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11-6 4:35pm SportsTalk, Saints Injury report

Nov 6, 2013|

Bobby and Deke get an update from Saints Sideline reporter, Kristian Garic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They spread to support with a -- can go with saint teleport Christie Garrett. He can body Saints linebacker John -- placed on a season ending injured reserve today Vilma played in a dozen snaps last week in his season debut against. The New York Jets he logged just one tackle injury news running back Darren Sproles took every rep in practice after leaving last week's game. With a concussion safety Kenny the -- wide receiver Marcus Colston limited. Five players including tight end Jimmy Graham a linebacker David Hawthorne office climate Jahri Evans and defensive end Cameron Jordan. Did not practice they now Saints coach Sean Payton -- right off the bat about the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. You know he's an explosive player who who does a great job of making plays above his head. He's very good as good as anyone run after the catch -- he's a hard got to bring down so I think. That's one of the things that you see in each game you know his ability to take the ball and then it gets yards after a reception is exceptional. And Bryant missed cowboys' practice today -- with a back injury Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo chanting go back to their days together. In Dallas from 2003 to 2005 when you look at Tony and someone who's got a very quick release the ball comes out quick. So he's difficult to get to. From a pressure standpoint in yet. You have to get some good quarterback of this team like this the throws the football well mix things -- but. But I think that the tempo and timing and really the situation. All of that factors -- Romo -- touchdowns just six interceptions in his eleventh season with the Cowboys this year. But the situation going on in Miami right now common theme at Saints camp today was about the hazing and bullying that we're seeing. On pulled down there in Miami that's. Story continues to develop -- -- asked about that. Look I can only speak for our own team. We pay close attention to. Just the incoming -- the you know the infusion of new players into. I think we've got to have to credit of our leadership we've got a real good culture. In regard should developing young players. So. You know it's something that it's important in today's football because these young players are playing much quicker than maybe twenty years ago. So get women to rookie camp get them into OTA's. Into. Our program our expectations something that. That we pay a lot of attention a lot of attention to it in in the veteran players on this team do a great job with that. And here's more from Payton on the rookie hazing stuff we've we just use our common sense are like a set our veterans do a great job. We don't we don't have any of that take place immediately. Closest thing would be a player buying chicken we don't even do that because I could be the day before games so. Saints quarterback Drew Brees says the Cowboys. And a black -- pretty familiar with each other -- -- -- we'll last year maybe there's some carry over in personnel but -- completely different and in fact we've inherited the other -- scored -- so it doesn't so so -- but you know he appears Monty Kiffin who we. I have played against many many Tass news in Tampa and you know summer Olympic resemblance put them there's lot of different things as well so. Here's a thing every game is a new game plan for the opponent and so you know. Sure there's things we're gonna see that a bit different than what they've shown on film even or maybe is their tendency. -- You know she's kind of the way the whole game playing farther this goes and of course Drew Brees. Green the player perspective to the situation in Miami come along when he ridiculous -- that the racist comments are the ones you're just like. That's him completely unnecessary. Here as far as just the listen nobody truly knows the circumstances surrounding. What prompted that or anything else other than the guys are not laughter so we really nobody here. Republic and -- can comment. On that because you you'll never know you were probably will never know because whatever is found to be investigated or whatever I'm not a real -- -- There's you only note here in that locker room and and haven't been in this my thirteenth year. And affordable plush locker rooms where you have guys who go at it all the time. And I'd say 99%. It's in a very. Joking just kind of having fun kind of manner. Now there's definitely those times where. You know as a leader you or you jump on our guide -- to get going or whatever the case might be and I don't like you said nobody knows. Really what what was going on that. Well what the circumstances were surrounding that we've all heard things we truly don't know. So it's hard to speculate. But I just know -- haven't been locker room and having. All kinds of give different guys coming from all kinds of different backgrounds all kinds of different personalities. There's stuff that happens all the time it's just just the laughter. You know the Saints -- to Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys with the 26 ranked rushing offense averaging just 79 yards per game on the ground listen. -- office -- is actually talk about the issues -- running it it's got to improve their absolute best improvement and it starts with us and it trickles down other positions I mean. Just the fact of the matter and and honestly it starts from the very top all the way down and that's what we talk about as it starts. You know with the with the play calling and that -- doesn't reasons I can play knocking call because when I'm doing a good job it. The Saints back on the practice field tomorrow afternoon on -- Garrett from -- get back to body the two more sports to. Now are Chris did looking at the time the game we see last year and I know love obviously rob Ryan's I'll -- with -- coordinator now but. Just look Gannett -- role. How. The Saints and the Cowboys play if you look. You know -- shooting game with overtime 34 to 31. We all know that. Tony Romo led two touchdown passes -- that -- water to rally them and you look right now they're averaging twenty and have points. We average in 27 and my question is. Do you think he'll be that kind of game is similar to what we've seen allies should come Sunday night. Yeah I mean I think you you know I know the -- it was a bigger emphasis on. Running the football ought to call on what just thirteen rushing plays last week but that the Cowboys only called nine I think it was right just -- -- -- He might see a lot of passing attempts from this. These two teams -- I expected to be a little more high scoring around their averages of 2827 points in the neighborhood I expect to be a close game that traditionally is between these two teams it has been. The last couple of meetings so I think you look at a score in the thirty's. With you know three point differential. I. Chris and I know was overtime meadows like 1108. Yards the team complied -- And then I'd say what is going to be a challenge to Dez Bryant I think is confident. Now he towards Patrick Robinson Q Robert Dan and I gained but you look at 224 yards receiving. A couple of touchdowns on nine catches and ball we would need this kind of game look at Colson he had led to stay -- a 153 yards on ten catches. -- be nice and uncles gonna have a breakout game hunt come Sunday night against the Cowboys in QB Anderson is seated challenged. When Keenan Lewis is 101 with Dez Bryant -- paying him how Rob Ryan use different coverages maybe that helped them. The about it at some economics that in -- mean you know you lose that taller longer corner and that can -- match up with. Guys like Dez Bryant or you know as long and sells them. And I got -- all arms long arms and it's a match bomb -- to see if you know they kind of go. While one name come move him around with Dez Bryant are they let him some of the coverages sometimes dictate that depart grew beyond that Dez Bryant will see become you know that's a with Keenan Lewis. In the Saints uniform it's one that. Now I think bodes well are better for them in terms of heights well argued -- -- city and they have Jabari Greer autumn that they go -- image what do you know they going right at them.