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11-6-13 12:10pm Scoot: on Chris Christie

Nov 6, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about whether marijuana should be legalized and the viability of re-elected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the 2016 Presidential race.

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Good afternoon I'm studio for Garland this week I Don -- -- will be with you on Friday as he -- and think tank -- witness. Cool front moving in this direction assert their crystal is at their light showers around the airport. And there might be your shower where you -- to school for is gonna bring some rain mainly late tonight and early tomorrow morning should be another very nice weekend. It doesn't get bigger than the saints in the cowboys' well yet does it it was the falcons. Opening game that's at -- like. The cowboys in the saints actually televised Sunday night game at home in the Mercedes-Benz superdome that is huge this is a test. This is the test for the saints so far this season. This will be the moment that saints will. Now that obviously they're not mathematically out of it if they lose but this is a big test can they rise to the occasion. And beat the cowboys I'm glad the game is at home in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. They cowboys do tend to play the saints. A tough games but I think this is of really big test for the saints this year. Also it's only issue Alabama week if you just -- our show here so we have been talking about. Yesterday was a big Election Day across much of the country and as the mid term elections -- to come to focus. A political pundit instant and politicians are kind of looking for any signs that would indicate we are the political weather -- is starting to point. A Tea Party candidates lost. It seems as if moderates and it was kind of a moderate tone to the results of the election yesterday. -- governor Chris Christie of New Jersey won big it's been many years since any candidate has won the state by over 50% of the vote he won by 60% of the vote. He won the female vote he won the Hispanic vote he won. -- 21% of the black vote. I he also won a number of Democrats. So many people look at Chris Christie as perhaps. The person who can represented a new direction for the Republican Party there are a lot of Republicans who were still upset with Chris Christie for. Literally and figuratively embracing President Obama. In the aftermath of a sandy with the help that it the government gave to the state of New Jersey. But I don't as I said at the time and I'd still say today I don't think it's fair to criticize Chris Christy for that governor Jindal has essentially done the same thing. Why should anybody be so beholden to ideologies that what's in the best interest of the people is. Of of less consequence. And and part of his -- victory speech last night was Chris Christie saying hey I'm gonna do what's best for the people of the state. And when he was talking about his mission. And not letting politics get in the way of of following through with his mission as governor. It was almost as if he was speaking to Washington and the American people that aren't going to be one of those guys who doesn't. Who doesn't put political ideology. Ahead of what's doing best for the American people. And I think it's a candidate to do very well in America. We've also loved -- talking about it legalizing pot in the state of Louisiana. Yesterday. Four cities have one of the cities is the first East Coast city to legalize the recreational use of pot which is Portland Maine. A Portland Maine and three other cities legalized pot use Tony states have legalized medicinal marijuana. Colorado Washington State have legalized recreational use of -- There's a report predicting that fourteen more states will legalize recreational pot over the next five years expected to create a ten point two billion dollar market. By 2018. And right now the the marijuana market. Illegal marijuana market is that is one of the fastest growing markets in America. One point 43 billion dollars worth of legal pot was sold in America. A so far this year and that figures expected to increase by 64%. To 2.3 four billion. In 2014. So. Is it time if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text amber is 87870. Do sports teams reflect the cities they represented. That's the title to -- blog and talk about that this morning via its duplicates on our website at WWL dot com. A front page under under our opinions. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series recently. And there's this shared feeling that the Red Sox were destined to win because the city of Boston rallied around the team. After the Boston Marathon bombings. Do sports teams absorb the attitude of the cities they -- percent. You know before the before the Boston Red Sox played their first game at Fenway Park just days after the Boston Marathon bombings. A Red Sox star David Ortiz told the crowd stay strong. The public address announcer said the crowd we are one. We are Boston's strong. And I knew spear was born in Boston. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Did the strength and resiliency. Of the city of New Orleans contribute to the saints becoming. An NFL elite team. Drew Brees and Sean Payton during the saints in 2006 and that began to spark a new -- a two with the saints and their fans. But talent alone is is not always enough. To win. Sometimes it's the culture. That helps Alter a winning attitude. And throughout sports there are endless examples about passion and inspiration. A less talented teams or athletes. Led to victory. Over greater talent. Here's a W a pretty jaguar opinion poll do you feel the passion for the saints now. Like you did in 20092010. