it ordaining. A meteorologist Laura but to. It ran. League now he and I both showed up and read today that -- just to that -- as -- -- a lot of needy. Animus means that you worked so closely Elena thank you little pods on the center right next weekend. Actually share the green screen and we don't gas and maybe August falling and they you know -- -- of and I had a scary now like creeping again and you're your own she's at her home at 2 o'clock in the morning. She walks and it lot of tell the little other up. Are you wearing black and white I Wear black and are you wearing red wearing rat like it it happens all the time you vote to happen all the -- and readdress that -- it well you're both looking fantastic. Can't forecast of than the rain between now and this time tomorrow Saturday -- that's right that the front on the moves that we -- -- spotty showers on the weight today. -- chances maybe. But leader tonight and into the overnight hours but this time tomorrow the front should be cruising on through I mean first -- really not looking that that's -- -- early but trying out during the night. -- case there you go folks and I itself. Just a little bit of rain as that front comes through and then much cooler behind the fronts -- what what what are we gonna feel like today. Well today we're looking at -- around eighties and it's going to be kind of warmth a little breezy but not like yesterday will they wind eight to ten miles an hour at the east today it's not nearly as windy as it was yesterday. But still some showers and extent and a better chance than we've had the past couple days 30% especially toward evening and early nightfall. That's -- currencies that rain break -- and the front. Oregon and once it comes through we've had some showers are on the stand tomorrow night as temperatures just drop. You know by the actor -- sunshine and so -- kind of bobbled around seven years so tomorrow afternoon -- that much cooler by Thursday night into Friday -- Friday only 68. Overnight lows tomorrow and I get back down into the forties and fifties that behind the front. Another search some equally. As we. On that maybe a little trouble. A Bobble yes definitely I think about all that kind of like a Bobble head I think -- in that an official meteorological. At the sixteenth and that they sign kind of warmed up little but that kind of the weather will be like a Bobble head down. Won a war Bobble in right here on the gas -- these packages champion at every now and then. Try to make that happen for me that's relevant. But that right now Clark while Laura Bobble I do and -- -- we can I am afraid that I didn't like but yet it's what. You -- big Mac feel like a big -- you know I have to say I don't partake in the big Macs very often. I don't either but it's like once or twice a year -- -- yeah I tag line like the special -- and every little fat diet ate a big Mac like every day it and somebody you know but apparently. Burger King said -- that would had a fight against it does get a copy. Make her very can't have you all beef patties. Special sauce lettuce political onion sandwich is right has the three runs and I did you know that the bond in the middle -- on top. In I don't know -- -- -- -- at T yeah the big back if you lobby patties special not -- -- -- -- -- -- on a sesame -- on average about McDonald's spokeswoman says we're focused on our business and our customers stay in Atlanta and money has growling at. The existence of the news. Burger King way. When you have the original and the what -- got to worry about yourself and you know why they're people that like Burger King as well they're gonna love the special sauce to. That it it's it's every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Particularly like yet another good tournament here at WWL I am FM and now I'd more comments about it. Is Nick Saban really interested in moving to Texas -- great text messages coming up. Right after this and sports on WW. -- a 68787. What's the new Burger King big Mac called it's called the big king. They Mac Peking and actually had it out and back in 97 they didn't last very long and only had two bonds and other bringing him back with a third bond and a picture I'm looking it added a picture of and I'm looking at doesn't sesame seed. On the -- or one to now their -- of the people it section 887870. About the hump day camel in amazes me. Every time that this is something that people are concerned about. And -- as I like what you did with the new camel hump day team knows says bring back the original camel. If we can't have him and his original form we don't want him at all like it's a classic like it's something that's been around forever so it's. Sports. -- on classic you if we can you. Yeah -- agreement. Like to -- I can't if you put the Campbell and the Humpty dance together how can folks not appreciate. -- -- hoped they'd double pump. Twelve -- -- know that so that more companies could write more home is always do it needs more on what we got more we got our sports where did you deported the. Well hopefully the pelicans -- get off the hump of Phoenix is Eric Bledsoe had 25 points and Gerald Green tied a career high with 63 pointers. And the suns rallied to beat the pelicans 104 to 98. Coach Monty Williams on yet a another game that his team squandered a lead in the second half. We have a good first quarter and then after thought we went away abuse from the things are necessary for us to be viewed. Good pals are back in action this evening in Memphis now let's get the latest on the saints would sideline reporter Kristian -- The saints were by their standards ineffective last weekend and a loss of the New York Jets this Sunday when he battled the cowboys wide receiver Lance Moore says they get