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11-6 4:10pm SportsTalk, Saban: Stay or Go?

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk -- to Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up to date. Or hear from LSU coach less miles plus. We'll visit -- -- covering L issue is economist for the -- root for the advocate he will be with us we'll talk to Kristi scales Dallas cowboy sideline reporter Kristian -- gives us the latest on the New Orleans Saints. And also. My focus has granted Alabama be -- a -- Alabama dot com will be -- talk about the tide and the Tigers I'll weekly visit with Tulane coached. Curtis Johnson have beens and we'll visit with former LSU. Tackle and Drake nemesis scheduled to Jonas I spoke to join -- in the 6 o'clock hour and we'll talk about tonight's match at the pelicans at the Grizzlies with Michael -- America as their suburban street shots. Dot com a lot of rumblings over the course of the last 24 I was about a report. On Saturday down south that's an SEC a football based site basically saying that the only place coach Nick Saban critical to Alabama would both full would be. The University of Texas do you think he would leave Alabama for Texas -- -- vote on line. At WWL. Dot com and embodies heard her say you know of Christian. Kristian -- in the sports splashed on the Vilma back on IR. Well that that surprised me if you look at it now what was that being said. And you look up. You know who stepped up then who had a meaningful performance defensively. Against the Jets is probably yeah of -- -- -- came when you give of almost 200 yards rushing. You would -- does junior go leg Cameron Jordan. I'm missing tackles I think that was Lofton. Cars all that and David Hawthorne and you know -- game you know also Hawthorne has his best game -- Saints uniform against the bills. And now might have been no one of the -- games. Against the Jets with they gave bill an opportunity deacon and I think gauges so moving forward. And now and then but the putting them on IR so Julio is get a salary but -- You know his old team was the Jets. And now that might be his last game and the Saints uniform. Against his old team before game two year old king community held this what is suitable. And now but but it's -- wrist that really surprising to me. As you know age if you have injuries in and he can't run the same and you're always dealing with -- I -- that's nagging you can be the same player. That you want -- that does that surprise me as they bring back. Chris Carr. The -- gets signed him last night I was seeing the brought him back. A Davis of Baghdad is familiar. -- rob Ryan's system a Morrissey and one interception so far this year about a guy that can help I'll you know with the depth in the secondary. And Kasey -- and we are close out last night talking about the story came out on Saturdays down south about Alabama coach -- saint. Well they got I was way ahead of that and you thought I was crazy not big what do you tell the truth he has policies had no way in hell. Then there's a whole -- what I -- get it and no known -- JJ he's taken his -- -- Max whatever it takes that's exactly what I sat -- -- no way in hell I like Alabama and you said that he would net you wouldn't leave he would not say he would be met that's OK he left Tex if he left there anyway it was not be because the money that's exactly what I say okay. Yeah did you I'd said no it if they give you know -- they give -- ten million dollars then he's in the state -- know I said that Alabama would not lose him because of money. And I still stand by that. That's exactly I gotta get that April what do you do because they went back of your column notes are right again when back in fourth and I'm telling you. That dollar and did you were saying there's no way he's never will be in -- -- takes all I know is the read to mean reasons take this as the resources. And what's a better hide bed -- talent. Then the state of takes because they got so many people -- -- does still get their best players in and Texas. Now California also Oklahoma some of the University of Oklahoma the greatest teams total was ever had 80% are. From Texas they don't have the people in Oklahoma and a -- that's why it be a win win and plus you get to go to big twelve. Instead an ACC. Notre Dame is a -- dummy and down that SEC you think about the competition. And because you don't you think as far as the pressure to win. That that is going to be in in the big twelve just like the SEC but as far as the competition. I think coach -- like his chances -- university Texas. To win the big twelve title go undefeated. You're in your route more a -- higher probability I should say then in the SEC. Who's 601878. I'm trying to find some my handle here I leave explained you know. So I had to sit up right after all this happened from me. From the Dolphins. Alabama and all that I'm trying to look come exasperation every every look up photo I've got KG can't go to had a -- NN and I don't think this would happen but he's gonna stay behind the scenes but his agent Jimmy sexton. Who's amongst the US that a vast majority of Baghdad nick he's calling USC. Yeah yeah welcome line. The big -- -- you enjoy seeing what I would you all what he wants is to get into a bidding war yes -- that that's like -- any player. Our coach you know when. You on the market in you always want competition for you talent you got two or three people that are just in and you obviously. That's why you get top dollar all right Vijay is doing did a -- thing about this Alabama. Texas and USC. It -- how could save and -- become the first ten million dollar coach that's gonna teach you teach a thank you for calling WW well. I think zero point ticket that you college defeated Bobby Davis. I really feel like Alabama he came can walk in Alabama Taiwan probably he's got Colin yeah and the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- December 25 2004 I think LSU touches down in Orlando Florida for the Capital One Bowl on New Year's Day against Iowa he was coach Nick Saban. LSU coach -- I was really really impressed with -- -- in terms of what he wants to accomplish what his vision is for this team and what his goals arm and I would like to work. And partnership with people like that. Try to be successful in an organization as well this opportunity with this organization was one of the best it's ever been presented to me. In terms of how you can control your destiny in the organization the commitment that the organization has to winning and the tradition that they have. And made a coach -- comeback and basically say he didn't have the kind of full and everything he said Wright did a Miami like he thought he was okay that was. December 25 2004 after. The car to Birmingham beat Corey Webster did beat in man Jones due to football. -- she was gonna go to the ACC championship but Arkansas beat them they want to -- in the Capital One Bowl let's fast forward. Here's coach Saban the final week of the season. As head coach of the Miami Dolphins these -- 31 2006. New rule about all of -- that were never comment on any of that stuff ever again. And that -- had changed I said not next week not five years from now never again. My focus is on the Miami Dolphins that's the job I have and that's the job and I'm. You know committed to doing well all right five days fastball like he'll know. I can't tell you how pleased and honored I am to be your coach at the University of Alabama -- spirit and enthusiasm that has been demonstrated to myself and my family has been. Phenomenal -- since we arrived here yesterday afternoon it's certainly appreciated. But I want you -- know that there'll be our goal to. Did you become a football program our kind of football team that you can be proud of and -- complement the tradition. That this institution has. Been so proud of through the years and that's going to be our goal was a football program. He is all he -- his story. And he is story. I am I'm glad I'm glad to be here all around on a day if they haven't blow it can happen again and. Ed teacher -- Diego what does this mean. And I think because a quote from his agent Jimmy sexton that. His success with the Crimson Tide has put him under special pressure to -- now special. Rental cars and what else can he do -- doesn't I don't eat it he say Brad I know it's just who wouldn't take winning one championship in five years ten years. Now they expect him to win every year but if he I think he did very well be in the championship game winning one every three years but I won't be enough I'm done well there was can he do -- Alabama. And imitate his two -- thing about this if he goes to school like Texas or even USC I'm just thrown out there. He would also he'd become the first coach to win national titles at three schools you know nobody is about the best that a best when you look at history. Who's the best college coach ever. C'mon admit three of his clues you in a national title that that kind of speaks for itself what -- -- haven't argued for him nobody wondered why we kept him. But I and that the yard -- much separation I know -- I did -- -- about all of a son Darrell royal when he meets the Texas. Can you imagine well and -- Bear Bryant you have to listen to be sixty and all old -- You know you you never -- Saban oval coach Bear Bryant but the younger generation. And they did you know they've heard of Bear Bryant from there. Parents and on they might think his blasphemy. But but I'm telling you if if it. If he can go to -- and have the success. Like he's had an Alabama. And you can have the players in that state. And I think the big twelve policy not the comedy is now like the SEC. Will Walt -- could be accomplished that when all's said and done. All of which used it is correct. My team develop that anybody any money he leave and tell them the -- to another college eight -- after that period. So that was so solid until it does -- -- -- -- you have no basis for that that's an opinion just like caused pain but we are you can go by as the man's track record he's a mobile -- he likes to go all. What is he doing Alabama but -- Not we if you don't win another championship for another five years he's still -- one of the greatest coaches -- of all time. I live right there but they have but then he would be doing nothing but. Not doing what he's done before. I just think Bob personal pin had not I don't know Saban obviously. I think they're good you can if they're about that you content whatever he wanted to do we've got the case even whatever it where every final every bit. He's got it right. Why would he leave it to go to tech would be about the money from the press. That practiced didn't put Russia and every bit technical school and every June -- -- bad about teach you hear all. Iowa Miliband Bryan Texas teach all you know to -- their pride week is it better they brought. I guarantee he won't go out like they have brought incredible got -- of the people he won't go out go to deliver people. It go to Pro Bowl pat will go back to do that