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com will also talk about this and can you thick of another situation where. A city or in in in in some ways sometimes a country can inspire. Teams to to develop a winning attitude. The saints have not been the same since Sean Payton and Drew Brees came to the team. But I don't think it's a coincidence. That this city has also gone through a tremendous attitude change. This city sees itself in the nation sees this city and as a winner it doesn't mean that there are people who criticized New -- because -- there always will pay. But this city has has developed this. This collective attitude of we are winners. And I think that translates. Into the team. For the city had to to come together and and rebuild. Not only its structures but also its sole. Before that happened. The saints. As a team overall over the years and I I followed them from the beginning. They seem to reflect that the the tolerance for mediocrity in the city. And I'm really proud to say that there's less tolerance for mediocrity into warlords. Do you think that spills over and becomes part of the attitude of the team. In this city. If you wanna join our show with a comment our number is 26 cell. 1870. Toll free 8668890878. And a text number is 877. As always to welcome those of you posting on your your phone you tablets. And your computers. I'm scoot it for Garland coming right back on their VW well. The saints have become a symbol for the city of New Orleans. A city that has overcome astronomical lines. And went on to win the Super Bowl and in 2010. Every year of the Brees Payton era has not been a stellar year for the saints but it's obvious that the saints. Are winning team it's it's obvious that they're better team. At the same time New Orleans has become a better city I don't think that's a coincidence. The saints in the city of New Orleans have together. Become respected winners. Do you think. Teams reflect the city's -- And with the Boston Red Sox recently winning the World Series in so many people talking about how the city of Boston rallied around everything Boston following the Boston Marathon bombings. It was almost as if the Boston Red Sox were destined to win the World Series. This is not to take away from talent. But we all see in our -- how how motivation and inspiration that that intangible element of human emotion. Can quite often supersede better talent. And it if you gonna be a championship team. If you're going to be a championship. On the going to be -- a person who's considers himself a champion. You you have to have that passion and and that emotion. And and I think the city has fed the saints and I think the saints have after the city -- they feed off of each other. And I think it's the it's of these happen Boston as well you wanna join us with a comment our number is 2601878. Toll free 866889070. Attacks Amber's late 77. And do you feel the same passion for the saints right now. Like you did in in 2010. That's a -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll right now 81% say yes. Even after the loss of the jets last week 19% say no give -- opinion by going to our web site. WW dot com and the scope blog on our website is. Is about so we're talking about here notices teams. Reflecting the cities they represent. A from Jeb -- Mike you're on WWO good afternoon. Great co captain. By your original comments earlier when he started the show. You know the good governor Chris Christie in. You feel that you know -- Republicans are gonna have a chance in future elections they gonna have to. You know not be so associated with the Tea Party. It's funny because that was what do the radio dial that. I flipped over -- -- bush was -- exactly that uses that people opponents that. Went -- the bad and the Tea Party while much of that -- it the timing was perfect. Well there there'll always be those politicians and particularly those pundits and you know again I've been in this business a long time and I just don't feel the need to say things that I think people wanna hear I'd rather. I'd rather somebody respect me because I'm totally honest I find it really interesting that there are so many people. In the Republican Party. Who said exactly what I said before the election they said it after the election so I've always warning about what what happened during the election and it proved to be right. And -- so much of when I -- about the Republican Party recently. It was reiterated last night by a former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich. -- so of their will be those who simply. On feed. Political baby food to those who are open their mouths and then there will be those who try to. -- honestly analyze. Where we are as a country and I just don't see any signs that this country is ready to move to the right or -- left for that matter. Yeah I agree with anything in any picturing direction is inherently I think. On Monday and on and he. In modern history EU only -- candidates -- present themselves as a moderate candidate but Bill Clinton present himself as a moderate when he ran against -- George HH walker bush. On Clinton and present himself as a moderate during the reelection campaign. On -- If he had not done that he