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11-6-13 10:10am Scoot: on Chris Christie

Nov 6, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether Chris Christie could win the Presidency in 2016.

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And good morning I'm security effort Garland this week it is saints cowboys -- Sunday night the saints who played calorie I think this is a crucial game for the saints. And I I realize that every game is crucial for the saints have for any any team. The saints could afford to lose to either the jets last week it was suddenly we neglected to see that. But it can afford to do that this is a moment when the saints proved to themselves. And the fans. But they are real. For this year that they are real Super Bowl contention team so it's a crucial game tonight and say it's always get a for the cowboys killers always play the saints well I'm glad to gain is at home in a Mercedes-Benz superdome. It's a late game kick off is at 7 o'clock. And you know it's interesting about all of that is it I guess -- -- -- 25 maybe some -- what's interesting about that is you know people don't people don't. Tempered their drinking. Based on kick -- to top level peaceably as a security -- either party. -- of people sirte parting at a certain time in the morning when it's -- new tick off. Often nuclear coffee clutch kick off for 7 o'clock kick off at ninety still reporting at the same time you what that means it means a lot of crazy people before the game. And at the game. And a lot of crazy people after the game. It's also L issue Alabama week big week for issue of course is always a big rivalry. At a culprit is moving through its ring late tonight early tomorrow morning and it looks like it's going to be another ferry nice weekend. Do sports teams reflect the cities. They represent. After the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. It was a shared belief that the Red Sox were destined to win the World Series because of how the city of Boston rallied around everything that was Boston. Following the Boston Marathon -- -- strong was about crimes. And there was also a sheer belief that the saints reflected the strength and resilience of the city of New Orleans after Katrina. Sports teams reflect the cities that were present. And do you feel the same passion for this saints team. That she felt the season the saints won the suitable. Talk about that's later in the -- Also today the legal marijuana market is one of the fastest growing markets in the country. So far this year or for one point 43 billion dollars worth of legal marijuana has been sold in this country. Medical and rectory and how much they're checking recreational since that is just becomes legal in Washington and and Colorado at one point 43 billion dollars worth of legal marijuana insulin America. And that figure is expected to grow 64%. To 2.3 four billion in 2014 a 64%. Increase. Put that in perspective with the growth of the Smartphone market. Between 20122013. The Smartphone market grew 46%. Now it's down to 7%. -- the mayor won -- market is expected to grow 64%. In the next year to Britain or in private investors are racing. To put money into the mayor -- -- market. Twenty states have legalized medical marijuana Colorado and Washington State have legalized recreational use of pot. On there's a report that the is predicting that fourteen more states will legalize recreational pot in the next five years and that we generate. A ten point two billion dollar market for pot. By 2018. And yesterday the city of Portland Maine became the first East Coast city to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Should Louisiana or the state you're. Change the long standing stigma about marijuana and legalize it and what's the objection to keeping marijuana illegal. Do you smoke -- -- did you smoke pot and are you know for or against it and even if you don't smoke pot do you support legalizing pot. There are a lot of people who are very hypocritical because they spoke pot they thought it was fine -- I guess sometimes in life you you learn that your not always right about things. But there were -- of people who supported caught -- now that they have grown up and become. I guess she would say he ultra conservative they're people who don't want marijuana. To be legalized however. It seems to need it since theories -- such a growing trend toward legalizing pot. And now a new Gallup poll shows 58% Americans for the first time a majority of Americans support legalizing pot this would relieve the an important issue for the Republican Party to take up as as one of the issues. Instead of being against things before something. And this to me way to help reposition the public party if they would take on this issue we're gonna talk about that later in the show. Yesterday was a big Election Day across much of America and it's -- the term elections sister come into focus for next year. Politicians in -- are all looking for signs that might indicate today in in which direction the political -- -- it's pointing. There were Tea Party candidates and they were moderate yesterday. In Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe the Republican can -- -- Which really have very strong conservative it was very very close. Originally strongly opposed abortion same sex marriage. -- highly critical of Obama. And he rejected the idea of climate change very popular among Christian conservatives. And the Tea Party. But the conservative Republican -- lost. Conservatives say that the negative reception. To obamacare made the race close even though he lost that's what made the race so close so you know the spin the spin continues and and by the way. There is no such thing on television. As a no -- and so. Watch the shows you wanna watch but there's no such thing as -- no spin zone. In New Jersey Governor Christie won -- It's been many years since a candidate won the state of New Jersey by over 50% of the vote. -- Christie won by 60% of the vote last night. His victory speech last night sounded like an acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination. Does Chris Christie. -- percent the new direction of the Republican Party. And yours are -- -- -- party your opinion poll this morning. Would you vote for Chris Christie if you ran for president. To mr. -- by going to our website WWL. Dot com. -- and this with this was it an interesting thing to Chris Chris Christie won a lot of support after being criticized. By many Republicans for embracing. And thanking President Obama. Verbally and just physically embracing President Obama. For the -- it was offered to the state of New Jersey following superstores Santa last year. A lot of Republicans for critical that. I'm Chris Christie won in a blue state. He ran against a woman but he won the women's vote something that Republican candidates at a difficult time doing recently. He won Hispanic vote he went 20% of the black vote anyone a number of the Democrats. He represented what Ronald Reagan represented in the 1980s. When. Reagan attracted so many Democrats they became known as Reagan Democrats. Does Chris Christie where percent the new direction for the Republican Party. And if you're right wing conservative is it more important to stand. By you or your beliefs -- you report for you to stand by your beliefs or to get a Republican in the white house. On. Think that's an interesting dilemma. Because there are a lot of Republicans -- wanna stand by the year they are hard core beliefs. What if that prevents a Republican from getting in the White House. If you enjoyed our -- comet this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is early seventy. Text number is 8787. Security for girl coming right back with more on every WL. I guess it was a big Election Day across the country not here in our area we get election -- coming up but did it was a big Election Day across the country. -- very interesting things happened. And at times like this people are always looking to see if the results of the elections appoint the political weather -- in particular direction. To the rights to the left or in the middle. And it seems to me that if you just look at everything yesterday. Moderates. Really came out strong. Which is another indication that this country it it's it's time for those who were moderate. To start making more noise and drowned out. The vocal minority because those that we hear the most from make up the minority in this country not the majority. And if you are part of a political party in any of New York. You need to be Smart enough to figure out the strategy that's gonna take to win the White House for your candidate. And sometimes that might mean sacrificing some of the things that you want your party to stand up for. And in the case of of the election last year they were a lot of Republicans who were so disenchanted with Mitt Romney they didn't vote. And they didn't vote for Mitt Romney. That essentially helped put Obama in the White House. No looking back would you rather have Romney in the White House or Obama in the White House. That's a decision that you're gonna have to make but based on what happened yesterday and -- I think it's a clear indication. That. That the moderate candidates and a moderate ideology which is not spineless. It simply means that you're not strictly beholden to the right or to the left and the two more interested in doing what's good for America. Or doing what's good for your state. Then you more advancing your party's ideology. Chris Christie. 160%. Of the vote first time in many years. That a Republican or any candidate for that matter has won over 50% of the vote to win the governorship of New Jersey. Would you vote for Chris Christie if he ran for president that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll if you're rejoice for the commentary -- show it to 601870. Toll free 866889. -- early seventy. In a text numbers 877. And you can also give us your opinion on the can you -- going to our website WWL dot com from Baton Rouge deal here on WW on good morning. You're much really enjoyed. It I would you would think you're -- I think we need a moderate some. I really knew even though believe in most of them are old people site. But I know -- not been in the elected that way but I got a secret -- he would have to pay it will -- clothes -- They -- cult involvement biker he appointed a Muslim that is -- court future. -- in the -- itself. That he thought that a street cry about it the way they do another country my country. Ball all that he agreed that it shouldn't all states. Justice. So at that point out anymore you knotted at that. -- -- -- -- -- That that would keep me from vote for the first material that could be elected I don't believe it right in the -- that it ordered. But don't you think that's a rather regular approach that -- Muslim should not have rights in this country. I don't think so because you know I happily happily people who come here to be American. But