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11-6-13 11:10am Scoot: on legalizing marijuana

Nov 6, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether marijuana should be legalized in Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Garland is off this week good morning I'm -- ledger with -- said Don Dubuque will be with you on Friday morning in the think tank is he always is. We've been talking about yesterday being a big Election Day across much of the country as the mid term elections are to come into focus politicians and punt insert. Looking for signs about what the results yesterday collectively mean in terms of appointing. According to a political direction in America a Tea Party candidates did not do well. It seems like there's a moderate tone if you look at of the elections overall yesterday. Democrat Terry McAuliffe beat Republican can and unfortunately. Counterstrike is server that was in Virginia and and the candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia. EW Jackson a really hard hard hard core right Winger. On he lost. Guy Governor Christie won big in New Jersey it's been many years since any candidate has won the state by over 50% of the vote Christie won by 60% of the vote. His victory speech last night sounded like an acceptance speech for the Republican. Presidential nomination. Last night in almost -- like Christie was talking as much to America. And to those people in Washington. As he was to the people of futures. I will not let any one. Any thing. Any political party. Any governmental entity. Work any force. Get in between me and the completion of -- missed. And that sounds to me like Christie would point. His mission. Ahead of ideology. And that there are still people who have been highly critical of Republicans have been highly critical of Chris Christie for. In racing. And thanking President Obama for the -- far from super storm -- After that haven't literally. On embracing the president. He did that for the people of New Jersey he didn't care about his political party. And are we more interested in people who don't care about the political party -- what's what what is best for the people that elected them. As governor Jindal has embraced Obama in in many ways. Certainly. Embraces the the federal money that comes into Louisiana where one of the states that receives the most money from the federal government in in different kinds of a voice. This country is fed up win if partisanship. And it doesn't mean that you can't stand by your principles and belief in what you wanna believe. That's fine. This country is is tired of this political divide. Maybe you're not but most of this country and it's. Here's a Texas has come -- -- let the far right to live in their little world of hate bigotry denial and in the past. They will. They will be drug into the 21 century unwillingly. You know I've been in this business a long time. Started doing music radio did you talk radio since 1991. By your New Orleans and in many receipts -- the country. I guess I'm at a point where. I don't feel the need. To say. What you wanna hear. You can either try to what do you think I've represented or not that's your decision. But I'm gonna say things to just try to rally people. Based on my experience and life -- I've read what I studied in life. Let's talk show host and as a person as an American citizen as a voter. I I I judge. Issues and I judge things based on my perception of life. And what I've learned that we we should all do that. Yet there are people who feel like if you're on the radio -- got to be one way or the other and if you're on the radio many people believe got a big bright when. Especially if you're in the state of Louisiana. Well if you want to if you wanna hear. Things that just support what you already believe. That's fine you can find. But I think they show. It tends to offer. Honest appraisal of of where this country and it's. I feel like I've I've done mr. attempted to do this over the years it's not that people necessarily wanna hear it. But you've got to be able to deal with reality. And the reality is the Republican Party must change if he wants to win the White House the Republican Party leaders were saying that Bobby Jindal was saying that. Haley Barbour were saying it. Republican leaders were saying that after the election. And then this whole crazy. A Tea Party right wing directed effort to defund Obama. Obamacare and that that led to the government shut down will that. That took the Republican Party hostage. In the minds of many Americans. And they are people who believe that that that was something that hurt Republicans in Election Day yesterday get everybody's gonna put their own spin out. But I guess I'm at a point in my my career where I feel like any distinct things that'll just make you happy -- so you listen. I'd rather be honest and I I don't belong to either call it the right or the left. And I just haven't seen any evidence. In modern times win hardcore right wing or left wing candidate. Has won the White House. And there are people who argue that what what about rivalry. Ronald Reagan was conservative. But Ronald Reagan was not. Ronald Reagan would not say the things he said that. If he ran for president today. Ronald Reagan would adapt to the times. And he was a very comforting candidate. George W. Bush. Was a compassionate conservative. Which essentially meant that he was a moderate conservative. So. Political history. Is etched in stone. Extreme candidates don't win in the Tea Party continues to control the Republican Party. Then the Democrats could be the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats. Personally I think right now if Chris Christie ran against. Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie would -- now. This would this would only be after Chris Christie was able to explain a little bit more about himself because the polls have shown that up to this point. But after that speech last night that speech that Chris Christie gave -- can reverberate. Around this country if you wanna join us for the comment this morning on numbers 2601872038668890. At seventy. Takes a receipt 77 here is a text being an extremist means by definition that one is in the minority. Yeah and and and and -- look at the elections recently. What can coach and -- who was a Republican who was running for governor of a -- of Virginia he was seen as. I shoot week and by many people. He lost a very close race. To Terry McAuliffe. Now there are those organs -- well was a close race because people -- -- -- obamacare. But it also could be that because of the image of the Republican Party following. The government shut down and the -- to defund obamacare. Did that -- Terry McAuliffe to -- and and that call of campaigns successfully painted fortunately. As a right Winger and right wingers. Are not going to win big today. And again you might not like that but that's a political fact and you know it's just I don't I don't feel the need to. Two goal in the ear and tell you what I think he won here. I brought the simply be honest. Any if you like the honesty and you enjoy the show great. I'm screwed -- -- if you majorities would comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. Text number physics of the gates anymore vehicles were via text -- coming up here's -- blog today do sports teams reflect the cities they were percent. The Boston Red Sox winning the World Series the Boston Marathon bombing. The New Orleans Saints becoming a winning team after the city started to rebuild following Katrina. Read it share to cover if you like it's our website front page and our opinions at WW dot com. Also coming up we're gonna talk about whether -- not Louisiana should legalize pot. Four cities legalize pot for recreational use yesterday in the election we'll get to that we come back -- VW well. The legal marijuana markets is the fastest growing market in America -- -- -- a few but it's one of the fastest growing markets in America. And yesterday. Four cities -- legalize pot for recreational use Colorado Washington have done it. There's a report out that fourteen more states will legalize pot for recreational use in the next five years leading to ten point two billion dollar market by 2018. Here's a -- of your party jaguar opinion poll this morning. Woods. You favor Louisiana legalizing pot should Louisiana legalize pot give a sure thing by going to -- dividend yield on account. Also if you -- pot smoker obviously you would be in favor of legalizing pot but what if you don't smoke pot. Maybe you do when you were younger but you don't smoke pot today. Are you still against making pot legal. If you wanna join Russia with a comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- number is 87870. Here's a text that read says -- I would not vote for Christie he's just another fat -- one of the way he used fat. Hope that was in derogatory. Here is a text that reads so following your in refute a bull logic I assume you'd see Obama as a moderate. No I don't see Obama as a moderate. He is very left me. Yet Obama won in the beginning. In 2008. Because he presented himself as a moderate. Obama. One as other candidates. Do. Because they appear to be moderate. If Obama was. Running for reelection I don't think he would win but to the one of the reasons that Obama won was because that there were there were so many. Republicans and conservatives in this country who were so disenchanted. With Mitt Romney did Mitt Romney wasn't far right enough. And -- that helped get Obama reelected. Plus the Republican Party continue to make social issues the Republican Party did more to talk about what it was against. Then what it was for. They lost younger voters. They lost women. Pelosi Hispanic vote. They loss of those Democrats stayed in the eighties were known as Reagan Democrats. And -- Republican candidate needs to be able to attract all the votes that the Republican partisan is what is the Republican Party continues to focus on abortion. -- same sex marriage. And birth control. And things like that. There was not enough denouncing of those idiotic statements made during the campaign last year it tainted the image of the party now you might not wanna hear this. But I don't see how this is not political flak. From Baton Rouge -- RW WL. Hey -- should open your regular -- well. That's quite right -- and that election this this side in the -- it took seven. And got anything but -- it was great Democrat should again. Just like in India mean they're calling it the old Clinton model away Ross. For life and all of votes that quite -- -- distracted -- the popular vote he got let out. That the other two candidates like you and you don't. You said New Jersey but you're talking about Virginia. Part -- urgent. It just doesn't seem. Like -- wanted to say I don't I don't think I don't I don't events that. I don't think this is a reason because it was so close there's no reason for the Democrats -- to brag about this big victory -- any kind of mandate because they won. Although the -- It's it's my observation that the -- -- what you say is is political reality is Ross Perot wants it and the the the election when he ran. On and that's gonna always be a problem that's why Republicans are gonna have to stand so strongly behind whatever candidate ends up being in that. In that position to with stand. A possible third candidate in the race that may siphon more away from the Republican. Then from the Democrat in the race and you know and none of us like this strict two party system that we have but it's a political reality that we have to live. -- you're right about that -- it's. It's frustrating it's almost like they should've borrowed this should've had a lull between independent and -- -- republic. That's the people want it. -- give it about a political show and nationalistic if you wanna join us for your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A text number is 877 here's a text I don't smoke pot but I think it should be legalized it's safer than cigarettes. I don't smoke pot and I feel like -- does say that every time I talk about this because there may be some of you who are new to the show and you don't know that I'm not a pot smoker. I smoked pot button. Over the years I guess not for that long but I smoke pot along time ago. I'm not proud of that but I'm being honest with at least I'm being honest about saying -- -- you know what I did inhale. But I don't I don't. I just like what it does to my body. I don't criticize those who do it but it. I don't have anything to gain. By supporting legalization of pot I just think it's the right thing to do at this point and as long as liquor is legal in this country. Then I don't understand what the objection is to legalizing pot. That's -- -- a -- project of people should Louisiana legalize pot. -- there has been. A lot of changing in in this in this direction. 