would newborn now Obama same thing that appeared to be a moderate I don't think he is I think he's much more liberal and moderate. But he had to appear to be that moderate candidate but the other thing that really helped. Think it really helped Obama. Was it the the Republican Party did not. Did not totally support Mitt Romney because he wasn't right wing enough and so they actually. That faction -- actually helped elect Obama. Exactly it was the same thing in grand many years ago or the hard core Republicans that McCain was too moderate that it ended up in the -- -- later. It's at the shame that we you know people can't at least. Stop being so stream and have a little bit more rational audible sent the -- -- chart a little bit about the thank you. You know I think to some degree absolutely right. Certainly the whole environmental community and our whole community. Any environment that this team based in that kind of feed off of the energy of the city. I just think that's just human nature you know we feed off emotion. And spoke to. Emotional thing and you know as you -- sometimes left a talented teams beat better count because it was more emotion more passion that was. Always certainly not always -- have -- -- but it is really neat when the sport of Austin you know that we have it and course to say it's 140 years after are saying that. And you know I like I can't help but think back on on 1980 when a young US Olympic hockey team shocked the world by beating the Soviet Union team. -- called by Sports Illustrated is a miracle on ice it. You know our team was made up of temperatures in collegiate players the Soviet Union was a pro team essentially like an NHL team. And -- this was this was one of the peaks of the Cold War intentions were really high between the US in the Soviet Union in fact the month before the Winter Olympics in 1980. President Carter said that if the Russians did not get their troops out of Afghanistan the US would boycott the Summer Olympics that year. And that they didn't meet the timetable so so we did. But remember there was a lot of there was a lot of and it was a lot of nationalism in this Olympic game and 1980 it was in Lake Placid on American soil and I think the I think the feeling in America helped. Helped feed the inspiration that team and then that team then fed backed the inspiration of of Americans. Absolutely -- -- there's no doubt that -- -- something to do with it you know obviously it takes a little too I mean we look back on the saints Super Bowl and it would approach -- reception. In the game we might not you know been where the covers and haven't now. So obviously the orbit but it kind of makes you wonder sometimes the foursome destiny is like and it's very interest in my good. Magical showed thanks for listing -- blog is about whether or not a sports teams reflect the cities they represent. And that's been talked about now that Boston rallied around the Red Sox and everything Boston Red Sox won the World Series and it was talked about. When the saints won the Super Bowl at how the saints have have mirrored or absorb the energy of these city. That as. Become a different city as a result of Katrina. This is not to say that anybody would want Katrina happened. But in the face of the somewhere in the Bible where says I think it's in the old testament. On. In fire gold is tested. And this city was tested. And when cities are tested and show the resolve and show their character. I think that feeds over into. Into the team that that city represents. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about and you're talking about our numbers 26018. Sanity -- 3866889. Is nearly seventy. And a tax Amber's age 78 cent a here's a text that -- people are social beings if one part of a group be successful in as a positive effect on the other parts. Here is a text. And get the saints. Out of town this city would be better and no idea what this person's thinking. Here is detects that reads. And legalizing pot would cut crime and raise money we've also talked about it legalizing pot in. It seems like that's going to be something that may end up being the legacy of the baby boomer generation which is now. The establishment. If you gonna join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here recently -- numbers 87870. I'm -- -- for -- coming right back with more here's another WWL news updates with Chris Miller. The headline on the website Los Angeles LA times says dot com Los Angeles Times dot com is moderates at one the day yesterday. Chris Christie considered not to be right Winger considered to be more moderate than right wing won in a blue state. He ran against a woman and won the women's votes he won Hispanic vote 21% of the black vote and won a number of Democrats. Mirroring what Ronald Reagan did win some Democrats in the eighties were referred to as Reagan Democrats because they crossed party lines and voted for Ronald -- it. Does Chris Christie represented new direction of the Republican Party it was not it was not a stellar day for the Tea Party. And it can be argued the Tea Party lost in Virginia and Alabama. And there are those who just don't want to accept the reality that. Far right ideology is not going to win on a national stage. We've been talking about two and whether city's. Weather cities help inspire teams. That represent the city's. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series this year after the city rallied around the team and everything Boston after the Boston Marathon. The saints after the Super Bowl with Sean Payton Drew Brees really became. A winning team with a with a winning attitude -- win right away but they became a winning team and in 2010 they won the Super Bowl. And and the saints with their their attitude now which is totally different. From -- teams out before Katrina and before breeze in before Sean Payton. The saints reflect the city and the city reflects the saints I think both feed off of each other. Got a -- a moment ago the patriots won the Super Bowl after 9/11. I think it was and and national patriotic feeling in America. That helped inspire the 1980 US Olympic hockey team these young guys in college amateur players. Beating the tough pros from the Soviet Union who had dominated hockey. In the Olympics since 1954. That's. I think you have reflected America. Do you think cities. And teams reflect each other. And and how do you feel about the saints right now they lost to the jets last week it was a game Dakota one they should want a lot of tipped balls. Do sports teams reflect the passions of the city they represented and do you feel the same passion for the saints right now. But she felt when the saints won the Super Bowl 2010. As a WWL pretty general opinion polls give -- -- opinion by going to WWL dot com. -- if you wanna join us with your comment our number is 2601878. Toll free 86688907. In a text number is 877. Here's a text I'm concerned breeze averaged fifty passes a game last two years old line gone. From Super Bowl team breeze of vulnerable look at -- Rogers. Not running the ball told you all coaches in franchise. Not thinking. The saints. Do have areas where they need to improve. How do you feel about the saints team. That I think this is a huge game Sunday against the cowboys. Need to -- became a huge game. But it's six and two. At this point halfway through the season this is when the saints. Or any team for that matter makes a statement. And when you're on a national stage of the air. Deer are signs that the saints are vulnerable in some areas there -- bits of times this year when the saints have been out coached. It is is it easy for some coaches to find it thank you could make an argument that Rex Ryan did that last week. I -- in New York Jets at MetLife stadium. It last week when we played due to chance -- saints. I'm we're totally vulnerable and in Rex Ryan came up with a formula Bill Belichick came up with the right formula in in New England. So what part of the saints do you find vulnerable and and and do you feel as passionate about this team as you did about the team they won a super ball. If you wanna join our short numbers 260187820386688. -- nearly seventy. -- numbers 87870. Also today we have been done talking about it legalizing marijuana in Louisiana. Three cities legalized it yesterday in the Ayers had more more projections that. The marijuana market -- legal marijuana market. In America is gonna -- 64%. Next year. And entrepreneurs and investors are now putting money into the marijuana market. So is it time to just legalize it there's attacks do what about when it comes to driving marijuana. It's days. In stores in your mouth you may blow 00 blunt. Bring you to drug test. It I'm not exactly sure what is it says but essentially this personal believe is saying. How do we -- we keep people from from smoking pot and driving. What about it's work related incidents with with pot we'll talk about that will make -- -- I've studio for Garland this is -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This this argument about to legalizing marijuana. At least two people wondering about what about smoking pot and driving what about smoking pot and the workplace you know you don't want people going to work stone. All I want people going to work drunk either. And there. I believe there are ways to test people. Four smoking pot nobody should encourage people to smoke pot and drive or get stoned and go to work. If you think about the impact that alcohol has on the workplace. I don't know about you but you know there there are people who were operating heavy equipment. That they're putting other people in danger. With -- serious severe hangovers. I had really bad hangovers in my life and and I was not very functional the next day. It's not about what is available. It's about personal responsibility. Here's a Texan asked the question what are the secondhand. Smoke effects of marijuana as my friend attorney Stephen room. I don't know that's something that's gonna definitely have to be. Considered. But that this idea that you know of you for legalizing marijuana yours differ reckless behavior that's ridiculous. -- liquor can be legal in this country that I don't see any reason why -- can't be legal and this is coming from somebody. Who doesn't smoke pot. I did in the past. Not all my life but -- -- there were times when I smoked pot. I just don't care for what it what it does it it just doesn't hit Hawaii and then my personality in the mood I wanna be in now so I I I don't. But I'd I don't think he should be illegal and it's something again that is gonna continue to be a major major discussion in this country. Here's our WWL pretty jaguar opinion polls this afternoon a do you feel the same passion for the saints like you did when they won the Super Bowl in 2010. 