I don't think you can tell where -- -- my personal pin. -- tee to appreciate well I don't think -- There's people don't want her retiring in Austin movie stars can live anywhere have the resources. Austin compared to Tuscaloosa Kamal what where would you wanna live. And evident now all -- has become tell you it is nice -- too many people -- know -- it's like a big college sound no it's not as big city. No yeah I think also I'm telling you 2000 do not -- I'll I'll tell you they have. Like like you can live anywhere like most are they don't like the California lifestyle that we get away Dave -- Aussie is a perfect answer any -- something I saw. We were honest they -- this person just say in six words he's -- bored and wants a new challenge. That's that's true. Are very well very well could be true -- know what it's let me say something and not only way he can start over Alabama is if he had a tank season. Three -- and cabinet there on a bad year they don't go -- and three. On a bay giggle a big if the Saban was his first year when he lost off. They would they were five into -- Taylor issued a lot of -- and -- -- It was six and six they would to a bowl game enacted at the -- he was Tim wins dean's been. Double digit wins since in this stressed the worst year was when they lost that LSU and it lost all Anaheim -- Cam Newton. And they wind blew out -- and stayed -- leader was and how bad ball well that was a team wins and then. I need to even look meg chair okay innocent Alabama three peat so whatever it and that's the case well Alabama fan BCS to win a national championship began. And the whole process where if you go to Texas. If you just get -- back in the top ten they -- he's doing awesome he has a program in the right direction I think he just like that last take says he just wants a new Channel Tunnel of Texas on over -- -- -- whoever. It does he likes building programs and he's good at let's go to jug be five foot should be thank you for -- I think about it a little bit of a right click -- at my peak when it became the situation may need help. I can't use your Jackson may be an example. Where is he he he wins sixteen -- he went sixteen -- championships. With the Bulls and Eagles totally companies he would -- what. 234. Or five a couple of net com indicate -- case where you -- you coming to a institution. Like Alabama when you have that you have. Did this status and in the accomplishment -- -- -- -- -- He's one -- done great things that they ask Eddie Robinson did do great things incredibly open accomplishments so oh well documented. But how many how many college coaches or people from one program. To another pulling him toward another program. Independently and be able to hold up that national championship trophy period every -- not a kid he's he's on disputed as it is already. But he would definitely be like the undisputed king. -- Scottish football coaching. If he's able to. Well you know watch agreed to show waiting list you don't want one -- -- -- if you -- -- -- -- -- coaches start saving and we wanted to image in state well it's argue when you have to do is if you look at it and no argument is. You have Bear Bryant won a six national titles but it took them a lot longer. You look at saving -- -- what winning four national titles in the past eight seasons. The only one that that's done better -- got to go back to like World War II days. Frank Leahy won four national championships in seven years. And darted dame probably that was John -- Jack in the four horsemen yeah I mean that's all four he got to go back sixteen that you -- -- he had and then winning. But the big four -- there's challenges in seven years and same isn't four and eight. And I and I think he looks at. The resource is that Texas. Financially is not a challenge. And it's a hot bed for for players. I mean it's not like listened. Look Alabama. There's not enough players and Alabama. Ted's -- just recruit there and be national champs. Not a game go anywhere and get the best and about as they come to Louisiana. Where if Saban is at Texas beat you don't have -- believe the state. Look at the NFL quarterbacks today that that have in Texas background. Texas high school football right just does so that's why I mean I think that's why it's so promising. When you say a Texas. That that's why because of those credentials all right we'll come -- began to. To -- first they spread to support with a -- can go with saint teleport Christie Garrett. He can -- Saints linebacker John -- placed on a season ending injured reserve today Vilma played in a dozen snaps last week in his season debut against. The New York Jets he logged just one tackle injury news running back Darren Sproles took every rep in practice after leaving last week's game. With a concussion safety Kenny the -- wide receiver Marcus Colston limited. Five players including tight end Jimmy Graham a linebacker David Hawthorne office of -- Jahri Evans and the -- Cameron Jordan. Did not practice they now Saints coach Sean Payton asked right off the bat about the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. You know he's an explosive player who who does a great job of making plays above his head. He's very good as good as anyone run after the catch -- he's a hard got to bring down so I think. That's one of the things that you see in each game you know his ability to take the ball and then it gets yards after a reception is exceptional. And Bryant missed cowboys' practice today -- -- a back injury Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo -- go back to their days together. In Dallas from 2003 to 2005 when you look at Tony and someone who's got a very quick release the ball comes out quick. So he's difficult to get to. From a pressure standpoint in yet. You you have to get some good quarterback of this team like this the throws the football well mix things -- but. But I think that the tempo and timing and really the situation. All of that factors in. Romo's twenty touchdowns just six interceptions in his eleventh season with the Cowboys this year. But the situation going on in Miami right now common theme that Saints can't today was about the hazing and bullying that we're seeing. -- down there in Miami that's. Story continues to develop could've been asked about that. Look I can only speak for our own team. We pay close attention to. Just the incoming -- the you know the infusion of new players into. I think we've got to have to credit of our leadership we've got a real good culture. In regard should developing young players. So. You know it's something that it's important in today's football because these young players are playing much quicker than maybe twenty years ago. So get women to rookie camp get them into OTA's. Into our program our expectations something that. That we pay a lot of attention a lot of attention to it in in the veteran players on this team. Do a great job with that and -- more from Payton only rookie hazing stuff we we just use our common sense are like a set our veterans do a great job. We don't we don't have any of that take place I mean. Closest thing would be a player buying chicken we don't even do that because I could be the day before games. Saints quarterback Drew Brees as the Cowboys. And a black -- pretty familiar with each other -- awhile -- last year maybe -- some carry over in personnel but -- completely different and in fact we've inherited -- -- -- -- -- so it doesn't so so -- but you know he appears Monty Kiffin who we. I have played against many many Tass news in Tampa and you know summer Olympic resemblance but then there's a lot of different things as well so. Here's a thing every game is a new game plan for the opponent and so. Sure there's things we're gonna see that a bit different than what they've shown on film even or maybe is their tendency. You know she's kind of the way the whole game playing farther this goes and of course Drew Brees. Green the player perspective to the situation in Miami come along when he ridiculous that that the racist comments are the ones who dislike. That's you know completely unnecessary. Here as far as just the listen nobody truly knows the circumstances surrounding. What prompted that or anything else other than the guys are in that locker room so we really nobody here. Republic and you can comment. On that because you'll never know if you were probably will never know because whatever is found to be investigated or whatever -- not a real true -- There's you only know if you're in that locker room and and haven't been you know -- my thirteenth year. -- affordable plush locker rooms where you have guys who go at it all the time. And I'd say 99%. It's in a very joking. Just kind of having fun kind of manner. Now there's definitely those times where. You know as a leader you or you jump on our guide us to get going or whatever the case might be and I don't like -- nobody knows. Really what what was going on there. What the circumstances were surrounding that we've all heard things we truly don't know. So it's hard to speculate but I just know -- haven't been locker room and having. All kinds of give different guys coming from all kinds of different backgrounds and all kinds of different personalities. There's stuff that happens all the time it's just says the locker. You know the Saints -- the Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys with the 26 ranked rushing offense averaging just 79 yards per game on the ground listen. -- -- -- is actually talk about the issues -- running it it's got to improve their absolute best improvement and it starts with us and it trickles down other positions I mean. Just the fact of the matter and and honestly it starts from the very top all the way down and that's what we talk about as it starts. You know with that with the play calling and that -- doesn't reasons I can play knocking call because we're not doing a good job it. The Saints back on the practice field tomorrow afternoon Kristian -- from -- get back to body the two more sports to. Now are Chris did looking at the time the game we see last year and I know love obviously rob Ryan's I'll be with -- coordinator now but. Just look -- tent -- How. The Saints and the Cowboys play if you look. You know like shooting game with overtime 34 to 31. We all know that. Tony Romo led two touchdown passes -- at -- water to rally them and you look right now they're averaging twenty and have points. We average in 27 and my question is. Do you think he'll be that kind of game is similar to what we seen allies should come Sunday night. Yeah I mean I think you you know I know the -- -- plays a bigger emphasis on. Running the football ought to call on what just thirteen rushing plays last week but that the Cowboys only called nine I think it was right just -- though I. He might see a lot of passing attempts from this. These two teams -- I expected to be a little more high scoring around their averages only 2827 points -- -- -- expects to be a close game that traditionally is between these two teams it has been. The last couple of meetings so I think you look at a score in the thirty's. With you know three point differential. And Chris and I know was over time it feels like 1001. 