58% for the first time a majority of Americans according to a Gallup poll. 58% of Americans first and a majority supports legalization of marijuana. Twenty states have -- legalized medical marijuana. Colorado Washington state of legalized recreational use of -- there's a report predicting that fourteen more states legalize recreational pot in the next five years. Yesterday the city of Portland Maine and three other cities legalized. Recreation resupply. Effect at Portland Maine as far as I know is the first East Coast city to legalize marijuana. So should Louisiana or the state -- changed this longstanding statement about marijuana and legalize. And what's the objection. Is is there such resistance to change. That subconsciously many people oppose legalizing pot because it's change. I would think that this would actually be one of the societal manifestations. Of the baby boomer generation now becoming the establishment. If you wanna join us for the comment this morning our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is it 77. I'm scrutiny for -- they were coming right back with more of your comments and here is a WWL news updates we have Chris Miller is it time for Louisiana. To legalize pot. That's -- WWL pretty -- of people right now so every 6% say yes and 24% say no give us your opinion by going to. -- QL dot com. -- yesterday on Election Day in Colorado. Time the voters of Colorado. Supported proposition double A which I've created a 25%. Sales tax on marijuana. 15% excise tax on the -- sale of marijuana. Which is going to be used to fund public school construction and 10% of the special sales tax on retail sales to fund marijuana regulation in the state this is supposed to yield. About seventy million dollars in additional revenue in 2014. Is it time to legalize. Marijuana in Louisiana. For dolce spread your WW good morning. -- or enjoy -- sure that spread your. Shall. We. Didn't I -- know we're coping and -- that. To -- You know. Respect it was just a huge amount wherever there's no. Reason for. I. Yeah correcting that suddenly chipped it for a little unsure probably. Why don't your read in the argument to be made that that alcohol should affect your job either -- it is because somebody supports the legalization of pot doesn't mean that somebody support somebody going to work totally stone. Troopers out war. At certain -- You know but Britney and -- out and shoot in. Schmo. We couldn't -- and indirect. War. You see. You know -- could. There be a perspective it would it would current small. Community and the. And I -- I am I agree and and and not everybody is able to maintain moderation when it comes to things says -- so you you don't blame the the availability of the product to the item you. You blame the that the person who can't handle it and fair for those who. Who argue that well what if we make pot legal well. Liquors legally he can't tell me that pot would create more problems then and alcohol and I say this is somebody who doesn't smoke pot but I just that we waste a lot of effort in this country. And and loose a lot of potential revenue in states and federally by not legalizing pot. Corrected the record we go back to build up your response. At night I read. It or that that problem it will. Not legged. It's treachery it's cyclical realize they -- the scenario. Well -- you're you're right in and I'm glad you called it and young people have to be talks. That they are responsible they are accountable for their behavior. If you do something legal or illegal you're responsible for your behavior. Sometimes adults need to beavers reminded that they're responsible for the behavior. Out of touch -- of Philip you're the VW well. -- You know -- The course of years ago. I. Took it. As well. As a result of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- want. Which. I caught up with a group of -- social. Life. -- -- -- Have you have you have you tried marijuana to treat you and but he birdied what you've heard about -- you think that might help your dealing with. Go to. Go to all. Our. One couple a tree. Will retreat to. -- the port now. All right well the but -- could not grow -- -- October. -- All of I think this is a perfect example of how America is hysterical about about things like legalizing pot. I it's it's hysterical to -- wanted to deny. Somebody like you something like pot to ease pain when this stuff that you're taking candy. More devastating to your system then. Then -- but yet this country is. In. A public vote at a and do the connection between entry at what point. 