75% say yes and 25%. Say no. We have also been talking about -- politics. And what the -- election -- yesterday but let me share this sent text review. And this is very typical office of the text that says that I receive. There were no national elections yesterday why do you say conservatives cannot win on a national level if you are a true American you would not be. So quick to turn it into a welfare state. First of all I never said that there was a national election I said that there were a number of elections around the country yesterday. And the truth is. Right wing conservatives. Can't win the Republican nomination. And Mitt Romney was the epitome of a moderate. -- politician. And the party steered him to the right and that's one of the reasons you lost and there were other Republicans. There were some for a real conversation going on about the birth control and idiotic things about rape and abortion. As long as those things are not totally denounced by the Republican Party windows Republican wackos say those things. Then the Republicans are not gonna win on a national level. It's not my opinion it's also the opinion Newt Gingrich it's it's a political fact. You may not like but. You -- me tell you what you want a belief. -- you wanna you wanna talk about really what's what's the reality when it comes to politics. Here's a -- not really fair accurate to say that the Tea Party can't win on the national stage. The Republican. Would have won the governor's race in Virginia if it was not for a democratic contributors helping to split the vote by pumping money into the libertarian campaign. There's a lot of truth in that. But if there was a time when can -- in rallying the Republican who is Barry right way and was considered the issue with. Now it's a very close race I don't think the the Democrats can can proclaim oh my god we're the big winners but -- -- coaching -- Even though there was some split vote there. -- I still believe he was coaching -- far right wing mentality. That did not work with with the voters and it's something that. Vet. Chris Christie doesn't have and I think that's the kind of tender at this gonna take to win. Here's a text about pot too big problem with -- everybody's leaving out of the discussion it's a gateway drug and debatable no that is not -- debatable. I don't think it's a gateway drug you can go find your little studies and say -- with which rock. OK let's see people who smoked pot. Going to smoke cocaine we going to do cocaine and and do other things. Okay is that because of the pot. Or is it because of the personality of the person who is willing to break the rules and smoke pot. Somebody who wants their mind altered that that's also the type of person who might get into other things that Alter their mind. I don't see the evidence that pot is a gateway drug. And I'll tell you there are. Thousands of people who could call right now. And say that they smoked pot and that's all they do it. So that is not -- debatable there's absolutely no conclusive evidence indicating. That pot is a gateway drug. Again he might wanna hear that split. You all so you don't oh you don't want the truth okay well that that's fine. I'm scoot in for Garland. We'll be right back into the WL. Good afternoon I'm studio for garlic and -- is coming up next here's what she's gonna talk about its medical. Now practice the impact on doctors and patients do liability fears trump patient needs and are releasing good doctors because of it. Also she's gonna talk about an overnight stay and -- plantation led to a two year spiritual battle against demonic spirits for one local family. Don't miss this local story. Don't -- Angela an open mind. Coming up next with the legendary Angelina won a forty year weekday afternoons and -- WL. Here's a text that pretty much says at all anyone who is liberal or Republican on all issues all of the time. Does not think for themselves. Here's part of what Chris Christie had to say it'll last night in his victory speech after he won 60% of the vote in New Jersey. I will not let any one. Any thing. Any political party. Any governmental entity. Work any force. Get in between me and the completion of my mission. You know what I hear and that I hear somebody who is putting political ideology aside and doing what's best for the people who elected him. Christie has been criticized because he embraced. And thanked President Obama for federal aid and the support of the federal government following super storms sandy which is -- our governor has done as well. In the aftermath of a tragedy. Christie didn't -- he cared about people he didn't care about political ideology and don't you see what's happening in this country there is so much focus on. Who you are and what you believe. They're doing what's in the best interest of the American people. Becomes consequential. To supporting an agenda. Which is one of the main things is wrong with this country. The -- blog on our website at WW dot com is titled do sports teams reflect the cities they represent. And I thought about this when there was a lot of talk about says the Red Sox winning the the World Series. After the Boston Marathon in the city of Boston rallied around everything Boston Boston's strong we are one. I think that helped inspired. Even though and tell the team I think that helped inspire the team. In the same way that I think the attitude in New Orleans has helped inspire the saints since Katrina we are a different city. And the saints are truly a different team. And quite often. Inspiration and motivation. Are more important then raw talent. When -- mark Bernard our studio producer Diane Newman our executive producer -- -- today Angeles next time -- bloody New Orleans.