I mean if you I don't understand that I'm glad he's sent a killer and you -- if you know what tiger bites. He's not on tobacco trial. And a and a woman here for one reason that other people coming -- most on the work in the company at a table but -- come here for one thing I come here to Tehran as part. How many muscles are coming out how to name him -- -- you know. I don't -- forty quite frankly and I -- -- an -- but you know what they speculative. Report so when something goes bad they come out and they're all or -- so I'm in my commitment by government the -- But I don't think anybody shipped out career that it's a real well you come -- you you've become America. I agree with that -- I I agree present. And that's why you know I'm not a lot -- -- people come here I don't hear what you come from. What's your background and you coming here in Salem where they can prepare all the previous W get in another country -- what company he tried changeup to what you war. No culture has changed. My picture is in that regard. I totally agree you come to America and assimilate does that mean we change your beliefs you -- you stick with your voice in the same way to Hispanics come to this country and you know there are. There are. Sections of America especially in the Miami area and -- here there's a strong push to change America and make. Miami. -- Hispanic state to some degree. And that's wrong you come to America you've become part of this country we're -- take your culture front you. -- today you're you're better off if you can speak two languages you're better off if you if you have this this culture within your family that. Goes even beyond the American culture I totally agree with you you become part of America. But I disagree that we label all Muslims as people who have been intent to terrorize this country because like I don't see that as stroke. Look at it one last question when you always -- felt like when you when you well what you beat her -- pride and by airplane -- model Lauren -- You know they -- they -- Ali aggregate no problem but she bad guys think -- those soldiers that they don't implement improved. I don't -- much. -- what are what about dale dale. Okay sell out should I be nervous about. Are young twenty something year old white guy who goes into an airport -- -- carrying a duffel bag. I mean like accounts I can't stereotype white Christians I can't stereotype. Although the white Christians who have done horrific things in the name of dear god not it's not my god it's they're -- I'm a Christian but that's not my god that's that's their specific got. So. I understand the point you're year you're making an N eighty is it is human nature to stereotype. But if it's wrong to stereotype if it was. You know this this stereotyping of of African Americans in this country for so many decades. It was it might have been a natural human instinct at that time but it was clearly wrong. And today we recognize that is wrong. And I think the -- gonna come and will recognize that all Muslims or not -- we should challenge ourselves you know again whether it's Muslims or whether somebody with tattoos or somebody were sagging pants. It's unfair for us to assume that somebody's dead because of an outward appearance. Well I respect your opinion about it when he put themselves apart economics -- it is -- you can their. It was a moment to bring court and don't equally -- all that much and it cuts. Dale I know what no I don't believe in that and I have to look further into every you know what you're but I would I'll have to look further into it but no I would not I would not support that idea. However. You're going to have to find a candidate that you like the most as opposed to a candidate that says everything you want him or her -- Unfortunately Cain being wrongly in the back up. But I understand what you're. And they and I noticed in your certainly entitled to your I'm not trying to change your page your -- your opinion of Chris Christie that's why we're having this discussion. Eyes to many he represented new direction for the Republican Party. I do agree that it should be about more people. He is standards are out final record in Japan hoping it would and one question I haven't got a can only look back. -- -- The only thing I don't really understand though that deal about the -- miracle that marijuana. Are you not want to sixty here but. I acting like Cuba and -- for -- at all about. Got caught with been in serious trouble I really think I just don't particularly think that war -- some people who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The conduct knocking banging at the -- like other drugs and that's what we -- tolls along I don't understand you know I don't I don't -- Believe it's it to gain -- whether drugs I think the same type of person that would defied the law and technically that's what you're doing the same type of person who defied the law. And smoked pot in XP -- that went bad when it's against the rules. Might also be the same kind of personality that would try other things as well but I don't think there's any kind of chemical or emotional link. Between pod and and other drugs although there are people who. Our -- -- to -- who try to make that case -- got to move on political show if you gonna join us with your comment this morning a number is 26 ago. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is -- and he -- a Scopes and for garlic on this Wednesday morning here's -- heavy WL news updates with Chris Miller. I think this song by Steelers wheels stuck in the middle clowns to the left in the jokers to the right here right hand stuck in the middle I think this really describes the tone of the elections yesterday. A headline in the LA times dot com website says moderates win the day in off election year. And there's still a lot of talk in this country about whether or not the country should go to the rights or go to the left should the Republican Party reject the far right. And this this was resurrected once again isn't as a big issue -- -- Ted -- and others led the charge to. I defund obamacare. In an ill fated effort they did that ended flight to a government shutdown that was inspired by. The Tea Party. On there are things about the Tea Party that people can agree with what is the Tea Party the direction for America. You know yesterday. The New York City voters. Elected build -- glossy. The first Democrat in many years I think -- twenty years to be noted mayor of New York. Boston elected a democratic mayor for the first time in many years Detroit elected its first white mayor since the 1970s. If the if the wrote to American politics. At a -- What was assigned be right now. No right turn. Left turn. -- -- Chris Christie's victory was significant his speech last night his victory speech last night in New Jersey. Sounded to me like an acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination here's part of what Chris Christie it stimulus going. I will not let any one. Any thing. Any political party. Any governmental entity. Work any force. Get in between me and the completion of my mission. And I say why that's so powerful because what we've seen in Washington is standing up for political ideology over doing what's in the best interest of America. Does Chris Christie represented a new direction for the Republican Party. And here's our WL pretty general opinion poll would you vote for Chris Christie if he ran for president. Here's an update 73% say yes they would to 47% say no they would not. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com it's also interesting to note the Chris Christie won as a Republican in a blue state. He ran against a woman won the women's though which is something Republican candidates have had a difficult time. Attracting recently. He won the Hispanic vote but he went 20% of the black vote winning a lot of Democrats. As well. If you're right wing conservative. Is it important to stands. Strong -- your specific beliefs or is it more important to get a Republican elected. To the White House. The Tea Party lost in Virginia. And Alabama yesterday. And there was this other the hard -- right wing candidate. On EW Jackson Republican candidate for the -- lieutenant governorship in Virginia. He lost. It was a guy who in 2012. Said the President Obama was going to force schools to begin teaching all children homosexuality. Teaching homosexuality. Which is absolutely ridiculous. He also compared Planned Parenthood to the kkk he's he's black by the way. And he said that black Christians should rejected Democratic Party lies. He said it's time to and the slavish devotion to the Democratic Party. They have insulted us. Used us and manipulated us they -- saturated the black community with ridiculous -- to some degree I understand that argument. But he was far right on many issues. Any any lost. Can -- you know the Republican who ran against Terry McAuliffe the Democrats. Lost it was a very very close race in many will spin this and say. Well it was a close race because Americans. And we're so fed up with the obamacare and they're not happy with the rollout that that's why the race was so close but Republicans actually thought they were to win that. It seems to me that the tone in this country right now based on this and this is done. Gonna tell us what's gonna happen in the mid term elections next year or 2016. But right now this is a barometer of where America is politically. And it seems like. The moderates. Are rising up in and becoming more vocal. For a long time we've heard about the silent majority in this country. I don't think. The majority of the people in this country can afford to be silent anymore because it's the far factions on the right and elastic all of the attention in the media and the perception is. They represent America. And they don't. Which is why I'm proud to call myself a radical moderate. I'm studio for Garland a few and enjoyed our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Texas it's every symphony will be back. Under this government. Our first job is to get the job done as long as I'm governor that job will always always be finished. That was Chris Christie last night who warned. The race for governor won reelection by 60% of the vote which is the first time that a candidate in many years as one over 50% of the vote. In a state of New Jersey. So this was I guess to some degree a mandate a lot of people are looking at Chris Christie as. Somebody who represented new direction for the Republican Party last night his victory speech seemed to be a speech more directed. To America and to Washington DC. About how we should do what's best for the people. And not do what's best for ideology. Not do what's best for our party. Do what's best for people. Here's a tax -- after seeing Chris Christie put his nose up Obama's -- And hug him and -- is buddy buddy I will never vote for that Republican slash true Democrat. Bobby Jindal. It could be argued it sucked up to Obama to some