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11-6 6:45am Tommy, broken street lights

Nov 6, 2013|

Tommy talks to New Orleans City Councilmember Stacy Head about efforts to repair broken street lights

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When that we look at me and Stacey at good morning. How you do on. -- -- It is remember a long time ago taught in the union says one of the things. That surprised you when offers get elected that the council was how involved people large and sometimes how adamant they can be. With the things that bother them and -- right well great. Yen and and you never did unions anything was wrong with that you do set its -- now involved people and against the the question at hand is what do you hear from. In the year constituents about street lights and how big of a deal was as demand. Well that it. There are several things to people that -- and you -- in every single day -- happy and they are all debate. The streets. Lights and the current. New Orleans and agree to directory being -- ministry and a wonderful job -- trying to play. Nationally in light which is wonderfully exciting happening immediate and all the things. But what we're not spending much time on each side is that date date functioning of the city. -- really Q what will wait -- equality like people who live here in the morning registry like. There is a light into eternal yes that's current and didn't mean do. You'd get -- -- Joseph said. Something about light and city earlier Tommy. How well it is it in the news you would there be a better way to do this in terms of either temporary lighting. It just seems like it's different areas of the city and dark for a long long time. Glad that that's absolutely correct and -- -- we've been throwing money at this problem -- that millions of dollars. Every year. Every year around ten million dollars throwing money -- The problem and not getting a complete solution which part of the problem is we elderly aging infrastructure to every city in the country -- Bill -- projects 203040 years -- now marketing double that he replaced. What others have done and it's something that I think. I hope that we council and the administration were all Google can't get perched is doing citywide. -- treatment can achieve high quality. Efficient LED -- That was done in Adelaide and done. It for pretty much in every. High functioning city around the country indeed has done it will be time. Change out all our older light to light twit. Am I -- -- -- keys to provide higher probably light in Costa last it would spend around by million dollars a year on our intra cheap they'll. But at that costs to light district like around you weren't so hopefully we came in at the people who sell the -- they can't open it 40%. We have not seen that at least the administration to the result of a leaky changeup -- not -- -- the state. We will get a better quality light will get -- better. Will get lights that don't break as often as I want to pick at warranty and that your new art projection any. -- city wide lights. We are we had dark eerie it's. And probably before Katrina. I teammate Europe puns let me make mine we had. The city on and I'm not quite sure that I want to talk to the mayor after the way he lit up. Bill Kaplow. Over his concerns about street lights but it was a three page statement about time lag time lines and street like -- Com. Is part of this problem in the contract that was selected her does the city loss you have to go below as did. I really don't think that worked it has been done is any called country to the cat. Even in a treat for Katrina and right after into -- industry appears. It was not a great relationship that is not function the company in -- -- church and so it was that. Date I don't think they really like doing and cooperation which. They didn't -- the greatest job maybe dated a better job but they didn't have the problems we can -- which the current chart that we hired at Katrina struck -- Not enough money and not global playing in much cute completely overhaul the lighting system and you weren't. -- -- and crop and that's not something he can do with a lot electrical system. It's lacking in the that it got so many problems in each Q complete renovation. You can try attacks here near Egypt -- -- on the that you're never catch. Just let their mayors and reason because of poor performance remove the contract and street -- portions equivalent coroner. Project a few weeks ago and immediately put in place our street like contractor who will complete that work in the next thirty days and -- the owners across. A tiny little portion of the entire city street like that -- day a project funded through five or six different. Funding source -- Army Corps of Engineers when they read it and keep the project pre Katrina. Our money that that -- was able to get turned stimulus package several years ago and in eighty ED IR disaster. CD BG dollars I'd let me ask you this that he -- only one protect -- like Patrick actually -- can -- Is part of the problem here. The financial situation of the city if the city because she's mentioned several funding sources of the city had in. A lot of cash or whatever the situation a better financial position they would be able to just guns they look fix them all here here's the money and we're done but. Because of alternative funding that's neither funding sources that's why part of why it's taken so long. A sport that we had more money that you would you were better quicker. We. Guess the question is and I had a minute to be a silly question is that are you do and is in a piecemeal manner because of the the problems with the city in finances. Well. You know fashion in part because that priority. Total there's nothing more important and quality like she's the people who live in the world and every single. Believe that brings attention that are greater than any thing to settle. -- one hit a seven council members and the administration to work that we all come together. To. Hate toward the priorities we have collect. Are believed a word that predators priority should be. Citywide replacement. Our aging white infrastructure. That have a price tag between indicated that he asked. Forty and sixty million dollars at this point we've been roughly ten million dollars a year. It would take at -- She -- -- -- a lot of all Big Ten million dollars this year in our next year -- twenty million dollars to put to that. That cost. We will save money because the light bill so that -- should be rookies that are part of the capital projects. -- In my -- we support do any other things in order to have. Street lights throughout the city we need -- thank you miss -- not a priority I appreciate you times they see it.

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