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11-6 6:15am Tommy, broken street lights

Nov 6, 2013|

Tommy talks to Walter Flowers and Peter Davidson with the St. Charles Avenue Association about broken street lights

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Somebody was killed 61 year old pedestrian Anthony -- me and trying to across the street near the intersection of south Claiborne in general Taylor. He was the second. Pedestrian. Second deadly accident involving a pedestrian near an intersection in less than a month so we're talking about street lights this morning to begin and a ready jaguar opinion pulled should fixing broken street lights be one of the top concerns of the city of new Holland's. Two thirds of you saying yeah it's one of the most pressing issues 13 saying now. And I would presume that depends on how dark it is where you -- While the flowers joins us right now former president of the saint Charles avenue association. And Peter Davidson a member up. That association morning gentlemen how -- morning. Banks -- taking the time witness. Tell me from New York. Perception and from some of the research you've done how bad the street -- problem is. Well I'll begin with the street light issue I know that on saint Charles avenue where let. And eleven blocked between -- or. In Nashville and we had -- street light sensor early spring in the work on the street -- tracks began. But as I became more and more concerned. I I communicated with the city after driving in the distance from Carrollton to Nashville avenue in the last a day or. And there are only a handful perhaps five or six lights on between Carrollton avenue and Broadway. And there are no lights not one right between Broadway and natural lab and. So I communicated with the city department of public works. The coordinator for street lights captains and majors and comfort -- correctly. She immediately passed my concerns on to a talent and Brandon Matt he's CC chief maintenance opposite. For -- TSA. And what I got back is basically the following that he attached to a survey. Conducted showing that there had been some lights out. In the area near natural avenue before they began the work on the streetcar tracks. And secondly. -- as if you know having no lights before -- -- fine now. And secondly he then went on to comment that they work replacing. Of the a lot hiring a long saint Charles quote to bring it up to code. And to remove any street light -- from within the streetcar bad. And make claims that the streetcar contractor phase. Working between county and state. Will be completed by about the 22 of November. And basics on natural Latin. Two Octavia street by early December. He totally admit it omitted the two blocks between. State and national. Guests stay off the radar and we get no lights layer based on his report. I thought the report was very poorly. Poorly presented. Arguing that we had few street lights before therefore why should we be worried. And -- it's an outrageous situation for the city clearly the problem on -- and it's a perfect example. I'm particularly worried about the area around excellent normally go by Audubon park where there are huge number of people moving on what time. And it seems to me that at a minimum should be some lightning along that area immediately. Longer -- -- to take a break right now we come back we'll talk to Peter Davidson is welded to find out what what it is about street lights that. Being out that makes it's a dangerous and what would you have preferred to have seen in this city do. When he won about this as opposed it I guess make in the whole area dark it would seem to me you could've done it piecemeal but. We'll talk to Walter flowers former presence saint Charles avenue association Peter Davidson member that association when we come back. And -- ready jaguar opinion poll should fixed in the broken lights being one of the top concerns of the city into -- -- right now. 5050 -- saying yes I have seen them six when he two time limit traffic. Yeah -- school on time and -- Robinson has six when he six Tommy Tucker talking about street lights and kinda dangerous area on saint Charles avenue to fatal accidents involving pedestrians in a month -- gas to Bolter flowers former president of the saint Charles avenue association. And Peter Davidson member of that saint Charles avenue association and and Peter let me turn -- -- here and and ask you how was it affected the quality of life with the street lights out -- people afraid to. To go out at night is all about trafficker. What Tommy I think we have. And the collection of those are things Libyan city thank so much for you -- concern for the safety and quality lifeless. It it seems -- like a simple thing that could make a big difference and and I don't know why it is been going on for so long. Well -- in our sector we lived about three blocks from Jefferson avenue and about seven blocks from the podiums. The cross traditional analog or additional light on -- side. Light pole on our side of the street has been taken down because it was damage and spin on. In about 30% of whites in this section old war games. And there are several. Single ladies who lived in the area who live in -- that we have they come -- couple adopters it at all times of the night. They have to walk the street Paul. It is very little life for them back the other day I was walking down the street balance and trying to cross -- the -- the streetcar tracks all torn up. What I've now done. Did you move away from the corner and move further down into balance street so I can cross without. Are not actually me as -- cross we Gypsy woman. Saint Charles that you know -- busy street so we have cars we have trucks we have now bosses which is. They of course before -- until the streetcar tracks repaired and we have spikes. In the person lining I used to run up like it can't come -- at night anymore. I can't see streak that pot holes there broken sidewalks street is dangerous because you we can't see. It's a bit a lot of there a lot of problems because that is the man next door to -- the living there I don't know 78 or so years we've never had a problem. Since the whites have been out. Board also like to announce his spam is now and stole so we have a lot of issues here managed to exit the church street. Up wins when the streak aren't letting people off in -- -- house. There torturers walking down the street to catch the ball. In the -- They don't know the streets they don't know where they're only. -- -- Turk street and so people come into the city. There's been. I told the bowels of holes coming to see this wonderful city come NC this street that they were all they want to take in the -- on the historic street call. And kept the lights out in this section in this -- at its -- down the street it's it's an untenable situation when I'd look at the lights on which -- We're out at about out of time here but let me ask you both I always look at something like this and wonder there's not an in game and game and something we're not. Look at that it could the end game here again to game -- to get people call Entergy and pay for their own street lights. Well -- -- we have an increase or at least the City Council is there's an increase in bills and we should be getting impolite so. Quite frank why they keep footballs in the -- like I don't get chipped maybe you wore them well the problem along the street Karl on is that they are putting in. In this new electric power line to the to the polls. And incidentally you spoke earlier about the time -- of the work on getting that wiring in that. Still doesn't mean that the connection to the polls will be may. What the RNC RTA that was quote upon completion of the RT rewiring. The existing poles will then have power to their bases. And that doesn't mean -- the connection we'll actually be made that they'll be involved in the media in the techsters once once that her. But in Indiana -- around there should be temporary lighting at a minimum. It is important cross point particularly -- -- -- universities. Or out for example this change point. Which bunker is in which this street cars stopping people -- mistake boxes at all hours of the night. There should be some temporary lights and as heavily populated. Areas that -- far better attention and obviously we should have -- along the street quickly. It's taken entirely too long the work on the streetcar tracks is advantaged about Broadway for mines. And not one not virtually no -- Thanks we'll -- you would take -- for a quick. What we really need is real lights real fast -- -- realize it's real fast toughness and ones I see him aren't you concerned.

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