degree. Chris Christie has been in this national spotlight and after superstores sandy. He did embrace. Obama. Newt Gingrich has been talking about how he did what he should do and that was he represented the people of his state. And he didn't care about party lines is that the message that we wanna give voters. Shouldn't the message not be about adhering to party lines. But doing what's best for America or in this case doing what's best for your state. For they'll chase Mike -- under the WL. You know I think they're called. Are you -- the Google. Election yesterday you know actually out quickly go -- -- closed up Herbert you're -- -- -- And I hear. You know your remarks made about or moderate. I think it's partly true that I think more than a mandate against obamacare. I think it's a mandate against. Line while there's. Democrats have given Obama canceled so many things -- honestly. I agree and our and you know even go back. You are close. Remote play pay are. Our stop the spot on American stop drone spies so they'd given him pat and I think obamacare. Was that the -- -- camel's back there. -- guy like Kristi and I have real good natural feel especially in the midwest out. What are people what street Paul and politicians she's now not ever back tech guys -- certainly in the crosses and straight shooter. Mike I don't why I agree with you you know when you talk about. Democrats always supporting Obama that is as bipartisan. And that is adhering to ideology as much as the Republicans who criticize everything Obama does. You know the only bipartisanship we see today. Is when Republicans disagree with other Republicans or when Democrats disagree with the president or the Democrats. Yeah you know until about your moderate. Direction our country. I think that's Gary Herbert all the inspectors you're a Democrat. Did you call some of the Democrats liberals. But they're not a sports exporter I should ministers in the air in the republic in when there's people out there are so. Pick a moderate. -- a modern art direction problematic for. Our republic into my -- heat are eager to play ball. Well and that's that's going to be key and -- Gingrich speculated cone did Gingrich said it last night he said the Republican Party that's something I've talked about a lot of astute Jordan right here and to be WL before the election last year continued talk about it to this day. And Newt Gingrich in many others are saying the same thing and that is that the Republican Party. Cannot. Be beholden. Two with a fringe factions within the party if they want to win the White House and that's a choice of Republican voters in this country are gonna have to make. Here's a text that read says coach in -- that was the Republican candidate for governor in Virginia was supposed to be issuing because of Obama care and the economy. Yeah and Mitt Romney was supposed to win because of obamacare unemployment and the economy. So what happened. -- studio for garlands and we're coming right back into the WL. There was an election yesterday across much of the country was that a big collection Dave here we've never Election Day coming up but it was a big election a lot of people looking to. The results -- try to figure out what this means about where American is in terms of political direction. I -- Tea Party lost in Alabama and Virginia there are people who will still argue that point here's a Texas it's -- A coaching only loss because a Democratic Party benefactor petitioned. To get a libertarian on the ballot which with the Republican vote this is not an indictment of the Tea Party I. I think I think this is ultimately being in denial. The Tea Party. Will not lead to victory you can DT party member you can believe in the ideals of the Tea Party. You can talk to all of your friends and family members and all of you can be part of the Tea Party. But -- Tea Party candidate will never win the White House. The the political math isn't the year for that to happen. A Chris Christie does he represented new direction for the Republican Party here's an update on our -- WL pretty -- opinion poll would you vote for Chris Christie if he ran for president. 68% say yes and 32% saying no. Here is a text Christie is the next Reagan who we need here's another text -- -- up against Hillary and the polls show he will lose. Right now. If you put Christy if if Christie had a chance to campaign I belief. Christie would beat Hillary Clinton. Because right now and things may change but right now America is so fed up with Washington insiders. Christie is an outsider as a governor. Hillary could easily. Be painted as. Part of the Washington political establishment. She does have -- She has. Has tended to lean more left than to the middle. And she would have to be perceived as a moderate candidate if she is gonna win in the same way that Republicans can't be far right. Democrats can't be far left. So both sides have to figure out OK wait a minute do do we wanna stand by our strict ideology. Or do we want our candidate in the White House. Because you have to figure if you do have a certain ideology who wish your best ally. In the White House it's one candidate or the other even if you don't agree with every aspect of that particular candidate. Discuss blog today's titled do sports teams reflect the cities they represented its on the front page of our website and our opinions think about the Boston Red Sox. I think about the New Orleans Saints. -- studio for -- and we'll be right tackle and -- bureau.