you back on track. That's something that we kind of hang our hats on here. We are doing it takes to make sure that we practiced chipping in to make more plays this week. The black and gold back on the practice field today getting ready for the boys I'm Christie Garrett now let's check in -- Deke Bellavia as he previews LSU and Alabama the Saturday. LSU coach Blair's -- breaks down the Alabama offense and -- quarterback AJ McCarron. Averaging 41 point stuff 460 yards 210 yards rushing in to order for two yards passing I think it's human currency great. With in this scheme playmaker having -- he sees it makes all the throws. He's a tremendous leader. The tiger defense which is given up a lot of theology conference play face their toughest test of the season Saturday. Against the Alabama crimson tie being built levee at WW real sport and the news it seems to be the buzz right now is the Associated Press is reporting the agent for Alabama head coach nick -- Told Texas officials in January. Thank you T was the only school he consider leaving Alabama four and that is success with the Crimson Tide had put him under quote special pressure. The pressure was not further explained and the agent has declined to comment -- meanwhile was not available after practice yesterday. -- on sports talk to big -- one on one with LSU coach let's miles with a tiger spoil the tides perfect season. Or will BMI and the volume -- their third loss of the year. Then at seven you have a choice switch over to the big 870 WWL AM to catch the last mile show. What is the -- at the Memphis Grizzlies on 1053 WWL left them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. 52 minutes after 5 AME early edition of WWL first -- Dave -- Steve -- with you on your radio you know last time you were here about half an hour ago we talked about you were a little surprised that the Crimson Tide was a twelve point favorite over the LSU tigers Saturday in Tuscaloosa. Where you at all surprised that the New Orleans Saints are -- touchdown favorites seven points they've given them in Vegas to -- The cowboys in the superdome on Sunday when -- the road team that's won this game almost every time over the last five years. Yeah that's disturbing stat to say the -- but you gotta love the saints in the superdome there. Almost unbeatable everybody talks about how the home field advantage here is one of the best in the NFL. Seven points is not surprising to me considering the fact that. It is the dome -- the thirteenth man is so much of a difference and the cowboys are a good team. There's just an an average squad but they do have a potent offense I I like the -- big in this one and I expect him to roll. Ranks. Vegas got it wrong. Setting align it well for spam all relative but they got it right. Or maybe even that big enough for saints. Over happily I guess I expect Peyton has his team ready and clicking coming as this game on Sunday night thank you see evil if you click away again about fifteen minutes or sports here on WW well -- -- me about this Nick Saban stories -- really considering going to Texas one person says what's a better quality of -- Austin. To some people think it's about quality of -- some people think it's about greedy just wants more money some people think it's about. -- a challenge that just winning and winning and winning it's Albany once that are challenge of rebuilding a program again other people think the bunch of BS is not -- anyway. That is just that's forecasted to change it -- See some clouds and sunshine today along with a few spotty showers possible ahead of the cold front 30% chance. Heist later today at eighty then tonight. Mainly cloudy and it's up front moves in from the west will see some showers and storms most likely late tonight and early tomorrow morning now during the day Thursday the rain will move out. And skies will clear temperatures only in the lower seventies by the afternoon and Friday mainly sunny and beautiful heights of 68. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark talked. Tell as sunny and beautiful all weekend 68 partly cloudy now at the airport in Canada sixty and clear in -- Cops in New York. Are charging a man with reckless driving. And trying to get a judge to seize his car. -- evidence -- YouTube video that shows him driving all the way around Manhattan in just 24 minutes. They say the video proves he was speeding and driving recklessly. And now they want a judge to take away his BMW. That it see him doing it. But based on the -- Here is -- here for the next four hours define how why you this morning and willingly if you've heard something -- my jacket but. Now and now com. When I know anyway guarantee that retired about street lights out Claiborne second fatal accident this month with what's don't know what that. They're gonna talk about a fourteen year old dead thirteen year old charged in his death be in an ATV accident on where you live but. In a bunch of these things running up and down on the street it is still interest. When you start talking to people get a charge in the thirteen year old with driving recklessly in the crash that killed the other team. Wow and and the owners just ticketed. From what in the thirteen year old -- who should be held responsible event it seems like I see 8910 Europeans drive and things -- -- that they. Kmart opening on Thanksgiving morning trying to get the jump on Macy's will talk about. Thanks given a day for. The football and family years of their data go shopping I was an amusement park once I'm on Thanksgiving hated it. Well we as their analysts that based in beating Thanksgiving dinner at the food court of law. And did -- -- I mean you're talking sports leader.

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