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11-6 7:15am Tommy, ATV death

Nov 6, 2013|

Tommy talks to Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis about a boy who's being charged with negligent homicide after an accident with his ATV

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Responsible I don't talk about we'll come back Tommy Tucker WW. 718 Tommy Tucker with -- breezy today 30% chance for showers highs of eighty. And 40% chance tomorrow morning cool front comes through highs tomorrow's seventy twos 68 on Friday. And and 74 and 78 on Sunday. I don't know if this is a rural thing is I see a lot in Belle chase. And often happens all over the area but teenagers drive and these ATV's and in some cases golf carts. And home of fourteen year old was killed a thirteen year old now faces charges in that -- French police chief Todd the planners from home and joins us right now at a to -- listening to morning chief Mark Martin tell me exactly what happened here and and who got charged with one. Well Sunday evening and I shortly up to full thirty in -- in the also has responded to bona Vista boulevard. Regarding any single vehicle -- crash when they -- they discovered that a thirteen year old. Was operate -- a Polaris ranger with four other. Juveniles on arranger. They were traveling down the mistreat him and attempted to make a left turn onto Sherman street. The ATP flipped. For you have the occupants juvenile rejected. 01 album received some moderate head injuries the other one minor injuries however there up front passenger. Jon Foreman who was fourteen years of age. Full we'll have had -- our yadda -- ATV had. Land on top problem cause and fatal injuries. So the thirteen year old was -- with negligent homicide. Yes we charged the thirteen year old and sadly -- from Bosnian driver at thirteen -- robbery and missed a formal -- best of friends yeah. But yes she was charged with negligent homicide negligent injury reckless operation. Operate -- ATV but all license and operate unsafe vehicle on -- And the parents. One ticketed or something well. We discovered the owner we located the owner of the Polaris. Who was actually a mother of wanna be other -- that was not a -- real. On the side out in the same area of this -- but we did locate the owner. Hand and learned that she had turned the keys over to the juvenile so she was charged with improper supervision and -- the -- of the trucks. Young chief I see a lot of these in Belle chase where I live -- I don't know if that happens in Metairie or in Orleans parish or not but. A C a lot of young kids even younger than thirteen drive and these things and not. -- safely one -- in the passenger's seat Nolan hang on the back and what does a loss say about. How old do you have to deeds and to drive them. Well first off -- ATP there's really. No wage I mean if it's it's not street legal I mean be it cannot be on the roadway it's illegal to put these things on -- roll it doesn't matter how old York. But you have a lot -- home we've had yes we've had complaints so we have increased our patrols upset news releases out. We've been -- every year we increased patrols in these areas and we have issued citations. It's just it seems to be. More. Happening more often I mean I guess more people only needs. Eight TDs and they put on probably. And while I have you on you know I see the golf carts in -- -- is well with apparently it's become. Fashionable again you get a golf cart let him drive around and -- being operated on. Public streets again I see 8910 year olds -- probably don't know from stop sign York. Our -- and and and trafficker who's got the right away Dee -- is that a problem at home as well and yes the law say about those. Yes we've had complaints. With the gulf courts. Again it's young drivers inexperienced they don't have license they're not familiar. On how to drop on these roadways so we cried out to the parents to be aware was going on. -- with their children and we also. Going to. Well -- the residents when they CDs colleague -- go on to not only call hours. But to try to following -- -- -- goal and so we can actually locate these people when it was a circle on carpet appearance. On -- -- thing is he on about Hubert -- as far as following him says they get pretty fast on his sentencing well. They do bubbly again we -- trying to locate these volley it is as much as McCain and put a stop to it. And like -- said it's been a problem at home we've -- -- and it and it's sad situation. -- now there's a long while for you to charge your parents with. Name sex or accessories to manslaughter something like him. Well we actually communicate with the DA's office on this and knows the charges as of right now and what is that the charges could be upgraded but as of right now apparent. Was tore -- their proper supervision and Altamont in the trial are half contacted the prosecutor. And they are doing some research right now to where we keen and aware -- that appearance. -- thanks for taking the time withers and I am appealing handle on down there thank you.

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