108 yards that he complied -- And then I say what is going to be a challenge to Dez Bryant I think his confidence. Now he towards Patrick Robinson few Robin van and I gained. But you look at 224 yards receiving. A couple of touchdowns on nine catches and ball we would need this kind of game look to Colston he had led the safe at a 153 yards on ten catches. -- be nice and uncles gonna have a breakout game hunt come Sunday night against the Cowboys in QB Anderson is -- challenged. When Keenan Lewis is 101 with Dez Bryant -- paying him how Rob Ryan use different coverages maybe that helped them. The about it at some economics that in the mean you know you lose that taller longer corner and -- could -- match up with. Guys like Dez Bryant or you know as long and sells them. And I got -- all arms long arms and that's a match to bomb homage to see if you know they kind of go. While one name -- move him around with Dez Bryant are they let you know the some of the coverages sometimes dictate that depart grew beyond that Dez Bryant will see -- that's a but -- Lewis. In the Saints uniform it's one that. Now I think bodes well are better for them in terms of heights well argued -- Akron city and they have Jabari Greer -- -- they go an image what do you know they going right at them. It go in this Saturday LHU and Alabama coverage starts at noon at Alabama beat ratified a L dot com Alabama dot com Michael casts a -- Jones is now Michael. How come everytime some bigs come and -- where does this. Nick Sabin is under special pressure white as a story have an idea what eight to me it's just. Is popping up to me time to be a coincidence is that Jimmy sixth that'll. Well. How much but when I'm -- all community it's been. This is what happened it happened in January. I don't know. Not gonna questioned the timing of reporters reporting things Adam. Everything went into it but not in it for the second time to -- in here there's been -- -- -- -- -- And then Michael when you look at it it is like you said two biggest -- it seems like it's. It's by far and I'm not a coincidence that it was planned it. But when you look at where Alabama's that right now and and -- playing especially look at the scoring defense so well what is your take as far as. They're scoring defense against LSU do you think. That'll be a shootout type game you look at a and M and Alabama what occurred or. You know considering you know the dual receivers when you got Landry and Beckham. And then obviously. -- -- Jeremy hill running back by committee. The big Alabama's defense is gonna shut down LSU. I think it's going to be Arnold this year got to property has shot down it's going to be somewhere in the middle. Did it defense and it happened that they pace and playing them have been nowhere near he's -- that aren't that could have been. With the -- Almost shut out everybody in the points and spent. But think that com that they've also turned an improved a little bit as a team defense was instead an impediment -- I didn't there were Bears minus 42 points they give up most Dinara. So. I think you know I -- see ya think averaged 21 point what went -- but it LSU. Michael -- a brand new cub was the Alabama Crimson Tide four AL dot com Michael Ball with the power. Alabama has -- state and the pout as program are all reported little cautious what they report what they say. -- In terms of and don't beat don't talk about the big red elephant state Alabama. I'm not -- -- about it we've written multiple multiple stories -- the minute about Saban at Texas and we're not. We're not afraid. Part about the big issue. Addresses and I don't there's no well beer and among. -- -- are taught us some media kind of maybe little intimidated that -- Well perhaps and it kind of like there's -- in our immediate targets commit to bite. Anyone I mean and it -- be maybe easier to be -- about excited about Tom that's that's what if you're intimidated upright in the wrong business to get what. Now Michael you look at. Where Alabama solvents is that and and you look pass Alabama quarterbacks. You know that that's a great accomplishment if you are the start there and when you look at AJ McCarron said to meet. And I look at McElroy and all the past quarterbacks that you know they might get into the NFL or have a chance it. To me IA AJ McCarron how he's progressed. That he's got nine have been better and better and and you throw in attendance of experience. That that's why they a lot of people. Like Alabama's chances a lot even those segment Berger as. You know improve unbelievable and and and is an NFL quarterback. Yeah I mean. Mean -- has that requirement the -- the mount Rushmore of -- quarterbacks committees. It got past and break the record. This weekend what we're all time passing yardage she's won two championships. -- number one team. Our favorite -- murdered in. He's and -- him that much problem here and Alabama and now you know to be aggregate -- of the -- you know just to get. Target shootout there about. The problem -- -- be efficiency now both response the other. Michael has a brand new club as the Alabama crimson Tampa AL dot com Michael happen folks followed you on Twitter. Exactly yeah not a -- massacre and it BI CA SH ER a and they -- -- are on -- about com and about page went stall the social media at all or that. Michael we thank you so much for the time.