00. -- -- Your card room Richard Shelby that if you can get in the -- If you. And that are -- -- -- -- situation. That it would trash. Well it. -- But still -- Europe perfect example of how life sometimes changes substitute changes are political and our views on on social issues what we experience in like. What we allow ourselves to be. Opened to in terms of of of assessing how life treats us in general life. I hope things work out for you Philip and I'm really -- to call our show. If your -- stay with us if you wanna join us with your comment to our number is 260187. -- Toll free 8668890. -- seven -- In a text number there's a 7870. I would be surprised if one of the the results of the baby boomer generation now being the establishment. Is not the legalization of marijuana and I'm really surprised at -- so many people who are part of my generation which is why I consider myself a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Why so many people in my generation were so in favor of total equality when they were growing up when they were young even an adult. And now many still oppose something like same sex marriage. I'm scoot it for early. And we'll be right back on WWL. It's a way to say I'm -- in fort Garland this week -- will be with you would think take on party as he always is a cold front moving through this area we're gonna get some rain late tonight early tomorrow morning it might be raining on your morning commute so be sure to tune into. -- WL first news says starting at five and and Tommy Tucker WW offers news. For sixty -- have all the latest weather traffic updates where it looks like it's going to be another spectacular weekend Chris Christie won big yesterday in the governor's election in New Jersey. -- a Republican Chris Christie won in a blue state ran against a woman who won the woman's vote won the Hispanic vote. And also went 20% of the black vote won a lot of Democrats -- back in the eighties were referred to as. Reagan Democrats. Does Chris Christie represents a new direction for the Republican Party here's part of what he had to say. In a victory speech last night that sounded like national Republican. Presidential nominee acceptance speech. Under this government our first job is to get the job done and as long as -- governor that jobs will always always be finished. -- -- Talking to America and people in Washington at a talking about how it's more important do forward people than it is to adhere to strict. A party ideology. And that Gingrich who now are a host and frequent guest on CNN he says when the host on CNN's resurrection of the show crossfire. A Newt Gingrich it says something last night that I've been saying for well over a year if the Republican Party wants to win the White House it cannot. Lay up to the right wing base of the party and that's a political fact being shared by many many. Strong Republicans -- from shell met chuck you're on WW real good morning. You do that. Are Smart about how long. -- Hold on anemic here. 2011 months pulled out all iron. A lot point that it it will take it any law tactically. Well in 2004. All in 2000 fall out into. Which people work at all. And finally -- conclusion eighteenth -- -- -- our so pocket each. So how were expelled. From Arctic Circle must now. Now. Away from 140 pounds on the council on it and now. Just because I cannot -- the medication. It into and meet a lot it's like -- -- -- To break the law and I don't think that at what happened to unite. It firms seeking -- XP and not hurt sickening now we get being at issue. One might have been. Chuck or were you a recreational user apart. In my teenage years pick them up put it away yeah. -- deal with life. So so so right now EU we use it only for medicinal purposes and I I I agree why should you why should you have it. Thank you by. Changing it help and -- Hurricane Katrina took everything away from me. And at one double bag so we cannot ever. Except matter not one resale. And I go to -- -- an eclectic art you know we know walk out on the couple wreckage. And not intervened on and I'm just wait vehicle and. Chuck take Carrey's elephant and god bless him. Are you put. Your on you you just said this on the air. -- -- Will. She -- While. I'm no lawyer and I'm not a doctor -- there's -- personal opinion I think you should moved Tuesday where you can get marijuana. -- -- bundle that's easier said than done it -- -- and until. The mentality of this state changes when it comes to something like legalizing marijuana -- I don't know what you could if if if I. You know I don't tell you break the law if I were in Europe since you. If I were in your situation I would probably do whatever it took. Two that. I needed. I -- god bless you. If you're on -- stay with us -- so I guess. Making marijuana illegal makes -- criminals -- -- people who should not be considered criminals. Is it time to Louisiana to legalize pot dancer -- WL pretty general opinion poll here's an update. 81% say yes and 19% saying no. Again. I remind you I'm not a pot smoker if -- legalized. I wouldn't smoke -- it's not something tonight we choose to do. But I don't understand why it's illegal. Yesterday four cities legalized pot. When he states legalize marijuana use two states now have legalized recreational use is a projection that fourteen more states will. -- legalize recreational use of -- by 2018. Over the next five years is it time to legalize -- I'm student for Garland we'll be right back on him WL. Welcome back to our show I'm scoot in fort Garland this week here's a text that says it's interesting that every radio host. Denies using marijuana. But once -- have a series discussion about it it's a little like having a discussion about wine or coffee but say you never drink. I'm telling you the truth and you cannot prove me wrong. -- been honest about this. I smoked pot in the past it's been a long time I don't smoke pot now. I don't intend on smoking pot it's not my thing I don't particularly the way it makes me feel. I'm so I don't know what part of this text and he should even be directed it at the show on I don't I can't speak for the radio talk show host I can only speak for myself I've been honest with the -- that I doubted. I don't do it now and don't expect to even if it was legal it's just it's not my thing but I don't think it should be illegal for -- -- a good time for a -- of a tougher quick comment. I hate you and good. I want to talk about hypocrisy. As far as federal government is concerned with alarming. All these usage. Pharmaceutical drugs with very harmful side. But they have stern fans -- are -- marijuana. Which is your rule article -- -- I'm gonna have to get to break -- you brought that up and the Justice Department has now said that they are not going to interfere with states like Colorado and Washington. They have legalized the recreational use of pot so the the federal government is changing its opinion.